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18. Poseidon (5)

“They say the only one close to the bottom of his chin What are you going to do now? I don't think the death squad is working anymore.” Iline looks at the flutter with a thin smile on her eyes. He looked at her like that and thought,

'Crazy bitch.' Her twin sister is dead.

And the enemy is approaching. And yet, instead of being angry, you're looking at me with an interesting face. I've felt that for a long time, but the line was really crazy.

She always has been.

No one knows what you're thinking even when you're under Lana.

I didn't have any deep thoughts or schemes. Every time I put it in a situation, I just chased a more interesting path. It was a complete waste of pleasure.

The same goes for the last coup. You shake hands with Triton, saying it'll be more fun to have him around than Lana. From the incentive, it was more absurd than Ted who was wet with false hope that he would one day rob Venture.

And that kind of mind was still the same.

As a drifter who values rational thinking. It was an accident that I neither wanted to understand nor wanted to get close to.

But what can I do?

Unlike what he expected to do to hurt Yeon-woo and escape on his own, Ted was easily overwhelmed.

Was there anything that the monopoly has been hiding? 'But it was nonsense.

The eternal god of Venice and Waltz, the Duke of Ardbad, and the phantom regiment, hiding their abilities from a complex battlefield until the end? No matter how unique the creature may be. That was not a common sense idea.

'Or stronger in between • • •? That doesn't make any sense either.

But he wondered if the truth was closer to the latter than the former.

And if the latter is true.

'Then we'll have to kill him this time.' The rate of growth of the dominant was often dangerous enough to make the backbone of those around him stand firm.

But if one fight makes you that strong, It meant talent was different. The more dangerous the molecule remains, the more dangerous the clan becomes.

However, the problem is.

'It is not easy to stop him.' Vibration pressed the gummy temples with the index finger, and looked back slightly.

A huge iron gate stands as a mullet of ashes to speak of. On the surface of the question, a high rise of Poseidon was drawn on a hill created by various monsters, raising the deflating trident, creating a feeling of intimidation.

That iron door hasn't been opened in days.

“So, when does the commander get out?” The shiver shakes his head.

“I don't know.” “What does that mean?" “Literally. I thought it would be over in just a few days.” You mean you couldn't tell me what was out there? ”He nods quietly.

Iline smiles faintly after saying that she has no teeth.

“Hard to find someone as passionate about the commander as our chief of staff. Right? If you don't want to annoy me, I'll tell you.

As the line passes by the turbulence, it approaches the iron gate. I couldn't stop her. I knew those attempts were pointless anyway.

And the line did not reach the iron gate as expected: the iron gate. There was something I expected. A sticky yet intense force. Something overwhelming seems to overwhelm the son-in-law and make me want to bow my head. It was like a monster, and it was like a god to them.

The closer I get to the iron gate, the greater the power of that mystery. After a few steps, Iline had to look back at the vibrations.

I also felt anxious that everything I had lost would be taken away to that side of the Holiday.

On her face, which was always with a thin smile, for the first time, I was deeply astonished at what this was.

That crazy bitch can make that face. "The commander must be preparing something." Maybe he's in some kind of trouble with Poseidon. ”“ Nephrosis? This is a kidney ache. ”“ Still, no access until the captain opens that door.

No, I advise you not to approach. If you don't want to get sucked to death in vain. ”The line took a few steps away from the iron gate and took a deep breath. The expression that was filled with awe rose to the edge of my eyes, no matter where I was. He was so tired of her that way now.

“Hmph. So? What are we gonna do about those unauthorized intruders? I don't think it's just a matter of propriety anymore.” Followed Yeon Woo like a rat: I'm talking about them. Groitz and Faithless, Doctor Two. They all felt like they wanted to erase them all at once.

But depending on how well you're using it, you're only interfering with the women's Triton event, which is "it's been a long time coming."

It was also a good opportunity to get rid of the troubles that I used to have at once.

“You and I should erase it. How do you say," Now I need a cat's hand? "Well, you can be honest about that. The hand you're trying to catch isn't like a cat.” Above the pupils of the line, dozens of new pupils have been opened. I joyfully captured the face of the shivering with dozens of layers of eyes that provoked disgust.

Yeon lifts her head up.

Far away, you see a massive fortress on a cliff rising high along the coast.

The fortress contained many shapes. In a way, it looked like a deserted ruin (24290; ), and in a certain way it looked like a fortress or a temple.


I felt clear to Yeon-woo.

There's Ventura. with a huge cost.

You're doing a month, right? 'The creature that was hidden in the shadow of Venice was disconnected from time to time.

I didn't find it and destroy it. Just naturally disconnected. It's like the cost has been blocked in the middle of Margie's. I didn't feel beyond it.

Yeon-woo seemed to know what it was.

'God's sequel.

Often, places created by gods and demons to project their power into the stream are called Sanctuary or Sanctuary. And surrounding the sanctuary and the sanctuary was the result of this deity.

On the 16th floor, what I felt in the temple of the three sitting goddesses was similar to that.

Especially when the Urds come down. What is it? Is it Poseidon? 'But Yeon-woo thought the cost was strange.

_Shut up! How is this my fault? It's your fault for not seeing the light of day! - Because our god is so pissed off that he can't do anything.

You look like shit. Let's start over.

Bentice was a man who spoke to the god Poseidon himself if he didn't like him.

He was so confident about himself, it was strange that he had attained such strength.

'No, I'm not strong. Similar to that, but different • • • but Yeon shakes her head. A simple mountain might have made Poseidon feel powerful.

The waves that are happening inside the castle are similar, but they seem to be a bit distant.

'But now that we've come this far, we'll have to bump into each other.' I began to slowly climb up the slopes as I organized my thoughts.

I feel that many of the pillars that were following him are moving more busily. If Yeon Woo were to wage a full-scale all-out war with Triton, she would be interested in watching the situation and taking over the fishery.

However, it didn't matter as a kitten + They smacked Triton's side and took the fishing grounds = ⁄ 22889; • ◦ 1 Reattack and cut Triton's power. Here, what Yun wanted was simple.

To put an end to the struggle against Venice. And if stealing Poseidon's powers from him doesn't get in the way. I wasn't interested in any of the others' tricks. No, it could have been a good defeat for him because it would have created chaos.

Maybe he's after himself. We lost Waltz to the Underworld, and we won't be able to escape the horrors of them.

Moreover, as promised, Kreutz and the welcome knights were approaching from a reasonably distant distance. Groitz is relatively close to him, but he's not interfering with the women's camp as promised.

Yeongwoo activated the magical circuit as it went up to the castle. One day, 360 cores, which had become as much blood as the one-horned tribe, rotated and the Wise Man's Stone was relentlessly powering them. My senses woke up and my muscles were full of tension.

I read the flow around the castle while opening up the dragon's eyes and super-sensitive angles.

In the end, it was to attempt an attack.

I didn't know when and where Triton's hostile aggression would begin. It was easy to guess that all power would be in the castle, as it had never been revealed.


Yeongwoo couldn't read anything the whole time she was approaching the castle.

There was nothing.

Of course, the point where I thought there would be a cost price was empty.

You have no troops to march along the cliffs. I couldn't feel anything, no matter how I turned the dragon's eye and supersenses.

It was the same until it reached the fortress: Could it really be an abandoned ruin? The ruined city was wide open to the gates. I feel like I should come in as much as I want.

It was a bit unbearable for a duel that I expected. I lost steam, but I didn't relax.

A man is sitting on a rock, waiting for him, in an undisclosed square, just moments after the gate.

I've seen Yeon Woo before.

The one who rescued the Ben-EI crab from Duke Ardbad.


From the moment I was below Lana, it was a suspicious garment, and the apostle of Orion rose slowly from the rock as soon as I saw the fellowship.

“You made it this far. I just hoped it would be too much.” Vibrance has been a tiresome and energetic work in many ways. Bendike picks up his gear to recover, and he's busy taking care of all that's happened to Triton at once.

In the meantime, the disaster that Triton faced was not just for Yeon.

There were three other clans that would quickly erase Triton's realm from their metallurgical pursuit.

Hannibal, Negropolis, Faithless' The Chest of the Dead.

It was not one or two things to pay attention to since all these people publicly designated Triton and put pressure on him while he was secretly united.

That was all the reason why Yeon-woo was not ambushed all the time.

It was a real danger to the stronghold after being defeated by the individualists. So we needed to focus the power to one place.

“Please. Don't you want to end the fight here?" ”The ambition was genuine. If I could stop the war here, I'd like to stop it right now. Triton had so much to do, even if he simply stood beside Yeon. The monopoly is that much of a problem.

It was absurd as a rainbow.

“If you start a fight first," I'll forgive you several times for that. I'll make it up to you if I have to. Just say the word. ”Fancy eyes gleam in wonder. Yeonwoo could read her eagerness in it. He smiled secretly.

“What if you want Benike's head?” The day of fanfare has hardened.

“You mean you have no intention of retreating to the end.

“I can't draw in the first place. Even if I end it here, will Venter do the same?” Fancy did not have any answers.

“Even if I accept that offer now, one day, it will come after me. It's Poseidon, not Bentice.

I don't think any of you, like his acolytes, can refuse the trust. ”Wandering glances at the kite, sighing," Get lost. "

“Yes. We were chosen by Poseidon. Sort of like a synagogue, to say the least. He'll never have to face you again.” “I tend not to leave anything unsteady behind.” “If you say so.” He took his hands behind his back and slowly began to pull out the thinning that was hanging with the & X '.

Rrrrgh. The sound of sharp iron echoes through your lungs, and your vigor begins to surge. The intensity was unbelievable compared to Dead himself: “We have no choice but to grind and fight.” Scary to end it.

Yang! Suddenly the ground says it's shaking, and the back starts to get chaotic.

“What the hell!” Damn it! What a nuisance! ”Dozens of giant monsters protrude out of the crowd watching this place, attempting a surprise attack. Players of the Tribon rise above the monsters' heads. There was an army there that had not been able to find out where it was by covering its tracks.

Monster mayhem. The power of the Caribbean god in Illinois.

The Caribbean was born with Poseidon combined with Guia. She was a monstrous creature who rode with the power of the sea and land, and became the king of all monsters. Of course, the power to control the monsters was inevitable.

As a dead man's hammer or Negropolis, who was eager to take a fishing spot for an opportunity, he didn't even think to target himself, so he had to quickly have a camp.

But in the case of other small forces who did not do so, they were trampled by monsters at once or destroyed for food.

And, at the same time, the space around the pond twisted and placed him in a completely different space.

Gaaaah! That's his front. Instead of a fancy fang, a beast snake, tall as a few feet, rushes forward with its jaws wide open.