Second Life Ranker

15. Poseidon (2)

In fact, what Yeon-woo got was a subtle difference in cost from the venom he had previously known.

[Leukemia] Numbering 28: Poison of the Dead, which occurs only on the 30th floor stages and various forms of poisoning, mixed with the factors of various forms of poisoning.

Blood has strong acids and poisonous properties, which can cause fatal damage to casters as well.

Gains strong resistance to various poisons and acidity. Despite the symptoms of addiction, it boasts strong immunity to dispense antibody substances in the body in a short time. It also automatically learns information about the poison and acidity it has acquired.

Heart '` produces organs that secrete toxic substances on the one hand. It secretes serum containing toxic ingredients and allows blood to flow.

Information obtained through intoxicants continues to develop the nature of poison as a party. Different ingredients vary depending on the degree of coaxiality of the blood, and may harm the caster depending on the use.

In addition, the higher skill proficiency, the deeper the type and accuracy of poisons that can be secreted.

A large amount of blood is depleted to form a dark PoisonFog in the periphery. At this point, the more toxic the center of Poisonfog becomes, and the symptoms of addiction are accompanied by a variety of symptoms.

1. Demon King Poison2. Exorci Hill's numbering is the same. • • In fact, it is not different from the poison that was known as Bakok.

Skill that gains outstanding immunity to poison and can artificially produce poison via a medium called 'Blood' based on it.

Bakok was used in a variety of ways after obtaining this.

He used a variety of methods, such as applying his own blood directly to his colleagues' weapons to poison them, or storing the serum in a separate glass bottle and throwing it out whenever he needed to.

In particular, the poisonous fog caused by massive blood consumption is powerful enough to make the land of death everywhere, even in the smallest children.

According to the truth, the new cruelty of Yeongwoo was the same in terms of the content.

There's only one difference.

Adds new poison information.

Bakok used two methods to increase the power of venom.

One was to improve skill proficiency and the other was to combine multiple poisons in conjunction with other skills.

However, cruelty relieved me of my hard work.

When addicted to any poison, the effect of secreting an antibody produced here with a basin is similar to that of a toxic ingredient.

"The more poison you hit, the more effective your skills will be, right? 'Maybe it's because of the extreme intoxication of baked goods that was forcefully consumed upside down while activating with regenerative skills.

The venom of the dead and the devil's venom. You've succeeded in making all the antibodies you can think of as poisonous.

The body may have also built a new immune system against the poison that will be injected in response to this, or it may be due to the unique nature of the dinosaur.

But whatever the reason. I wished it was good for Yeongwoo, nothing bad ever happened.

Rather, Yeon-woo was going to give a quest to Artran and Bai The Tabul right after this trial. Get all the poison and poison you can get.

I hope it's that obvious. Yeon took out Krashna's dagger and grabbed it in reverse and slashed her left wrist.

Left hemisphere! As the artery ruptures, the fountain splits into the hypnosis. The wound heals quickly when the resurfacing skill is activated, but all the blood spilled has become a dark, bloodshot mist.

At that moment.

“Arise.” Following Yeouido's command, the shadows stretch out, leaving over thirty monsters waiting.

[The Third Spirit] And the power of Yeouido was triggered.

The power already enhanced by Azrael's continued blessing has had a profound impact on the gangsters.

Due to the beef effect, the fog settles steadily on the gangsters.

Kia! 52909;! Kakachab 52909;! "The monsters all uttered their hymns of joy. The surface of those who had only glittered with gray was illuminated.

The poison fog was absorbed and started to form like a poisonous substance. Their breath was filled with dark poison and mountains.

'There's no reason to focus on poisoning weapons or poison fog alone.' Yeon already had a few strong strikers. Especially now that the waves of fire that became his signature skill could also be used as a wide-area machine, there was nothing that could not be cut if it was contained in a black error.

Especially where the black error has passed, the option 'tickling fire' is activated, so you must continue to take burn damage until the opponent is completely engulfed in fire.

So there was no reason to hang on to the bloodshed.

The more reliable and easy-to-use side was right for Yeon-woo.

But the story is different if you use it for other purposes.

Used to strengthen monsters.

A geek can do a lot of things because of certain things that come and go freely into the shadows.

And his own strength made it easy for any player to fight.

But there's nothing worse about being stronger than this. Rather, if I planted a weapon of poison on them, more things could have happened.

Moreover, the mediator of residual blood is the blood of the cow. It was an excellent ingredient for the gangsters, so I was able to accept the fog without any resistance.

"Gaaaah! Gaaaah!" Along the cliff, the monsters started jumping.

Players who were tidying up the ship along the harbor suddenly turned their heads in reflection to the sky, and were furious.

The first player to discover the beast didn't even scream. Suddenly, the lump slapped his face firmly while straightening his nails. The lower part of the cE fountain that splashes into the air as the player's head is cut off.

The other gangsters move quickly and ambush the other players.

“What the hell,“ where did it come from? ”“ Stop him! Membrane! ”The monsters were agile, agile.

Players perform an ambush over the shadow, even before they organize their armor.

Especially the joints with weak defenses.

Those who could not quickly defend themselves, were forced to feel the pain of their limbs being cut off.

Those with shields barely defended against intimidating attacks, but they still had to look at the wounds while the armor joints were cut.

Players leave wounded and turn back to catch the monster; at that time the monsters have already sank into the shadows.

They're trying to move back to their annoying faces.

Players suddenly threw up blood instead of trying to get into position and sat on the floor.

Suddenly, a message flashed before their eyes.

[You're addicted to "Cruelty"!] [I fell into 'Confusion'] [I fell into 'Poison'.] [I fell into the 'Bleeding' opponent [It reduces very little health [It reduces attack power.] [Defense Power Reduces] [Health starts to decrease at a rapid rate. What the hell? 'It was an idea that came to my mind at the same time.

The damage they took was nothing but a flimsy whiff. The sudden wounds seemed to fall away and the tissue began to rot. I was so dizzy that I could hardly stop bleeding.

The poison was too strong. Poison that can even poison your body with small wounds for an instant.

The judgmental players were able to cut the wound into a single knife and barely breathe. However, even those who were a little late fell to their knees and died in a terrible uproar.

I urgently took out the Antidote Cannon and watched it, but only then did the poison take its toll. Seizures were not categorized.

“Ahhhh!” The monsters push the scared players as far as they can, and the ships collapse daily.

If I don't think I can break the ship with my full strength, I can break the sail, or I can break the marina and make the water run out.

Players die, souls are captured and absorbed. The monsters slaughtered all the players in the harbor, leaving no food for them to eat.

'It works better than I thought.

Yeongwoo looked down without interfering with the monsters' events. Keep the dragon's eyes wide open. I looked closely at the monsters.

It seemed to be a successful experiment to poison the gangsters.

'There may have been an increase in mysticism.' It sounded natural, but it wasn't just that the geeks were getting crude blood. The effect was also transmitted to the nerds while drinking the four elixirs of completing a new person.

Of course, despite that, the gangsters' elixir made Yeongwoo proud.

At this rate, it was a secret weapon and you didn't have to keep it hidden: you had a good tool like Goose, but you hid it unconditionally unless you needed it to be noticed. Among the reasons why the Progenitor of Factwaltz didn't even get involved in the attack, there was an obsession that he shouldn't reveal his power so much.

But now it seems to be a very useful weapon.

If this is how you're going to push the Tribon of the Emerging Party.

It meant we wouldn't be left behind if we hit any tissue.

'It's about time I showed up.

While the ships were sinking in order, Yeongwoo never stepped forward.

In fact, if the ships here were to blow up the waves of fire with all their might, half of them would just fly away.

But I didn't do anything. I was trying to experiment with the monsters, but it was because I was waiting for someone to come.

'Vendor crab.

This was a demonstration to finish what we couldn't in the last battle.



I felt the cost price of Yeon-woo rushing towards here. An apostle with strong mystical powers. Under the mask, her eyes slightly distorted.

'It's not a Bentige.

It could be seen because it swallowed some of the power of Poseidon. This resembled Poseidon, but not the power of Poseidon.

Something like that. Looks like one of the three executives guarding Triton showed up.

“Will you stop it!” Something trembled from the sky in fear of the end of Yeonwoo's thoughts.

Provoking a ferocious spirit that even Poseidon can't beat. Showing up full of pouring currents and crushed debris.

“It's Dead!” “Commander! As soon as the captain spotted Ted, the players who had barely stopped the gangsters with difficulty showed up, they turned white. The rope of salvation came down.

But Ted opened his eyes as he listened to the cheers of his henchmen. A fierce force spreads out.

cilantro - the power of anthios. As a kind of determination, he extracted the skulls of those who had been hit and used them to expand the temple of his father Poseidon. As it contained such a tradition, I was very strong.

Ted straightens his blade and swings it hard into the air.

Then, the currents that soared into the air poured down on the gangsters as they tightly compressed.

The goons rush into Shadow Zero as the thunderbolt suddenly spills out while the players are being pushed. The sloppy girls are torn apart and scattered into the air.

Ted raises his head as the shadow moves.

Above the cliff, Yeon-woo looks over here. It was just the way it was when I fought Ventura.

You had your beliefs. Ted thought so, as a dictator, there was a ploy of spleens he didn't reveal in the fight against Venice, and now he's coming to show it off.

But foolishly, the monotheist makes one mistake, depending on his numbers. His appearance, not directly engaged in combat, raises Ted's suspicion that his body might not have recovered properly.

So Ted hurls himself over the cliff without delay. I thought I could defeat Yeongwoo quickly because I had to cut it down again.


Ginger! Ted was unable to attack the moat.

The shadow of Yeon-woo suddenly extended to the right and to the left, and blocked his way in front.

Sanon and Ghost were both actively burning the Inferno site and teaching each other to ') (' prevent Ted's attack.

“These things!” Ted tries to twist his whole body to deal with the beggars. As Andyos' divine power reappears, two massive forces sweep through the area.

No, I tried to get swept away. Suddenly, Dead's shadow looms like a vine and winds him up.

One by one, the gangsters who were beaten by him tried to restrain them.

Ted moves his body with the intention of clearing out the gangsters at once. Suddenly, I vomited blood in the agony that flowed through my body.

I keep coming up with messages that mean more than the opponent along the • • • • • • retina. He didn't blink an eye at the size of a poison.

Poison enough to coerce an apostle? He'd never heard of anything like this unless he was a German.

I want to be more dangerous, even if I tear the shadow apart and push myself forward.

Rehabilitation - before that, Sanon and Ghost move quickly, striking Ted's hand to the side, and plunging the knife deep into his body.

Ferocious! The poison has eroded the body faster. The scattered Shadow Tentacles regroup and suddenly climbed to the bottom of my chin + I want to say something.

I couldn't move easily because my body was full of strength. No, my body wouldn't listen. My heart and soul felt tightly bound to something invisible.

Above Yeon Woo's head.

Something opened wide as two solid lines were drawn between the spaces.

Blue eyes burning. His eyes curl at Ted, reminiscent of the sulphur of hell.

It was an Infini1Reno site that flooded through a wide open space.

"W. nothing. Huh. No rock. Dear Owner, I can't." In Ted's head, I grew old. One side of my heart was grim, so I couldn't think of anything. Only one emotion pierced his mind.

Fear. Or fear.

What the hell is a Muse? The living felt like they were facing something they could never face. Ted wanted to scream like that.

For some reason, I didn't hear the voice of Andios, who always encouraged him. I can't even move my hands tightly.

Moreover, it was a shadow that bound his limbs, and even though he put a knife in his body, the undead couldn't figure out what it was.

There's only one thing he can see.

Ted's trembling eyes are fixed on the kite, but she only looks at him with interesting eyes.

“Does it work for the Apostle? I think it's the Poseidon factor. This is going to be useful.

Yeon-woo reaches out to Ted's lair, regardless of what he says. The black duck rises from its fingertips like a spark.

Until it covers the snow. I never thought Ted's eyes would close at all. I couldn't believe he was so desperate for anything else. It was just unfair and smooth.

And I was scared.