Second Life Ranker

25. Poseidon (12)

Yeongwoo stared at the bracelets and shackles. No matter how hard I looked, there was no answer.

Eventually, he had to find the answer. Or you can leave it at 7: 01.

In fact, this was not bad for Yeongwoo.

Borrowing power was convenient, but on the contrary, there were many inconveniences.

Channelling is so enhanced that it's easy for me to read my own thoughts or intentions It was so unpleasant if I read it to the judge who was concerned because I was constantly exposed to the actions.

In particular, Azrael was even worse.

Apart from the obsessive side, we can leave simple, unprepared Agarassa, favorable Hamil1s, Athena, and unspoken chaos behind.

But Azrael has been watching him with an unknown look.

He showed greed for the liver, but often made fake mouths for himself. It was hard to imagine.

Especially when the other gods of death and demons are on their backs. I couldn't tell if they were staring at me, so I didn't get nervous once or twice.

For example, Azrael was the representative of death and the associated gods and demons.

That guy just disappeared. To give you a greater power.

They even unsealed it.

There was nothing bad about it. No, I was thankful.

'You've become a generous tree.' Yeon-woo smiled and checked the last remaining option.

New options that have been opened with restrictions.

In fact, all the other options were useful, but what stood out most was still.

[Summon Lion] Consume some of the harvested ghosts in the collection and forcibly summon the dead souls who are still living in the afterlife.

At this time, a soul that can be summoned must have an etchings or objects related to the object of life. Depending on how much the soul has, summons have a limited number of times and time.

However, the summoned soul belongs to the afterlife and has a free will.

"Forcibly summon the dead?" 'All souls that could have been different until now were either defeated by him and his clans, or gathered in the vicinity.

But now they are able to touch things that are not.

Though it can't be as different as it wants, not as a ghost in the collection. However, many things could be possible just by being able to summon.

'Trade and learn to master skills or powers. Or seek help or advice during a crisis, for example.' Of course, depending on how many times the soul has, there is a time limit, so I thought I should use it well.

Then, 'Yeon consumed some of the ghosts in the guild, gathering the hump at her fingertips and summoning the lion.

You draw a little whirlpool as the faa-hump spreads.

['The lion's retreat is triggered.] {Who would you like to summon?] Yeon called out the first name that came to her mind.

“Bentice.” Phew! The Black Vortex splits apart once more.

[Summon failed.] [The summoned target could not be found.] 'As well.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes. I thought I'd sing it just in case. I couldn't summon it.

Benny Crab's soul doesn't go to the afterlife, and then he's eaten by Poseidon? 'According to Poseidon's compulsory insistence, Bentice was no longer able to withstand collapse along with the flesh.

So I thought maybe the soul was absorbed or extinct. The expectation was right: and on the one hand, we were able to find a new constraint with the lion summoning.

Whether it's this or the other, we can't summon souls that are not in the world. 'It seemed trivial, but it was a very important locus.

'If so. Next time, the • • • • • • • Yeon woo once again gathered the hump and triggered the option.

lWho would you like to summon? "” Whoa! This time I didn't get the message that I failed.

The black vortex slowly forms a human figure, clumping together. A long limb emerges, short hair revealed.

Soon after washing, the work revealed in the diary as it had been seen.

Sanon, who was watching, sighed. Han nodded as well.

I saw the soul of the dead temporarily in the body "1" among the samones, but it was because I had never seen it like this before. It seemed to me that I had moved the person from the other side.

Soon, the effects spread calmly and vanished.

Lana slowly opens her eyes.

"Who is she?" Lana stared at Yeon-woo with a lot of cautious faces. Maybe it's because it keeps its appearance alive. The power to fly after her is overwhelming.

Maybe he was drunk in a frenzy all his life, but he was still killed by a lover he trusted: So. Instead of answering, Yeon-woo slowly showed me the mask she was wearing.

The vision - Lana's eyes grew on their own. She forcefully steps forward, slowly approaching one knee, and reaches out and strokes Yeon Woo's face. My fingertips were trembling.

You're alive. Tears welled up on the tip of my eyes that only seemed to be alive.

"Yes, that's why I couldn't find you there. Ah, my precious child. My son • • • Lana has now stroked her face with both hands.

Though I couldn't feel a great feeling because my senses were not intact, unlike when I was on this planet. She was thankful that she reunited with the disciple in her dreams.

Was it scary every day? It must have been lonely • • Lana poured out tears while touching the lotus for a long time. There were many regrets, regrets, and memories of the past. Yeon-woo just sat still and didn't say anything.

It's been a while. Lana reaches out slowly from the pits of the pits. Then I fell back and sighed a deep sigh. The vengeance was somewhat resolved.

[You.... are not him.]. Lana realised who Yeon-woo was after regaining her consciousness. Despite his similar actions, he was not the one who she was waiting for.

Yeon-woo nodded heavily.

“Nice to meet you. I'm Cha Yeon-woo, Jungwoo's older brother.” Ah! "Lana covered her mouth in shock.

Tears poured back down her hands. But the tears shed by her soul did not reach the ground, but scattered into the air.

Then slowly releases her hand: her eyes harden once again.


Until now, revenge is still ongoing. "Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

We have a lot to talk about. "Lana sat across from Yeon-woo with her legs.

Do you have any alcohol? "There were times when everyone had useless curiosity. Yeonwoo was often like that. But today, one of those curiosity was solved.

'Even souls likes to drink liquor.'

Lana drank the liquor that Yeon-woo had squeezed in the Intranian, just like her brother said.

I was not as good as a hog as a hog. My brother had a crush on me, so I could follow him around.

'Even though half is spilled on the floor.' After all, he was not very good at drinking, and the alcoholic beverages in the sub-space were also put in by Abraham and Galilee for occasional drinking, and they did not think that beef sounded ÖI-%.

However, I do recall the memory of a very expensive drink, just as Garriad passed by. I just decided to forget.

I never get drunk like this: Ashwi. "Lana shook her tongue as if it were a shame to put down the parchment.

I could feel the alcohol with my remaining senses, but I did not get drunk at all.

If you're not drunk, why are you drinking? Still, Lana wanted to feel this way.

Yeon-woo and she talked for a long time.

It was mainly a story about my brother.

'Still, there were so many people, but still so many people who missed you and cared for you.

I felt lucky for Yeon-woo.

Abraham, Galilee and Lana. It was fortunate to be able to confirm again that his death, traces, was not in vain.

I don't have much time left and I want to stay. "Lana looked down at her fingertips, which had begun to become transparent. The time for the summoning was not completely fixed. Though the quality of the soul was the most important condition, the physician of the soul was also the next. If you decide to go back quickly, the summoning time will be shorter; if you say you want to stay as long as possible, you can stay as long as possible.

Of course, there are limits to this, Marine. As long as she's a soul bound by the laws of the afterlife, Lana's time has come to pass again.

“I'll call you back later.” If that's the case, thank you. It felt good to breathe this air. I could meet my disciple's brother. But leave Tum alone.

If you spend too much time too quickly, then I get bored too. "Yes. Okay.” Okay, then. I'll give you a present before I leave. Our god asked me to give it to you quickly. "Lana smiled with a big smile, and graciously reached out her hand forward.

Can you give me your necklace for a moment? "Yeon gave me the seawater amulet on her neck.

Lana takes a seawater amulet and strokes it with her hands. It was a sad hand that drew memories. I was tired of making it as a gift to her on her sister's day.

And then, the seawater amulet sprinkled a bright light again. The worn parts were restored and changed into beautiful new objects.

[You've achieved the Sudden Quest (Gato's Han).] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public text 1 is provided.] [You have gained 10,000 Public Values.] [You have gained 15,000 additional Public Lands.] [Received the power of Geto (Sea Amulet), Geto's Blessing (Water Amulet), and Geto's Might (Sea Amulet) as a reward.] "Yeon took the seawater amulet that Lana gave back and hung it on her neck. As the spirit entered my body, I felt a lot of strength. The divine factors worked much more vigorously than before.

First, let me make this brief. Especially the ones you need to impersonate now. Now that you have the Divine Factor, we'll have to use it together in the future.

Handling Divine Powers with a body, not an apostle, won't be easy. In the future, this novelty will help you to use it "Thank you.” Other things follow the affinity or favorability of water attributes, but you can check the difference. The thing is, Kato is very fond of you. Perhaps he will lend you the power to obey the Apostles. "Getto was a considerable opponent of Poseidon as Lana died. And now that you've paid for it, Getto has regained some of his strength. I had no choice but to save Yeon-woo.

It was also a good thing for Yeon Woo. Azrael is gone. I liked the blessing of the benevolent God to him more than the unwittingly vile one who had no idea what he was up to.

Whoa, time is running out. Lana's body is starting to become transparent.

Looks like it's almost over. What a pity.There's so much I want to eat, so much I want to drink. Next time you sing, I want you to have a proper dinner. "I will." ”Yes. Beat your stone legs thoroughly to work in the future. There's no such thing as evil in the answer." Lana knew what Yeon-woo had done to avenge her brother, but she did not stop nagging.

I wanted to take care of one more. It was because I knew that Yeon-woo was not a breeding ground, but it didn't go away with old age and worries. It was a short face-to-face time, but Yeon-woo felt really close to her.

I said mistress, but I think I know why Jungwoo followed her as a teacher.


and • • • • • • •. "Just before disappearing, Lana blurred her horse and asked with a slightly trembling voice.

Let me ask you one more question. How was the end of the Ventigate • • • • • •? "Is it foolishness about lovers or hatred?" I couldn't tell just by hearing his voice. She suddenly regained consciousness and understood why he had to make that choice at the time. She was halfway there.

Yeongwoo still couldn't forget the look in Bentige's eyes that appeared just before Poseidon became strong.

A fire that looked pretty exhausting, but didn't go out. Even after the deity coercion, he was never as obstinate as the end. And at the end, he said, "I was smiling.” That would be it. I remember that strange laugh. A loud, confident laugh.

"I see. I was a little girl until the end. Unlike me." Lana quietly disappears as she bursts her smile. She seems to have cleaned it all up as long as it lasted.

The deep silence settles again.

Yun touches the necklace that Lana gave for a long time, then slowly pulls the clock out of her arms.

Perfect for remaining lids 1. The letter W. CAH 'caught my eye.

When the octagon-lid was opened, one needle of syringe was still trembling quietly. He studied alchemy, metallurgy, and mado knowledge, but the clock still wouldn't solve.

'To get as far as you can.

How much longer will it take? 'Yeon-woo mutters like that, slowly blowing the hump into the clock.

Conditions for summoning lions. Die with the deceased or have artifacts. Here, my brother had an artifact. And there were memories in my head.

The lotus triggered the option while closing its eyes.

['The lion's retreat has been triggered.] [Who would you like to summon?] Yeon said in a trembling voice.

“Cha Jungwoo.”