Second Life Ranker

10. Island (2)

“Cain?” Heidi finds an inconspicuous pitiful note in the citadel, and carefully calls out his name.

All sorts of emotions were swirling in his eyes. Anger, annoyance, contempt, contempt • • • Though such violent emotions quickly subsided, they came as a great shock to Heidi. The lotus she had seen so far was always cold. I had never seen such a reaction before.

However, Yeongwoo looked back at Heidi with a dry eye, as if at any time. Why did I call you?

Heidi sets her mind back and shakes her head.

“Oh, no. Without saying anything.” Yeon nods and chins.

“From up here, I'll investigate. You look down. And." “Yes. I'll tell them not to come this way. Don't worry,” Heidi realized what Yeon-woo was trying to say and said with a heavy look.

Yeon-woo nods, slowly passing by her to the observatory.

She looks back at Yeon-woo for a long time, then quickly turns around and scatters the players elsewhere.

Because she didn't hear.

The sound of Yeon Yuan beating at the door of the steeple.

Baek Duk.

“Son of a bitch. Instinct is furious. Reaching this spire, he has already suppressed the branch.

I'm annoyed that there's not a single trace of him left.

Still, if the production base in Bakuk were to thoroughly investigate the plant, he would be able to determine its weaknesses and try to determine the facilities calmly.

There was a German in the tower with a nasty poison just to get close to it. Even the breath he breathed could take away the life of a tree.

Of course, it took a lot of preparation as a lotus to deal with such a creature.

Although he possessed a firecracker, many of the poisons were also inferior to its properties.

So while we were restoring the body, we were going to investigate every nook and cranny in the heart.

If all kinds of toxins had been manufactured or experimented on here, he thought there would be a lot to find out.

And in fact, just by figuring out the structure of the island, we can see that there are many secrets buried here related to him.

It's just, where did so many people disappear to? I felt I had to find out more about why I left the plant alone.

I was able to sort things out one by one while restoring the cold.

By the way.

Suddenly, I was heavily beheaded in unexpected places.

As soon as I get to the spire, I usually stay when I'm looking for a plant. I found Arthya's crest carved into the top of the tower.

How can I not be angry?

It was not until the end that he invented the poison that consumed his brother's flesh. It was also vital that he put a knife in his heart and wiped out many players who wanted to help his brother.

Lient and Bahal had turned to other forces, but Bakok was just as provocative as Viera Shun.

The guy who wasn't qualified to talk about Arthya wanted to get rid of this tower and everything in the Sims because he felt comfortable carving her sentence on the spire.

But I suppressed it somehow.

I couldn't figure out what he was thinking, putting Ardaella's crest on the Spot Tower. This is a mockery, perhaps, but it was only a mockery. I couldn't even swing it.

Now I had to solve the question on the other side of my head.

'Even though the outsiders are here, there is no response.' Even though the channel through magic boundaries and external channels was cut off by the dragon; however, if an outsider arrived in the heart, it was normal to show any class later.

But Bakok was not responding like this to the women.

Though I thought this plantation might have been emptied immediately, then I should have torn down the facilities and blown them all up.

But there were still all kinds of papers and subjects left in the sim.

'Mind, something must have happened.

And it seemed to have had an effect on Baker as well.

'He must be busy leaving the production base empty. What kind of a month is that?' Yeon-woo continued to question and passed through the corridors inside the store tower countless times. Although several rooms were visible to the left and to the right, they were mostly reception rooms or simply standing there, neither of which caught his attention.

Then a staircase appeared in front of him. Stairs separated up and down.

Among them, Yeon went down the spiral staircase to the basement.

It's been a while/I'm a little surprised that there are so many folds I found/6//.

Occasionally, you emptied an enemy. You were building this? It was not that he had never sought to plant it after his brother had thrown the reconciliation coordinates to Biloq.

Occasionally, Bakok left Arniya, and this was the only time his curious brother had followed him to the island.

This was the building where Bakok was staying.

The second floor is said to be used as the main reception room and as a 7//person space such as a 3 inch cupboard. In addition, the 7//Human 0 memorandum stated that the special envoy was/5//77 coffins/in the basement.

The basement is a complex. Any maze, this/#/4.

At the end of the spiral staircase was a thick metal door. A door that is never opened unless a specific magical pattern has been entered.

Yeongwoo lowered her sword vigorously.

Sheep! But you don't even scratch at how hard and thick the iron door is.

Yeongwoo fell asleep with her tongue, straightened her posture, and wielded the sword of the arena with her robe. The Black Orcs are overwhelmed, leaving deep wounds on the iron gate.

The iron door bursts open with the sound of a photo-explosion. Then, the scene was a maze of dizziness as described in the diary.

It seemed more complicated than when my brother came to visit me once. The structure on the diary was difficult to break through. Of course, that doesn't mean there's no way.

“Scattered.” The shadow of the kith spreads, turning into thirty monsters and scattering to the winds.

Yeonwoo was going to move everything here to the Intranian.

Wealth and brahms will take care of the analysis later. I was a little sorry to add more work, but it was a surer way.

However, there should be a lotus here `1- •' Here.

I was alone.

I stood in front of Yeongwoo several times by turning the hallway. The structure of the new corridor along the dragon's eye and the structure left in the diary. You found it 1- ^ = This is the right place.


I kicked the door firmly sealed again and went inside.

It was a lab full of flasks or containers with all sorts of solutions.

However, all of those things were left for the gangsters to collect, but instead approached the most lofty wall on the inside: a tinting ring was heard with your hands. Inside, it was empty.

You turn the text of the book next to you: As the wall continues to turn, you reveal the giant vault that was hidden inside.

Yeon-woo lowered the handle again with the masonry. The vault was engraved with a magical schematic that exploded automatically when there was a sudden shock to the outside, but even the arena was completely cut off.

Peek-a-lot of crooked doors lose their power and open.

Inside, ten flasks containing different colored solutions remained tightly sealed.

I write down a large experiment site across Lambj0/Ö//called Fold./"I'm so curious if you're crying with experiments" on 7.

Originally, the golden thread, 17470/Niera, was made of pine. As German as it is; it may be necessary to avoid external eyes/make various poisons.

Still, needing this much resources resulted in a twist to having the final desired cost: l//7h as with other sugars, Ile/⁄ 31932; 7.

BeÖ/Rall seemed to be doing the same thing.

Eventually, in my grandfather's question, Baylor spoke nonchalantly for a long time.

“Former).” That's all Bakok said, and he didn't say any more. His brother knew that Beijing was trying to recreate a myth that had originally been told to the world he lived in. In other words, it was an experiment that was built to make what Bakok did to support people. The poison he used was the stuff that came out of the process.

And the solutions in this vault are all ligatures made at the end of a series of experiments.

To put it into perspective, it was a vision of upgrading the augmentation you created when you were immersed in the Red Dragon Foreign Legion to more than a few levels on the 16th floor.

'But I don't know anything else, but I'm sure of one thing.' Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled.

'As much as I tried to recreate the myth. These herbs should be effective in strengthening the Divine or Divine Factor.

"Yes, Owner." At that time, Rich suddenly appeared over the shadow and bowed his head.

“These, analyze them and tell me their efficacy and attention. Classify unnecessary items separately.” Name. Pick it up. C. "The pouring took ten flasks and returned to the shadow of the plating.

"You can't let a suspicious one just pick up the pieces.

Yeongwoo expected more than half of the ten flasks to be poisonous.

Poison that may seem like elixir to you, but if you take it incorrectly, your body will melt. Bakk was the only one left.

At that time, I sent word that the gangsters had collected all the data in the spire through the connections.

'Then collect everything else from the Sims.

The monsters creep back into the shadows.

This was all from the Sim.

Yeon-woo slowly left the room.

Yeongwoo left the basement and slowly searched the second and third floors as well.

As the monsters had already collected them all, there were almost no leftovers, but it was not too hard to look at how Beijing lived.

Then when I arrived in the study, the room at the end of the hall on the third floor.

He bursts into laughter without even knowing it.

When I opened the door, more than half of the wall that I could see was a glass window.

The window was filled with a river of glittering dead and a barren cliff like a watercolor.

I always thought he'd do nasty experiments on ashes and skulls who refused to interact with others like Higicomori.

“But do you want to have fun and live like a person, or is this it?” Again, from one to ten, not a single one of them was a girl without cornerstone. The urge to find her and rip her throat out was again.

It was fortunate that Zari didn't show up here. If it was in front of me, it would have turned his research into a mess.

0 t: Raw saw black bracelets and chains ringing from his wrists as he was grinding his teeth 02 `.

It seemed like he was going to say the cost price. With that, the shackles on the left ankle were trembling.

I've felt it ever since I got the Silk of the King of Questions.

Somehow, Yeon-woo felt deeply emotional about the bracelet. It was much smoother to deal with the monster, and the thirty thousand spirits seemed to have changed.

I feel like my fingertips are sticky and depressing. It was a feeling I could not put into words.

Perhaps it's because I have a deeper understanding of the despair of the Black King while searching for Seth.

[Azrael watches you with silent eyes.] Azrael's gaze seemed to have improved, especially since he had the shackles.

The God of Death obviously knows the cost price of the King of the Seven. What is the Dark Lord? 'On the other hand, it's too quiet here.' [God's Society, 'Olympus is silent.] Astrafe of Zeus, then Triana of Poseidon. Despite swallowing two new bodies instead of leading Olympus.

There was no strange uproar.

Yeongwoo's eyes sank deeply and touched the bracelets and shackles.

[Azrael watches over you] Azrael quietly encourages you to check the Anifact.] on Azrael's continued roots.

Eventually, Yeon-woo opened the information window of the shackle.