Second Life Ranker

8.Trilon (8)

“Damn it! Faster! More! More!” “I can't go any faster than this!” Above the deck was a mess.

Ghost ships have been speeding the fastest since they entered the 28th floor.

The wind spirits are relentless, and the old cannibals are busy moving.

The ship was fast enough that it could never catch up.

Nevertheless, the distance from Waltz is getting closer rather than further away. At first, what was so small as a dot that it could not see well was now even the contours of the body.

PURPHYNG-PAYERS even opens their gates, telling them not to come near.

I flew to Waltz with a lot of magic and skill in the cannonball.

Overwhamming! Waltz throws his arm forward as if throwing out a pesky fly. A strong wind like that shot a cannonball straight out of the air. A loud, black smoke erupts. Waltz passed through.

Such images only dreaded players and cannibals.

In their eyes, Waltz shines only upon the unbearable calamity.

He would, too, because Waltz, who had a face as crooked as an evil devil, was exhaling a sinister prayer that would make pollution worse just by looking at it.

The arrogance of the lone tribe and the dragon peers of the anti-anti-anti-dragon. Even within the tower, the waltz was already reigning in this new horror in the summer queen, combined with the attributes of the two races.

Of course, if such a creature were to fly, I would have to get bored with fear.

At this rate, I was really caught up, and I felt like I was going to be drowned in the Dead Man's River with seven boats.

If you do that, you'll be like a ghost floating in the river forever. Their insides slipped away.

But Heidi never gave up. There was already a lot of blood coming out of his mouth, and his hair was turning silver-haired.

But I moved the ship again and again.

Yeon-woo slowly raised her torso looking at her like that.

He was temporarily disoriented while in the arms of Duke Ardbad, who was somewhat regained consciousness. The body was also being restored. However, not all of my energy recovered, my body was too heavy like a soaked cotton ball.

“If you get up like that now!” Heinie found Yeon up late and tried to stop him.

• Why did you save her? I cut her waist with a cold tone.

Heidi doesn't answer for a moment. “You could have left me behind.

In fact, Yeon-woo sincerely did not understand Hydi's choice. Until the first apocalypse of Waltz appeared, he was rolling his head with no idea how to get out.

But I never thought I'd get Heidi's help so unexpectedly. I even thought they might have escaped in the middle of a fight with Benny Crab.

Unless it's Panther or Edora. He had not considered the help of Heidi and others who had not shared any emotional exchange to say this.

So I was curious.

I don't know what he was saving himself for.

What do they think it is for, or a blessing from the heart?

It may be a convenient thought in the situation that Waltz was pursuing, but it was such a curious and important answer for Yeon-woo.

Trust with another person. I still didn't know what to find out about it, like a difficult task for him.

By the way.

“I don't want to be like anyone else.” “Someone 'said Heidi, nodding heavily.

“That's all I can say.” Yeon-woo secretly seduced the carnivorous smile. None of the answers he expected came out: apparently she had her own trauma.

'Inside the Silver Wall, the legendary family that once ruled the High Elves, although there was a rumor.'

Also known as the "Landscape of the World", they were the closest of kin to the neophyte, along with the tribe. But the tragedy that befell them dried up the number of worlds that once boasted not only the destruction of their families, but also their magnificent crookedness.

Perhaps it was a tragedy that led Heidi to read the obsessive cohort called "Colleague."


Yeon-woo has enough answers. Trauma always puts people in a corner, but sometimes it creates a new driving force. because that's what trauma has created for us now.

“You can trust me once a year or so.” Yeon stood up, ignoring Heidi's words. My body still screamed frantically. Rather, such pain made the spirit of compassion clear.

He could feel that he had been arrogant for only a short while. I thought it would be easy for any player now. It wasn't like that.

So he was happier.

A beast released from his own heart. The fact that monsters can grow up and run more violently.

Of course, that didn't give me any thought to being eaten by a monster.

The body is left to the creature, but the head cools off as little as possible. Opened the dragon's eyes and supersenses. I think of a route to get out of here while triggering a bottleneck.

Fortunately, there is one way.

Somewhere we can protect ourselves from the onslaught of Waltz.

'But how do I get there without him?'

We don't know the exact position. 'Even if there was a place, there was no easy way to get there. There is a destination, but I feel invisible in the fog' I have to try it anyway.

Of course, Yeon-woo had no intention of confronting Waltz with her current body. The target is superior to itself, even if it is an immortal spirit.

'I think we should try over there. Beyond the widespread realm of hypersenses. A short distance from here, you notice a large fleet moving at a rapid rate towards this direction.

At first, I thought the retreated Triton was making a large detour and was approaching again.

If we look closely, we can see that it is at all multi-root 1-li.

More like 92 than Triton. I thought that Yeon-woo might be a fantasy group or a place where they want to be.

If so, it was a good thing, and even if it wasn't, it would have been a pirate crowd, so there was nothing bad about dragging it in.

Toughness • • Sanon read the thoughts of Yeongwoo and was small, but the Yeongwoo pulled Vigrid out of the sub-space again without any awe.

Jiaying_sage's stone turned and lifted its power. Fortunately, the core, which had been overheated, was working normally while resting.

Waltz was suddenly approaching.

I will lower the sword as I move into position, holding the beagrid tightly in both hands.

[Divine Fire] [72fellowship- however, Wall] As the three skills fuse together along the blade and the short arm, lightning will strike once more from the sky. The last remaining strength was a crushed blow.

Over-excited! Rrrr_“Bullshit!” Waltz 'primate, who was struck by lightning, smiles lightly. Even though the primordial body had been split into two and its strength had again decreased that much, this did not mean that it could be struck by a devastating lightning. I was just a nuisance.

Waltz flares his hand and slashes it into the air. The lightning bolt came down along the disconnected space and split into all directions while being cut off. The cracked lightning struck the surface, causing the water column to soar and spit out a bunch of whitewashed sand pelts. Gwang-Leung, Guanyin, Guar - However, despite the attack returning to the dance, Yeon thundered relentlessly.

Waltz 'hands were just as busy.

The shadow of your hand places a large number in the air in a splendid manner. As the river ( ⁄ 32609;) burst into flames, it became a flowering flower leaf and gave a deep fragrance everywhere.

Twenty-four Plums. With the twenty-four shadows created in just one stroke, the space surrounding the waltz was severed and there were numerous lightning bolts.

The light was so intense that I thought it would be blinding like this that it lit up the world of gray.

There was not a single bolt of lightning that did any harm to Waltz. Only the fragrant Plum fragrance floats around her.

And even in that situation, Waltz didn't stop chasing.

She was able to close the void to the phantom ship just as close as it could get. I saw Yeon Woo standing on the lead.


Flash! Kwaar-Waltz has condensed all the thunderbolts he's ever faced.

Waltz realizes that it is the last force for the kite to develop, pausing for a moment and choosing a breath.

It wasn't easy to cut this time. I felt like I had to blow up my career by condensing my magic all at once. A unilateral invasion of the Vaccine Rights would be sufficient.

That's how I intend to speak to the warrior.

A thunderbolt that seemed to have fallen over her head suddenly deflects and falls far away. Waltz's head turns to look at him, not knowing how to target Yeon Woo.

And at that moment, Waltz realized that he had been disconnected from another primate linked to him.

The last bolt of lightning falls on the eternal creature who tied Duke Ardvard's ankles but not himself! Of course, the lightning didn't catch eternity. However, it was enough to be surprised by the sudden attack, and Duke Ardbad did not miss his chance. He immediately slit the head of the Eternal Spirit.

The repulsive force created by the breakage of the primordial spirit has been conveyed to Waltz as it approached the phantom ship.

Huff! Waltz's eternal soul vomits secretly. Qi, which was floating in the shape of the body, was shifting. If I did wrong, I was worried that the rest of eternity would be ruined. So I'm just trying to control it.

Suddenly, the portal opens overhead.

“You rat bitch!” Duke Ardbad slaps the giant Bastard hard as he falls below. It appears using the Teleport Scroll.

He was bleeding all over the body. However, two eyes were beautifully floating and burning with fury.

Her majesty, who dared to try her best in front of her, was blamed for trampling his pride.

Guang! Waltz's primates had to cross their arms without any control over the gas.

On top of that, there was a huge impact, and the shockwave shook the dead river once more.

As the fog surrounding her lifted, the surrounding situation became clear.

A hundred hostile presidents were herding themselves around Duke Waltz and Ardbad. A ten () character sentence placed under the gymnastics. There are two stages of the phantom regiment, the Groitz Welcome Knights and their followers. + The phantom regiment was surprised by the two people who suddenly fell from the sky, but soon all the pottery was aimed at Waltz without any confusion.

Overglare_Paramour bursts into flames.

“Idiot!” Waltz finds Yeong-woo in a voice of anger, surrounded by countless attacks.

“Come on, Master!” Groitz nods at the cry of his henchman.

Despite the urgent news that Triton, the bloodline and the White Dragon were chasing Yeon Woo, he led a band of knights and other allies to the 28th floor.

There were Duke Ardbad and Waltz, who had become bloody, where they chased after Yeonwoo, to see how the situation had turned out.

That's why they were surprised, but they moved calmly and aimed at them as a whole.

It looked like the two of them were chasing Yeouido. I was curious about Triton's absence, but for now, it seemed like a quick mission to give Yeon-woo some time to escape safely.

Groitz nods with deep pressure on the silver helmet. The deputy next to you shouts at his servants as he recovers.

“Shoot -! Don't leave anyone behind!” Puffering! A magical cannonball specially designed by Master-Classified artisans. One by one, I managed to lure the Duke of Wales and Ardbad.

• • Out or out? ”After a long time in complex waters, the waltz, the duc of Ardbad, and the phantom fleet.

The crew of the phantom ship was able to take a deep breath of relief. Fur by fur. Delan and June, as well as several players, squat on the ground together + I can't seem to relax, wondering if Waltz is coming after him the whole time.

However, after an hour or so of running away, I felt relieved and took a cold breath when Waltz didn't show up.

My legs are already weak. His hands were still trembling.

So was Heidi. She leans against the ledge and lets out a sigh. The continued use of magical power and spirits revealed her limits to the bottom of the table.

Thanks to you, the silver brick wall that you've been hiding has been revealed.

Still, I had no regrets because it would have been the origin of leaving the Dead River if I hadn't done this.

And on the one hand, I was fortunate to be able to make a different choice with my father.

Heidi breathes like that, and barely raises her head to a halt of consciousness.

Uhh - Zero miles away, I still see Yeon who sits at the forefront and watches the sea.

After defeating Waltz, Yeon-woo was always in that position. I did not leave my seat.

'The hardest thing here is him. Is he okay?' It can't be all right. He was seriously injured just until he got on the boat. Nevertheless, the constant vigilance meant different minds. What kind of life did he have? Can I help Yeon Woo with Heidi? I wanted to go carefully with my horse, but I couldn't reach it just in case it got in the way.

So I hesitated. Suddenly Yeon-woo turned her gaze this way. I will look into the eyes of the mask.

“Heini, right?” “Yes? Yes!" “Are you back on your strength?” “Yes. Do you want to make it move • • • month: Heidi nodded and woke up.

By the way.

“I'll leave you to it, then. You don't have to worry about that now that you've set a target.” Before Heidi asked what she meant, Yeon-woo's body suddenly collapsed forward. She rushes into a reflexive rush and receives him. Bang. Yeon-woo's face fell from her chest. I feel a heavy and firm body + “Car, Cain?” Heidi is furious and cautiously summons Yeong-woo, but he has no answer.

When I looked closely, I was confused with my eyes closed. 1 C.L. Seed. I hear nothing but shallow breathing.

Oh, he was a man, too. Heidi suddenly remembered that as she looked at the kite. I thought I was a monster, but I wasn't.

Thinking that way, I felt a little closer to him, who was vaguely feeling difficult.

• • • Rest in your country. ”Heidi stroked her head as she put a knee pillow so that she could rest. Spirits roam around busy helping him sleep: The breeze wags his hair gently.

The destination was a bay island in the middle of nowhere due to a setback.


A monster who had escaped from Yongwoo worked in a deep place, found the cost price that had been swept away by the current and caught it all at once.

Equipment! How happy would the owner be to know this? Gouge was so happy that he had already thought about listening to the compliment from the master.

What he found was the right arm of a severed Venike.