Second Life Ranker

16. Poseidon (3)

Ted has always been confident in his skills, the god he serves, the god he symbolizes strength and struggle. Even before Hercules defeated him, Ted was also undefeated.

He has only lost twice in his life.

Once captured by Lana, the former commander of the battalion.

And the other one was just before Ventega started the rebellion, when he fought to make sure the sequence was set up in advance.

But in retrospect, Ted was overcompensated by those moments.

'I wasn't in a good mood. Lana and Benike's skills were too eccentric, and most of all, I was a kid. What if we fought again now? Stories are different. Things are different between then and me.

So Ted had hoped to defeat Benticke one day and become the head of Triton. There's nothing you can't say for yourself about what BeneI did. Except, unlike Lana, we don't have a cause right now.

So Ted changed his mind.

Show the men exactly who qualifies as head of Triton.

And, just in time, I was given a great opportunity.

Benike has tried his best, but failed to win, the dominant. To him, BeneIque was taken from Triana, also known as Triton's mind.

What if he breaks his own neck in a situation like this? From then on, a lot of things would be different.

The eyes of those who look at themselves will change, and occasionally there will be an opportunity to dismiss the head of the wanderer who looks down on them.

If Venice didn't come back here with her right arm, it was her world a few more times.

I came to you with a big heart like that.

Ted didn't do what he had to do. I had to save it.

Wealthy Inferno Sites imprint heavily on the souls7_1. Embrace fear as much as you can.

Degur-Ted's skull is shattered.

The bristles and flesh spattered, but soon all of them were sucked in with the Vatican's bloodsucking open body.

Then, into Yeon Woo's head, the last thing Dead wanted was to seduce her.

Yeon laughs at Ted's thoughts. He had more desire or confidence than he had in his bowl. I didn't know my subject, but I didn't know too much. You think you can beat the Bentige? 'Rather, it insults the Bentiques.' If he hadn't met the enemy, he was an excellent player who wanted to share the exchange. I was as confident as I was, and above all, I did not hesitate to walk my way.


If Yeon-woo could express her feelings for Benny Crab in one word, she would be able to say that. And that's what Bentice thought of himself. Because he didn't look like himself.

And Ted's in it? That was bullshit.

Where does a guy who gets drunk and shoves his confidence into his head without even knowing the enemy's power?

Rather, poor Andios, who was in one piece and looked divine.

“No. In mythology, Antyos went off on his own, and eventually he strangled Hercules, didn't he? Are you an apostle to that god, after all?” [Poseidon is furious!] [Poseidon is furious!] Yeongwoo has now completed all absorption while snorting at Poseidon's reaction that is too familiar. The power of Anthios has also been absorbed into the body.

The factor of God was once again blindly absorbed the mysticism and the factor was mass-proliferated.

As a result, you could feel the body hardening as it caused slight changes in the plasma of the cells.

'But compared to a pair of Poseidon arms, it is a pity.

The amount of mysticism resembles the amount you absorbed from Bennigan's right arm. It means that the spirit of Poseidon is that abundant and of excellent quality, not that he lacks the power of Andyos.


[Books have achieved 20% quests (Keto's Han).] I also kindly remembered the message that Getto had done some of the quests he had given him. In addition, even the sea amulet worn on the neck can recover a small amount of mystical power while being surrounded by a swarm of blue light.

Does that mean you need to be more agitated? 'On the other hand, he was also interested in the wealth that suppressed the apostle's mental power all at once.

Despite Sanon and Ghost and their intent. It was entirely wealth that allowed Yeonwoo to conquer Ted without any difficulty.

'Indeed, the identity of wealth cannot be heard by that person.

Yeongwoo smiles softly and looks down at the cliff again.

I can see the seaport burning at a glance. Some players were shocked by Dead's death. Their daylight was as long as a blazing light.

“Clean up the rest.

The monsters have moved againThe news that the port that Triton has on the 30th floor has flown all over the tower in an instant.

And in the process, when word got out that Captain Ted, Triton, had died without doing anything else, Everyone was surprised.

There was only one person who did that.


Beyond the name Cain, players now better known as aliases were reproducing the conflict on the 28th floor and on the 30th floor.

The proprietor was rumored to be the next king.

And Triton is one of the top four emerging clans to be speculated as a threat to the existence of an existing giant clan. Moreover, there was the apostle of Poseidon, Ventura the First.

Of course, the two conflicts had to concentrate on the attention of the three.

People thought this would give us an opportunity to assess the true skill of the rumored too well-rounded dictator and find out what Triton's hidden 41s were.

In addition, clans on a rival ship similar to the Tribons began to move busily considering the opportunity to dramatically reduce Triton's power.

[All trials are over.] [You will put your name on the Hall of Fame. It seems that the amount of Dead Man's poison that remained was completely digested in the body and the trials were over.

But I wasn't going to make it to the 31st floor yet. Yeongwoo is now walking quietly again, erasing the familiar message to the side, and scorching grasslands in the hot ocean light. He is spicy at night.

Yeongwoo hid her head as long as a robe and measured the tenth of the house of Ben-EI crabs.

There are no more streets left.

Why isn't she showing up? 'During that time, Yeon went through a stage on the 30th floor and hit Triton's power many times.

With all the ports and fleets they boasted about flying away, the property damage would be enormous. And Ted's death was a huge loss of power. Now Yeongwoo and Triton will be like a river that cannot be returned. The war between the two has begun.

However, unlike Yeouido's expectations that it would appear soon, Bentique never showed himself.

Is the treatment over yet? But by now, you should be able to move because your powers are restored. 'In fact, the extent of the injury was much worse than Venice. It could have resurfaced with regenerative skills, but so did Venice. Even though the body was completely destroyed, the sheer regenerative power that was fully revived from head to toe was never easily dissipated.

No, even after that, Venice had to be modeled by Yeon-woo by now. No matter how serious the injury, he was never one to avoid the challenge.

How much less did Triton think he was going to be able to pull off his power so recklessly? The frequency of appearances was rapidly decreasing, and it was not reflecting from that day forward.

Is something wrong? 'When Yeonwoo narrows her eyes and decides to move on to Triton's headquarters at once.

"Hey, Owner." Suddenly, Samon called to him. However, unlike usual, his voice was slightly full of excitement.

"You know." Sanon even made a snoring sound. Unpleasant to hear: Yeon-woo's eyes frowned.

“I don't know what you mean.” Ai. Between us. "When the day of Yeongwoo becomes firmer.

Master, you must read your duty and know how to do it properly, even if you don't have a paper to do it with. If it offends you, why don't you give it to me? "This time, a ghost suddenly appeared and whispered to Yeon-woo. Sanon screams in secret.

Hey! That's mine! Life and Ghost fought a lot. It was because of Ted's soul that was still in the collection.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue. Of course, the spirit of the apostle must be great. It may be nothing compared to Duke Ardbad, but it is a coveted soul for both Sanon and the Ghost.

Yeon-woo lifted her head and looked up at the sky. There, I saw Rebecca, who became a spirit and gently roamed the air.

Rebecca longs to be human again, but no matter when, she disappears. He no longer insisted on the human form, but continued repeating the end of becoming a spirit, circling around Yeouido.

Occasionally, Yeon-woo would only give a short answer when talking to her.

Communication didn't work, but it did lead to a connection, and I didn't care because it immediately moved when I needed it.

Even though it was okay to intervene at this time, Levi 1 car did not give her eyes as if it had nothing to do with her.

It was a different position than following Yeon-woo's words absolutely.

“Once we get all of Triton, Not now.” If it is the will of the owner. "Sanon and Ahn no longer talked about Ted's soul. It was because I knew that there was no turning back to the line that Yeon-woo once drew. And to be honest, there had to be one of these large souls for emergencies.

'Rebecca needs to talk to you later.

When Yeon Woo took her eyes off Rebecca.

A fine cost was captured in the area of widespread hypersensation. Small troops stationed in the oasis.

Yeongwoo placed it on a horse rack hanging from her waist to see if it was a Triton, but soon I realized that Tribon was not a boastful circulation Qi.

I was stronger than that. And it was ripe during the day.

The Phantom Regiment? 'There is a 2nd stage, the welcome knights, that were used to help us escape Waltz's primacy on the 28th floor, to be exact.

The shadow of Yeongwoo rises. The gangsters are ready to move at any time. The reason the geeks didn't move was because they didn't have this kind of life.

Rather, they were waiting as if they were welcoming Yeon-woo.

Soon after Yeon-woo reached the oasis, she got up all in one place.

They were all wearing glowing silver armor and a big cloak on their bodies, even though they were uncomfortable to wear because of the intense sunlight.

“Greetings, Cain. I'm Groitz of the Welcome Knights.” Groitz stepped forward and put his hand forward. The workplace was filled with favorable feelings.

Yeon-woo silently looked at her hand and replied without any gesture.

“What, you guys?” Groitz grabs his left hand and doesn't wipe his smile off the day. I opened my mouth, shining like a carved statue.

“I've been waiting for you.” “Me?” Yes. Actually, I wanted to meet you at the Dead River and talk. Whatever the situation was, it didn't work out. So I asked him to look for you again, and I was able to find it this hard.

But I'm glad we could meet. ”Yeon-woo narrows her eyes slightly. A new pupil opened wide inside the pupil. It was the Dragon Horse.

'It's true,' but Yeon doesn't let her guard down.

“Why did you find me? You want revenge?" “Oh, I apologize on behalf of the Phantom Regiment.” Groitz apologized with his head held high. The other players in the back also bowed their heads. I don't see any other schemes.

“In fact, all I asked of the other clans of the regiment was to politely escort Nakans to their quarters. One of them misjudged it. He misjudged it. But this will also be an excuse, so I hope you'll forgive me for what happened back then.” 'This is also the truth.' Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes more.

Kreutz never lied. The same goes for other players. No hostiles are seen anywhere. With my apologies, I was growing fond of it.

But in a relationship where I had no contact with these people, Rather, this favor of the phantom regiment was more suspicious.

“Why did you find me?” Groitz raised his head again.

“Our regiment commander/Ge is expecting you 011. Also, if you are in danger, I have orders to help you both on both sides of the water.” What is this sound? “Who is your battalion commander?” "The commander of the 7th regiment called you your oldest and dearest friend. ”