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13. Island (5)

It was a day later that Yeongwoo left the spire.

It was to adapt to the factor of the absorbed god and to clean up the fight with Benteke.

That's why Yeon-woo triggered the poem gourd overnight and repeated the blessing. To find a way to defeat Benike.

'The last fight was clearly a losing fight for me, no matter who saw it.

In fact, it could be said that if anyone saw it, it would be a draw. And in fact, that's what Nemesis and Niche and the other transients were thinking.

I knew that Yeon-woo, who fought directly, was defeated by herself.

We got close to the draw because we used foreplay and irregularities everywhere. In a skillful battle, the lotus was unstoppable.

Yeon-woo hated it.

'At least Ventequemann promised Yeon-woo to Nemesis.

I'm not gonna do anything stupid next time I'm drunk and in crisis. I still have the same idea. Yeon never intended to spare her weapons.


But there was only one silly thing left.

Battle against Bendige.

I wanted to finish the fight that had not yet been done.

I haven't forgotten the excitement of the encounter of predators, beasts, monsters and monsters. When I think about it, I still feel like my sharp senses are tingling in my fingertips.

I wanted to see the end of it.

Of course, this time I really wanted to battle and hunt down Benike with all I had if I was going to be pushed away.

He was desperately coveted by God's mercy.

But as far as the process goes. Without any other touching, I wanted to see the end with my own skill.

'If Nemesis finds out, he'll scream again.' Yeon continued to be locked up in the good times while managing the connections to prevent her thoughts from flowing into Nemesis.

In the process, I was able to identify the bluff and thread that Benike had.

'Gyeonggi-do.' The advantages and disadvantages of Bendike can also be reduced to just one.

River. It was too strong. There was nothing deceiving, hiding, preventing or changing the cost price.

It was just pushing, crushing, destroying. I thought I knew why Venice was called the King of the Losers.

He had no idea he could bend at all.

However, if it is too hard, it will also break greatly when it breaks. The Ventilate Master doesn't know that, so he's probably thinking of becoming strong enough not to break it.

'Then we have to find a way to break it.' Yeon-woo repeated numerous simulations to find answers. As she absorbed the queen of summer, the expanded conscious world made computation easier to experience. And I got a lot out of it.

Variables could also be found.

The Dassadors of Poseidon from the quest. They have to be careful. 'Though I didn't feel it right because there was a distance. There was a man who stood up to Duke Ardbad while defeating the Bentigers. After that, there were two other players with that level of skill.

They were all those who had all the power.

The children of Poseidon. The apostles of Orion, Andios and Caribbean were clear.

Perhaps they corresponded to the other priests of Poseidon who were on Hidden Quests.

Leading up to Poseidon and his bloodline, they were definitely strong.

'There was a hunter who was strong enough to be called a Giant. Andios was a business compared to Hercules. The Caribbean has swallowed the sea.' Anthios and Caribbean were not widely known, but were the offspring of Poseidon and Gaia.

It may be more dangerous in some ways than Poseidon, as the goddess of Olympus combined with the new goddess.

"A place filled with monsters related to the sea. 'It was also about knowing how Triton was able to achieve so much power in such a short time.

As long as there are four apostles who are on duty.

You couldn't grow if you didn't want to.

Moreover, Triton still has a lot to hide: He must face it alone.

It was never easy.

"The Duke of Ardbad, who you were reborn to be in love with, has been screaming.

It took him a long time to realize his own death. It was so overpaid, and I didn't think that Yeon-woo, who was too far away, would be able to hurt herself.

No, it was never possible to harm the savior who helped us in the first place.

He is a knight and honorable swordsman who guards the Emperor from his side. Of course, even the knight, who was mentally armed, could not believe this behavior of Yeon-woo.

In addition, he was feeling strongly in the sights of Yeon Woo and in the curiosity he had seen in the fight with Benteke.

But the moment Yeon-woo took off her mask as she laughed.

Ah, ah! "Duke Ardbad trembled as he trembled at betrayal 7.

Like everyone who saw Yeon-woo's face, he became a face firmly shocked. But he even screamed that he could never do this.

At the same time, Duke Ardbad realized that he had been playing on the palm of the lotus tree.

From when Baron Lao was swept away in the Demon Forest to here. How Valpurgis' night fell, how the Summer Queen died.

And the conflict between blood and white dragons as he dies.

All those processes were done by one person in the darkness. The Duke of Ardbad was not easy to say.

“Try," but Yeouido nods, looking silently at the one who was waiting for orders next to him, as if she no longer needed to see the reaction of Duc Ardbad.

How dare you! You know who I am! Let go of me! Let go of my godless hand! "Duke Ardbad turned to flee from the shadows coming up from the earth. But the shadows became tentacles, tied his hands and feet tightly, and began swallowing up his existence as it existed.

Overwhelming, like a monster enjoying delicious food. The shadow swallows Duke Ardbad back and forth. And all the energy that was generated was absorbed into the ghost.

Black fog sprayed out along the ghosts. The black fog tried a new change while blurring like a silkworm.

[Hauptbahnhof (Death Knights are escalating and starting to move away from the old fields.] [The pervert begins.]] [Warning! Make sure there is no disturbance around you until the pervert is over. If a pervert fails, all previous gains may be lost "As the spirit has already been high in life. There was a foundation that could always be made strong.

So, by absorbing Duke Ardbad's soul, he was able to cross the threshold, and finally attempted the evolution of the Death Noble.

Hopefully, it'll be full of this kind of havoc.

Yeon-woo was struggling with evolution. As someone who needs to go to war with Triton, it's best that at least one of you gets stronger.

Of course, after a short while, Sanon comes out of Shadow Bob, snorting as he crosses his arms.

You're greedy. But it won't work anymore. Except they're not stupid. "Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

He wasn't actually talking without knowing.

The only reason I was able to catch Duke Ardbad was because I had a really great time, not because I was good at it.

It was because the duc had been struggling for so long, mentally and physically exhausted, and he had not thought that there would be an ambush after he was too obsessed with dealing with Councilman Waltz.

And it was also thanks to a certain amount of snow that could not aim for the right moment.

No matter how violent you get, you're still alive. He was never under Duke Ardbad.

But this move was not going to work anymore.

As long as they know it's possible to ambush from the shadows, they'll make preparations for this.

Yeon-woo felt bad about it, but she did not take it seriously because it was not a losing business when she saw it.

'It's a Shadow Raid, just think of another way.

Just when I thought about it.

Ho} Aah! Han finally finished evolving.

The steam and swarms spread between the heights, then splintered inward into branches.

There stands Death Noble, wrapped in darkness.

Infernosite burns vigorously beneath its pressed helmet.

Execution, the hostile-age bowed to Yeon-woo on one knee.

It was a loyalty ceremony to the owner who gave him another life and allowed him to walk this new path.

When Yeon-woo had finished all the cleanup and returned to the Sims, Heidi hurriedly ran. Players who were enjoying a break also got up in a tight spot.

“Tonight, we set sail again.” But they're all silent and staring at each other. No one responded quickly to this. Their faces were filled with anxiety: Heidi stepped forward cautiously. She was a diligent representative who led them and represented their opinions.

“Isn't it a little early for that? When you leave now • • •“ If you are concerned about reuniting with Triton or the Queen of Spring, you may stay here. It's your choice anyway. ”That's all I said, and I turned around.

Woman 0 1 - (2012); There was no reason for him to keep them until the end. I was going to leave it on the island if I wanted to. I don't know if I can keep living after that.

The players sighed as they let the ground sink together. If you stay here, it will take a limited time for the trial to end. I didn't want to do that.

Eventually, I had to follow him around crying and eating mustard.

Please, this time, I just wanted the path to the solemn person to be smooth.

The sail widens with the old cannibal's desperate touch. The wind begins to blow, and the phantom ship leaves the Sim.

And when you get out of the fog to some extent! Over-excited! Over-excited_Suddenly there was a violent fire with a huge explosion in the heart.

The black flame that consumes everything is spreading throughout the heart, destroying everything.

Followed by a massive earthquake like an eruption of a volcano.

The eyes of all the players on the deck turned to the front.

However, Yeon-woo, who had just received her eyes, did not pay any attention to that. You focus on Getto and keep a close eye on the route.

Looking at it, players had to sweat again. And I thanked Heinie.

In fact, some of them were seriously considering staying on the island. It was because it was a place with all the amenities, and I thought it would be possible to survive. But there is a Heidi who has been trying to stop it and convince me to come with you all night.

But what if I refused to convince him? The Sim and 7 must have caught fire and flew away. That said, my spine was still startled.

Fortunately, while crossing the Dead Man's River, no one was disturbed at this time: I couldn't find Triton, the phantom regiment, or the Waltz that I thought would follow. Even when I was bored with the Dead River, I couldn't find any pirates who appeared.

I even felt trembling because I could enjoy my life on board the ship.

But it's been a few days since I was so nervous about an ambush.

{All trials have ended.] [This is the 29th floor, the coffin of photons,] near 0 ~ 4 * u-deir, passing 28th floor and arriving at ¯ TT 0 1.-fly = near 0 1-29 , which can reach the continent.

We're here! 29th floor! 29th floor! ”Players were finally busy hugging each other and running around thinking that the hard life on the boat had ended.

Yeongwoo waits for the boat to dock on land, then jumps down lightly as the river approaches.

Heidi hurriedly jumps onto the ledge and looks down.

“Go, are you leaving?” Yeon-woo looked up for a moment. Heidi looks at you with a worried look.

Yeongwoo nods quietly.

The contract with them was only valid until it passed through the 28th floor anyway. It was their job to take care of it.Even Heidi couldn't hold onto Yeon because she knew it. No, there was no reason to hold back.

She saved Yeon Woo. I did everything I could, so I didn't have to feel guilty. Rather, there is a position where you can ask for a cost price. And now it was wise to stay away from him in all kinds of danger.

Knowing that. For some reason, Heidi thought she should hold onto Yeon Woo.

It could have been a woman's sense.It could have been a fairy's instinct for some reason. Or else, I could just say I wanted to.

“Later.” So when Yeon-woo opened up for a very short time, Heidi opens her ears to wonder when she's ever been like this.

“Come to me if you have any ideas.” 'If you have an idea • • • • • • •?' Hydiegi1 was like the whole mystery of Yeon Woo's words. However, Yeon-woo turned around and began to walk slowly to the ground as if the words were the end.

Heidi looked back at him for a long time.

'If you don't have a lot to carry, I'd like to try again. We'll have to wait a little longer.

Yeongwoo smiled as she stepped on the 29th floor stage. Heidi was the stone he discovered as he climbed the stairs again. A stone that wants to start shining on its own.

I wanted to fly at once, but it was hard because there were so many people who depended on her.

But it wasn't enough to give up completely. He had a future.

When the stone rolls a little more and becomes a jewel. I thought about going back then. Or have them come to you.

That's it.

Yeongwoo stepped behind the phantom ship and focused on her steps. You can see Triton's position along the open dragon's eye.

The creature you hid in Venture's shadow is guiding you this way.

Jubbuck, Jubbuck - [All trials have ended.] [You refused to register until you post your name on the Hall of Fame. ⁄ [However, even if it is not publicly available, your achievements will be engraved deeply into the tower, allowing you to toggle registration at any time you like.] [This is the 30th floor, the Coffin of the Dead.]]