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Originally, the planting of Bakuk was hidden by various defensive facilities, so it was difficult to locate it.

So Yeongwoo gave up planting and crossed the river of the dead.

I realized I didn't have to draw it all of a sudden while I was fighting Waltz.

Seawater Amulet.

Although most of the mystical power was consumed and the function as a novelty was lost, the basic function still remained.

So I followed the memory of Bakok, who would be somewhere in the ocean, using the option to sing, the song of the sea.

And fortunately, we were able to get an approximate location.

Yeon-woo thought there was no place like this as a hideout for a while. The fortress was completed by Andi Bedom Bakok after a long time. Of course, it's hardly public on the outside, so it won't be easy to catch up with the Duke Waltz or Ardbad.

So Yeon-woo gives the cannibals the exact coordinates. The girls immediately began to turn around.

It takes considerable time to get to my destination

Yeongwoo was going to give up on repairing the broken flesh.

“You sleep comfortably.” I slowly opened my eyes to the ringing of my soft ears. You must have been concentrating on the Wise Man's Stone. At some point, I woke up and there was a strange world lying before my eyes.

A world full of darkness. It's hard to tell up and down. It was a place where the soul could be enticed just by the sight of it.

Above the darkness where the word Abyss fits. He was there.

A shape that glows in gray. It is shaped like a shadow, but there is no distinction between the features. It's just a parabolic tear of the mouth at the bottom of the oyster.

He was the one who invited Yeon-woo here.

Sexual orientation.

A monster trapped in a female cage, awareness of Yeon Woo. Or predators.

Yeon-woo looked at him and asked.

“What, again?” Why? Can't I call him? But I'm still your alter ego. It's like a twin. He wants to see his brother. Is there a problem? ”Yeongwoo's work is in disarray.

Ouch_There is a fierce wind following him. A wind filled with hot heat. It was an indication of anger.

“Don't make fun of him.” Twins, brother. Bro, even Maseong put this on his mouth was offensive. These were words that should never be easily exhausted in front of Yeon Woo.

Martha shrugs lightly.

“Hehe. You make it so easy to get angry just because you said a few words.

Is that how you say you're cool? Cold-blooded? It makes me cry. Isn't that right? "Gusu -“ Yes. All right, all right. You don't have to. Giggle, giggle! ”She only says she's sorry, but she doesn't stop laughing.

Yeongwoo thought for a moment that she would punch him in the face, but soon she took out the wings of fire quietly.

BeneIke, I'm exhausted from the constant struggle with Waltz.

The battle with Maestro seemed to have a profound psychological toll: it would have a detrimental effect on the recovering body.

Instead, he stared deeply at Maseung, who still wouldn't stop laughing.

“Why did you bring me here?" Oh, that? That's right. I wanted to call you about something. What was it? ”The day of Yeongwoo hardens again, and suddenly, Maestri bursts into laughter with her knees.

“Oh, that's it. Kick there.” He clenches his fist again, shredding his mouth, tearing the tail of his mouth to the side uglily.

“Hey, don't you know you're too weak?” Yeon never said anything.

Mahsung's heenan continued.

“I told you before, right? I'm waiting for you to get it done.

And what the hell is that? Wise Man's Stone; Mage, The Despair of the Underworld, Vigrid • • •. You have all that good stuff and you can do it? I'm stuffy; I'm stuffy. 2012; Mars was black, but straight and swiped left and right.

“You can't do that. I'm a little nervous. A little bit more.

You see a fang between the mouths. Hungry monster's teeth.

“I put my hungry stomach to sleep.” 'What a madman.' Yeon slowly raised her torso while pressing her temples with her hands. My head was going to break because of the headache. Could it be a sequelae face-to-face with Martha: But after the headache subsided somewhat, Yeon-woo realized that her body was much lighter than before she fell.

No, it wasn't light.

Even with regenerative skills, the amount of serious injuries that needed to lie down for a few days was about ,7.

At that moment, before being thrown out of the unconscious world, her words echoed in my head like echoes.

- So I'm gonna give you one more chance. I'm giving it to you in order to get a little more excited, so you're gonna have to use it wisely.

The Castle is sleeping on the Wise Man's Stone. You seem to have unravelled some of the hidden functions of the stone to help with restoration. As if you were doing the right thing.

- Don't forget, last time, last time. Giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle.

He was lying on the bed. The wooden wall is small because it doesn't catch anything. It was a familiar sight.

'It's the captain's cabin.' Yeon-woo slowly pulls the blanket aside and steps out of the captain's cabin.

Then a haze hit him. The fog is too dark to discern even an inch in front of it.

The deck was a mess as many people were busy coming and going.

“Set sail first! From now on, we have to move at full speed. We must not be dragged into the fog! Rope! Where are the ropes?” “Turn the boat southeast.

Be careful not to fall down. ”Everyone was covered in fog, and only the voice rang. As the prow slowly turns to the other direction, Yeon-woo grabs the handrail and triggers the seawater amulet's option.

Then, with the illusion that my body was floating, I saw the sky with high vision and looked down clearly.

'Have you come to the right place?

Fortunately, while you are confused, the ship appears to have tapped into the coordinates as instructed. Rather, I arrived earlier than I expected.

The location of the ship was near Beirut Island.

This fog was an artificially triggered defensive system when it reached its conscious influence.

I didn't seem to have done anything else in the fog.

It seemed to have been set up to turn the heads of the boats that had accidentally flowed in without knowing anything.

Normally, if you can't see straight ahead, you'll try to get out of the sea quickly.

'The anti-Venom of the underworld just let the people who invaded his realm go free. It's funny. Or is that how much you wanted to hide here?' If it was normally raining, he would have been jealous of being poisoned by fog or captured alive as a group as an experiment.

If so, the horrific rumors would spread and attract attention, so I stopped at this line.

It means there's a facility in the Sims that's just as important.

And maybe if we drove deeper in here, the proper defensive facilities would have worked since then.

We'll have to deal with it in advance. 'Fortunately, we can find most of the facilities in Dragon Eye, so we can eliminate them before they work.

So I moved slowly to the deck, feeling popular and the gaze of many people shifted this way. They shudder back, startled together. The cluttered deck was quickly silent. For them, Yeouido was still a object of fear.

“How are you feeling?” At that time, Heidi was the only one rushing in. I was exhausted because I couldn't rest well.

But she looked at Yeon-woo with worrying eyes, without giving her a hard time.

Yeongwoo nods, saying it's okay, and pulls out the arena sword from the subspace and moves toward the prow.

I hear voices everywhere.

Some players quickly ran away from the front, covering their mouths.

Heidi sighs a little as she looks at them. Even though they knew they weren't trying to hurt themselves. Even after all we had suffered together, I was still too afraid of Yeon-woo.

However, Yeon-woo stood at the forefront as if it didn't matter.] She draws a chariot sword as a line.

The Black Orcs have gone out into the fog.

I thought he was just plowing through the air with nothing.

Pufferfeng_I started hearing faint sounds of crumbling costs everywhere.

Yeongwoo looked around for a long time, put the machete back into the sub-space, then returned to Heidi and said.

“If you touch land, call back.” Yeon abandoned Heidi's answer and returned to the captain's cabin. I'm here to rest a little more.

As I went deeper into the fog, the fog became more puffy, and now it was so difficult to discern an inch ahead.

Players wondered if they were going to stay like this and blow up the rest of their days trapped in the fog.

Soon, the fog lifted like a lie, and a clear vision came.

There is a wick, far away.

“Sim!" “Land! Prepare to dock!” Players were equally happy.

Triton, BeneIke, Duke Ardbad, Waltz. For a short time, after a lot of work, I desperately wanted to come and rest on land. It was only then that I discovered my heart.

Though I thought a new continent was coming.

The 29th floor was a sensational place for them even here: Furthermore, from the outside, the plant was never bad. The Sim where they left it was so wide that the landscape was crude, but the area felt bright because of the abundance of hay and wildflowers.

Moreover, there were traces of people living everywhere at a glance. Maybe instead of a cannibal, I grew up expecting the players living on the 28th floor of the main stage to be a grounded village.

There was also a plausible dock on one side of the seam. The phantom line slowly put its head on there, and it was able to finally step on solid ground.

They followed Heini's instructions and formed a squadron of three + no matter what land they were greeted with, they couldn't ignore the boundaries unless they knew what was coming out. It might have remained an outlaw and a distinct cannibal.

Players were ordered to search different sections of the group, and the horns were scattered to all sides. First, we needed to understand the environments and topography of the mind.

Yeon-woo looked around as she landed last.

'What I saw in the diary, there seems to be nothing left.' Bakuk Island was originally pioneered by Tim Artiya. Of course, there were still memories in the diary, but nothing was trampled on like this except for the rough terrain and landscape.

After all these years, it means you've had a lot of deep baking.

Yeongwoo's eyes sank deeply and walked inward.

The inside of the seam was much more different than the outside.

The dense forest was almost lumbered, and instead, several buildings gathered along well-paved roads.

There are some places that seem to be laboratories around here.It felt like a smaller city than a town.

The players were surprised to see the unexpected.

It was never a place for pirates to live. These rascals have never touched a city like this. There were weapons weapons everywhere, laboratories, parks and walkways for relaxation.

It was clear that a clan with some degree of tinkering was formed under thorough planning.

The problem was that we could be comfortable enough to accommodate more than a thousand people, but the problem was that we felt no popularity at all.

Only a few months ago, there were clear traces of what many people used.

Nevertheless, there were no large migrations.

Each house was covered in traces of cooking, or a book on a desk.

If you have migrated, you may have all the supplies you need, but the house still has traces of people living there.

Weapons remained in the armory, all sorts of papers in the lab, books, and experimental furniture.

Of course, there was no sign of an outside breach.

It's as if only people evaporated from the Sim.

The town reminds me of a ghost town, which makes me feel creepy.

“What's going on here?” Players who liked the idea of arriving where people first lived shivered slightly because of the unknown anxiety.

Then they find a giant spire on the far north side of the village.

Used to the edge of a building that looks like a temple, but now it has a big, forgotten sentence on the back of people.

“Huh? That?" “That sentence, is that Artie?” And. The sentence was engraved firmly into the eyes of the lagging kith.

A pair of winged crests on a cross with a bearing down.

“This Sim, originally the territory of Arthya, is sitting at the edge of the lotus.

Under the mask.

His eyes hardened.