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5. Triton (5)

'Merged?' Yeon could not say anything when she saw the chains and chains wrapped around her left ankle.

Something too sudden. He was firmly in his mind because he did not expect it.

Similar things have happened before. Zeus' Astrafe. He was devastated by the devastating nature in front of his eyes, but he learned how to use a bracelet and learned that it was no worse than Astraf1.

And now, the same thing has happened.

Maybe it's just a habit of absorbing novelty.

The Black Bracelet was neither. There was a characteristic of the novelty it eats.

Zeus and Poseidon were very famous brothers. Then what do they have to do with the owner of this Black Bracelet?

'The Black King. Who is he?' [Grief of the King] Classification: Ankle Defense Gear Grade: ,229 Description: Chuckle?? 1} The fact is' unique '. There is only one in the tower, and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

No. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to gain authorization.

I didn't even know what characteristics the Adifacts had, all I could find was the 'secret', and there was no way for Yeon-ju to have any feelings while checking the artifacts.


Surprise was not only for Yeongwoo, but also for the 98th floor.

[Athena shuts her mouth with her hands. You're starting to panic. [Harmes smiles unknowingly.] [Harmes sends you a message.] [Azrael nods with his arms folded. That makes me laugh. Azrael sends you a message.] [God's society, 'Olympus is astonished.] [' The gods of Olympus are in chaos.] ['The gods of Olympus: are coming for Harmes. Harmes responds indifferently "[The Godly Society,' Asgard ', keeps silence. Balah watches over you.] [God's society,' the whole school is fasting. There's a cost coming up.Start reading thousands. Le Infernal, the Demon Society.] [Demon society, 'the bridge laughs at Olympus. [Agares likes it. Agares sends you a message.] [Poseidon Screams!] [Poseidon gets up on the throne and yells something. Protest against Hermes and Athena.] [Harmesh ignores.] [Athena snorts. [Poseidon commits to something.] [Poseidon calls on the gods under his command to discuss the cost price.] [Poseidon stares at you furiously. Prepare a countermeasure.] The message pours out restlessly and fills the retina of the honeycomb. In particular, there was something I could not see.

{You have 3 arriving messages.

Confirm?] Message? 'Messages from Harmesh, Azrael and Agares, respectively.

Sending a message to a player who is not an apostle was a significant penalty. This can have a huge impact on the player. Causality, or significant amount of stamina and Margie.

And yet, the three of you urgently sent a message. That's how much this has shocked them.

The message was wide open before Yeongwoo could manipulate it.

[Hermes' Message: It's no big deal, so don't worry too much.] [Azrael's Message: So it is you! You're her.] Tagaret's Message: Embrace me! [Me!] Harmiss was cheering you on, not panicking as always, and Agarass was frantic about what inspired her.

But Azrael's message was a little strange. Are you referring to the Black King? 'Do you think Azrael knows the cost price? His reaction to the cost is suspicious.

In my mind, Yeon-woo wanted to send a message to Azrael. If you know anything about the cost, tell me. He was the one who was most curious about the Dark Lord.

However, this will reveal one thing about the King of the Hummingbirds, who has been surrounded by a mystery all along.

The Quell King was not just an old hero or player in a myth.

At least he was a man of character.

'For example, the despair and silk of the king of vagrancy such as the future king. It was not bad at all because it was the same as getting haunted by the ball as Yeongwoo. No, I was happy.

On the other hand.

BeneIque was completely different.

He had a strong heart that wouldn't budge on anything, but his fingers were trembling, whether he was too shocked now. He looks up at the sky with blood on his eyes.

A face full of distortions. He sounds like he's full of old age.

“You're hurt! How can this be my fault?" It's your fault for not seeing the light of day! If you want to blame me, go to Apollon, who was either in your fierce prophecy or in your fierce blasphemy! ”Every day, I was angry, and the air sounded faint. Who are they yelling at?

Even though the sky trembled briefly, as if angry at Bentique's words, Bentique smiled and looked up.

Then he twitches his fingers a few times and returns to his deep eyes. As I reach out my hand forward, the river flows upward and produces a bowel.

“Because of our dirty god, who is angry at me for doing nothing. You look a little worse. Let's begin again.” As I thought, the target you just heard was Poseidon: The more I looked at Yeongwoo, the more I was impressed that Benny Crab was not an ordinary man. An apostle who gives power to the god he serves. It was strange that Poseidon was insulted by his Apostle Geyron, who in particular regarded his majesty the most.

However, Bene1711 noticed that it was fine. Rather, he seemed to be focusing only on this fight.

“Here we go. Let's start again. Though I'm a little annoyed by the broken excitement of running up like a brick. That's it. If you cut it a couple of times, won't you come back?” Bendike smiles forward with a chapter made of compressed dead man's river.

For a moment, Yeon-woo looked at him with strange eyes.

BeneIke smiles as he looks at the precious lotus, but smiles as he reads his eyes.

“Why? Am I weird?” “Not quite.” “Great! I know. I'm a lot weirder.” BeneIque bursts out laughing as the sky tells him to leave. Then I finished speaking.

“The Goddess of Mercy speaks the last words to the Goddess. She loses her temper. Well, I suppose a country is a little out of place when it comes to that kind of territory. But here's the thing." Bentice pauses to turn off his abs for a moment and lets out a fainting sound.

“So what?” He was building a cynic.

“What difference does it make if you behave like a normal person? I have a lot of questions too. No, now I have too many questions to ask you. The reason I'm wearing that necklace, the reason I've changed my mind, is the circle. But those things • If I catch you, I'll know everything. But what's important to me right now is the fight with Baroner.” BeneIke smiles with his fangs wide open. The ferocious beast glares at the enemy and shivers along his pupil.

“And that's for you too, isn't it?” Yeon-woo looks down at her hands.

Vigrid is still shaking nicely. He was also excited when the sudden situation happened.

However, the entertainment of the battle was still remaining to warm the body.

Speaking of Venice, what matters now is nothing else. Fighting him and winning. It was important to turn joy into joy.

So I pointed the tip of the beagrid forward. The Riding Ceremony of the Ultimate Sword is ready. The beast comes out of the fence and roars for a long time.

Olive-two flew back to each other. The rough currents will come back.

It was the only thought that came to mind when Yeonwoo saw Bentice.

Question mark.

He was rarely an uncontrollable man.

He was a minor murderer of his brother's master. There was nothing wrong with being close to being human.

If they did not agree with themselves, they seemed determined and able to stand up even if they were gods.

However, on the other hand, he was a cruel and fierce type who did not want to get close because he was strong. And Yeon-woo didn't like these people very much. Sometimes when I'm on the same team, I get a little nosy.

But I still liked the grilled bentike. There shouldn't have been another reason.

It's fun.

It was because the fun to fight comfortably taught me where to go.

Challenges-Yeongwoo and Beneke unleash their blindness on each other. The chief slammed into a loud hiss, and occasionally the iron digs through the flesh.

Purperfuck! That sounds like a terrible thing to hear. And in fact, there were deep wounds all over the body, and the river suddenly turned red.

We didn't talk about each other. The user considers it an opportunity to narrow the gap. The user pushes the target deeper into the wheat field, targeting the target with critical attention.

Yeon-woo said that now.

Longevity penetrated the abdomen deeply. Horrible pain that breaks your spine and guts makes your body stiff. Rather, he pushed himself deeper into the sleep.

Exceeding- [Demonic Magic] [Regeneration] Yeon currently relies on this skill more than any other power.

Based on the factor, Margaery produces fire into the cell, which is a way to keep the wound tightly tied while continuing to regenerate with the saccharide.

So far, the death toll has been much spilled, but it was the reason why I could not move.

[A message has come from Agares. I'll give you mine, not just some lowly factor. At this point?] [A message has come from Agares.] "Message: You have mine anyway. Try it on. It's gonna be great, huh? Take a look at her. There's nothing bad about it, right?] Yeon wanted to shout at the annoying Agarash all the time, so there's nothing bad about it.

Thinking about what he had been getting into trouble with ever since his brother made a deal with Agares, he had no intention of following.

Thankfully, Agares' message will be drawn a few times. Probably blocked because the allocated causation rate limit was exceeded.

You think you're lucky.

I shoved a beagrid down your neck, narrowly spaced from a Ben-EI crab.

The blade slit its throat in half and pushed in. The carotid artery ruptured, and there was a high flow of blood. The blade doesn't go any deeper. It was blocked by a solid cost.

Bentice = 1-1- Note - 0 He raised his body to the side. As the blade was drawn, more blood spurted out, and under it was drawn a large orchid.

The vortex. His signature skill explodes, piercing the body of the moat with multiple wind holes. No, I tried.

The breeze quickly passes through the vortex, treading on the path of the breeze.

Wind is windy. Relying on the swift wind, he loosens the harness of his sword.

A hole in the left forearm and the right ridge is inevitable. But Beagrid cut through the space just as quickly as he did. Blood splattered, bones revealed. I lost more than half my limbs.

I was surprised that one part of my body didn't fall off like that.

Nevertheless, they held their swords to the side without any pain, throwing their spears forward.

In order to completely sever the strings of the opponent who is persistent, even when his vision is shaken.

And in that situation.

Yeonwoo and Bentice burst into laughter, regardless of who said it first. The laughter of the predators. No, I think that's what they call it. Rrrrgh. It sounded like it was boiling, and it sounded like it was roaring.


Perfuck-fuck! Yeon and Bentice shove their weapons down their throats almost simultaneously. Both of them had to taste a dark, distinctive feeling, cutting through the heart.

The user pushes the knife and intestine into the target's heart with all their might.

Weeping-Yeongwoo and Bendike both bled along their mouths. Close enough to measure each other's breathing. My eyes met mine.

Ben EI Crab is still smiling in Yeon Woo's view. While he was killing, his fangs were clearly smiling as if he was going to die for fun.

Salmon in the eyes of a Bentique Crab.

He's wearing a mask. He doesn't know his face. But he didn't doubt that Yeon-woo was smiling as well as he did. How do you know? predators were known to recognize predators.

Suddenly, Bentice feels the day is ripe, no matter what her pupils look like. Different, but similar. Occasionally there was a girl who smiled like that when she fought herself.

When he opened his eyes as if he had realized something, he was about to say something.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

I fell asleep in the right side of Yeongwoo. The needle on the clock began to spin rapidly.

[Time Forecast]