Second Life Ranker

6. Triton (6)

Whoa! Venice feels haunted by something. Apparently they were fighting someone who put a knife and spear in each other's hearts and cut the strings first.


Do you think you're the only one with a knife to his heart right now? You did something. ”Benike's bowels are embedded in the right chest of the kite. It was just a subtle change in location.

That alone could save Yeon-woo from great danger.

Yeongwoo's body felt like it was sinking. The reason I was able to endure evil magic and resurrection after being seriously injured was because of the magical power that the Wise Man's stone kept pouring out.

But time forecast also consumed that much magical power at once, so I could never use it unless it was a really important time.

That way, the future of Yeon-woo is secured for 5 seconds.

Time that was very short, but important at the moment of life and death.

Thanks to this, I was able to catch the exact timing of Yeon's illuminating venture, and instead of avoiding it, I changed my position towards the end of the window with a slight twist.

Instead, his blade struck Benike's heart more accurately.

The heart was the source of life. An organ that supplies blood to the body and produces magical power. Of course, breaking hearts was usually the only critical tile players could save.

But Venice is an exceptional master, so even with her heart broken, she had the energy to survive to some extent. In addition, even though he was almost exhausted, some mysticism remained and forced him to execute him.

“Awesome! Yeah. Everybody's got one of those spleen thingies.” Even in the face of a shameful situation. It burst into laughter.

I couldn't find anything unfair about it.

Skills are at the player's discretion and skill level.

It was even greater to keep it hidden and bring it out at the right time. It was not an adage to hide three talents.

And when Ben EI saw it, Yeonwoo was clever. She was a beast and was not swayed by Borne. The user fights under scrutiny as to how to hunt the target.

It is contrary to the self that is confronted by instinct.

But fighting someone like that felt good, too.

Bentice felt like he had a new idea, and it felt like this. Joy when you're fighting. And the realization that comes after that.

The feeling of stepping into a new world that he did not know was overwhelming.

It was one of the reasons he couldn't stop fighting.

That's why.

“So don't be unfair.” Venice could not die here.

“That's because so am I! He grips Beagrid's blade with his left hand. I cut my finger deep enough that I didn't think it would cut off like that, and the blood dripped down the blade.

Yeongwoo tries to push the beagrid deeper.

But Beagrid doesn't move like he's stuck in a rock. It was an absurd power. It was a force that could never be exerted on anyone who was consuming life at such a rapid rate.

Also, it was a future that I could not predict with time.

I've never seen anything like it. The day beneath the mask was slightly stiffened. 'What?' The time forecast was a skill in which a round clock could predict numerous attack routes and derive multiple ways to retaliate through its outstanding computational power, relying on a unique skill effect.

Even if there is a flaw in eating enormous magical power. I have never failed. It was close, but it always brought victory to Yeonwoo.

However, there was a part of Yeon-woo that was unexpected. When the attack you thought you were nominating didn't work that well. What will happen after that?

I'm running low on magical strength and stamina. It was a dangerous situation for Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo grabbed the Wise Man's Stone again in a sense of crisis. The core overheats and spills out its magic again. If this anomaly causes a fever, the sealed power source inside the jaw will be opened and there is a risk of infection to Margaery. Now I couldn't care less about such things.

However, Ventige's grip on Vigrid remains intact.

in a balance of unshakeable tension.

Suddenly, BeneIke rubs his intestines and reaches out his right hand to firmly grasp Yeongwoo's face.

“We had a good fight, so I think we're good to go down like this. I'm sorry, but I'm not the one who's going down, but I need you to be." There's a new energy coming up along the Waha-Bentice. Dark blue glow. It was neither magical nor mystical; it was clearly the power he had been able to sustain even after his heart was broken.

It seemed to be a force that had been revived even though it had melted into the pillar of fire at first. Was there a hidden cost other than Triana's powers?

“This body is the King of Blood. We must never lose. Midnight, too, Lana. I was defeated and defeated. I have no intention of stepping on that train.” The mask of Yeongwoo and the strength of his right hand grabbed his head.

Yeon gripped her teeth with the pain of crumbling skulls. At that time, Vigrid slowly rolls inward. His left hand was being cut off.

Will the mask break first? Or will Vigrid pierce the heart first?

That's when the mask stops beaning and the cracks begin to crack. The pieces fall down one by one.

“So die.” Bentice grins ferociously and puts more power into his right hand.

Half the masks that were compromised were broken. The chunks spill, revealing about half of the work.

At that moment.

Yeongwoo suddenly releases her hand from the beagrid. Instead, I quickly pulled up the arena from the subspace and targeted BeneIke. I'm gonna stick my knife right through you.

Jang! Suddenly, I wanted to drop something from the sky, and I crossed between Yeon and Venter Crab.

Benike's right arm is cut off and protrudes into the air. The arena got lost and bounced off the side.

Two attacks returned to nothing. The wind that crossed between the two was divided into two winds, one wrapped in condensation and the other in Venice.

The wind that twisted the lotus became a man of jewelry. A middle-aged, one-armed man with a giant Bastard Sword hanging down. But the gust of energy was much stronger than when Bentice was holding the Triana.

“I could have been in trouble if I was a little late.

The middle-aged man looked at the lotus in his arms and said,

Truly, his speech was too mild. It consumed too much stamina and magic.

I was so exhausted that I fell down, or I was surprised I didn't die.

And Yeon-woo opened her eyes wide, looking at the one who saved her. He had no reason to be here. I didn't eat with myself.

The strong feeling of pressure that came out along the middle-aged man was so sleazy. If Venice was defeated, she felt much more dangerous.

Duke Ardbad.

It was Zixia who symbolized "power" and "strength" among the four who guarded the blood country's dietary palace.

In the workshop on Valpurgis Night, who also led the army of the bloodlines (), suddenly why here? Luckily, the mask, which had been broken in half, became an automatic restoration and covered the eye area.

Thanks to him, he didn't even know who he was. Not really.

If I had known, I would have cut his throat right here. Even in the bloodline, Arnia was the enemy.

“The Journalist Who Saved Me“ is His Majesty's order to bring you into the bloodline with all your heart. Since the promise of visiting Hanbin is still not fulfilled, Yeon-woo, who still wants to see you so much, almost ridiculed herself without even knowing it. That's why I wanted to taste the meat of the polyp. I wanted to do something like the emperor.

And the laughter came out of the lipid as if his image was still well embedded in the bloodline.

However, Duke Ardbad nods, smiling slightly, thankfully.

“Rest for now. I don't know your pathetic position either, so I don't intend to force you to take me home. You are his friend. Of course, I can't be rude to you.” Of course, it wasn't really a relief. Rather, I examined Duke Ardbad with a sharper glow than my senses. However, unlike the spirit, the body seemed to be able to take a little rest. I felt too helpless.

It was a pity I couldn't finish Venice's breath. Still, it was the same for them who couldn't hold back the fight.

• • • Vibration. You know damn well I hate to do this. ”Bentice frowns as he looks at the shiver that saved his life. I wanted to break the neck of the man who ruined his excitement right away. I couldn't draw because my body was so weak.

But it doesn't seem to matter. The Lord would be pleased if he did, but now he is revealing his intention to save you.

Shoot - Vibration breathes its power into Venice's severed arm for healing.

Ordinary players never deal with power. But there's only one reason to use a vagrant. It was because he was also an apostle.

Orion, the God of the constellation known as the Son of Poseidon. He was also serving as his apostle, the three-man crest that defeated Triton.

In fact, the remaining headquarters in ^, which are now out of sight, were guarding against the Duke of Ardbad.

I'm going to jump right out of the car.

“Didn't the commander just say that? There should be no defeat. So I just saved the commander.” Ventuque's words distort my impression.

“I was going to lose, you say?” “Victory was assured in battle, not in the Saurel. You cannot take on Duke Ardbad in your current state.” The punishment will be tender in the future.

Rest for now. ”Fancy drops the back of his hand before he says anything more. The Bentique crab eventually loses its strength and gains strength.

Fortunately, Benjy confirms that there is nothing wrong with his life, and he sighs softly and stops Duke Ardbad again.

In fact, I stepped up to save Venice. It wasn't that good.

Duke Ardward smiles coldly as he raises his left hand with his incredibly heavy sword.

“Otherwise, the tremblers in the Dead River sometimes bother the bottom, so I was hoping to subdue them someday. I never thought I'd be given such a good opportunity all of a sudden." As an eighth-generation Glenn, the emerging clans were ridiculed by the threat of their own sexuality.

But at the same time, I was also thinking of pushing it out as an example because it was also annoying.

It was because the blessings of Poseidon on Triton were so intense that I couldn't move forward.

Triton, composed of Poseidon and his children's apostles, was too difficult to deal with, and Bentige, especially the head, was a man who recognized the Duke of Ardbad.

But now that Venice is down,

Duke Ardbad thinks it's a good time to subdue Triton.

Of course, complete annihilation would be difficult, but it would still be a great pleasure to cut off a substantial amount of power.

Especially since there was nothing bad about being as smart as martial arts.

However, as if it wasn't going to be easily shattered, you stare at Duke Ardbad. Even though he was outmatched by Bentice, it was never that bad. In some ways, it was the same with Benedict.

And there were two more apostles who were similar in skills to that one, who were hiding out and aiming for him.

There was a belief that the three of them would be able to take Duke Ardbad's head.

So after Yeongwoo and Venturi 1, Duke Ardbad and the Devil were about to strike again.

“This time I see many familiar faces, the hexagonal ring echoes through the sky, and suddenly the air around them shifts.

An overwhelming power that suppresses the power of Duke Ardvard, the power of the Rumbling, and so on.

The wind blows, and there's a commotion.

The River of the Dead sounds chaotic.

The remaining troops of the Tribons, the Duke of Yeon and Ardbard, and the players of the Ghost Ship who were watching the situation from afar. Everyone's frightened gaze turned to the sky.

At that moment, as the sky split open, someone slowly came down. A fierce speculation has left them breathless.

A woman with cold eyes and scales of a one-horned tribe and a half-dragon.

Duke Ardbad recognizes her face and frowns.

• • • Dream Queen. ”The head of the White Dragon, Waltz.

It was an unexpected rainfall.