Second Life Ranker

22. Poseidon (9)

Poseidon later realized the number of targets in Yeongwoo and frowned more loudly. A slight frown appeared on Poseidon's face above Venice's burrow.

Yeonwoo was about to rob the rest of God's mercy that he sent down to the stream.

You've already acquired your information by taking Bentike's right arm, making it easy for you to rob him.

Above all, the zeal is a body that is formed by a coalescence of Qi and mysticism. While there are advantages to being robust, there are disadvantages to being vulnerable to an energy drain.

The Vampire Blade, the highest of the energy drain line's skills, has been deployed! As Poseidon, of course, has yet to be fully committed. I had to face the disgrace of being robbed of God's mercy right in front of my eyes.

You can't let go! Poseidon reached out his evil hand and grabbed Yeon Woo's neck. I try to hold my breath with all my strength. Already he was being strong enough to make my voice clear, not just broken.

But there were so many factors taken from us. It was never easy to get rid of Yeon Woo. No. Instead, she pushes the beagrid deeper and pierces the Vampire Sword of the Battery along the wound.

Whoa - "Let go! [Current Awakening Chance: 12, As Poseidon rebelled, Yeouido was bitten and increased.

We can't lose him here! 'Since we found Triton's home, Yeon predicted that Poseidon would try to intervene directly somehow. The nature of Poseidon did not make it easy for me to just take care of the goal that came to my front yard: So Yeon decided to end the battle with Beneke before Poseidon intervened, and forcibly take her powers away from me with the Vampire Vapor of the Battery.

As he did with Urd many years ago, if an apostle dies, God will strike him with a great blow. I thought Poseidon would be hurt badly if he did.

But Poseidon was trying to do something even crazier than Yeon-woo expected.

Tough guy.

Strengthening is a form in which God comes directly into the apostle's body. There were limits to how much the Apostle's body could endure, as the Apostle's body was constantly accepting. So the gods were reluctant unless it was a crisis. It's hard to break the Energy Bowl.

However, if martyrdom is added here, the story changes a hundred and eighty degrees.

Martyrdom is a kind of tribute. In exchange for the blood of the faithful, we trade with causality so that God's power can be properly administered to the lower order.

Poseidon sacrificed his followers and the apostles of his children, and even abolished the apostles. The spirit of Bentice was already crushed or absorbed by Poseidon.

Though the way we deal with apostles and followers is greatly different depending on the personality of each god and the devil.

However, it was hard to find it that way, like Poseidon. This is more than just a one-time item that smells like masturbation.

No, Poseidon loved Ventige so much that he wouldn't have to put up with it. And yet you throw it away like this. It was reassuring to the hypothesis that Yeon-woo first made.

Poseidon is reluctant to let Yeouido have the power of the Black King.

'If so, you must have more.' Dragon Eye opened wide and the eyes of Yeongwoo rose red. Is it the hyperemia or the magical strength? The flame rises swiftly along the pupil.

Whaa- Let go! "Poseidon has just been repeating the same thing over and over again.

I was furious because of Yeon, who was stuck like a leech and couldn't even fall.

The problem was that as time went by, the awakening of compassion became more and more difficult to remove.

Over-exploited, the trait of the over-exploited-cell led to new changes. Based on the newly placed information, the muscle bone also showed changes.

[Current Awakening Chance: 25, Fruit! 26 • • • Poseidon's Fury. The stage begins to rumble. The tide rises high as the ground divides, and the ocean that drew the current along the cliffs is turned upside down.

Poseidon's influence gradually erodes the stage. The more I painted, the more vigorous I became.

Yeongwoo's day was rigid.

The rate at which God's factors were absorbed, no, much sooner. At this rate, my strength was first and I was going to be abandoned.

It should not be.

Pure 7 with Poseidon's tenacity, he is at risk. Of course, it would not reach the full state of Agares, which was achieved on the 23rd floor; however, it was also dangerous enough for regular players to be easily photographed and pressed.

'Then we'll have to slow down.

Yeongwoo had no intention of relying solely on the vaporization of the Battery.

[The Divine Factor actively initiates activities.] [Mystery is unlocked.] After inflating to some degree the divine factor, which had been pressed on both the dragon's and the horse's, he was able to make his own voice big enough.

As a result, the mystical force slowly began to rise.

Divine power was the symbolic power of God, but there was no name for the Divine Power that Yeon-woo now wields. There were factors obtained by the resurrection of Abraham, and from Poseidon, a mixture of the factors of pi 19 and silver.

But all that was moving, now, according to the will of Yeon-woo. Yeongwoo focused her power on one place. The gaze that always bothers me.

[Channeling is enhanced.] I'm not sure how to use the Divine Spirit yet. I have never been an apostle or intended to be. He also focused only on his strength as a tolerant, but did not pay much attention to his power.

So I needed to use my powers properly. She said that she was dry, but she was proud that she would have a chance to draw in a situation where she was arguing with the village right away.

Fortunately, there was a field that Yeon-woo was familiar with.

No, to be precise, it was strengthening the connection with gods or demons that led to power.

['Your channel with Athena is enhanced.] [Athena nods gladly. Her will begins with yours. [Powers, Blessed be the Mark of the Goddess.]] [It has become channeled with' Harmesh ' [The will of Harmesh begins to come together. Increases the Grace of Hermes.] [' You've reached Azrael.] Enhanced Channeling [It is the will of Azrael.1 Enhanced Channeling with Chaos'.] [Will of Chaos Together] Giving power to Yeonwoo, or establishing a clear connection to the gods who are familiar with him. Yeongwoo could feel that some of the gazes surrounding her were now close enough to feel their presence, not just the amount of gaze.

Following this, the limits of power that were inevitably limited to not being an apostle have been lifted.

And along the channeling, the connected gods began to approach. It followed the breeze of the storm.

It meant that, according to the breeze, their will would descend into the stream. Borrow the wrath of God from Yeon-woo.

It was a kind of strength.

Whew - You're mortal, but other players are really good at things they've never experienced in their lives. If it's curious, a man appeared out of a puff of smoke next to the right side of a strange snowflake + a playful smile on his mouth meant that the situation was so fun that he wanted to die.

Poseidon recognized the man first and frowned.

"How dare you interrupt my event! This is true. Uncle, you have to speak up. You're not interrupting anything, are you, Uncle? Do you know how carefully I've been watching this child? Harmes glanced at Poseidon and smiled faintly. He seemed like a nice guy. I had no idea what he was thinking when he sank so deep.

But that's the way it looks. It made Poseidon more attractive.

I say it now! You of all people should know what he's trying to touch! The power to touch Yeon-woo, Death.

It was a force that neither gods nor demons could bear: even those who held death as a god or a god. Of course, you should never touch them as mortals.

In particular, Harmes is the only one allowed to travel freely to the underworld and the heavens and the Summer. That's why he was very well aware of the boundaries of life and death.

So I'm sure you're more aware of the risks.

"I don't know." Harmesh said very coldly, just as he smiled.

"Harmesh!" "Don't shout, uncle. I'm not the kid who cried a long time ago because you were angry. Even though you are my uncle, you don't have the right to talk to me. You must obey your will. I will enforce my will. It is not your duty as a god," I think it will be your will. I am Poseidon. I know. Like you said, it's not going to work. "Harmesh smiles again with a cold look in his eyes. It was like a dying smile.

That's my uncle. Harmesh's words were frightening to the end, and this time he had a shape of a woman, with a bunch of white smoke behind her back.

A woman wearing shining silver armor with a helmet on her head. You can see that even though the shadow hides half of your face, you have passed by a beautiful appearance.

Athena, Goddess of the Battlefield. When I met an enemy, I could see her without leaving, even though she caused the fear and awe of all the players.

I was stroking the cheeks of Yeon-woo with my hands, with a sad smile. She noticed that she wanted to say the cost price, but eventually kept her mouth shut without saying anything.

And a strong look in his eyes. I looked up at Poseidon. I began to eat as dark a gangster son-in-law as Poseidon.

It didn't work out your way, Poseidon gripped it. Adena was trying to impersonate him in Olympus. Obviously, he was his nephew, but he had never seen a good result in an incident with her. Especially since the city that was mentioned as a sanctuary was taken away by Athena.

Then Athena stepped out again in front of her. You know exactly what that player is. He's just trying to get the lines crossed by the old times.

Then Poseidon's furious eyes sank deeper.

It was heavy as if it contained the still waters of the deep.

"My brother and sister dare to play with me in pairs. What if Zeus finds out? As long as we argue about the Father without him, our paths remain the same. Come. If this is your answer to my event. Whose adversarial style is more right? Let's see what you got! Overwhelming - Storm. The power of the symbol of Poseidon was expressed. A violent earthquake shook the ground up and down compared to what BeneIke had caused. The clouds pour out, and the sea stirs up turbulence mixed with the wind. The stage rumbles as if it were about to be turned upside down.

However, Yeon-woo did not stay away from Poseidon until the end.

A little more strength. I'd like to help myself if I feel like it, but I can't. But this path will be hard and difficult for you to grow up again. I believe Hercules can draw as much as you have grown from it a long time ago. Be strong. My child. Harmesh rests on the right shoulder of the kite: The power of the mystic body gradually weakens and revives the vampire blade of the Garden Battery.

There was only one thing I could do, because a strong person like Poseidon was incomplete, giving only meaning together.

But that alone helped Yeon-woo a lot.

Athena reached out and hugged Yeongwoo's head. As the goddess's maturity intensifies, the Awakening Speed increases.

[Current Awakening Probability: 46,47,4 As the degree of Awakening exceeded half, there was a remarkable change that was remarkable for the body as well. The scales that were shining dark blue became clearer and began to glow like a jewel. The wings of fire spread further.


There were gods and demons that had not yet appeared.

The gray smoke circled along the lotus. It was not in the right shape, but it had the same power as Harmesh or Athena. It was the devil, chaos, who was always watching over Yeon-woo without saying a word.

You haven't accepted him as an apostle yet. It's impossible for an ugly god to be caught and jealous in the past. Along the high sky, the clouds split apart and the angel slowly came down.

A man with a giant scythe with a very long scythe. I felt like I was flapping three pairs of wings, but I felt more cruel than sacred.

Azrael, the angel of the Lord, who cuts the soul of the lifeless with his sickle and leads it to the afterlife, blesses Yeongwoo with all his might.

And along with Azrael, more blessings came from beyond. The gaze around Yeongwoo became clearer and stronger.

['All the gods with death are with us. "All the devils with death are with us." Even if Poseidon is suddenly empowering himself, he cannot oppose so many gods and demons.

You bastards! "Poseidon burst into a state of grip on the influence of trying to bite the stage at once, and even the spirituality was bound. However, the more I painted, the stronger the restraint, the more I tied his hands and feet together.

The Battery Vampire Blade of Yeongwoo growls more.

[Current Awakening Chance: Aaaaah! That way, when Mo69,70 • • • could not be revealed, and Poseidon's zeal was being taken away.

Here is a new demon declaring one more battle.

[Message from Agares] [Message: I! Why don't I call you?] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Me too! Call me!] 174 “Did I win?” Llirozen sigh, it breathes.

I lay flat on the floor.

I didn't have the strength to lift a finger.

“The evil forces are partially cleansed.” Ouch, a scream bursts out.

It's because the sword of water was staring down at its work.

“Did I lose?” The sword of water spoke in a harmless voice, looking at Lirosen1.

“During the power of the contrast, the cleansing function of the undead was absorbed by the guardian's energy. Three to go.” Like the Black Guide of Water, I gave the next quest to Leyrogen.

“Let the power of the wind blow evil spirits away. The day you become perfectly balanced, guardian of the balance, the earth once again disappears from its black words of prosperity by the grace of God.

Then I felt strange.

I didn't have the strength to move a finger until just now, but my whole body was full of magical strength.

- A thousand-year-old passive evolves.

Along with the system voice, the lirogen falls into a deep sleep.

"Well, the Duke said the legendary chamber should be postponed for a while. 'Yuna knew this was not the time to focus on the equipment.

- Descendants of the Dragon, the true extinction of the Blue Tribe ruler Chan.

This is the third quest given when deciding to lose the Earth.

Yuna immediately found out about Chan.

“I'm not Wonder Woman.” Honestly, Yuna is still unreal.

I met God.

To whom can I tell such a story? Perfect to be treated like a loser.

But Juna believes Illusion.

The girl is clearly transcendent and gave herself a staggered quest.

'0 GO1 ^ = Not a game. "Illusion is a program created by the GoEL Corporation.

Yes, I can draw.

But there are the spirits of God in her ritual.

I can't believe there were God's spirits in the program, but Yuna thought it was real.

“First of all, it's not a quest to antagonize your brother.” I knew that if I had to defend the Earth, I would receive some kind of quest to destroy Pandagia.

However, the first quest given is a quest that surprisingly protects the seasonal forest.

The descendants of the dragon, the true blue clan, were not referring to Parlorun, but to the dragon family, one of the ancient families of the North Continent.

I heard the details about the House of Onae from Ezibe and Elva.

The family of the falcon, including the dragon family and the white tiger family, have been known for several hours until history.

Yuna made it simple for one of the Dwarves, one of her kind, to have a fairy behind her and a Harpy take over the air.

I was very pleased with the Dwarves I met here, but not as favorable as the Dwarves of Venillan.

Desperately, the Dwarves persuaded Ezibe and the Elders to join Yuna.

Of course, he didn't want to listen to Juna's orders, but it was decided by Elba to take the lead.

“Once you defeat the falcon family, other families will have no choice but to come and conquer the seasonal forest.” It's easier to defend than to attack in war.

Yuna has mastered the strategy for the fairies and is headed for the first battlefield herself.

“Looks like the lirogen passed its first test.” In Ezibe's voice, Yuna turns the body from the icy river.

“The steam has just dissipated.

It looks like the energy of the original canadian was combined with the renegade. ”Yuna's eyes are wide open.

'Explain that easily. • • • • Eshive smiled brightly.

“Shall we walk and talk?” Fortunately, she continued her self-explanations as if she had noticed Juna's expression.

“As you know, the Leyrogen is a star-studded man.” “That too, Yuna.” Yuna nods.

“The power of the stars is the power of the gods. It's not uncommon for a creature to be born with the energy of the ancestor. because the spirit of the creature is not easy to withstand the energy of God.” “Maybe so.” “Le Rojani 1 was born with the energy of a star, which is one of God's many energies, 'of flesh'." Yes, there are many forms of God. It can be warm for some, but it can be harsh for others.

The role of the lirogen is that harsh side. ”Essieve's voice continues in a bold fashion.

“Regrozen is a very important puzzle. The only person who can withstand the power of God is Reyrogen. So I want you to have both sides of yourself.” Yuna seemed to understand very little.

Do they want to give the power of God's mercy, not just the power of flesh? “The power of the Great Herb Spirit Kings will neutralize the thousand blooms of Llirogen. Maybe a new millennium.” Ezibe looks at Juna's eyes.

“Reyrogen, who slaughters you against providence by the will of God, and repairs the lives of those who remain by the mercy of God, will be reborn as such.” She didn't say anything.

Ezibe said he would kill the travelers without hiding them, but he was not afraid.

If a traveler doesn't play the game, they don't die. And I'm staying here until the end. '“There will be a role for you, as there will be a guide for the country.” Yuna turns around.

“Come on, let's go. I have a lot of questions. I don't know who my guide is, but the first task is to kill the Dragon family ruler, the Führer.” Bethlehem smiles greedily, seeing a man who is not frowning in front of him.

“I'm familiar with your reputation. I never thought I'd actually see it like this.” “So am I.” The opponent is the opponent, so Sacks raises his voice.

“It's an honor to see the Duke of the Empire.