Second Life Ranker

20 Us. Poseidon (7)

Yeon lifts her head and looks around. Immediately, a feeling of helplessness appeared as the magical power continued out, but the Wise Man's Stone turned fiercely and energized again.

'Slightly lost.

The purpose of this prophecy was to nullify all the various attacks that were mixed together like chaos.

And in addition, we tried to eliminate those designated as enemies.

Beagrid has broken the grain correctly, but unfortunately has not reached the last point. The timing read in the parallax is wrong and the timing accepted in the time forecast.

Also, there was something much more hidden than the opponent expected.

'But I was able to check all of Lugi's skills, not without cows.' Suddenly, in the explosion of the Black Error, the players were all bitten everywhere.

Their faces were filled with horror.

Groitz looks down at his hand. The touches were all crushed and the tablecloth was bloody. The sword, Julpicar, was still shaking as if it were about to break: The placenta flew into the defenses of all the sacred forces within.

There's a reason the regiment commander asked us to bring him as extreme as possible.

Groitz nods quietly, thinking the battalion commander's eyes are not wrong.

What if he tried to drag him away like 92? I didn't even know I had to be really prepared at the time.

Of course, I almost risked my life, even the Hanyoung Knights.

It was understandable why the lotus was judged to be at the forefront of the six divines, even though it was in the lowest tier. For someone like that, I had to bring him to the Han Dynasty.

He was moving as fast as a chopped hand, but I was glad that he was an ally. I was glad that I didn't get hurt because I believed in Yeon-woo on the way.

Groitz knelt on one knee, politely put his hands together, and kissed a precious jewel in the heart of Julpicar.

The Origin of the Axial Gate. I wrapped him up as he regained his merit. Immediate internal injuries were being treated. It was a prayer for Seonggim and Yeon-woo.

While Groitz raises his godly prayers.

Whimpering - Dr. Doom vomits blood rushing up. I tried to endure it, but I tried to swallow the blood. The moment the dozens of magic bursts with a big heart returned to failure, the penalty was all he had to endure.


Dr. Doom still grips his teeth as he looks at the two eyes floating frostbite over the head of the pond. There was a power that pressured the soul during the mystery.

It wasn't exactly a feeling of depression. Among all the magic he's learned, Magi and her have been imprisoned.

At this point, I couldn't even perform properly. I thought I'd have to learn how to resist that unknown binding force first.

“We will postpone the execution of the Declaration.” Dr. Doom tore the scroll out of his chest with that horse. With the sound of pottery and seven crabs and swarms, he left. I felt like I needed to rest in the situation for a while to calm down my internal injuries.

“Kick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick." You won't have to rate it later. ”And Faith, who landed in the farthest part of town, laughed like a madman.

He doesn't seem to have been hit much. In fact, the energy to follow him was more relaxing than Yeon-woo, who created this situation.

I intervened to make sure Bentice and Triton were shut down. Faithless thought it was unnecessary. I thought a skill like that would be enough to finish the job after all.

'Of course, after that, we'll have to go after him.' A dictator, a dictator. Faithless watched as the light rain crept through the gap of the bandage.

I've seen it before, like, literally wrapped around a bandage.

It was definitely different from then and now.

If I grew up to that pace, I was likely to end up being the biggest problem soon.

“I'll keep that in mind, a lone wolf." He climbs up and disappears, as if he had no weight at all.

Yeon-woo didn't go after him. I'm sure he's just one person looking at all the complicated knots along Faith. It looks like a lot of people are tangled up in one place. What are you? 'Humans have their own unique wavelengths. It was because there was only one soul in it.

But Faithless was different.

There were several oil wavelengths. Sometimes there were three, then all of a sudden there were more than ten, and then there were dozens more complex patterns that collapsed into one, but tens of hundreds of people were read into one body-0 1. That was why my voice and tone changed.

Moreover, I was the least hit here.

Just before Kim burst the duck, he quickly removed the bandage and protected his body. He quickly leaves the area, stepping on the weak side of the explosion.

I wasn't very good at reading situations or handling errors. A level that can't be easily followed by honeydew. Min. Person Rank. He seemed to be hiding his skills, so maybe it's more than that.

Yeongwoo was cautious about Faithless, but soon she shaved her head and turned her gaze to one side.


On the rocky ground, the flower barely bears its body with its sword. On the imaging floor, there was a pool of blood that had been drenched for a long time.

The explosion was meant to repel Faithless, Dr. Doom, etc., but more than that, it was under the control of a panic.

Because of this, he had to experience the horrific blow of the placenta, the power of the Orion god that had descended upon him while burning his life.

I couldn't do anything about it. I haven't even fought properly yet, but I'm falling down. And because the flesh couldn't handle it, the remaining mysticism was slowing down at a rapid rate. Like the poison underneath, the bowl will be broken.

And so was Triton. Can we do anything more in the backyard that's ruined? Despite everything that's happened, Venice is still not coming out of Sanctuary.

Vibration stares at Yeongwoo with an icy eye. Yeon-woo suddenly approached right in front of him.

I didn't want to show weakness. As long as I met the enemy, I knew someone would end up killing him. But I wanted to surrender to the last will. Just like Lana was about to die.

Yeongwoo took her left hand to such a face of flutter. I was still blindfolded, choking at once, and the Vampire Sword of the Expanded Battery absorbed Orion's power.

[Increases the skill level of 'Vampire Blade'. 61.2%] [Drains Energy.] [Steal Magic Power.] [Steal the Divine Power.] [You obtained the 'Orion's Spirit'. It is automatically aggregated into the existing divine factor.] The Lord's wrath swells once again.

“Mr. Jinang! Step away from the commander!” Triton's players are furious at the thought of insulting their supervisor.

If Benteke was a father who led them with a wide back, then he was like a mother who stood by them without saying a word. Of course I was angry.

However, Triton's players are unable to rush towards Yeon Woo. The welcome knights stand in their way. The battle is fought and the battle is fought again. However, we already have the strength to advance towards the welcome knights.

In the end, there were only tears and cries. Triton's players are desperately looking for Bendike, who still hasn't shown up.

“Sir! Sir!” “Mr. Bentige! Please, please, please!” “Dear Poseidon,” Groitz got up from his seat after he finished praying. The armor I was wearing was restored and shining with a bright silver light again.

“I'll let them stop me.

Cain needs to concentrate on finishing the fight with Benny Crab. ”Yeon-woo nods and steps inside the fortress. The fortress was no longer a fortress because about six thousand people had just flew into a collision.

However, the aura at the center of the fortress is much darker than before.

'Maybe that's where Poseidon's temple is.' It was easy to guess that there would be a Temple of Poseidon, as Triton is an organization created directly under the lake and blessing of Poseidon.

Yeongwoo lifted her feet high and shot the ground hard.

A magical kick created a passageway leading to an underground cavity as the whole earth collapsed.

As you leap down, a huge iron gate hits the kite.

The iron gate was very large.

It seemed to be about 10 meters tall, and it was not very thick. In particular, the painting was very Ö1-Geumyeonghua.

The gods of Olympus, including Week 12, are at war with giants. I feel like I'm going to wriggle every painting right now.

If it was the first time I'd seen it, I would have blown it. In fact, this picture was also familiar to Yeon-woo.

'The Gates of Olympus Report.' It was the same picture I saw where I had collected the twelve secret keys.

A little different, Zeus was noticeable there with a poisonous lightning bolt, but here the wave-bearing Poseidon was even more impressive.

And beyond that. And there was a strong cost.

It resembled the power of Poseidon, but it was also unlikely. The intense pressure crushes the shoulder of Yeongwoo. He was forcibly restraining his soul and forcibly speaking.

Bow down, bow down! [Dominates the unidentified voicemail. Stun opponent.] [Remain rational with the 'Cold-blooded' trait.] [Stun opponent has been terminated.

It repels strange voices.] [Release from pressure.] using cold-blooded traits to force it out. There was something dangerous that could have been eaten right away if I hadn't kept my mind straight.

Lucky or unlucky. Inside, Bentike's energy was weak.

What happened to him? Yeongwoo put her hand on the iron door with a slightly stiff eye.

Unlike the fear that it might not open, the iron door opens very gently.

The void 71_+ beyond the wide-open iron gate was a huge hole, raising a huge pile of dirt.

Beneath the huge dome-shaped roof, the sacred statues, which appear to be extension lines painted on the iron doors, were drained of walls and ceilings. It was the unleashing of myths associated with Poseidon, which mainly caused waves and tidal waves.

Bentice sits on an altar in the center. The bronze furnace on the left and right side vigorously lit up the blue flame and revealed the face of Venice.

“Finally, you came. Ha-ha-ha. I knew I couldn't see. You are a madman. You narrow your eyes as you walk into the hall that resembles me."

“What happened to that arm?” Oh, you mean this? ”BeneIke raises his right arm. It hasn't been repaired for a while because of the swallowing of the moat, but now it remains intact."

“What do you think? Don't you kill it?” But Bentike's face was as annoying as his tone.

He unwraps the bandage around his right arm.

His right arm rumbles like a blue-wave.

“God damn it. It's a fucking gift from my God saying I'm too weak. It's a fucking gift.” A sacred mass. ”“ Yes. I look straight at him. "Poseidon's arm, which he gave through channeling instead of the missing Triana.

But it was a matter of accepting it in the first place.

It was not an ordinary thing.

“There's no name for the body that couldn't even move here because of this damn mass. Simply Poseidon takes some of the power that made him and sends him down.

And Venice, who received nothing, had to accept the fairy tale with Poseidon.

Since then, it has been a series of fights to take control of the flesh.

Poseidon literally tried to 'rob' the body of Bentice. As a Bentiger, I was afraid. He also hated the occasional stubbornness. Robbery. This can't be happening. Although the apostle was the spirit and incarnation of God, he was still a separate person.

But Poseidon did not accept the idea of Venice.

- You'll never catch him. Look at you now. How can you be a living man and face the king of the dead? It's impossible for you. You may have won now, but you can never hope for another fight like that.

- Come to me, goddess! Your soul is led to the Manchurian Temple under my command, ensuring a high position. In the end, Ventura won the battle.

Poseidon's activities tied to the attribution rate were limited.

However, Venice also had to experience the great damage. Taiwan in the flesh is assimilated with power.

Even at this time, the mystical powers of sight were overthrowing the control of the flesh. If I lost my will, then it was really over.

First of all, time was wasted.

“Also, he's tied up tight here. As long as this damn arm is held sacred, we can't leave Sanctuary.” The problem was that Venter was also confined here, just as God could not escape Sanctuary in the summer. From the moment he escapes, he loses all power or dies. It was a damn curse.

“That's enough! Better than a dog guarding a house door!" ”Bentice thought maybe this was what Poseidon was after from the start.

Yeon-woo will be here soon, so don't think about going anywhere else, but hit him here.

Because, Venice had to lose many of her precious henchmen. Vibrant, Deadline. They were all people with different ideas in their heads, but they were like a precious family to him.

On the other hand, Poseidon split his teeth. I can't believe the believers who serve me don't blink an eye as they keep dying.

In the eyes of God, is it really just a mortal creature that would be okay to die or die? I wonder if mortal destiny is okay.

“What do you despise about our god?” So Benike cursed the seemingly drunken power of God because he thought he could be stronger. And he wanted Yeon-woo, who wanted to go after Poseidon like this, to wash away his curse.

Maybe this was another punishment for pretending to be a hothead and snapping a lover's neck.

“For what it's worth," she slowly points Migrid at Venice, answering.

As the options work, an intense energy begins to circulate with him.

At the same time, it opened with power.

The power of the dragon began to flood the sanctuary filled with the power of Poseidon alone.

Right before you hit the ground. It was only later that Yeon-woo realized. Why Poseidon has so much self-esteem and even tried to kill himself.

It wasn't just because he spoke of martyrdom as a mortal. There was a more fundamental problem.

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

I'm afraid that I'll have the power of the King of the Pits. Poseidon. 'With that thought.

Yeongwoo was crushed and ground crushed hard.

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