Second Life Ranker

12: Sim (4)

Bentice's eyes are wide open.

“Captain! You're awake!” I was happy to greet him for holding his paw next to me. Suddenly I was thankful and stopped.

As soon as Bentige got up, he reached out and choked on his breath.

He couldn't say anything.

Watching Ventura's eyes burning with fury, I was dumbfounded. I was captivated by the feeling of being crushed.

“Very soon um2" “Vibration. Where are you?” “He, he, he couldn't answer properly even if he wanted to tell me the rest of the cost price he was bored with the horror he was carrying.

But that was just more of a flourish of ventike. Eventually, I was about to be empowered by the grip on his neck.

“Stop yelling at the child. He opened the door and came inside. In his hands was a deadly vessel.

But nothing like that came into Bentige's eyes.

The Bentique crab changes its teeth by calling out its name. The one who ruined his fight. He was a man who killed the beast himself and hated being interrupted by the fight more than anything. It was because he thought it was destroying his identity and shattering his pride.

However, he struggled to survive in BeneIke.

I barely escaped from Bentike's hand, and I dozed off.

I hope so.

Benteke closes his eyes to a crooked hole and exhales for a long time. When I opened my eyes again, he was still on fire = 1- 0 G- = but the frenzy was gone.

“Yes, if that's your decision.

This was the right thing to do. ”“ Thank you for your understanding.

He bows his head.

Bendike knows more about the people who are trapped by the house than anyone else. Lana used to be a lover. She could never step on that train.

So I was repressed even when I was angry.

And he was as trusting as anyone else, but as loyal and judgmental as he was.


Bentice's fangs are clearly visible as he looks down.

“I won't allow it twice.” Of course you're right. ”Too natural.

Bendike snorts.

Fresh bastard. ”But I had no choice but to give you a headache. He didn't think much of it either.

Benny crab laughs because he feels like he's overhead.

But then again, wait a minute. Ventuque stares down at the side with hard eyes. The right arm had an empty cuff.

“My arm's not coming back.” “Yes. Yes,” the ambition became a solid work in itself.

It is commonly known that the power of the Spirit is the power of God. But precisely mysticism is the power of the living. The power to create things that don't exist and to bring imagination to the material world. It was also a force to return to its original order.

Venice was able to regenerate quickly even if it was damaged once because it was this powerful.

And again, with the enhanced channeling with Poseidon, it had to be a cut right arm repair.

Because that's the original venture.

The Divine Spirit had to try to restore my appearance.

However, his right arm was not being restored to the females. The cells have to move, but I don't see any signs of that.

Bentique knew exactly what it meant.

“That's enough! You must be eating my arm pretty good.” BeneIque bursts into laughter. Rather, he liked the situation too much. Stubbornness to arms. He took so much from me. I thought he was greedy.

It was fun, too.

I was leaning, too. If you snap his neck. What does it feel like? “They'll be here soon enough. I hope you get here soon.

The eyes of the Ventige flicker with frenzy.

And then...

The shadow of Venice shifts slightly. The thin eyes open slightly above, then sink back down quietly.

[You have obtained the Divine Factor.] [You have obtained the Divine Factor.] [You have obtained a large number of Divine Factors.] [The lurking divine factor responds.] I felt as much power as I could, riding in the body of Yeon-woo. Compared to the dragon factor or the horse factor, God's factor, which lacked a certain amount of virtue and did not have any other effect, opened its base for the first time.

It's like meeting a good friend. Like a friend who happens to be a stranger in a stranger class and then accidentally transfers to a childhood childhood childhood friend. I felt so happy here + [Poseidon screams.] [Poseidon comes down from the throne, and that's the shout. Screaming for you to stop.] [Poseidon strongly insists that you be punished by the gods under the command.] Poseidon proposes that you be condemned to Olympus.] [As a result of the vote, the full diary failed, as opposed to Athena and Harmes.] [Poseidon provokes protest against Athena and Harmesh] [Agares looks at you with disdain. [It is said Agares will take the horse's son.]] was not an ordinary god.

The factor of Poseidon being replaced. Of course, I could feel the strength on my soft body.

Over-earning, over-earning_changes occurred in the body. The plasma of the cells was altered gradually, with which the somatic matrix was degraded.

Though it didn't change the nature of the dinosaur.

However, this was a big harvest for Yeon-woo. He had a deeper understanding of God, and he was able to consume the power of Poseidon.

Above all.

You have gained 30 Affinity for the Number (Group) attribute.] [Received 25 Control over Water Attributes. "So far, a lotus that only had a deep affinity for the Hatchling Attribute and the Cancer Attribute was able to obtain a large amount of affinity and dominance related to water attributes for the first time.

Since the stage called the River of the Lost and Lost was inevitably disadvantageous to Yeonwoo in many ways, there was a desperation about the number of attributes.

It was a one-time redemption.

Yeon-woo lets out a deep breath and moves slowly.

0 de 0 1:: The body seemed to have changed in nature. However, the body was quickly adapted as the Wise Man's stone turned.

This recovers most of the injuries sustained in the battle with BeneIke.

No, beyond that, some of the 7 horsepower remained strong as it individualized.

I can feel the power in my eyes. A fierce glare flashes over my eyes and disappears.

'Bentice. Gotta get him, too.

Even after taking revenge on Lana, Yeon-woo was strongly convinced that she would have to add Bentiger Sauce somehow.

I only swallowed one arm, but this much, what if I absorbed all the flesh? Perhaps you can awaken a dinosaur to more than one level.

'What should I call you then? New or new?' I'm laughing at Yeon-woo, thinking that it's bad timing.

[Poseidon stares furiously.] Poseidon takes away his power, and I can feel his gnawing eyes.

Yeon-woo flies potatoes lightly to such a guy, and slowly gets up.

Suddenly, a blue flame blazed out in front of her, and a bird the size of a human upper body appeared.

Hrrock- Owner. You okay? "Niche looks at him with a furious gaze.

I think I rolled around while I was sleeping, and I felt a flutter of emotions with the hook.

“It's okay. I stroked her head with an unusual grin like that. Niche feels a joyful touch like a lazy cat, but he doesn't take pitiful glances.

This time Nemesis' voice rang.

It was too awkward this time. Yeon lifted her head and looked up. There, the void was wide open and Nemesis stared down at him with an unwelcome look. My voice was deeply annoyed.

In such circumstances. Why didn't they call us to the end? Yeon-woo seemed to understand why Nemesis was so angry. When you bump into a Bentique. And then Senator Waltz chased him down.

Even in such an urgent situation, Yeon-woo did not correct the monsters or transfers to the end.

You weren't always like that. He was only focused on revenge. I mean, he wasn't the kind of guy who would look away or get distracted from a fight and lose his sight. But this time it was different. "Nemesis narrowed his eyes.

What were you thinking, Gwen closed her eyes for a moment.

I had all these thoughts in my head. Nemesis' words are not heard. I was drunk from the fight. That expression was right.

It was too much fun to have a fight with Benny Crab. It was a joy that Yeon-woo had never felt before. It was also a sense of liberation.

He admitted for the first time that he had kept him locked up in a cage and made him run around freely. That's why I was so cold that it wasn't like him.

My eyesight became narrower because of my cat. I didn't like the intervention of monsters or transfers to upset me.

Given the nature of Yeon-woo's personality, considering the path he's been on, that was never going to happen. At the time of the battle with Bentice, I had to mobilize and drive Rebecca at once. And we need to free the monsters and sink the rest of Triton's ships.

Even though I was drunk on the fight when I dealt with the Ben-EI crab a hundred times, I had to get my cool back when Waltz showed up.

But he couldn't. Rather, he was pleased with Waltz. She even had a brief distressing thought that she would give it to her even more excitement.

• • • It's my mistake. ”So Yeon-woo opened her eyes again and admitted her mistake.

“I'll be careful from now on.” Even if you release the beast in the fence, you must hold it tight. Yeon-woo desperately realized that. I always had to be cool in my head.

Grrrrrrr! Don't bother Yeon so much! Yeon-woo is reflecting! "Niche will look at Nemesis, flapping his wings and shouting loudly.

Nemesis grunts and groans. He was infinitely weak to his brother, Niege.

In the future, I don't want you to carry it on your own, but I want you to know that we are there. I didn't say I was making Glenn. Then we are in it, too. “Remember.” Yeon-woo nods quietly: I knew Nemesis would genuinely promote himself.

Nemesis asked with a serious look, without saying anything else.

What are you going to do now? It's hard to say it's okay. The Summer Queen's first daughter? What should I do with him first? "Nemesis had already been with his sister through the summer queen, so he knew how strong Waltz was.

It didn't have to be a monster. Nemesis worries that he's become more of a monster than he's ever seen.

After being targeted at Waltz, it was almost as if the fire had made the swamp far more dangerous with more steps to climb.

However, Yeon-woo shakes her head as if it were fine.

“No. You won't be able to chase me that easily.” Nemesis frowns.

“I'm not drunk yet. But at the end of the day, I was a little distracted.” What do you mean? “Look at this.” Yeon-woo smiled and spread her hands wide. Nigel and Nemesis' gaze is also on the palms of their hands.

Hrvar-Kim revealed some sights as the flames spread to his side.

This • Nemesis whispered in a surprised voice.

Inside, he was battling three players, including Duke Ardvard, who was the original of Wales.

Waltz's primitive spirit appears to be in grave danger at first glance. On the other hand, the players, including Duke of Ardbad, were different. My hands and feet were too well fitted and my strength was rough, as if measured by a silver thread.


Still, Waltz wants to show us why he's the new king after the summer queen. I did not push much in the ongoing joint.

Rather, the livelihood was enough to cool down the three ducs' livelihoods as they reacted.

These • • “Yes. They're all dukes of the bloodline.

They must have come for Duke Ardbad's rescue request. ”Nemesis knows both sides of the duc. Something to chew on one day, like Duke Ardbad. But it was so much fun for the enemies to fight like this. In particular, one place considers Yeon-woo strictly on their side.

And Nemesis realized that showing this was a monster hidden in the shadow of Duc Ardbad.

No, this wasn't a level of weirdness.

Ghost! Ghost! When the hell did they plant it? "Nemesis burst into elasticity. Even if it led to a connection to Yeongwoo, it was not possible to read all of his thoughts and actions. Nemesis had planted one in the shadow of Duc Ardvard, and it was so hidden that he didn't even notice it.

We don't even know them. Maybe it's Duke Ardbad.

I felt like I could understand why Yeon-woo confidently said that she had regained consciousness at the end. In an emergency like that, I can't believe I'm improvising like this.

Nemesis kicked his tongue lightly into his stomach. Indeed, his owner was too different in nature from the previous owner. Rather, I felt anxious that I was being pushed.

I looked at you with strange eyes.

Nemesis asked urgently.

By the way, does planting one next to it make a big difference? That waltz over there, that's just self-immolation. If you get beaten up by three ducs here and you send yourself back here, It won't be easy twice. The situation with the White Dragon was not so pleasant.

Perhaps what appeared this time, you wanted to see it more than hold me. ”I was well aware of the situation surrounding the White Dragon. The 76th floor of the dragon was still in chaos.

Waltz was granted power after the Summer Queen, but his staircase still suffered from three waves of white dragons, green dragons, and black dragons.

In the meantime, Waltz sent an immortal to check on the Summer Queen, but Waltz was not stupid enough to fail to meet those priorities.

'If I had been so stupid in the first place, I wouldn't be in power now.

Confronting the three ducs now would also be to cut off the power of a blood country that is likely to be a potential enemy.

Obviously. That makes sense. So you're just gonna leave him there? “No. This is just a guess, too.

Like you said, if Waltz is determined to go hard, this side will hurt like hell.

There may be time for war to subside. ”Then what are you going to do? “ There's a good fire, don't you have to let it go? ”Nemesis wanted to know what she was going to do next. It was the scariest time he had ever hidden a plot like this.

“There's a saying on Earth,

Yeon-woo smiled coldly, revealing her fangs.

“The bigger the fight, the better the cripple.” Scary to end it.

Suddenly, in the video, Duke Ardbad's shadow slightly rumbles, and something protrudes out of the fire, cutting off Duke Ardbad's head.

Duke Ardbad's skull splatters into the air.

The day of the other two ducs comes as a shock, as this happened while pushing Waltz away.

Duke Ardbad's face was focused on the fight, as if he didn't know what was happening to him even before he died.

The remaining two ducs scream: one of them snatches the soul of Duke Ardbad, then hides in the shadows and completely hides its existence.

Waltz blew the whistle on the Vaccine without missing an opportunity.

One of the peacocks, who was screaming, flew away. The balance of aggression was broken at once.

That's where the video ends.

When the ghost completely left the position, the Asian people who were sharing disappeared.

Nemesis and Niche open their mouths and say nothing for a while.

Yeongwoo smiles coldly as she feels a ghost as big as a ghost returning to the collection.

“With the duc dead, the bloodlines will want to kill the white dragon.” In the words of Yeongwoo, it seems so easy, Nemesis sighs, saying, "Get lost."

Sanon was right all the time. As it were, the owner's personality • • • was not the person whose name was trying to save him. But I can't believe I'm gonna blow his head off like that.

I heard that twins are born at one time, and how different their personalities can be. "Nemesis sighed for a long time.

And on one side of the collection, Sanon nods in agreement.