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[Black King's Silk] Classification: Ankle Armor Grade • ,222 Explanation:??? C. There is only one in the tower and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

No. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to gain authorization.

The first time I opened the chain of information, I was so distracted by the fight with Benike that I couldn't keep up my good work.

However, after checking like this, I saw a ridiculous laugh.

'Qualification • • • Because important clues to deduce the identity of the Black King are useless. It was frustrating to come out like this. I was even more annoyed because there was no mention of a qualification or condition.


'That doesn't mean the clues are gone at all.' Yeon opened the information window on the black bracelet.

[Despair of the Questing King] Classification: Wrist Defense Gear Grade: ,222 Description: Past? I always had to be afraid because I had no time to face the great and hard-working Black King.

So they betrayed him and left him in the dark.

The King of the Seven Hundreds provoked him to anger with betrayal for countless years. Thanks to this, the three frames that had imprisoned him became corrupt and became his paws.

The grudges contained in the temples are hideous, so they will try to test the owner.

Be careful not to get eaten by force.

Yeon-woo removed all options and cautions and focused only on explanations.

When I first became desperate for the King of the Seven Hundreds, I didn't understand a word of it. Even the silk that consumed Poseidon's triana was now somewhat inferred.

Maybe the question mark in the first verse is the God of Olympus? 'The Question King's set swallowed Zeus and Poseidon's relics. This quickly focused on what it meant to be a hostile relationship with Olympus, especially to the group called' betrayal '. Betrayal is usually the feeling you feel when you turn away from a close relative or colleague.

So, it could also be speculated that King Zealot was very close to Olympus before he made a hostile relationship.

'Maybe the Vampire King was a member of Olympus.' In fact, the myth of Olympus was prevailing throughout the war, until Zeus took command.

From the two great wars represented by Titanomagia and Giganto Maggia, to the extinction of Uranos and the story of heroes like the Trojan War.

In the process, there were more than one or two gods who belonged to Olympus and were removed.

Moreover, there was no law that said that the myth that Yeon-woo knew would be true.

There may be an unknown side to the Summer, and there may be a fallen god in the backstory.

But this is as low as you can get.

If we try a few more clues here, there aren't many candidates for King Chilhog left.

'Among those who belonged to or were close to Olympus, the nature of the despair of the suicide or the king related to death made the gaze that followed him stronger at the moment.

[Azrael watches you silently.] [The god of Olympus, Tanatos watches over you.] l The god of the bridge, the great army, watches over you with arms crossed. Nergal, the god of Ea, laughs like an idiot. As a mortal, you can take it and laugh at it.] [The god of Deva, 'Gsidigarba' looks with sad eyes. Izanami gazes at the drowsiness.] [The Devil of Niflheim, 'your feet reveal their lust for you. [The Devil of Le Infernal, the Halphas, screeches with his wings. Reveals frenzy.] [The' Ishma-Daiba 'gazes silently. The gods of death are watching over you. All the demons of death await your judgment.] [Agares yells at the whale, "Don't touch my stuff."] [The nominated gods and demons ignore it.] When God and the Demon King obtained silk that were related to "death" or "the afterlife" together, the bodies that had been chasing him continued to become stickier and more sticky with each other, but they were now watching him explicitly.

It was clear they were after the Black King's supplies.

, until I got this bracelet for sure, I didn't hear there was an artifact that deals with death and soul. 'In fact, this was a question that Yeon-woo had kept.

In the world of the tower, there was no magic of the Negromancy family, such as a code or voodoo. I was a voodoo master who used to deal with corpses and souls all my life.

But there was still a limit to how one player dealt with the soul.

I had never heard that more than a thousand souls could be handled freely, and it was not even mentioned that there were such players in the diary.

The Vampire Monarch Battery, which was considered to be the closest to death among the players, could no longer conjure this wonder, especially when it was said to strengthen the soul.

But the despair of the king of vagrancy enabled this wonder.

The power of the mildew was greatly enhanced.

So far, we've been able to defeat the mercenaries if we join forces with the clans.

No matter how ferocious the Battories were, they could never keep up with Yeouido.

Yeon-woo hasn't opened all her abilities yet because she can't get close enough.

The despair of the King of Questions was still harnessing more power. There were still two more unanswered options, and the swings of the collection were still growing.

It really contains power that goes beyond the level of power.

Azrael and the Shinigami and the Devil of Death both lit their eyes to see.

[The message of Azrael has arrived] [The message: Do not doubt anything. You are the only human chosen by him. You deserve to be new "[The message of Azrael has arrived] [The message: Accept it. Trust me. Follow me. Then glory will follow.] [Azrael's message has been intercepted.] [Message: Also, accept me. Be my apostle, my incarnation, my servant; my spirit.

I will lead you on the right path. I am His faithful servant all day long. [The message of Azrael has arrived] [The message: The power shared with you, as well as the message from the source of Bondi, came from [Agares.] [Message: No! I erased Agarose's message to the side, looking at Azrael's message.

My eyes sank deeper.

Azrael took care of the bell himself? 'Yeon lifted her head high. Azrael is not inferior to Azrael because he knows Azrael is looking at him from above. No, in the first place, it was never as low a rage as the existence of life in the first place.

As you can see from Poseidon, of course, Azrael's arrogance was almost as obvious as fire.

And yet, lowering yourself like this. All I could see was that the Black King was such a great being all his life.


[Tanatos is silent. [Man speaking indistinctly]] [Nergal is silent.] [Gsittigarva is silent.] The gods of death and demons who might throw a single word at this place have been quiet.

The new and devils that Yeon-woo had known for a long time were being held on the 98th floor, causing them to become bored. So I was interested in things that stood out a little bit, and I showed various assessments such as throwing cynics.

But it's quiet now. God and demons, of course, should have known, or guessed, who the God of Death and the Devil were.

'But there is also a problem here.

Azrael is the god of Malach. There's no contact with Olympus.

Then did you think it might have something to do with Olympus? 'The question did not stop here again.

'It's strange that Hades has no reaction to the women.' The main body that made the modern Olympus is Zeus, Poseidon Hades. He ruled the heavens, the sea, and the earth, respectively, and Hades in particular ruled over death and death.

This was the most violent god in the situation, and I had never received an essay related to Hades that was delayed.

I looked through all the previous messages in case I missed them, but I didn't.

'Then, is the king of inquiry Hades? Hades was betrayed by Zeus and Poseidon for some reason, and being trapped in a dungeon made sense, but Hades was difficult to assert that he was stronger than the other gods of death and demons.

Or was it Zeus, or was it Kronos? More than that, Uranos? 'Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

'There is no possibility that it is even Luciel. • • • I used to flap my wings to climb into the sky a long time ago; there was a presence that tore my wings from many gods and demons. He was also difficult to exclude from the candidate group.

'First, we need to unseal this information window or find another clue.

The Informant Book clearly states that there are 3 restraints that seal the King of Questions.

Edora examined the restraints to the coast and added that the three would be handcuffs, shackles, and anti-chains, respectively (the knife that sleeps on the neck).

Then it was almost as if the last of the chains were coming from somewhere.

'The magical helmet of Hades, in the ear.

However, Doctor Hades still doesn't exist in the tower, knowing that Yeon Woo did.

You may not know it, but there was no way to find Guinea right now, like Bentice.

It was not that there was no way.

If you can't get to Guinea right away, you can find a way to get to it.

In addition, Yeon-woo was going to investigate the handcuffs and shackles in more detail.

'Three Cyclops said they handcrafted the novel for Zeus and others. We need to find them.' Brontes, Steropes, Arges.

Heard it was a child of Uranos and Gaia, but there was a legend that the short-term appearance was so horrific that he was trapped in Tartaros that Zeus saved him and dedicated it to Astrafe, Triana and Guinea as gratitude.

If there are any clues about them, there are a few guesses. Yeonwoo intended to pursue their whereabouts as soon as it passed through the 30th floor.

Maybe we can find out something new that we didn't know at the time.

Yeon-woo stroked the bracelet wrapped around her wrist with her hand.

The God of Death and the Devil's gaze at him was still sticky and persistent.

That's it.

Yeon-woo was grumpy.

'Still, you'll have to recover first.

Yeongwoo quietly pulled the cost price out of the shadow, ignoring the persistent gaze.

It was Benny Crab's right arm, cut off. In fact, the appearance of Duke Ardbad and Waltz made everyone busy, and one of the monsters secretly kept it.

The apostle is the incarnation of God and the spirit. Of course, it is filled with the love of God. For Yeongwoo, Venter Crab's arms seemed to be full of nutrients.

[Message from Poseidon has arrived] [Message: Will you stop it! Ignoring a few angry messages. You reach out your left hand and place it on the right arm of a Bentige.

“Swallow.” A sharp, sharp-black swallow reveals its teeth wide open.