Second Life Ranker

1. Tartarus (1)

• • • • • Therefore, you should never be qualified to perform an event. It's your only chance to prove your loyalty. Understand? "I'll keep that in mind.” I hope you'll be useful this time. "The message that seemed to last forever was barely over. Nevertheless, he couldn't move back and forth for a while. His clenched fist trembles.

How long do I have to endure this humiliation? 'Since we failed to acquire Trumegitos' Tablet. He became an underdog.

I was still a senator within Elohim, but I was apprehended for failing to avoid the responsibility for Eion's death.

Even though he was the ninth bishop in the horse army, Kindred had all of his power under control, and his hands and feet were tied tightly.

In the end, he was in the middle of being unfit for Elohim, the Horsemen, and nowhere else.

This was never what he wanted to look like.

In Elohim, I wanted to be respected and respected by many people who are worthy enough to be credited as self-executive.

As the ninth apostle in the horse army, I was called by the Emperor to gain the power of the Emperor.

In the end, there was a dream of going to the top of both Elohim and the Horsemen and ruling the tower.

But where did it go wrong?

Now, instead of such hope, it was difficult to preserve the position.

Apparently, I was being told that Barnes, who later acquired the new family of life, doubted himself.

"Shit, shit, shit! 'Aether gripped it. My eyes were bright and red. Betrayed a trusted colleague, killed her twin brother. It couldn't have collapsed like this.

However, there is no way to solve this crisis.

Elohim's surveillance keeps getting tighter and tighter. We don't know when the Horseman's leash will be revealed.

The horse soldiers urged Kindred to finish the job when he sent Delepasi back.

He even tried to convince me that his current position was compromised. Right now we need to stay as low as possible and avoid the typhoon.

But Kindred smiled and said,

That's what you do. It's none of your business.

If you are going to serve as a bishop with such a mind, give up your position.

And just moments ago, Kindred gave the final notice.

- Soon a new trust will be placed on your Elohim. Know exactly what it is, and get it if possible.

You're telling me to betray the Eloheim completely.

Of course, there was no longer any reluctance about Elohim. He tried so hard to melt into the liquor, but he was still a traitor's blood. There was nothing I worked for when I tried to get Artiya to betray my trusted colleague.

But that was also true of the Horsemen. Even though he pretended to follow the cloth faithfully, joining the horsemen was only because of his treachery and humiliation towards Naelohim. It was the same thing that didn't bet on turning completely towards you.

'I'll end up doing bats for the rest of my life. Haha! Hahahaha! Jungwoo, you were right. You were right.

Aether thought it was all a curse left to him by Wing 1's ghost.

So I regretted a lot. If only I hadn't fallen for that temptation and stayed in Artiya. I wish I had stayed by your side. Could I have been as stupid as I am now? 'No. If I did, I wouldn't have fallen like Haven Wing. I'm on the right track. I made the right choice. What's wrong is that the wrong thing is a world without filth!' He kept his mouth shut. My eyes sparkled wildly.

“I can't go back to the way I came. I'm willing to bet everything on this. I crossed a river that couldn't be turned back anyways. Let's think about it. It's just repeating the same thing. If there's anything different, I abandoned Artiya back then, and now I abandon Elohim.

'The problem is how to get to Barnes.' When I thought about it, I felt clear in my head. So naturally, a plan was drawn.

But there were crucial conditions for such a plan.

How are you going to convince her to look suspiciously in the eye?

Panhes is the adopted daughter of Aion, a person who emerges as the new ruler of the protogenic family. And he was losing the war with the Queen of Spring, and was also being talked about as the leading new successor to the position of three officers. Without her comfort, no plan would have been of any use.

So I've been thinking about it for a long time.

It was easy to do things in a way I had no idea.

“I look forward to seeing Aether.” A messenger who suddenly came at night.

He introduced himself as an errand boy from Barnes.

“The Master of Life, me?” “Yes. He said he wanted to be as invisible and one-on-one as possible.

The Aether narrows her eyes.

It was because he had never asked to face himself in person like this.

That's why I still have doubts. The messenger stood still as if he didn't know anything. You just have to hear the answer to your parents' decisions.

“Good. I'll see you around 1: 00 in the morning.” The messenger disappeared quietly like the wind with a greeting.

The Aether swept her head.

Trigger has already been pulled. He had nowhere else to turn.


They were great gods long ago, but fell into the abyss by losing their divinity. As the years passed, the blood faded, and even the transcendence was lost.

But they were still ruling as important forces within Elohim. Being born with the blood of a martyr meant having such noble qualities and traits.

From that point on, Panes was the most outstanding member of the family.

Formed as the family tradition of the living, he naturally became the adopted daughter of the living family and co-chaired the two families.

And the newborn factor was the most sacred among the ancestors.

From the moment she was born, she grew up accepting the greetings and expectations of everyone.

In addition, she was also a leader of the protogenous people who had recently become an Ionian board member by striving to not disappoint the expectations of those around her, and demonstrating her outstanding insight and vision.

'That arrogant look doesn't make any sense at all. Damn bitch.' Aether insisted on wanting to frown at the meeting with Panes.

There were some girls who thought they were looking at those kind of eyes.

Summer queen, spring queen, and her dead brother Hamera. What they had in common was that they always looked down on their opponent.

And Aether always had to feel her heart stiffened when she encountered such women.

“I hear you found it.” But the Aether only curses at him from the inside, and does not give him the thumbs to grind. He always did. It was a time to be weak for the strong, strong for the weak, and good for Panes. First, you have to raise her suspicions before you can proceed with your plan.


As soon as she saw the nonverbal chunky report, Ider's head turned white.

“This is a {} • {} • {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} Evidence that you're conspiring with the Horseman. He had just become the ninth apostle who raised the ball diligently.” The report presented by Pannez marked the timing and progress of the encounter with the Horseman. It even details how you found out, and the details of the transaction.

Aether realizes that things are going wrong for a moment and tries to ambush Panes.

A skill that tightly compresses + light to slaughter opponents in the blink of an eye: Though it doesn't kill Panes, it is thought to be able to scar itself and escape in chaos.

But before the crowd exploded, two shadows fell from the sky and cut off his arms.

“Grrrgh!” Aether sits at sea sprinkled with blood. The two bundles of Paneth cut off the remaining two legs so Aether could not resist the other, and shoved the dagger deep into her body.

The Puck-Eater trembles in a reality that cannot develop witchcraft.

The blade that pierced his virtue was a weapon specially made for the Elohim horsemen.

Rule Breaker. If you put a sword full of neonatal blood on the top of the tree, the sacred line in the new blood will work and cut off the channeling leading to the thousand horses.

Of course, magic borrowing the power of the Heavenly Horse cannot work. As bishop, you lose all organs.

Panhes glances down at the Aether with cold eyes. Ider trembles in fear.

Even though I was resolved, I was still alive, which meant that I had little strength while coming and going with him and the horsemen. Seeing him frozen like this made me feel so pathetic.

“Aion was a precious father to me, even if it wasn't mixed with a drop of blood. But you were not enough to make his death meaningless, and now you were about to hand him over to the enemy, the entire clan, as well as the entire organization. Then, are you the master of the family?” “Shit! You know the month! You little whore who grew up favoring me all her life! Do you understand what it's like to be fingered and then stoned?” The Aether has cursed. I should have known in the beginning when Panhes was trying to find himself in secret. No way I was careless enough to summon this death. But even when I died, I wanted to say everything that was stored up in my heart.

“Is that all you have to say?” The Cold Panthes' tone.

Immediately, the Aether flashed. If he just wanted to ask for the price, would it have to be such a hassle? We could just arrest him right away or kill him.

But Paneth's family could only overwhelm him, and nothing else.

There is something.

That's what I thought. Then the desire to live came first. He still had a lot to do.

“Sa, sa, save me!” Why should I spare your life? You are my father's enemy. ”“ Oh, I didn't kill Aion! I was chased away by the Summer Queen, and I barely escaped! It was the Summer Queen and the King who made Aion like that! I was in the middle of it! So save me! Oh, no, please! Whatever it was, it was no longer time to cover the water fire. If I could live, I could really sell my soul.

Paneth's eyes are cold. I was ashamed that he was a family like this.

But I heard what I wanted to hear.

She jabbers at the clan that was conquering the Aether: The clan nods and pulls the cost price out of the subspace and fills Aether's neck.

Along with the sound of the locks, a solid iron necklace rests around Aether's neck.

“Yi, this is • •“ Gingo. ”Wtf, wtf, wtf. A long, long time ago, the only restraining place in the heavenly realm that bound the heavenly host. Because of the subjugation of spirituality and Margie, gods and demons were also the next item to be inserted.

How did Barnes get his hands on something so precious? But Paneth laughs coldly as if his thoughts didn't matter.

“From now on, you will be my loyal subjects. Bark to bark, lean to crawl. And when you say die, die. It's the only way you can live here. What do you think?” Aether swallowed the drought. You look up at her with shaky eyes.

As soon as she hears the answer, she immediately kills him. After all, there was nothing the Aether could do.

“Ha, I'll do it.” His eyes narrow.

“Oh, my God, which dog speaks?” Aether realizes what Barnes is saying, and shakes her feet in a miraculous way. Then I opened my mouth and made the dog cry.

Huh. Now you're awake.

“Daughter" was the only thing he could do right now.

“Then I'll give the first order to the dogs. On your way to Dardardardaroth, be my guide again.” [The summoned target could not be found.] A message floating above the retina.

Yeon-woo stood tall for a long time and held on to the black bracelet.