Second Life Ranker

7. Trilon (7)

Suddenly, the appearance of the White Dragon made everyone in the vicinity stand up.

It was so high up that it was hard to even recognize what it looked like, that people lost their sense of distance and had to be mistaken for something that was right in front of them. No, I felt like a giant that went extinct a long time ago.

Duke Ardbad grips the giant Bastard Sword tightly. It was complicated.

He clearly knew that the Queen of Spring should not be here.

Elohim is at war with the White Dragon to attack on the 76th floor. The bloodline and the sea of poetry were sequentially erasing the White Dragon's branches and forces in the stairwell below.

The attack on the front is causing the white dragon to panic. Especially the actions of the Spring Queen Waltz on so many battlefields were so dazzling.

Thanks to this, most of the battles on the 76th floor have fallen into opposition to the Nile. However, it was not a situation where I could open my eyes.

Then Duke Ardbad sees the atmosphere around the waltz and narrows his eyes.

“No.” Waltz is looking as if he doesn't belong here.

In space, you must be "Shin • • • • • • • Eternal Body"! ”Duke Ardward realizes what Waltz is and opens his eyes.

When the purity is cleared to close to the Qi by extreme compression of the inner air, the inner air itself becomes spiritual and becomes permanent.

When we train the body in high strength, all impurities leave the same pure form as when they are born. This is called the original form.

Progeny is a form made by combining this primacy with the original, meaning that the internal mass that becomes the body is separated from the body and becomes the body.

It was one of the many ways in which self-immersion could be composed, and it was often reached only by those who were proficient in the air.

In fact, many people did not know about the Foreign Spirit's dog because this concept originated from the one-horned tribe.

Duke Ardbad was also a journal I learned while investigating the one-horned tribe because he was interested in martial arts.

He also knew nothing about how it was organized and how it operated, but only about the general number of Progeny dogs.

However, one thing is certain.

If it was immortality, it meant that the enlightenment of the Immigration Society had surpassed even the highest order.

It was separated from the body, and it appeared here.

'Clearly, they're trying to wipe us out!' Duke Ardbad swooped forward holding his sword tightly. At that moment, Waltz's spirit plunges into the air and rushes straight to where he is.

Grrr! Another massive wave erupts from the clash. The currents fluttered violently.

Duke Ardward pushes waltz out of his body in agony. His symbol is dragon power. I was confident that the real waltz wouldn't be behind me if I had the strength.

Characteristics, His strength was so great that he would cast out the mountains, and his characteristic that he meant to cover the world was magnificent that he became a natural warrior from childhood.

So getting beaten by one alter ego, not the real Waltz, was never a resin in his position.

Moreover, I could almost see if Waltz was aiming for a month. Yeon-woo, we need the one who gave the queen her last breath.

But you can't just hand your precious friend over to those thugs.

While Duke Perperform-Ardbad and the priesthood of Waltz clashed violently.

Power • • • • • • After! After this, he unleashed the contradiction that the apostles, as well as the other apostles who were badged, would withdraw.

He quickly retreats, sighing in relief.

It was obvious that if BeneIque happened, it would reverse its course. Still, I was glad to finish on this line.

If you were to face Duke Ardbad, you would not have suffered heavy ground damage every single time.

'Even with the self-immolation, now that the Queen of Spring is here, that won't be easy either. I wish we could annihilate them together.' As he watched Duke Ardbad and Waltz clash to the end, he soon climbed aboard the blacksmith and quickly left the sea.

The fleet also retreated in pursuit of the captain.

At first, their boat, which was close to a hundred boats, sank for more than three days, and the remaining boats were also full of ruined traces, so there was no shame in them.

Duke Guang_Ardbad bites his jaw with a piercing blow to the sword. The power of self-immolation. That's ridiculous.

However, what really annoyed the Duke was the experience of Kim Sin pouring into his body (21185; ).

A technique that is so terrifying that it should be classified as an organ of loneliness and a racial skill.

The power to turn the interior of the violent uprising into a party was also the culprit who destroyed numerous forces against the lonely tribe.

Career refers to the power I put into my opponent through weighted methods.

Waltz, however, freely handled his career. He has a tremendous experience with every kick he kicks, with every swinging fist.

Despite how Duke Ardvard learned to attack Waltz, he had to suffer numerous internal injuries in a single stroke because of his experience spilling into his body.

He may look fine, but his insides are already messed up.

Moreover, it was even crazier to fight while protecting Yeon Woo.

Is that all I am? 'Duke Ardbard changed it. He had to fight the overwhelming sense of self-esteem that they had recently achieved.

Although he is now the leader of the Black Dragon, one arm was torn off by Tom, who was only one of 81 eyes at the time.

He was now swayed by the alter ego of Waltz.

Even though Waltz boasted such great power that he fought the three Elohim officers, his self-immolation could not keep up with the power of the main body.

As a duke who used to be confident that he wouldn't be much of a match except for the nine kings.

It had to be a painful situation.

However, Duke Ardbad gripped his teeth and survived. My eyes were glowing red. He pressed the soup to confuse.

Right now, I only thought about how to save Yeon-woo.

Bring my friend with all your heart. Obeying the Emperor's orders was an obligation to obey as a hypocrite knight.

So I had to figure it out somehow.

“Seems to me they're not going all the way.” But Waltz clenches his fist again as if he wasn't going to make an exit. Her power, coupled with the skills of the one-horned tribe and the qualities of the anti-anti-anti-dragon, was overwhelming.

“Then I'll have to kill you. I didn't want to have any more conflict with my blood. Zaari, I'm sure it's okay to eliminate one of the ducs.

The expression that makes it so easy for Margie to get the stuff out of her pocket.

As such, the Prime Minister of Wales had dominated Duke Ardbad.

Duke Ardward grips his sword as he hides again. If you can't see the bow, you have to force it open. When he was about to open one of the secrets of the woman he was hiding.

Can you hear me? Suddenly, a stream of wind appeared, and a voice sank down in my ear.

"If you can hear me, do not be shy, just blink your eyes and Duke Giuseardbad has never been shrouded outside, like a man who has been in the battlefield like a house for a long time.

"As soon as the Queen of Spring will notice, Duc Geardbard quickly realized that the owner of the voice was an elf named Heini who had been with the kitten from the 27th floor.

I wondered if I could trust her. Now was not the time to question such things.

Moreover, the contents of the operation brought about by the wind were simple.

Buy us some time.

I wasn't sure I could beat myself in front of her. At that point, he was able to do so, and Waltz's spirit moved.

Kung, yang - waltz crushed the sleep. Seriously, my body was firmly fixed, and according to the transcriptional logic, my body was swirling like a puddle and I reached out in front of my fist.

At the end of the regime, you covered the Duke of Ardbad with your career.

"Now!" At that time, Duke Ardbad threw the lotus he was holding under the river hard.

Along with a thumping sound, he sinks below the surface, momentarily ruining Waltz's work. He never thought he would abandon Yeouido here.

Waltz later realizes Duke Ardbad's prey and tries to blow himself up.


This time Duke Ardbad will press his sword down hard as he lunges at Waltz: Waltz crosses his arms to block it.

A crude blade rests just above your neck.

The duc was smiling coldly for the first time, meeting Waltz like he was about to die of fun.

“Where are you going? Shouldn't you be hanging out with me?” Waltz lights up his eyes that glow purple and lifts his body. His career exploded in the regime.

He would have tried to avoid her if he was holding Yeon Woo. With nothing more to interfere with, Duke Ardbad has opened up the power of concealment while lifting his body.

Divergence tax. His signature skill, derived from his trait, is overwhelming and presses into space. And the shooting that poured down as the herd vomited was hard enough for the first time as well.

Assault lacked the ability to grind a career out of thin air, stirring the space at random.

Over-extension-Waltz's face hardened as he blocked the inspection with his firmly hardened forearms through the air. A small crack in the forearm spreads.

It's called "The Metallic Invincible." His cover is about to be shattered, saying he can't even move. It meant great power.

At that time, Duke Ardbard again used Kim Khong, who eventually had to respond here with the martial arts called Vaccine.

Pier-young! Once again, when the shockwaves hit the top of the column.

The pond, which sank below the surface, was surrounded by translucent spheres and was moving towards the phantom line at a rapid rate.

Heidi stands at the edge of the phantom ship, casting spirits.

Her forehead is covered in cold sweat.

It was because it was difficult to extract the lotus from the duel between Duke Ardbad and Waltz when he had almost exhausted his magical powers to protect the ghost ship from the gunfire of Getaway or Triton.

“Heidi! We're almost there! Hang in there!” Delan and June had no way of helping that fellow, so they had to roll their feet in support of her.

In fact, when they decided that Heidi was going to save Yeon Woo, that was all they could do.

When Zari Waltz appeared, they also agreed to sneak out of the sea like Triton.

There was a cannibal who was dependent on Yeonwoo, but there were only old ones on the ship, so I was able to kill them easily.

However, Heidi shakes her head decisively and silences their opinions.

What difference does it make to the people who leave us behind and go to Triton? Delan, June, and the remaining players on board were speechless.

It was Yeon-woo, who was supposed to be thrown away after being thrashed like a bell by stage 92, and who even made it to the Captain's biceps.

Although there was such a price, it was not necessary to draw Yeon-woo. To what end was he a doctor?

If the opponent shows good faith, it is Barohadi's belief that he should show good faith this way.

So Heidi tried to save Yeong-woo even though her body was as painful as it was broken.

• I'm not like my father! I'm going to show you that it's different. The threads burst, and the blue vein swells up over the bluish flesh as if it were about to burst.

Her hair had faded at a rapid rate due to her continuous lack of magical power and turned silver.

I kept pulling the lotus this way, though. I sought the help of many spirits to escape the pressures of Waltz.

“Heidi, you • • • Joon opened his eyes wide to see such Heini. I haven't seen my colleague since I was a tutor. There was talk a long time ago about his shifty appearance.

Silver hair and blue eyes. The family that is regarded among the Silver Hair Elves • • • High Elves. But surely they were destroyed a long time ago. But June's thoughts didn't last long. Bary's surrounded nettles protrude out of the water and reach the phantom ship.

The players' faces turned pale.

“Hey, there!” At that moment, Tellan screams, watching Duke Ardbad clash with Waltz on the deck.

You turn your gaze toward the Hydi Dog, which made you look a little more comfortable.

There was an unbelievable phenomenon.

After stopping Duke Ardbad, he wanted something to come to his mind behind Waltz, and soon he had a human figure.

< Minutes >. Progeny is a group aggregated form. Of course, the separation was as free as it could be controlled.

The Duke tried to stop it because he wanted to stay late. It has already become another waltz and has begun to rush to where the ghost ship is.

“Sail, sail!” Heidi yells loudly as soon as the kitten gets on the deck: Players are in a hurry. The sail wears off, and the wind spirits begin to pull on the wind.

The ghost ship began to run quickly along the river.

However, Waltz's alter ego catches up to the ghost ship at an even faster rate.