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4. Tartarus (4)

“Persephone himself?” It opened its eyes slightly as if it were a surprise. I thought Persephone would find herself, but I only expected her to be strong enough to leave a message or care more. But you wanted to meet in person.

Just as I met Lord Urd on the 16th floor, this is also a sanctuary, Percy, so it was temporarily possible.

Body nods quietly, without saying anything else.

Yeon said she knew and followed after Bodhi. Groitz tries to follow Yeon-woo, fixing his temper, but Bodhi reaches out and stops him.

“The one whom God has asked to see in person is Cain. Please wait outside for a moment. And this is Persephone's territory. As a sign of respect to the Goddess, why don't you put down the terrible weapon that can harm others for a moment?” “I'm sorry. Without warning, Socrates, along with a short apple, unwrapped Julpicar, gently kissed the central jewel and quietly put it to the ground.

Bodhi received a short apology for nodding his head, and turned to Yeon-woo again.

“Come with me.” Yeon follows her body into the hut.

Inside, it was no different from what it looked like on the outside. The leather was on the desk while tanning, and there were many different hunting tools on the wall.

This place really feels like a temple. The seven waters that reminded me of God were bronze furnaces set up on one side and a mountain pass that worshiped the god Persephone.

Then Yeon-woo hears Rebecca's silent soliloquy as she follows her. Think back to the days of being a hunter and a monk?

My voice was filled with longing.

“It's a lot different from the inside of the temple you usually know. Please understand if it looks corny. I also received an urgent call from God, so I had no time to organize.” Body smiles slightly at the mouth as he looks around inside.

It was a different impression than when I dealt with Kreutz.

“I'm surprised I've never seen you manage a game in God's sanctuary.” “It's certainly not a common sight. Killing within the temple is rare, not sacrificial. But Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, the god of earth and grain, the wife of Hades, the god of fame and death. Land is a place where life and death recur through the seasons. As long as death takes place in the place of God, such death brings the living back to life. And the living give birth to a new one, and then, over time, they become dead.” On a vast earth, life and death are just repetitive cycles, not blasphemous. Body was able to touch the hide of a tanned animal with his fingertips.

A sudden, realistic message. Yeongwoo thought it might be a major religious doctrine serving Persephone. It was also a message sent through the body before meeting Persephone Negashin.

Life and death are just cycles. What does this sentence mean for Yeon-woo to begin to deal with the power of death and pursue it?

“This is it.” Bodhi walks you through a doorway to the backyard. The building was ashes in a flower bed with all sorts of flowers. It looks like a little shrine.

“Take off your shoes and open the flowerpot with all your weapons down. Yes.” Bodhi bows and disappears back into the hut. The lump on the flowerpot alone takes off the shoes and quietly crosses the flowerpot as long as the rest of the guard is jealous.

I felt a soft touch of soil.

I felt so soft and fluffy. The sensitive sensation of the dinosaur makes you feel the other side as well.

Particles of fine soil, moist moisture, writhing worms and worms, seeds to bud, soft grass and petals, fragrant flower smells, soil emissions.

Everything the flowerpot had was being delivered to Yeongwoo. I felt like my life in here was coming together.

It was only a short time to cross the flowerpot, but she could see what she was trying to tell him.

And when Bodhi opened the shrine door wide.

Shoot - fresh spring breeze hits you.

Soft dirt and fragrant flowers, mixed with refreshing fruity aromas. I felt better myself just by being right.

Beyond the shrine was a strange world.

A large garden was opened.

The sky was high and blue, where the grass gently fluttered. Especially the wind was so warm and refreshing.

A space completely separate from the outside world. It was the real sanctuary God used to sometimes come down the stream.

On the one hand, it was also a difficult place to think that the mistress of the dead lived. Usually when I think of Hades and Persephone's images, I would look arrogantly at the dark dark and red sulfur streams and judge their prices.

“What are you staring at? Please don't come inside.” And, in the center of the garden, a woman stood up and looked up at the sky. Then I turned my gaze to this side while cleaning the hat I was wearing on my head.

Persephone laughed beautifully. Unlike the myth that Hades burned against the first eye, it was not a pretty face. But 'it seemed to fit too well with the expression of beauty: A fresh smile was comforting my heart.

Of course, there was no such thing as the Desrgercells that would emit overwhelming pressure to gain respect and reverence from Filmulza.

If I didn't think he was a god, I would have just considered him an ordinary player.


'Trivial' Persones were not unfamiliar for some reason. It was like I was happy to meet my old friend. Maybe it's the aftermath of the King's power to deal with death.

“Nice to meet you.” Yeongwoo bows her head as she enters the Sanctuary. He's blunt, but polite.

Percy's eyes widen as if surprised, and soon he smiled brightly.

“Yes. Nice to meet you. You're no different from what you've heard from Athena and Hermes from time to time. As a matter of fact, I'd like to meet you. I didn't expect to see you like this.” Persephone is classified as a high status status because she has a daughter of Demeder and the wife of Hades, even though she did not enter the twelve weeks reigning in Olympus.

He frequently interacted with the same generation, Athena and Harmesh.

“Why don't you come over here and have a seat?” Persephone waves her hand gently into thin air. A small table, chair, and tea set were set up in the middle of the garden. It looked like a picnic was better.

As Yeon-woo approached the table, the chair came out by itself.

He could not sit there.

Yeon-woo had a strange situation like this. It was too different from the gods I had met. Urd or Poseidon had nothing to say, and Hermes and Athena did not lose their favor to him.

The distance between the transcendent and the mortal was fearful.

But the Pycelles didn't feel that at all. While enjoying the conversation, the wavelengths approached disparately.

And the Pycelles smiled as if they knew the heart of such a fellowship. It was also a glamorous smile that could easily beat the heart. She carefully began to tidy up her tea cups in Yeongwoo's place.

“There's no need to be so weird. No matter how divine a person may be, he or she may be different in his or her own way, or in his or her own way. This is the only thing I'm looking for. Immortals, mortals. Not the gods, not the humans. It's just an equivalent object with the same soul anyway. If there's a difference, it doesn't happen early. It doesn't mean that God doesn't die.” It was also a strange message. God and man are the same. What would the other gods or demons say if they heard this?

'Unlike other gods.' Yeon-woo felt a little favorable towards the Percellés. I didn't think it would look like this. New girl, she doesn't have to draw at all.

No, gods and demons who pursue divinity should never tell lies. He always had to be honest with himself in order to be the thinker he had lived with and the person he ruled.

And after understanding her, her actions, which were awkward, became gradually understood. The words of respect and decency that my sister wrote meant that I really respected him as an object.

Yeongwoo sits quietly across from the Percellés. Equal eye height was hit.

Percellé smiled again, tilting his teapot and pouring it into a cup of green tea. I also pulled out a couple of sweets on the other side of the table.

“It's a cauliflower that brings flowers from here. Maybe it'll go well with tea. Try it." She took off her mask, picked up the chipmunk as she had given her, and slashed her mouth. My eyes grew big on their own. It was sweet, yet refreshing. My mind felt clearer as I opened my mouth. The luscious taste teased my tongue as much as I wanted.

Tea was also gently soothed on my lips.

It calms the tip of the tongue that remained sweet and brings clarity. From the neck to the stomach along the esophagus. And the vitality spread throughout the body.

I felt like my soul was floating a little. The Wise Man's Stone cries out as if it were joyful.

Yeon-woo seemed to know what tea and sweets she drank from.

Nectaro 'A drink that the gods of Olympus like to drink. It was a new medicine to bring you immortality. Of course, Yeon-woo drank the real nectar, but it was still a very thankful elixir for Yeon-woo. As the divine factor has already responded, the gravity of the power within the magical power is increasing.

“How many more of these confectioners can you get?” Persephone smiles.

“Is it because of the dragon Anantara?” I thought I read some of his thoughts, too, because it is the sanctuary of Persephone.

Yeon-woo doesn't want to hide the truth, so she nods.

I thought a new medicine for the gods of Olympus might be helpful for Ananda who is overly ill.

“If that's the case, fine. I'll ask Bodhi to put and plow dogs on the way.” “Thank you.” Anantara came to the point with a hand gesture as if it were nothing.

“They say they're looking for three Cyclops.” Persephone refilled the tea cup of salmon, "he said. Yeon nods quietly.

“Yes, it is.” “May I ask why? I've been seeing # # # in the system here for a while, but I still want to hear their thoughts.” “I'm looking for Guinness, to be exact.” “Are you talking about his helmet?" To the Guinness. A helmet Hades packed in Titanomagua to fool Gronos. It was said to conceal the spirit and traces just by using it, and to incinerate the spirit.

“Do you have it?” Persephone shakes her head. A fresh smile turned to bitterness. As her emotions changed, the spring breeze was gradually turning into a cold breeze.

“He loves me, and I love him too. But we each have our own privacy areas that we keep secret from each other. He hates touching his stuff more than anything in the world. And now that he's gone, we don't know where else to go.” He didn't have an apostle very well. That's what Percy added.

Yeon-woo's eyes widened.

“Don't you know where your husband is?” Ever since I said that something happened in Dardardaroth and I was going away for a while, I still haven't come back. ”Tartarus? 'Tartarus was the lowest level of the Hades' ruling basin. No, it's better to call it prison than the afterlife.

It was a holding place for the Titans - including those who fought against Olympus - and once inside it was a place not known to all gods and demons.

But what happened there, and Hades went there and disappeared? 'The three Cyclops were called by Hades and disappeared through the Gateway. Izzie's front gate to Tartaros, was it over ten gates?' Yeon-woo seemed to be drawing a picture in her head somewhat. Something has happened to Tartarus, and Hades has summoned the Cyclops three to stop it. And it's all gone.

I mean, eventually.

'I have to go to Tartarus.' He desperately needed the power of the Black King, so he had to somehow find out where Hades was.

“I tried my best to find him at Olympus, but I couldn't find anything.” In fact, there would have been limits to the gods of Olympus. Tartaros is the domain of Hades.

No, it's a sanctuary. God and demons had no choice but to intervene in someone else's sanctuary.

He said, "That's for your own good, so let me cut to the chase. I need you to help me find him.” “I'm just a human being.

“I'm also a proxy for death.” Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled.

“Do you know anything about the King of the Hummingbirds?” “You never know. The gods and demons that make death a god, they all know him. That's where all their power comes from. Me and Hades are going to have a little chat. I can't get away from him.

“Then who is the King of the Hummingbirds? • • The Pycelles shook their heads, smiling bitterly.

“I'm sorry. Things related to him are tied to the Stix Treaty, and they're never allowed to reveal anything. I can't even put my name in my mouth.” Persephone asked one of the sweets. A small bite of gum remains on the snack.

“But I can tell you one thing. My mother's generation said," I'm very afraid of him. But the next generation, Harmesh and Athena, rather want to break the Stix pact.

And that goes for me, too. I can help you, too. Even support, if you want. Instead. Help me find him. ”A few tears followed the beautiful eyes of Percellé.

• You are not eligible to cross over to Tartaros. But I think it's possible for # # #, who is both mortal and near-death. # # # is destined to follow. ”Yeon-woo kept her mouth shut.

“If he's dead, I want to know about him. I just want to see him. So help me.” Yeon-woo nods.

“I understand.” He was going to find Hades anyway. It didn't make a difference if Percy's request was added here. Problem is, even the gods of Olympus can cross Dardardardardaroth on their own.

'First things first, the gate.' It was then.

Tyring- [Sudden Quest (Persignet's long-awaited wish) will be created.] [Limited to quests, Perkins' Blessing is added.] [Limited to quests, it adds the origin of Persephone.] [Limited to quests, Perkins' favor will be added.] She slowly got up from her seat as she watched the message rise in turn. Apparently, Persephone wanted to meet him in person for this request.

And on the other hand, I learned one more thing. The fact that even within Olympus, Zeus' generation does not have drawings of Harmesh and Athena, as long as they do not admire themselves. And the oath of the Stix is holding them back.

“Thank you.” Yeon tries to leave the Sanctuary, listening to Persephone's gratitude.

Then, I suddenly asked the Percellés a question, as if I had suddenly remembered the cost price.

“I have a question for you.” “Yes. Say +” “Do you know where my brother's soul is? I heard you're not tied to the afterlife.” I feel sorry for Percy.

“I'm sorry. I'm handling the manifest for him, but I don't know everything." But as # # # requested, I'll find out for myself. The soul of Midnight Friend has become a great interest to us. ”“ Thank you. ”Yeon-woo left Sanctuary after saying goodbye.

Body awaits outside Sanctuary.

“Did God deliver you well?” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

Body smiled slightly.

“Since you disappeared from Hades, you've been lonely a lot again.

Recently, Demeter, my mother, heard that she's sick, so she doesn't feel sick in her heart. I'm glad you've had a chance to feel at peace with Lord Cain. ”Bodhi sighs in relief and takes Yeonwoo back to Kreutz.

The whole time I followed.

Yeongwoo's eyes sank deeper.

When I brought up the story about my brother, I could still see the look on Fercelle's face for a moment. The shivering eyes. It was a look of guilt and sadness.

It was just a moment, but I never missed it.

'I knew the cost price.' At that moment.

Bangr-suddenly, the clock in my arms began to spin rapidly.



I heard a voice that was ripe during the day.