Second Life Ranker

24. Poseidon (11)

What? 'Yeon-woo opened her eyes. While I was drunk and hung up on a recovery, I opened my eyes to the feeling of emptiness.

Later, I could see that channeling had disappeared.

Channeling with Azrael. The Status chapter revealed that the 3,000 spirits were missing from the power list.

What's going on? 'In fact, it was the thirty-thousand spirits that were most conveniently using the power that Yeon-woo Woman received.

It was easier to deal with ghosts and has great benefits in strengthening the monsters. Recently, Azrael's continued blessing has also strengthened my power, so I've been using it very effectively. It disappeared overnight. None of Azrael's gazes were always following him.

“Life! Hahn!” Yeon-woo urgently summoned the two clans who were guarding outside the cave.

He didn't even have to check for a different body as the drinking dragon progressed to more than 90%.

On the ground, a young shadow appeared with a sinister spirit.

Why, however, the owner? Is something wrong? "Did something happen to me while I was asleep?" "Work?" “Who came near me, or any abnormality in my body.

"Grill Lee. This place was guarded by us. I've been checking on the owners from time to time for any irregularities." In the words of Sanaan, Han silently nodded.

However, the lower the paint, the harder it got. He looks up at the spirit holding his head high, Levi 1 car.

Rebecca shakes her head, returning to her human form in a long time. It means I have no idea.

What the hell is going on? 'Azrael put a lot of effort into making him an apostle. The desire for the Black King was never such an easy thing to leave him.

The problem was the opposition of other gods and demons.

[Harmes says not to worry.] [Athena nods quietly. [Chaos is silent. [Laughs] [If you knew Agares would draw it, She smiles cheerfully as she says she's feeling better.] They clearly knew the cost price.

And the reactions of the gods and demons associated with the subsequent death.

[Tanatos is silent.] The Tasan army is silent.] [Gsittigarva is silent.] [Ishma-Daiba crosses his head] [Halphas is silent] 'There is also something,' the roaring heart calmed down calmly. And I wanted to see if there was anything I missed while I was manipulating the message up.

Then a message came to mind while he was asleep.

[You have met the requirements.] ['The Seal of the Silk of the Questing King has been lifted.]' Qualifications? 'This is another s A11 u: ga - () A reel_ ⁄ 0 jo ⁰ = so-called? I can't believe the secret of the shackle that couldn't be confirmed with the girl's information was solved.

Yeongwoo quickly examined King Black's silk wrapped around her left ankle.

['Despair of the Questing King' and 'The Black King's Vitan's Informational Chamber are integrated to open the' Form of the Questing King (2/3) '.] Classification: Set Grade:??? Description: Past??? I had no wit to endure the great kings who ruled death and darkness, so I had to live in fear and fear all the time.

So they betrayed him and lured him into the darkness.

The King of the Seven Hundreds has been raging with betrayal for countless years. Thanks to this, the three frames that bound him became his footstool.

Handcuffs lead to souls, chains lead to death, and chains lead to darkness, representing his will.

The soul of the person who was killed by the owner. At this time, the spirit is corrupted by the spirit and loses all its vital power, leaving only a deep grudge: the collected ghosts are bound to the collection and can never escape. Depending on the owner's proficiency, the range of drawings in the collection can increase dramatically.

Fortified in Black Age. Allows you to consume a bound ghost and convert magic into a dark attribute. Attribution is also enhanced as much as the number of ghost consumed.

In this case, the magic power used has a beef effect on the caster and a beef effect on the subject. Specifically, a random curse will come upon the subject with great tenderness.

The ghost in the collection always blames the owner who killed himself.

However, we can ignore such grudges and grudges, and we can harness the absolute will of the caster to control it freely.

Usually, they always consume the life force of those who pass by in droves, and they do not leave even a single grass where the herd has passed.

In addition, if the caster desires, the owner can consume a certain amount of magical power and evolve into a ghost, a mass, or more.

They will all be faithful to their owners and will gladly fulfill any order.

Consume some of the harvested ghosts in the collection and forcibly summon the dead souls who are staying in the afterlife.

You should be careful because the number of summons is limited and the time is set separately.

However, the summoned soul has an explicit free will and can be limited to retribution.

Inactive opponent. (Impair) 1 Tea Fact is' Unique '. There is only one answer, and it is fully attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to unlock it.

. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to gain authorization.

_Despair: a harvest of desperate souls.

- Silk: May resist death in Silk.

The description pane looked similar to the previous one, but the details changed a lot.

The first is the soul harvester.

It was the same in terms of content as the existing 'Dead Man's Collector' options.

However, she opened her eyes wide after checking her collection. The capacity limit has grown so large that it is impossible to compare with before.

'20,000 • I have continued to increase my skill level, but the limit was up to 5,000. But it has grown to 10,000 units far beyond that.

It was such a huge amount that I thought I could fit all that much capacity.

'If only we could fill it all up. A lot of things are possible.' Recently, I realized that the more ghosts I had, the better. It could be used for a variety of purposes.

In the time of the transformation, defensive form, and beef, a lot of them came together, giving a terrifying result to suck up the energy of the surrounding area just by swinging it.

I learned that by acquiring the 3,000 spirits. Much more diverse things have been possible than before.

'Resurrection is the reinforcement plate of the Black Age.

It was perfect for mixing with the black error. It's as if someone had prepared it for Yeouido. What if you add flame attributes, poison and random curse effects, to the hump? Power was inexhaustible.

"You carry a huge weapon.

But more noticeable than these soul harvesters and the hump, this was the next option.

'The Spirit of 2,000.

No matter who sees it, it can be explicitly referred to as the third spiritual reinforcement plate.

In the 0th and 0th mythology, the sky is divided into seven stairways, the third of which is the place for the ungodly, where 2,000 people are imprisoned and punished.

The contents of the actual options also included both the binoculars and white walkers that the thirty thousand spirits had.

But beyond that, the spirit of the second brother also implied the rise of the 'ascension that existing power did not possess.'

Rise in spirits, dating, and monstrosity.

And it has the premise that there is more to it than that. It was the only thing that opened her eyes.

'This will allow the monster to evolve to a higher level.

In the meantime, the monsters he possessed had already reached their limit and could not be enhanced more.

Yeongwoo fed them with their cruelty, and since there was no escalation, there were 7 aims to increase their power by making them have various methods of attack.

However, it is said that it can be higher than that.

Even the geeks nowadays are good enough to eat steamed food. What power will I have if I get more aggressive than this? And it seemed to be able to significantly increase the number that was limited to about 30.

'Azrael disappeared suddenly all of a sudden, instead of being suddenly unsealed, the power further enhanced here was young • • • • • •?' No matter who saw it, it was the only reasonable doubts.

'Azrael can't just magically unseal and disappear in good faith.' Immortals who have seen Yeonwoo so far are seeking their own selfishness indistinguishable from the devil. It was clear that he was devoted to his identity and sought his.

Neither did Azrael. It was impossible for him to retreat so quietly, as his longing for the King of the Sevens was so strong.

Rather, while Yeon-woo was asleep, it was more right to think that she had been robbed of her powers while trying to play some prank.

Did this thing take Azrael home? 'Yeon suddenly made such assumptions.

He laughed nonsense, saying it was ridiculous.

No facts devouring God.

There's no way that's possible.

'If there was, the tower would be turned upside down.

The gods and demons who wanted to play the tower as I wished on behalf of the Bureau of Accident Management left it alone. They prided themselves on being immortal.

Moreover, the Bureau of Administration could not allow such an ecosystem of its own towers to collapse. No, the original system wouldn't have tolerated that.

By the way.

Halphas is silent. Hel is silent.] Tergall is silent.] Unlike Yeon Woo's idea, the God of Death and the Devil's reactions were a little strange.

Continued silence.

They were responsible for Azrael's disappearance, so there was no response. No, I felt reluctant to mention it. Some gods and demons were even taking a temporary glance.

What the hell happened? 'Yeon opened her eyes and looked at her bracelet and shackle.


The despair and grief of the King of the Seven Hundreds are only trembling quietly.

There were no answers to Yeon-woo's questions.

0th floor 098.

“How dare you!” At the Temple of the Sin adjacent to the sea in the sacred sanctuary of Olympus.

A blazing blaze erupted.

The goddesses following Poseidon had no intention of entering Sanctuary. It took their king a long time to calm down.

“No. I don't think so.” Poseidon was a fairly shrunk mane: his head had grown thick as a lion's mane, and his head had fallen into ruins. Especially the swollen eyes showed how much power he had lost.

Along with the blessings of Harmesh, Athena, Chaos, Agares and Azrael, the gods of death and the devil's opinions.

His strength has failed, and he is 11 times the number of apostles.

Since the Divine Power was forcibly torn, even Poseidon, who was a great opponent, had to be hit.

“Fools. • • • • • •? How can you be immortal?” Poseidon could not understand their judgment.

Let's just say that Harmesh and Athena are. They are the children of foolish Zeus. Since they are still young and small, they are more likely to make misguided decisions. Chaos was an inherently evil demon, and Agares was a madman, so I could see it.

But what are the gods of death and demons?

They know where all their power comes from. To put it bluntly, Cha Yong-ra1-- the player was an element that could threaten them. And yet dull, bihoha = Tanni. Ga 1 - G0 pulling? Or him.

Are they after him? 'Whatever their prey may be.

It was unacceptable for Poseidon. It was' a mistake they made, a mistake they made, but on the one hand, it reminded them of their past, enabling them to achieve their ambitions and ambitions. '

Zeus falls into deep sleep, Hades disappears. There was no one left but themselves to stop the player named Natural Rain.

“I need to find other brothers.

Poseidon opened his eyes and listened. Hara, Demeter ,0 0 Ghatter. I thought I'd find the remaining siblings in Olympus and discuss this matter.

His eyes twinkle with dull frenzy.

It was evidence that the Divine Power was gradually contaminated.