Second Life Ranker

17. Poseidon (4)

It was an unknown sound. Yeon-woo could no longer say that her time in the tower was short, but she could still count on someone with a good relationship.

And what if one of them could describe him as a friend? Of the four major emerging clans, the illustrious regiment boasted the largest and was known for its number of people.

However, little information was known about the first stage of conducting them.

It's just that a player played an absolute gharisma, inspiring over a dozen Ramkers, and the clans under the command became the centerpiece of today's fantasy band.

So there are only a myriad of speculations about the head of the phantom regiment.

No one knew the truth.

A man wrapped in a veil like that knows himself? At that moment, there were only two people in Yeon-woo's head.

Liver and Doyle.

I've been asking questions for a long time, but I've had to fail.

From time to time, Yeon-woo wondered if they had died or if they had originally spoken Reader back home.

If he were alive, he would have left a trail somewhere, but he couldn't find it.

But what if one of them is the leader of the phantom regiment? 'It's possible. But can you draw? You two are getting stronger in such a short time? Twelve glancing fields, called' Knights of the Round Table ', were famous for each of the racers that ran.

Some of them were also highrankers on the 70th floor.

To become their leader. With charisma, of course, I had to be able to excel. The magical power that drew people from the world of the tower was under the obligation of the principal discipline.

However, no matter how talented the liver and Doyle were, it was hard to believe that they had achieved that kind of growth during that time.

Yeongwoo, whose sister's armor has become strong as a basdang, is also looking at the level of the High Ramker class, but there were still many things that were lacking.

But if the liver and Doyle were at that level and at that level of power,

'There's no way the rumors won't spread.' Of course, it wasn't always possible that it was two people.

If the person who is accused of being a battalion leader has any historical tradition or has a cost price that is strong enough to exceed his or her inadequate skills.

If that's what drew people. I didn't know if it was possible.

'Doyle may not be, but his liver is.' Doyle is past intelligent, but emotional. It's hard to get absolute loyalty, even though it's easy to buy people's favor.

But the liver was different.

From the moment I met him, he seemed to be 7 } d public, but he had a surprisingly strong face.

Decisive, charming. Given enough opportunity, it was a vessel that could unite the forces.

Either way.

I can't think of anyone to say this about Yeon Woo, I asked Groitz.

“Who is the commander of the regiment?” But Groitz shakes his head.

“I'm sorry. I can never speak here. They were looking for him everywhere. For your own security, you must abide by the rules.” Yeon-woo frowns.

“Come to see a stranger? Does that make any sense? All I can tell you is the vague expression" friend. "You want me to trust the moon?” “Again, I must apologize for that several times. But all I can say is, trust the name of our illusion regiment and the welcome knights and believe in yourself.” Groitz beats his chest with his fist as if he really wanted to believe in himself. Tinting, making noises.

“If you still can't believe it, the commander of the 7th regiment sent word that he'll be out of the Abandoned Tube training soon, so I want to keep an eye on him until he gets here. You can have the regiment commander come where Cain wants you. Of course, I'm sure it's worth the effort.” Groitz was deeply loyal to a man called the regimental commander.

He made every effort not to expose himself to the enemy, but to create a place to meet Yeon-woo as he wished.

And in the process. He was also cautious because he wanted to buy Yeongwoo's rebuttal.

Usually, it would be easy to trust the authorities, and force Yeon to confine herself.

'You also seem strong enough not to go against the heart of the commander.

When Yeonwoo saw that Kreutz was never under anyone else's thumb.

The prayers and orderly craftsmanship that flowed out of her mind made her strong as a leader of one force. Even though it was different from Benike, there were many similarities. His skills were never lacking compared to Yeon or Ventige.

One who can elicit such absolute loyalty.

Yeon-woo wondered what kind of person was the commander of the regiment who had not been interested in the words until now.

However, because I am curious, I cannot follow the words of the unknown. Dragon Eye says there is no lie, and there is no doubt about it. “That would make sense, given the status of the suspicious behind it.” As Yeon confronts Triton, she blinds her thumb to the gaze that followed her from afar.

Their gazes were diverse, each with its own kind of energy that was captured by their cognitive areas.

Not one place, but many places, were more meaningful than sneaking up on him.

They had no idea that they had entered, but Yeon-woo had left them blind. However, he had a thorough understanding of the location or route of travel. It was to raise the shadow as a woman and exterminate her.

At that moment, Kreutz laughed because he didn't know what Yeon-woo was saying 2 ``. Soon after the man next to him whispered a few words in his ear, he burst his smile.

“That's it, 'The Six Saints' were hit. If you can't concentrate, you're acting strangely.” The first word I ever heard.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes slightly.

“The Six? What's that?" “Hmm? You didn't know her?” But Groitz was a surprising response.

“Speak the truth.

“I don't think so. I wouldn't have known if I'd focused on the female solo training and staircase attacks. It's a relatively recent name. However, you should check the tower for changes at all times.” Yeon-woo nods silently.

Obviously, he's been aware of the recent delay in the news.

I focused on training like a closed tube in a village of loneliness, and after returning to the answer, I didn't have time to check.

“The Six Divine Paths refer to you and the new super loogies that unleash a gale inside the tower.” “Lugi?” The gold, the 1, ”Groitz's explanation was simple.

Since the destruction of Balpurgis Night, which has been ravaged by the Onehorn Tribe and the Red Dragon Witch War.

The world of the tower was hit by a massive perceptual fluctuation, and a large number of emerging forces spilled out. And so many talented people emerged to show off their status.

The six divines represented those who stood at the forefront.

Kain the Monkey.

Edora of the Mahee.

Captain of the phantom regiment.

The king of Venice.

Dr. Doom, Ranul.


20842; In addition to the Fourth Generation Emerging Clan, the dining experience of you and the Rhinoceros was added to your fame. Called the candidates of the Nine Kings, the symbols of the new generation, "Of course, Dr. Doom or Faith are a little old to be called the new generation.

But I'm sure they are worthy of challenging King Ahem's subjugation. ”I was a little surprised to hear the face of her name.

Edora? 'The leaders of the four emerging clans are already emerging. And since he also demonstrated some of his skills in the invasion of Valfurgis Night, no one doubted his skills anymore.

But I was a little surprised that Edora wasn't mentioned here.

“Ah, your friend Mahi is currently attacking the 42nd floor. It's rising so fast, everyone's amazed. I heard that even the 50th floor, known as the Horse Wall, was on the 35th floor just until I left the dominant village, in case I could quickly qualify as a ranker. It was like seven more steps up.

The higher the staircase, the higher the target difficulty. Edora's attack speed is ridiculously fast. She reaches the 42nd floor much faster than she reaches the 35th floor.

The higher the relay, the faster the attack speed. Moreover, she was now considered to be the most powerful royal ceremony in the tower. Of course, I had to concentrate.

Moreover, Kreutz added, she always had a doll-faced face.

You never get along with other people, and if you want someone to take advantage of you, you cut them down without leaving.

Among them are rankers, and now no one can rush her.

The dark nickname Mahi is also said to be due to her cold temperament and existence.

“That's enough for her, and there are many followers who follow her. I used to call them 'Mae Hee Sung.' She doesn't care at all.” If Mahiji had a proper organizational system, the emerging forces represented by the four would be large enough that one could be added right away.

Yeon-woo thought, nodding quietly.

'Pants will hurt my stomach if I know. I'm jealous of Pants.

Perhaps he was jealous of that kind of activism for his brother.

Of course, I didn't mean it badly. It meant more enthusiasm.

And, on the other hand, thanks to Edora.

Edora doesn't like to reveal her skills. It didn't hide it at all, but it meant that it didn't show off any more than it needed to.

And yet she's causing a blast. It was also because of Yeon-woo's request.

I want you to be strong. That means Edora was just as motivated as Pant, who was training in the Abandoned Tube and hung from his bloodstream.

“That's just the way it is. Eight clans are busy biting each other over the legacy left by the Red Dragon on the upper floors, and four clans and six divines alternately represent each other on the lower floors. And,” Groitz said with his eyes lit up and full of strength.

“You, Cain, are at the forefront of them all.” Yeon looked back, not answering for a moment.

Many eyes still watching him from afar. They were usually the 4th Alternative Heavy Clan, or some of the strongest. Or in the mountains of the Eight Clans.

Either way, he's got everyone's attention now.

Yeon realized that the war against Triton meant a lot more than she thought.

“But it must be so annoying and uncomfortable with so many eyes. While I'm focusing on the war with Triton, I don't know how they're going to interfere. They usually want you to cut Triton's power down considerably; or perish.” Yeon-woo looked back at Groitz.

“So you want me to protect you from being disturbed?” If that doesn't sound right, why don't you ask her to hold your hand? Or even if you hired us. Any expression.

We would appreciate it if we could help you safely meet the regiment commander, and you could concentrate on the war with Triton without interruption elsewhere. ”“ My body is well protected by itself. ”“ Does that mean it's a bummer? If you do, I'll make sure the Knights get bitten a lot. Let me follow you quietly, since I'm fine on my own. ”Yeon-woo laughs in vain. Looks like Kreutz was trying to catch up somehow.

For a moment, I thought I'd fight him and kick him out. So I had to fight the entire Welcome Knights; Kreutz was as good as Ventura, so I folded up because I could only do so much damage.

There was nothing to gain from fighting the welcome knights. You don't have to turn those who do you favors against your enemies, and now you focus on fighting the war against Triton.

Bentice had to catch him somehow.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo lost her hand.

“Suit yourself. Instead, don't stick to the Knights. It's annoying.

“Very well.” Groitz nods, looking back at the welcome knights. Then the members started scattering the streets as a group. It was to protect two people from distance and to prevent external interference.

In fact, the eyes that were trying to approach this direction began to tremble far back. The Hanyoung Knights are the most important members of the phantom regiment. Of course, it was a burden on them.

But in the meantime, there were some gazes that did not retreat.

Those who share their energies inwardly, but have unusual prayers. They were as good as, or comparable to, Groitz. Yeon wondered whether they were the other six divines or the two.

'There are a lot of strong people in the tower.

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

“And I have no intention of fitting in with you. If you want to follow me, you're on your own.” “Don't worry.” Groitz nods.

Yeon-woo makes a sound of cheating.

“You'd better not answer so easily.” The wedge-groitz is about to ask you something, and suddenly the lily crashes into the earth, flapping the wings of fire. The Ring of Wind.

He was leaving the oasis in the blink of an eye.

Kreutz wanted to know. The proprietary maneuvers are already well known. It was never easy to chase after Yeon-woo in such heavy armor. He sighs and bites his index finger and whistles.

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, a Wyvern had flown this way from the far sky. The Welcome Knights boast of mounts, non-dragons.

Groitz climbs onto the Wyvern in one swoop, pulling the rope from his neck. I thought I'd have to fly for a long time today to catch up with Yeon-woo.

“Huh? Huh! That would be treason," She came comfortably. Let's run for it. ”“ Dahaha! This is gonna be fun again. ”Players watched the movement of Yeongwoo and the Hanyoung Knights, and they all stood up.

A person who, like Mira, can hardly distinguish between gender and age because his whole body is labeled with a bandage from toe to head. Even under the bandage, he was competing with different voices in the middle of the day. Margie looked strangely unappealing, as if several people were in her body.

He was famous for his face, "The unknown ash," and lightly hit the ground.

“It's moving.

According to the Warlock who deeply pressed Robb, the wizards who followed him also stood up, a clan made up of Dr. Doom and his disciples, Necropolis. They soon covered their tracks with red portals on the floor.

Where they were, everything was drained of life, and everything was black and dry.