Second Life Ranker

14. Poseivon (1)

“What about the commander?” He closes the door and pauses for a moment to see the people who face him.

Ted and Iline are at the door. The brains who lead the Triton while escorting Bentice with the Adventure. They were both Andios and Caribbean doctors, and were practically twin sisters, just like their sister gods.

“He's still resting.

I don't think getting your right arm amputated is gonna be easy. ”“ You've got the right girl, right? ”Ted, who was leaning against the wall, frowned slightly at 2012; 0.

My tone was blunt.

The day of agitation has hardened.

“What do you mean?” What are you talking about? If you had served the commander well in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. ”Dead shudder, and Ilyn nods silently next to you as if agreeing."

'This is bullshit again.' Violence sometimes felt that the two brothers and sisters were in trouble. He pretended to be a chief of staff, but knew enough to detest and envy Bentige's right arm. It just looked the same to him.

It's the same now.

Bentike's injuries were widespread within the Tribons. Everyone knew that they needed a long time to recover because they ran out of mystics, but Ted wasn't blaming you, so he was being pushy. He doesn't want to talk to them anymore, so he sets the day straight.

“Whatever you want. More unique people are coming here fast. Recovered faster than I expected. We have to stop him.” Ted snores and opens his arms.

“What are you so worried about? It's him. Just grab him. Or should I say thank you for coming at my feet? It's because I don't have to.” Ted thought Yeouido was swarming. There wasn't much time left for Yeouido to complete the frequency within 49 days to get through to the 30th floor.

I had just heard that I entered the 30th floor after the 29th floor, but the difficulty of the 30th floor was unparalleled so far.

No, it was more precisely "difficult" than "difficult."

Difficult and difficult to complete even if every 49 days are spent depending on the person.

In order to do that, she thought she was forcing her sick body to do the hard work.

Apparently, he was just as alert.

The bigger the injured creature, the more ferocious he becomes, so he doesn't pose a threat. That's exactly what Yeon-woo looked like.

That's why I was going to catch Yeongwoo right away. After entering the 30th floor, there should be more than enough routes to target him. Perfect for bluffing.

No, it didn't matter if Yeon-woo had recovered to some extent. If I broke it thoroughly, that was it.

Ted prides himself on being a part of Triton because of the gods' relationship.

He slept with his tongue. Despite Dead's arrogance, his eyes frowned.

I didn't say anything anymore because I knew I wasn't going to listen to his warnings in my ears anyway.

Rather, I wanted to check how well the seemingly fine lotus had recovered, and what Benike's right arm had done, and how good he was: 'You can check with Dead and find a countermeasure.

It's a lot to say about Ted.

He said to do whatever he wanted and went on my way. The Ted Wildline frowns and looks at the back of a daze as he scowls at the road.

“All the way to the end. I'm annoyed.

“Why? That's a nice shave." Sister! ”Ted looks back at the line with an annoying face, but Ilyn grins as she covers her ears with both hands.

“Don't yell, I'm not deaf. And you didn't say anything crazy, did you? You have an idea. Then we'll see if we're right for each other.” I feel like I'm about to test- I clenched my fist as I watched the line, but I smiled as soon as I untied it.

“Good. Let's get the neck of the monopoly and finish the conversation." ”The dead fade away with a sudden gust of wind.

The Inline used a red tongue to blush the entry and exit, thinking that Teddy and Teddy were good enough to lead the women's Triton even with their unfit personality: “A monopoly, a monopoly. It might get pretty loud in the future.

If we don't really climb the Yeouido Steps, as everyone observes, we're going after Triton.

I thought the line would be fun, so I couldn't control my excitement.

[Trial: Praise be to your will and courage for bravely wandering the world of the dead as a living man. Now you're finally preparing to go out to the end of the world, the world you came from.

But it doesn't seem easy to get out into the outside world. It's because, for a long time, your body has become accustomed to the world of the dead by breathing food, alcohol and air.

Clean up any excess dead body venom for the remainder of the day. It's the only way to get outside.] [Remaining Time: 13 Days 22: 01: 29] Stairs that break down into 10 floors are usually closer to a comprehensive evaluation of what they gained from previous stages.

So, depending on the need, difficulty could be difficult or easy to feel.

Therefore, the stage on the 30th floor seemed easy to see, but it was close to the expression that it was difficult.

Wash off the venom of the dead.

You must find the antidote for the remaining time and make and drink the antidote.

'The problem is that your addiction needs to know exactly where you're from.' Of course, there were more than one or two types of antidote. Dozens of things that are widely known right now. It was the most important matter of finding out what kind of German was lurking for each player. Only then could I make an antidote to match it.

'No matter how you get a recipe, it's not easy to find materials.

The wind is too strong. All circles/circles had a comprehensive manufacturing formula ßhÖhL//not difficult. M//Ö/r? Ö/Stand up and help/June/only Ö/.

However, there was a problem with many % paper "//scales, the fee was too difficult to separate.

The foundation of the dead boasts a very large scale.

The stages that I had encountered had no small scale, but the foundation of the dead was unparalleled. And as wide, the properties and effects of the gradually growing climate varied slightly from region to region.

For players who are quirky or time-sensitive, their insides boil. Moreover, even if it was the same medicine, there were many cases where growing up was not effective.

Plus, sometimes I see a bunch of horses floating around the dead man's nest.

I couldn't help but get irritated.

So the 30th floor was more likely for pouch merchants aiming at these players.

You put the materials you need in advance, then approach the players and take explosives at an expensive price.

Of course, you won't be able to get a public place like this.

But it was useful for people in a hurry.

It's just that there's so much fake stuff in there. 'There were a lot of people who didn't want to have competitors, so I had to buy the products separately.

Many of these bags merchants approached Yeon-woo as well. I asked him if he would buy it. He even said he could confirm the symptoms of addiction for free if he wanted.

However, Yeon-woo drove them all away and released the monsters as much as she could.

They can get the materials they want without being cornered on the street.Don 't they need to run around on two feet?

Moreover, there was a separate explanation for Yeon-woo's wealth.

“So four of these are elixirs and six are poisons. but four degrees.

Enemies. Blue. Huang. Huang. Eat up. I do. Yeah. If not. "The Divine Spirit Bursts?” The Divine Power. Body; Manga. T. Lee. "His voice tightened loudly.

Every time I draw, I hear a trembling sound as my hip moves.

After analyzing the wealth, I looked down at the reagents quietly.

Elixir that can amplify mysticism to get closer to a new person or origin. As expected, there was a lot of poison mixed in the ten: the elixirs were only consumed in order to prevent desiccation.

“So what are these poisons?” This. Heard • • • Poverty began to describe all the toxins he had analyzed. The eyes of Yeon-woo who was listening to it shined.

These are the eight biggest poisoners in Bakuk. Or a deformation plate.

Bakok has been researching it for as long as he has in the field of poison. Eight kinds of venom made by such a creature are just enough to melt a drop of Neptune.

Yeon thought that the eight generations of the poison would be more toxic than the Demon Lord.

Those things are right in front of you.

I had to be interested.

At that moment, I came up with an idea in Yeongwoo's head.

If you use it well, you might be able to achieve more growth thanks to your • • • • - baking.

Yeon-woo looked at the wealth and asked.

“Are we done analyzing the poison?” Poison. Proliferation. Analysis.

Almost. Margin. An opponent. "Then what?” Disposal. Disposal. Hall. I'm planning to. "“ Really? ”You shed a mouthful of laughter.

Rich laughs, not knowing why he laughs. Whenever Yeon-woo laughed like that, she always did the unthinkable. But I didn't ask why.

“Here he comes.” At that time, the monsters you planted all over the stage quickly returned.

I was a little surprised when I looked closely at the ingredients that the bloaters were biting their mouths.

Owner. This. Heard • • “Yes. Poisonous herbs." More. Severe. Crab.

Do you think? "Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

Unlike us detoxifiers/danglers Ö/R7 complains of disaster, so appliances say they will apologize/forgive/try many other things/harm/poison.

I couldn't stop thinking about my arm, and then I quit. Does Lee Jong-goo/me/the state law have any false/impression of normal thinking? At that time, Bakok thought it was too much to remove the poison that had been lurking in his body. The venom of the dead was so special that it could never be obtained on other stairs.

So Bakuk thought it would be better to carve it tightly into the flesh, if it were thrown out at all.

If your body completely adapts to the venom of the dead and your temper changes. It was because I could use Dead Man's Poison whenever I needed it.

Blood poisoning >. After that, it was the birth of a signature skill that elevated Annie Bedom's notoriety.

In fact, Yeongwoo was planning to get poison blood along the Payak on the 30th floor.

Even if I did not acquire the skill, it was fine if my body was completely adapted to poison. The higher the resistance to poison, the better.

And now he has the ingredients to amplify the venom of the dead, as well as the toxins left behind by Bakok. Moreover, Yeon could handle the Demon King's Poison: If only I could throw all this away. After becoming a ranker, I might be able to keep up with the work of Bakuk who was able to complete his venom in a short time.

"Hazard. Hahni. C." Here, for the first time, however, the singing egg color is shown. He had absolute loyalty and trust in Yeongwoo. I knew this was incredibly dangerous.

However, Yeon-woo said she was fine.

Knowledge obtained by Bakuk as he warmed himself is written in the diary. And he believed in the qualities of the dinosaurs and the potential he gained by absorbing the Summer Queen.

It has cold-blooded properties. Some regenerative skills. 'Cold blood, which allows me to recover my cool in any situation, initially increased my resistance to poison.

So there was also a belief that I could butter something up somehow. Moreover, as long as there are regenerative skills, the body will be restored several times.

'After obtaining the blood poisoning, the elixir is absorbed as well.' It was Gage's idea that he should be empowered before he collides with Benike again.

Reached the first flask1-- near.

Wealthy Inferno sites are a little rattled with worries.

• • • • • “You're being micronical.

Yeon-woo frowns. I still whispered as if I had inhaled a relic. How many times did the body collapse and become hard again, I was able to lose because I was already used to it.

However, the disgusting smell and bitterness still seemed to linger in my esophagus, so I didn't want to do it twice.

However, the results were not bad.

Huai-Yun looks at the black smoke that is sensitive along with her. Each one was filled with dark mountains and poison. It was blood poisoning, which was born by squeezing to the extreme.

'I hope it works as well as it does.' I looked down as the smoke started to gather at my fingertips.

Beneath the cliff, you see a harbor anchored by numerous ships.

Above it is the trident crest that symbolizes Triton.

It was the beginning of a real war.