Second Life Ranker

19. Poseidon (6)

Yeongwoo pulls the beagrid out of the subspace reflectively and lifts it up.

Cawing! The sting-monster snake's venom stops at the top of the rainbow. Though he tried to grab the lotus somehow, he was strong enough to complete the dinosaur, but his training didn't budge.

But it was never that there was any weakness in monster hovering.

Normally, monsters would have had their heads cut off. It was amazing enough to butter off Vigrid.

Jiaying. Vigrid shakes well.

Yeongwoo was able to identify the monster snake through the dragon's eye.

• • • Daily. ”Another executive who beats Triton.

It was a variant of the line.

* * * * * * * * Because the Caribbean god himself is already a great monster, the apostle line was given not only the power to control monsters, but also the power to transform into the guilt of the Caribbean: But the line did not like to transform into monsters. But it only means that she showed up like this.

“You mean you want to beat me first?” Yes.

The answer to Yeon-woo's soliloquy was heard right behind her. Suddenly, a fluttering look appeared in his calm eyes.

“So die here, you lone wolf.” A wedge! Fancy swings the twin swords in her hand. "A firm ordeal along the blade spewed out a glowing light.

Floor 2, Naeja Building, Every time I swing a sword, it was a whacking skill like a tidal wave hitting a cliff.

His blade was just about to sweep away a lotus's waist.

The grip rotated the magical power circuit all at once. The stones of the sage waiting for her are heating up, spreading their sinister wings.

Excruciating pressure swells and bounces the vibration back as it explodes.

The turbulence is pushed back for a long time, leaving behind a deep turbulence. He looked at Yeongwoo with open eyes.

His arms are zipping. On the ugly discarded flesh, Xi 1 Ha 'an Kim bloomed into the ruins and caused terrible pain.

Though the Divine Power works, I do a quick recovery. It's still a fever that leaves a scar on the body under the protection of the sea.

I couldn't believe it.

Moreover, the fear did not stop there.

Yeongwoo shrouded the fire as much as she could, and lifted her body to the side. The white-white beagrid is turning black, causing a violent explosion.

The waves of fire. An unprecedented explosion swept through the waves of sunlight and turbulence. And it filled the space that surrounded them.

Overlight_It was destroyed without resisting the thermal expansion that surrounded the space. The heat storm quickly reached the sky, drawing a violent vortex even in the outside world. The air splits open and stretches out into all directions.

The turbulence had to bounce back and forth for a long time.

And when he stood up forcefully with the sword as his staff, his eyes fluttered endlessly up and down.

'How did you do this?' His original plan was simple.

The message was that the Ham of the Dead or Necropolis was confounded by the attacks by monsters, and that they and their line quickly got rid of Yeon Woo and dealt with the rest.

I didn't think it would be that difficult.

It was the location of a sanctuary directly touched by the blessing of Poseidon, and it was thought that if we confined the lotus to a glass space and removed it, then we would have a good chance.

All the other forces had to do was beat him until he opened the iron gate.

However, he slowly realizes that his judgment was wrong.

Yeon-woo is not a catch just by locking her up and joining the Illinois.

'The more you fight, the stronger you become. • • That kind of monster.

Was he hiding his skills or was he stronger than that? The latter of the two concerns was proven. This operation was all based on our skills in the battle against the last of Venice.

'No, it was both.' But Vibration corrected the idea again + One day, two Inferno sites were floating like a torch and looking down at themselves. No, I was coming. As if a disdainful insect were to be cared for between the cracks in an open space. You've cooled down the ramblings.

What is that? That's all I could think about. Just looking at it makes my head go white. It's the feeling of the heart dropping. It felt like my liver was getting cooler. I felt guilty for hanging so deep on the tip of the cliff that I couldn't see the end.

The moment I saw that, I realized.

The glass space he built was nothing compared to what the owner of those eyes had achieved.

There was nothing wrong with separating the original space. Yeongwoo was hiding an unknown cost.

And it wasn't just that. "Oh, no. Oh, don't come!” Ilyn, who had just returned to her human brother, was terrified.

You grip the buttocks, pushing the ground down and forcefully retreating. His clothes were drenched in cold sweat, and his burnt-out face was filled with fear.

Even though my brother died, he was funny. Her behavior, which was always fun, was the first time I had ever seen her do anything like that.

That's how much the Iline was terrified of the eyes of wealth. Much more than Ted ever felt.

Naturally, people look as good as they know.

Because of that, the king of monsters has a lot of wealth in her eyes. We all saw how incredibly high wealth was.

For people like her. Wealth was an absolute thing that could never be crossed.

Even if your line is a ranker and you have the power to surpass wealth. There was a 'limit' that could never be exceeded because of the attribute.

Wealth was above such limits. No, on top of that, she was a creature she couldn't even face. After meeting her, it didn't make sense to her.

Garibdis' blessing, which had always protected her, was somehow faint and unaware of her return.

"Year. me. I know, you saw it." As my eyes narrowed, I could only hear the line. He whispers in her ear as small as a whisper, but it comes close enough for her to crack in her head. My bones tighten and my insides flutter.

"If yes." And the words that followed caused the heart of the line to fall.

Die. "When the invisible hand came up as a shadow and tried to imprison the breath and soul of the line.

“One person.” A cool blade wind blows to the back of the line, and you cut off your head as you please. "The line pops into the air with a frightening look on its face.

Down to the bloody fountain. A man who was blindfolded and unable to confirm his gender was moving rapidly.

Faithless, one of the six divines, reveals himself to the leader of the Imp of the Dead.

He prowled forward with a strange voice like scratching a chalkboard with his fingernails.

When the Channeling of the Iline and the Caribbean gods was cut off, monsters lost control, became confused, quickly eliminated, and intervened in the battlefield.

Faithless thought it was odd that the situation no longer stood in the yard like this, jumping inside the castle while cutting off the head of the line at once.

Despite the chaos in his front yard, Benike remains undiscovered.

It means one thing. It means that the speculation that Bentice's wounds in the battle with the last one have not yet healed is correct.

Rich reveals a lot of anger. I ate it in front of the wilderness. It was not an ordinary meal. There is a lot of tasty food that God's Son, who will take from the Great Owner 7, ate. But I missed it. I quickly moved the monsters and hid the bodies of the line in the shadows. However, the soul did not appear in the collection. The soul of the apostle disappeared in vain.

So Boo started magic to catch Faithless. As the land he was walking on faded, the Shadow Tentacles stood up and flattered him.

Faith's day was stiff.

Although I can't see it because I'm wrapped in bandages. As he tries to get to Bentice in one fell swoop, he stumbles on his ankles.

Though the giant eyes on the lotus head were reluctant. That was it for him. It only makes me feel a dark difference between the vibrations and the lines, but Faith was not intimidated at all.

“I'm stumbling!” Faithless turns his head as he runs. Then, from the sleek arm, the bandages come out long and shredded into the shadows: The bandages are fluffy like a whip, sometimes as thick as a blade, and so forth. There was plenty of error in the bandage. It was a delicate control, unlike gritty movements.

Bang! A massive ball of fire falls from the sky. But this time, the bandage came off from the toes and made a round hemisphere.

Faithless ripped off all the bandages and turned away as he removed the new bandages.

I thought I'd get rid of the wealth first because it would only get in the way. So, of course, the goal was Yeouido.

A middle-aged man comes down because a red portal opens overhead.

It's hard to tell what he looks like with his robes tucked underneath him, but he's struggling with his lungs.

“I pronounce you all evil.” Doctor Two, Ranul flicks his fingers as he spits out an uncomfortable word. Along the vast air, several magical factions were formed everywhere. Dr. Doom is a collaboration created by the heads of the Five Horses after a long study. He could devise a new magic system that simultaneously triggered different kinds of magic without a special warrant or memoryride among the layers.

Follow a skill that may be somewhat similar to Midnight Wu's 'Unharmed Scattering'. An open sorcerer in the sky bursts into flames.

It's just basic magic, as much as it's evolving into nothing. Dozens of them were opened, several beaves were loaded, and if you focused the saturation on one point, you could increase your power as much as you wanted.

What Dr. Rhythm was after was everything in the area. Yeon Woo, GoWallis, Vibrance, and the hidden Bennigae. Thankfully, they were clumped together at one point, so I thought I could get something if I beat them indiscriminately.

In that situation, Groitz intervened. I decided not to intervene in Yeouido's affairs, but as Kreutz, who protected him at the command of the battalion commander, I couldn't just ignore this crisis.

I jumped from a non-dragon and struck Dr. Rhythm with my sword. Captain Julpicar burst into light. The Holy Cross. A flash of Haan flashes along the sky and rains down.

“How dare you!” And that's the furiest thing about it.

Everything is falling apart. I've been tied up with four emerging powers, but I'm still afraid of the women, so I can't even get near them. I had one chance, and it looked like a bunch of rats came and started talking shit.

He had been through an obsession that was never heard of. At this moment, I could not hold the meeting.

At that moment.

The Orion God came into the body of a womanizer.

It was near a sanctuary with the Temple of Poseidon and relatively free of God's actions bound to causality.

Through enhanced channeling, Orion was able to express itself according to the apostle's desperate wishes. It bounced like a gloomy mystical East Park along the body of a wanderer.

The God of the constellations is in the night sky, so it always shines in splendor.

That means you have to be better than all the gods.

Moreover, according to the tradition, Orion is also receiving a gun from one of the 12 Lord Olympus.

The serpent wields his blade as it roars. As the tide rose stronger, it split open the space and covered the heads of intruders who wanted to tear apart the precious sanctuary.

The description may have been complicated and long, but all of this was happening during the immediate moment.

Two of the six divines further intervened, divine protruded, and Boo Orlot revealed himself - Doaa 1-0 1- • [Lion Goose] Yeon looked at them all with cold eyes in a world that had never been slower. The dragon's eye and supersenses calculated and predicted all the projections.

And here's one more thing.

Tick, tick, tick. The clock turns quickly. The time he was given was a little longer than before. In the meantime, he's seen a lot of things.

I was also careful.

You have already confirmed that the time prediction is not universal in the battle against the Ventige. There was no certainty in the battle in which God's power intervened. There were definitely more futures that were not in the calculations. So I looked closer and predicted a more certain future.


I caught it.

Another black error erupts at the end of the beagrid. Sudden waves spread among the complex skills at a rapid rate of 147.

Then, the clock stopped. The time that was stopped has come back.

The puppie-explosion covered the entire fortress.

In it.

Yeon-woo was the only one standing there.