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2. Tartaros (2)

Why? 'It was the first thought that came to my mind while I was standing still for a long time.

Yeon-woo couldn't understand. Summoning a lion was an option based on a clearly thoughtful artifact or memorable memory: an option in the Anifact that left a fearsome Black King, both a god and demons related to death.

Of course, the function was far more efficient than any other kind of divine and demonic power.

And yet.

You can't call him? 'Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. Both eyes glowed brightly. I couldn't do this. No, you shouldn't have done this.

“Summon lion!” [The summoned target could not be found.] “Summon lion! Summon" [No target found] "!” [The summoned target could not be found.] “Damn it! Summon Lion!” [I can't find the target you summoned.] [The summoned target could not be found.] Yeon, who was trying to keep as calm as possible, finally exploded.

“Come out! Come out!” [The summoned target could not be found.] “Come out!” But every time I think about it, I just can't find the target. Other further explanations have not been incorporated.

“Why? Why! Answer me}! Why!” Yeon squeezes the pocket watch tightly.

I stared at the despair of the king of vagrants and the silk with my furrowed eyes, and I looked up and heard.

There were still many lines of sight that followed him. Goddamn gazes. They only intervene when they need it, and they're silent when they don't.

“Answer me!” But no one answered Yeon-woo's question. The spirit of death and the devil could only keep watch over Yeon-woo with calm eyes, many countries to speak of.

No, they were scared. Ever since Azrael disappeared, they've only been watching over Yeon Woo, but now they're trying to get close to him.

Then I had to find someone else who could give me an answer.

“Harmesh! Athena! Answer me now! If you've been watching the Summer, you know the cost!" [Harmesh Silence] [Athena looks at you with sad eyes] “I will accept all your requests for apostles! So say something!” It was a condition that no demon and Hoshitham Dunne would ever want for Yeongwoo.

[God's society, 'Olympus is invading. [God's society, Asgard, is silent.]] [God's Society,' Aah 'is Silent] “Agares!” [Agarez claps his mouth.

Maintain silence.] “Damn!” It was frustrating for Yeongwoo. What's wrong? It's a relic. It's a memory.

Why won't it work? I thought you said that souls belonging to the afterlife can be summoned. Or...

Is he not in the afterlife? 'Suddenly, I had a sudden thought about my soft waist. Unknown anxiety flows through your spine.

• • • "Wait.” Nemesis suddenly appeared and called upon Yeongwoo with a worried face. He was also sufficiently embarrassed that he couldn't find his former owner. On the other hand, I tried to catch Yeon-woo's confused heart somehow. Even though it's hard for him.

However, Yeon-woo reached out and cut off his horse's waist. I had an idea. I didn't want to be interrupted.

'When all conditions are met, there are only two cases when a lion can not be summoned.

One thing is if the subject is alive.

But it was dismissed. He was the one who collected his brother's body and cremated it and sprinkled it directly on the sea in front of the Great Belt. At that time, my despair and grief were still so desperate in my heart that I couldn't forget it.

'One thing left was like Venter Crab 0' Bentique was crushed to death by Poseidon's compulsory determination. In this case, the soul disappeared, so there was nothing to go to.

Then, would he have done the same? However, Yeon shakes her head. There were no such implications in the last part of the diary.

So I'm looking for a bunch of 0/diaries here. If you put the 0/diary, if you believe that the port will be here at any time and the state will come here, you will bring it to me/mom/day/safe by 7.

I'm just waiting for him to come back someday, and that's even more absurd if that's my assumption that Calatus sent Jungwoo to Earth.

Moreover, Agarez couldn't have remained so obsessed.

If it had been four months, it would have already been done.

Then what the hell is it? 'Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] As the characteristic kicked in, the complex rhythm began to sink. Then I could see she was blinded by her excitement.

No, there's one more thing. Her eyes sparkled.

'If the soul of Jungwoo is in the hands of any transcendent or immortal.' if you're being held in an unknown location.

'God and the Devil's Apostle don't usually go to the afterlife after death.' An apostle who served the god of Asgard will die and ascend to Valhalla. The Apostle who followed the god of Olympus goes to Elision, and the Apostle who followed Le Infernal becomes a member of the devil and guards his side.

In other words, we do not enter the afterlife because there is a predetermined order of the world. It was because I didn't have to dream of a new transfer student.

And that's what Yeon-woo near said. His dead souls do not go to the afterlife, they are haunted by ghosts and detained in the collection.

If he's anything like that. So if you can't go to the afterlife or if you're detained, then you have to find it somehow.

There is fire poop in the eyes of Yeongwoo. He had to close his eyes swimming in all kinds of betrayal, pain, and despair in his entire life. But you can't find peace even after you die? This was never going to happen: 'We have to get up to the 50th floor quickly.

Maybe Calatus knows the cost.

Yeon-woo desperately wished so.

After a while.

Yeon-woo cleared her mind again.

'But if we don't find any clues there, That's a problem, too.

Ultimately, there was only one way Yeon-woo could take it right now.

'Look for clues.' Of course, finding clues about my brother in the absence of any implications was harder than finding a needle in the sand.

But it's not like there's no other way.

"If you can't find it, you have to find it.

There was also a good way for Yeon-woo.

'I had to find a clue to the king of vagrancy anyway. I have to go, even if it's dangerous.

Yeongwoo suddenly shined her eyes and pulled an object out of the space. It was a glowing Jade Mirror.

[Frisian Jade Palace]. General Goods Class: A Description: Mystery Merchant Secret Union 'by the table. You can send or receive a doctor from a particular subject by blowing the robe. However, it cannot be used in scheduled locations.

I handed it over to the Prezia at the Buy The Table before it went down. A communication box I used to take out whenever I needed to. Yeongwoo breathed her tunic into this.

The acoustic - and the acorn begins to float a tiny hologram in the air with bright and crowded beads. The particles were shaken around like noise, and immediately had the shape of a person.

Oh, my God! I don't know what this is • Oh, my God! Look who it is.

No, you are not my most beloved guest! I don't know if I've ever been dead or alive, but suddenly, what brings the fire to this ugly body? "Artran was surprised when the connection between Yeon-woo and the communication sphere was suddenly made, and immediately rubbed his palms with a good smile. But the words out of my mouth were full of sarcasm.

It was a complaint that I had never looked for a direct sponsorship contract with the Buy The Table for more than a year.

The contract with Presia was an active support for the new Glenn that Yeouido was about to make. Then Atran was hired as the person in charge of this, and suddenly rose to the highest ranks within the mystery merchant. It was due to the high self-esteem of Bai The Dave.

And Artran has been doing his job well.

It was proof that there had never been any noise in the space where wealth and Abraham were being built.

But on the one hand, Artran was bored to death. He was not the type to sit idly and watch work.

I've always enjoyed the thrill of running across the front lines. I was a little sore because of this simple work.

If you're a monopoly, you're supposed to be an accident, a riot, a plague! But why haven't you called me? 'Artran noticed that he wanted to make a sound like that. He had been in the room for a while, but he had heard about Yeonwu Triton's past life. Bentice, Poseidon's defeat.

However, he soon realized that Yeon-woo's eyes were not unusual and shut up.

But I remember the joy in my heart: I don't know what touched Yeon-woo. It looks like something big is about to happen that can't even be compared to Triton's Saurel.

'Maybe something similar is going to happen to the summer queen.' Chaos is a great time to make big money. Atran tongue-tied his dry lips.

Tell me. Do you need anything at all? “I want you to investigate.

What? “The Three Cyclops.” Artran laughed for a moment. He was an informant of the answer, but it was because he had never heard of the Cyclops or players. Then I remembered something else and opened my eyes wide.

If you are a Cyclops trio, tell the smith who gave armor to Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades who wanted to make a life with the Titans in Olympus mythology 1.- “That's right. We need information about them." Artran keeps his mouth shut. Then I frowned.

"Even if our Buy The Table is a long-lasting combination of history and tradition, the power to know the traces of ancient mythology," could three Aldabao Gold Ingots do it? ”Artran bows with his head touching the ground.

200 years ago, I heard the three Cyclops headed for the Temple of Persephone. If you start asking questions from there, you might be able to find it quickly. ” Even such very good information! You're a customer!" And I ask for information about Hades, if possible. ”To some extent Hades' information“ was just recently known. Other than mythology, have you recently sent an apostle or witnessed a message? That's enough to say, "Artran's worrying face turns pale. As a player unable to climb the 98th floor, it is difficult to gather God-related information, but that's enough to gather with the Vider Table's network of information.

“And the sooner I bring you the news, the better the bonus.” I'll be back as soon as I can! Do we have to keep our loved and respected customers waiting? "Artran ended the hologram with the words. I wanted to earn even more.

Yeon thought as she quietly retrieved the palace of Fregia.

'If it is true that the three Cyclops, precisely their apostle, has moved to Hidden Stage on the 30th floor. We better find them quick.

All the gods and demons were whispering about the King of the Seven. Only three Cyclops explained the Black Bracelet and the shackles.

And if we can use this information to determine the identity of the king of vagrants, or if we can find out the details of despair and the use of silk,

No, if only I could find Hades' reliquary, ears, and get all the framesets for the King of Questions.

So the power of the King of the Seven Hundreds, if only death could be more profound.

'We may be able to find some clues about Jungwoo.' In the end, the power of the king of queries must be taken over.

Yeonwoo sat there quietly, waiting for Artran to return.