Second Life Ranker

3. Tartarus (3)

What kind of sources of information are you? I didn't expect our union to miss anything. Ashes with a lot of faces.

I asked her with a faint voice.

“See what you can find out?” Of course I've learned a lot.

However, it was difficult to consolidate all the remaining parts into one piece. But now that I've made it, it looks like a drawing. We've got some good intel.

Artran realizes the value of this piece of information and bursts into laughter.

Yeongwoo looks at it quietly and puts two more on top of the three Aldabao gold ingots that she had taken out.

“Two more in exchange for secrecy.” I love you, sir! Atran bows.

If it weren't for the hologram, I'd be able to grab Yeon-woo right now and kiss her on the back of her foot.

Yeon said, shaking her head.

“Let's start with the three Cyclops.” You said that 200 years ago, the three Girlops would have headed for the Temple of Persephone. Yeon-woo nodded.

A 192 cup, to be exact. And there are three apostles from the Cyclops. "Although the three Cyclops were of low proportion in mythology, they were, in fact, God raised as the third offspring of Uranos Wagya.

A creature that was raised by the heavens and the earth combined. Although he had an ugly, short-sighted molar bone, Hafistos was known to be capable of handling iron.

"They visited the Temple of Persephone, and it was in the official guest book. You know the Hidden Stage on the 30th floor, right?" Yeon-woo nodded. I couldn't tell.

The 30th floor needs to be poisoned. Ö/end. However, from here to the high ground, there were two main routes//.

Ö/The Electronic Convenience Portal was not a mid-term, but a mid-term or mid-term friendly. Goroyi, such as Hidden Stage on the 30th floor, was a 'runner up' test to get a deeper understanding of his performance in the 20th floor.

Of course, there were no penalties, even if you did not yell because it was an additional test.

'But after the Hidden Stage, we'll have more public space. It'll be self-training. That's where the real afterlife is.

Integrated stages from the 27th floor to the 30th floor provide a motif for the afterlife. No, precisely 'the road to the afterlife is based on a motive.

The Hidden Stage, however, keeps the real afterlife intact.

There is a court to judge the dead, followed by ten gates to punish the dead.

The Gateway to Heat has been established/5/poisoned to the point that each one is hell. Among the adults, they often like to admire the fact that they have passed through to Yida, #/and whether they have obtained friendship and friendship there,/{after all.

Let's do it together. But 27 floorse//⁄ 31932; 7 Like plums/suffering, Hadden's 5//Ö/⁄/fleeing pilgrims on the 30th floor 9//I was no better than four blessings.

If the climb on the 21st floor was perfect for performing sensation and excess, the Hidden Stage on the 30th floor was very good for harmonizing mental strength and attributes.

The way in was simple: 'You will find Persephone's temple at the very end of the 30th floor stage. Persephone's temple was the entrance and guidance of the roundabout stage.

Anyway, the apostles of the three Cyclops asked to enter ten gates, and they suddenly hid their tracks around the sixth gate. Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

“Hide the trail?” Yes. Literally missing. But since so many players are dying at one gate, the Bureau seemed to think it was one of them. By the way, "Atran stopped speaking.

It's as if I've found something funny that I can't easily tell you.

Instead of answering, Yeongwoo picked up the Altabao Gold Ingot and shook it. Artran grumbles, pouting his lips.

It is said that there was a last contact with three of them before they disappeared. And the youngest Arges said, as he passed by when he was a little drunk, -Hades called us.

Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

Hades is calling? "What's this sudden, fat talk again? So I did some deep research on Hades, as you said separately from 7. However, there has been almost no record of Hades in the last hundred years. It was mostly players who didn't pay attention to the asteroid stream, who had hardly had any clergy in the last thousand years." Artran's eyes sparkled sharply.

You know the cost, right? Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

“Are you curious?” Wouldn't you lie if you weren't curious? It's a rare event of the gods in the summer, isn't it? They're the ones who always look this way, because you can't look that way. Yeon threw the five Aldabao gold ingots that had been placed on the floor towards the hologram.

[We provided the 'Aldabao Gold Ingot x5' in exchange for the transaction on the 'Buy The Table'.] “Separately interfering with players is a bad habit.” I know I'm not going to tell you anyway. “Anything else related to Hades, then?” I hid my tracks before the three Cyclops. This is the message. There's nothing here. I can't find it. It seems to have disappeared. The only record I have left is the one I just told you about, and that's the message. "Hades called us. That the apostles of the three Cyclops left behind. That was all Hades had to do with it, which meant Hades was hiding himself more deeply than Yeon thought.

Despite the multiple death gods and demons marking the doctor, Hades himself was silent. While Astrafi 1 and Triana were taken from them by the Dark Lord's mold. 'Yeon instinctively thought that there would be some connection between the three apostles of Giggles who disappeared before ₩ 1921 and Hades' silence.

'I should find the three Cyclops first, too.' Yeongwoo checked her condition: After the transformation, the new factor was also a good match for her body. As she absorbed the Summer Queen's soul, a vast increase in talent was spurring rapid growth.

“Then let me ask you one last question.” What? “The Faith of Hades is in your ears. Do you have a visual?” Artran shakes his head.

"Since we didn't have an apostle, we can hardly go down to the stream. Yeon said she knew, nodding, and quietly retrieved the palace of Frezia.

I had a lot of work to do again.

Yeon finished all the theories and left the cave. Living in the shadows as if he had been on sentry duty for a long time, Niche came out happy instead.

Nike's 30 floors of air seemed to dissatisfy, "I dream about the air so much." Apparently, the world of the dead didn't fit very well.

Yeongwoo strokes her head quietly and moves north, noticing a faint drop of shadow this way.

Yeongwoo and Niche's head turns to the log on their own. A gigantic Wyvern covers the ocean from above. Soon, Groitz settled quietly in Wyvern.

“Cain!” Groitz falls from a fairly high height, wearing heavy armor, but looks fine.

“How are you feeling? Are you hurt?” Kreutz checks his opponent, swirling around the stream like he's taking care of himself.

After the duel, Kreutz spent a long time scouring 30 floors of broad stages to find Yeongwoo. As a precious friend of the commander of the regiment, I was filled with fury, wondering if there were any injuries.

Yeon-woo wipes Kreutz's annoying hand aside.

“It's okay, stop it.

“I'm glad you said you were okay. However, there may be something wrong in the unseen place, so I just sat back and relax, and called for a senator or a eunuch. Yeon-ju no longer bothered to answer, and spread her wings of iniquity, spreading her wings and spreading them around. At that moment, Kreutz said," Oh, "and quickly climbed back onto the non-dragon and backed up behind Yeon-woo.

Who the hell is the commander of this regiment to be so loyal? 'Yeon thought as she watched the shadow of the Wyvern follow from afar.

What is the true identity of the Fantasy Captain that can elicit such high fidelity? Yeongwoo continues to move south, with the map she received from Artran to the Vadang. After three days of shrimping, I was able to reach the edge of the stage one day.

The south boasted a very hot heat. The ocean is teeming with forests and swamps all over the land, making it difficult to move around.

Persephone's Temple? Are you heading to Hidden Stage? ”It was a mess on Groitz's face. He was already a ranker who broke through the 50th floor, so he was familiar with the Hidden Stage on the 30th floor.

A place of difficulty and hardship that even a ranker can't guarantee when he enters again through all the gates.

This was a difficult place for Yeonwoo, the first challenge.

And the pits Groitz had observed were most likely never to leave the 30th floor until they had cleared all the gates.

I want to let Yeon-woo and the battalion commander meet him as soon as possible. It was a total turn-on.

Even so, we can't beat Yeon Woo's butt and force her to go. I had to convince him somehow.


Whenever she drew it, she was consistent with ignorance. If you're going to interfere, try. You quietly cross the swamp and head for the Temple of Persephone.

Kreutz sighs, saying, "Get lost."

After he decided to follow behind him, even with immigration, he seemed to have to follow the kite to Hidden Stage.

On the other hand, even though they had just had a fierce workshop with the Ventige, it seemed odd that Yeonsei threw herself into a new adversity without rest.

'That is why it is called the best of the six sanctums • • Now that BeneIke is dead, it would be right to call it the Five. But what was really, really great.

And this time, Yeon-woo insisted that she should step forward if she was in danger.

As I read his mind, Julpicar, who was angry on his back, cried for a long time.

The rain brought such a troublesome companion that he could suddenly find a cabin at the end of the swamp.

A little cabin that looks like a hunter's resting place.

A long vine coiled along the wall caught my attention. Vines were sprinkled with a variety of beautiful 1 'Heart: ❯ aromas that were aromatic.

On the other hand, I felt awkward.

This is the Temple of the Pycelles.

There is a shrine of Goddess Hades to rule the afterlife as a couple.

Suddenly, the door of the hut opened, and a priest dressed in green robes walked out quietly. Emerald hair down to the shoulders is impressive.

“You've come to visit me from your traveler. Waiting." Kreutz widens his eyes.

It was because they knew who the priest had greeted them at once. Body of the Recording Yin. He was Pycelle's nephrologist.

Usually, those who lead to Hidden Stage were Nazis, but the apostle rarely reflected like this. Besides, Bodhi said he was waiting for them.

However, Yeon-woo nodded her head as if it were natural.

The fact that he conflicted with Poseidon and will find Hades is something that any god of Olympus can know. It was because he thought that Fercelle would react in some way.

“Then follow me this way.

He's waiting inside to greet Cain in person. ”