Second Life Ranker

23.Poseidon (10)

Yeonwoo considers for a moment whether or not to reach Agares.

He still hasn't concealed his obsession with his brother, so he could have called him here and acted like someone else.

However, Yeon-woo soon decided it would be okay to call him. Agares is extremely wary of losing assets to others. So he thought he would be angry about Poseidon himself.

Above all, Agares has already lost a great deal of power to Harmesh and Athena as it rips.

You may not know it, but you've been challenged quite a bit within Le Infernal. There was no way to confirm it, but it might have fallen out of sequence.

So even if he was playing a prank, he wouldn't be able to resist this many gods and demons.

Agares, at least, is the most powerful demon in the realm, the so-called Duke of the East.

If you make him proactively, I will take this leech-bound Poseidon away for you.


Yeongwoo opened some of the horse's factors to allow Agarose to settle down. Through wide-open channeling, Agares' massive ritual sinks.

Yeon-woo was shocked for a short while, but was able to regain consciousness. Agare is still boasting too much, even though she is compacted.

"Don't touch my things!" I can't believe it! "A black dot formed on one side of the world where the storm was blowing, and soon it spread like food, revealing the darkness of the Abyss.

Between that time, a pair of black winged agares emerges to illuminate its fangs.

The red eyes do not contain any other gods and demons. It contained only Poseidon.

Athena and Harmes, who had once humiliated themselves, did not care at all. As a demon, I never seem to forget a grudge.

Poseidon's face was twisting again.

Even if they show up now, he's crazy and crazy. A fierce battle has brought forth a demon that will never be outmatched by itself! "Agareth, you stupid bastard! Shut Up! Agares rushes to Poseidon, beating the air in a single stroke.

Unlike other gods and demons who empowered Yeouido, he was a direct assault on Poseidon.

Poseidon is furious, trying to retreat, but the Vampire Vacuum from the Battery that clings to him keeps him immobilized.

Agares once grabbed Poseidon's head.

Over-expossessed - Poseidon's neck bone began to break. Margaery presses down on you. Poseidon opens his mouth and screams silently. I wanted to get rid of Agares, but imig couldn't make it.

How many times would you have said it? That's mine. How dare you ignore me? Agares growled with a frenzied look in his eyes. Like I'm going to rip Poseidon's head off. The fangs gleam and glow between the lips.

I don't care what kind of sickness they give Olympus. It's got nothing to do with me. But, but! "Agarez stretched out his left hand and pointed to Yeon-woo.

That's mine. It's mine! "Agarez shouts in a frenzy. Poseidon's mouth filled with blood spat one last word.

The head of the madman • • • • Purhuack-Poseidon eventually failed to withstand the grip of Agarass, and was pulled out of his spine and splashed into the air.

As the channeling is forced to break, the divine spirit that filled the swage disappears momentarily, and the head returns to DasVentice.

Vampirism in the Battery absorbed all the priests. The Divine Particle was fitted in the body at a rapid rate: [Currently Awakening Chance: 91%] though not a complete Awakening to the Massacre. This alone was enough to make a big difference to my body.

Yeongwoo gripped her mouth in the body starting to reassemble from the inside of the soul. Dragon, don't, God. Three factors were fiercely rotated.


"Pahahaha!" As Agarez watched the corpse of Bentige vanish, he burst into the minefield.

He glances back as he still shines.

Yes, you did. You pushed me! How much was 7 Ö = 1-- to have that, you know, muscle 1, muscle 1? "Against all odds, Against all odds, Against all odds, Against all odds." I glanced at all the gods and demons.

"Listen to me, all of you. That's mine. So don't let the eunuchs get to you." Agares looked at Azrael, looking down at this place, especially with Harmesh and Adena, who could not fall beside the stream, and the gods of death and demons in the sky.

It was a warning. Not only do I not lay a hand on it, but all the gods who looked at it were snoring.

Then Agares looked down again and met Yeon Woo right in front of him.

Especially you. Yeon-woo was under tremendous pressure. He was under a lot of pressure because he had so many gods and demons in his power. Had it not been for the cold-blooded nature, it would have collapsed immediately.

You must never die.

Until I get back. You are mine, and you must never be defeated.

If you die, if you ever invade the Underworld, I will take that soul and chew it up. Do you understand? "Yeon-woo frowned and said in an annoyed voice.

Along with the phrase "quice," he forcibly terminated his channeling with Agares. We recovered the Horseman's son we had assigned to him.

Agares tries to tell you the cost price, but he can't say a word, and then he scatters and disappears.

And the channeling that led to the sky was closed in sequence.

[Channeling with Tanatos has ended.] [Your channel with the Thai family is terminated.] [You have ended your channel with Nergal.] With so many death gods and devil-dependent reliances fading, it is now only a tumultuous gaze.

Yeon turns her head.

Gods and demons that led to power were relatively late in the cycle of channeling closure.

[Channeling with Chaos ended.] The chaos is silent, leaving no doctor behind, just like the woman did.

"By the way, he's a silent friend all the time. Looking at the chaos, Harmes reached out his hand and stroked her head. Then I smiled so that my teeth could be seen.

Good job. "Thank you.” Ehharmez disappeared into a haze of smoke again.

[You have ended your channel with Harmes.] Yeon-woo looks back at Athena. In fact, I received a lot of intentions from her, but this was the first time I met her like this. For some unknown reason, the goddess who looked at herself warmly and helped her by her side.

From time to time, Yeon wondered if the reward he had earned for collecting the points of the beginner's section was Aegis, in fact Athena's consideration.

I couldn't think of it because I was happy that I had the Epic Artifact at the time. Now that I think about it, it was an incredible reward.

Why would she care so much about herself? In fact, the Athena that I met was somewhat distant from the ferocity of Olympus and the fierce impression that I had seen in the Temple of Poseidon.

As soon as Yeon-woo saw her, she remembered that word.

Be serious, be serious. "Athena said in a solemn voice.

"Then you'll get everything you want.

We'll always be behind you. “Why are you helping me?” Athena didn't say anything. Just a slight smile on my mouth. Either way, it was a smile with a Morgez effect.

“Is it because of the Black King?” Athena didn't answer again. But with it, Yeon-woo could gain confidence. The Black King had a deep connection to Olympus.

“Who the hell is he? • • • That's all I can say. Athena cut off Yeon-woo's waist.

I'm serious, and I'm serious. Come where I am. Then, I will tell you everything. "Athena said that and disappeared.

[You have ended your channel with Athena.] 'Come where you are?' Yeongwoo reminded me of the temple of Athena, 49th floor. Home to the great temple of Olympossines.

Is there a story to be told there?

Are you going to tell me who the King of the Hummingbirds is or why you're defending yourself? I couldn't figure out the exact meaning.


I heard you. above, my voice rang and broke the spirit of compassion.

Yeon lifts her head up.

Azrael flapped his wings from the sky and approached Yeongwoo in one fell swoop: He seemed to be much heavier than two meters.

He is not the one who can speak so precisely. Olympus or Malar? Nonsense. I'm not one to be intertwined with such nonsense of discipline. How can you think of someone more fundamental, more outrageous, and more profane? "Azrael's eyes were quietly rising.

The more pronounced he is to Yeon-woo, the older he is. The despair and silk of the Black King began to tremble.

Do not bend His will. Don't blow your destiny in vain when it comes to his will. It's something so deep that you can never resist, you can't avoid, you can't even see it as a mortal. Azrael stretched 2 • ~ and stroked the 1-proximal jaw of Yeon-woo. My lips were as red as blood.

"So embrace it.

He is death, and you are his doctor, and you must be faithful to his name and title, "Azrael said. Everything you have comes from the King of the Seven Hundreds.

"So, accept it. Be my messenger and do as he will. That is your destiny, inevitably. Yeon-woo was groaning.

“I refuse.” Many gods and demons refused to offer the apostolic sins. No matter how much I became curious about the King of the Hummingbirds, I could easily accept it.

I didn't know it was worse than Agarash, if I had to make it annoying.

Azrael laughs and disappears.

[You have ended your channel with Azrael.] [All channeling is over] When all the powers of the gods and demons are over, the stage struggling with the brawl calms down again quietly: and the body of Yeongwoo also loses its strength and falls down.

At that time, Sanon and Ghost protruded out of the shadow and carefully hugged Yeon-woo.

Sanon shook his tongue lightly. I was watching the situation in the shadows, and I was surprised by what happened to her. I feel it every time. Somehow no one seemed to live as mysteriously as their owner.

I nodded quietly beside him as if he would agree.

Overwhelming, overwhelming -- do you know the look in those two clusters?

In the body of a quietly closed cow, changes in traits were still ongoing.

Sanon and Han make their way to a quiet place with the moat, and there was a commotion and they needed to leave quickly.

Fortunately, there were many places on the 30th floor that were optimized to hide their appearance as wide as the stage was.

Even so, since someone could chase after them, Sanon and Han are on a tight perimeter, surrounding the boundary along the cave with Yeondae.

While we wait for Yeon-woo to recover.

Suddenly the stage's time stops. The clouds that were flowing along Joe's neighbourhood, the grass that was fluttering by the wind, all stopped like a lie. Only the silent silence settles.

And then...

Above the head of Yeongwoo, who rested on her back against the wall, the gray azrang shaped Azrael as it flew through the grass.

Azrael twists one lip and looks down at the kite.

A mortal who knows nothing about his branches. "Unlike Yeon-woo, Azrael's channeling was not completely cut off. He pretended to disappear and buried a part of his consciousness on the black bracelet.

I would never have missed it if it were my usual alliance. I had to endure the strength of so many gods and demons that I couldn't figure it out.

"How can I refuse to be his lion?

I don't understand. Stupid, but too stupid. Rather, is it a limit that you can have as a mortal, "all the time. All sorts of feelings passed through Azrael's eyes. Jealousy, jealousy, joy, irritation • • • • • • •. I desperately wanted to have it, but there are many feelings about what I never had.

"Therefore, I, his servant, will guide you in the right way. Azrael was about to appoint Yeouido as his apostle once again, once he had become strong. No matter how envious he may be, he is obliged to lead his physician to truly realize his worth.

The eyes of other gods and demons followed in anger. He ignored with a smile, and slowly turned toward the head of Yeon-woo. Three fluffy pairs of wings glow gray.

At that moment.

Yeongwoo, who stopped like a doll, flashed her head.

Azrael was stunned. I'm sure you stopped time on stage. Both the refusal of the causality and the management's protest were prepared. Then how can you go against God's will, mortal and raise a dog? However, as soon as the snow met, Azrael realized he had an idea.

You're looking at yourself right now. It was not a lotus. It was wearing a lotus scarf, but a creature, not a lotus.

A grey glare follows you around.

Martha woke up.

“Are you going to wake up my entertainment?” The sound of the thorns boiling. I feel like a beast, or a monster, growling. You're creepy enough to scare Azrael's back, the high god.

Da, Da, Da, You • • Azrael realizes what a monster in a ponytail is and cries out. He was late in figuring out what kind of rudeness he had. But it was already too late.

“Be gone, catch.” Martha reached out and touched Azrael. Then, the Son of Man who was making Azrael was torn to pieces. Not only did the Divine Spirit make up his strength, but the soul that was looking this way on the 98th floor was completely disintegrated. Azrael, the angel of death, was suddenly killed.


The faa-scattered Azrael's sons were drawn whirlpool and slowly absorbed into the silk of the King of the Hummingbirds wrapped around the left ankle.

[Qualification requirements have been met] [The Seal of the 'Grief of the Scorpion King' has been lifted] Mahjong smiled lightly, looking at the trembling chains.

“Hmph. But that last one was worth it.” That's it. Martha closed her eyes again and fell into a quiet slumber.

The time that was stopped has passed again.

Like, what happened? Yeon-woo's surroundings were completely quiet.