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5. Tartarus (5)

“Jungwoo?” Yeon-woo quickly looks around, raising her head.

“What's the matter?” Bodhi looks at you in surprise.

Suddenly, he was surprised by the surprise of the pond instead of walking well.

However, Yeon-woo had no interest in Bodhi at all, and CE's eyes were fluttering.


His voice thumped his heart. Bang, bang. I couldn't stop. Blood spurted fast.

Yeon-woo wandered around everywhere. Like someone who's looking for something.

My eyes were shaking too much. The gritty spirit of Yeongwoo has been conveyed to both Death Nobles.

What are you talking about, master? Why are you looking for wings all of a sudden? Why are you suddenly doing this? "An unthinkable reaction.

Under the mask, the day of Yeongwoo was stiff.

You didn't hear that? 'Month? "Rather, the question was revealed by Sanon. I wasn't lying.

They were saying that they really don't know.

Yeon holds her head up.

Rebecca's face is revealed as the air creaks. She shakes her head to the left and to the right. It meant I had no idea.

Yeongwoo urgently took out her watch from her arms.

The crowd clock, which had just been so noisy, calmed down again, and the clock stopped at 'XII'.

Everything felt like a lie.

Alternative • • • Yeon-woo was so dominant for a long time that she had to stand.

• • • • Then take good care of it. Your family's future depends on it, Panes. ”I will return as a god.“ ”Yes, I'm relieved to have you. Aion wouldn't have to worry until the end.” The old hand grabs Barnes on the shoulder. With the elders' encouragement, Barnes' eyes were shining brighter than ever.

The trust is down.

It's been useless for a long time, but it's still the temple of the ancestors who took care of it because they were foolish. and a short trust that is not wired.

- Go down into the darkness. There will be a way back for you.

The protogenous people were originally gods. The mighty god who opened the Great Canyon. But as time went on, their forces began to recede, and were soon replaced by the gods of Olympus and fell into the stream.

Those who lost their power for eternity continued to give birth to children, leaving behind the family name and tradition. Looking forward to the day when we will return to the kingdom of heaven.

It was also a great pillar to erect the Elohist, but it was not disgusting.

However, for the first time in thousands of years, the Soviet Union responded. In the meantime, the gods of Olympus, who had sought out the protogenous people only when they chose the apostles, showed their first will.

It was also endowed with the trusts of Hera, Demeter, and Hasegawa, the Four Lords of Poseidon.

Of course, the Protogenous have no choice but to panic. They interpreted the deep darkness as tartartarus.

And he invested his family's power to build an expedition. Elohim also had to bear considerable power expenditure in the process.

If it fails, the clan was a massive expedition that could sink into the organization.

None of them rated it.

Four instead of four. And above all, the owner of the expedition was Panes. A child blessed with the blood of two families. She always did not know failure.

So throughout the journey of the expedition, solid trust was instilled in the eyes of the elders who saw Barnes.

• • • Shit. Inspirers who know nothing. 'Aether looked at such a pantheon from afar with a dazzling look.

When, in fact, he had dreamed of such a sight.

Abiji, who was an outstanding Great Warrior of the clan, was always blessed by the elders of the clan, kissed the back of the foot by the Praetor, and received absolute support and praise from the members of the Senate.

And he would hold onto his brother Hamera's 2012; and he would walk out of the refinement door and look behind him.

For Aether, he was everything in the world.

It was an object of respect, someone I wanted to catch up with. If someone asked him what his future hope was, he would say, "When will I ever get better?"

However, the father thoroughly trampled the wind of his son.

I didn't know what happened.

However, it was known that Abigail had lost a great defeat and had renounced the faith of her clan and organization.

The family collapsed overnight. Everyone who was kind turned their backs, and was ravaged by their clans. Hamera was able to dream of eternal life by illuminating his family before, but Aether had to pay the price for whatever his father had done. His childhood dream of becoming a hero of his clan and organization was shattered: He left his answer unchecked, stigmatized, with nothing in hand and a mark on the heir of the traitor family.

When a child who lived only as a noble for a lifetime becomes a beggar, it becomes one of the two. Crazy or biting his teeth. The Aether was the latter.

You grip the hungry stomach and grip your teeth while digging through the trash.

I will avenge you one day. I will press Abigail's failure and return the gold to her clan and organization.


'Reality is an understatement.' Aether looked down at his regenerated limb. I was able to recover somehow thanks to the super-renewal power of the neonatal blood. The pain that the limb was cut off after being crushed by Paneth still doesn't seem to go away.

What did she think when she saw herself as a nobleman, or as a royal, all her life? I guess I thought it was the bloodline.

Or did it just feel as disgusting as looking at dirt?

It was unknown.

Aether looks back up at Panes. The blessing of the elders was almost over.

I thought about what it would be like if he was there. I never imagined what it would feel like to have never done that.

It wasn't like it wasn't there at all.

It's Artie.

There was the first place I laid a hand on myself when I searched the trash.

I was crazy to think of it again. 'In order to return to the clan, the man I had sold as a colleague did not have the qualifications to talk about. Already he was a traitor and a renewed organization.

'I didn't want to be a bat, either.' While the Aether bites it.

Paneth returns to a expressionless face, her shoulders shrugged, as if clearing away dirt. It was where the elders were beaten with their fists full of dark mushrooms.

Aether looked at it as a gilded oyster. I knew the walls were strong, but I didn't think the elders of the clan would see it that way.

“2" Do you have any? ”“ Oh, no: ”She turns to look at what's going on, and Aether turns her head to the side, her back bent. As expected, this crazy bitch's eyes did not have a thumb to look at.

“Then let's get going. It's urgent.” Farnes will freeze to death. The expedition begins to move as the crew is busy. None of them cared about Aether, who was just a 'dog'.

The Aether bites at the disgraceful feeling.

'Somehow • • • he grabbed a piece of the female staff hidden in his pocket, Jiyoung, Jiaying-so began the expedition journey.

I think this is meaningless. "Sanon and Ghost's voice resounded in my mind. I was told to stop fooling around.

Yeongwoo nods quietly and squats helplessly on the nearby rock. In case you were wondering, the monsters scattered around came back into the shadow helplessly. I tried to find traces of my brother somehow, but I couldn't find anything.

Bodhi and Groitz stared at that alliance with unknown eyes.

For those who did not know the situation of Yeon Woo, his actions were regarded only as a march.

However, Yeon-woo ignored their gaze and took out the clock again.

'Obviously, I never misheard you.

Contrary to Sanon's and Han's opinions, as time went by, he was gaining confidence in the first civilized hearing.

The clock was the proof.

The clock was shaking a little from the beginning, but the wiggle was a little bigger after the sound of his voice. It was a small difference, but the dragon's eye could not be deceived.

Then, there is a combination of assumptions in mind.

'The summoning must have failed. I can't find a candidate. But...

Yeongwoo's eyes glowed.

What if the skill didn't fail? All the options within the framework of the Black King are of such a prestigious level.

Power is a force that defies Bondi's laws and achieves miracles.

There was almost no chance of failure. Mostly, the representative of God and the devil released the power of existence into the stream, according to the discipline called 'guile.'

It was a power to summon a lion that defied the laws of the afterlife and forced its subjects.

We don't fail unless it's really a big deal.

So Yeon-woo assumed that the summoning of the lion did not fail, so it may have been affected by the power even if the summoning itself failed because her soul was not tied to the afterlife.

'Then you may have a temporary connection as you enter the sanctuary of the Pycelles.' The Goddess of the Underworld. Of course, her sanctuary was filled with the energy of death, so it was a place where the power of the Crucible King shined more clearly than anywhere else. Because of this, the influence on his soul was most likely to be expressed.

If that were the case. His epileptic voice might have been passed down only to him.

Of course, these are all assumptions made by Yeon-woo.

Maybe it wasn't the truth.

However, Yeon-woo felt confident enough to be her own judge.

That was the remarkable observation and insight that came out of being queen of summer, and so did the computational power of the dragons.

Above all: 'I felt it.

Some subtle air flow that only twins can feel. I grew up together in my mother's womb, and my gut was telling me that only twins born at one time have the same instinct.

The answer, of course, is to get the power of the Black King faster. 'Yeon, who had organized her thoughts, slowly got up from her seat.

[Sudden Quest/Persephone's Old Wish] Contents: Hundreds of years ago. Noticing that an anomaly had occurred in Hades Dardaroth, the god of the Order, and with the help of the gatekeeper Hekatonkyres, he opened the front gate himself.

But after that, the bronze door was closed again, and it never opened.

Persephone, who firmly believed her husband was coming back soon, waited for him for hundreds of years like a hammer. I've only heard one thing about my husband. After he entered Dardardardardarth, he called the three Cyclops separately.

Eventually, Persephone decided to find her husband because she didn't want to wait like this anymore.

But as a woman who had to take matters into her own hands and had no access to Tartarus, she decided to have a surrogate.

From now on, become a proxy and pursue Hades' whereabouts on behalf of Persephone.

Restriction conditions: 'Death has access. God-approved Olympus. Hidden stage on the 30th floor, through the Ten Gates.

Limited time: unlimited reward: 1. The Fortune of Persephone 2. The Fortune of Persephone 3. At the end of the quest from Persephone, the Authority of Persephone left the temple.

Then a new message window filled the retina.

[You have entered the Hidden Stage, 'Ten Gates'.] [Explanation: The river of the afterlife and the one who passed the place. This is a court of judgment and punishment that only the dead can pass. This is no place for a living person, so if you've been going the wrong way, go back the way you came.

But if you know the truth, you will be greeted with ten harsh sirens.

A punishment so terrible that even the dead will be comfortable for the living. Rather, it will be uglier, it will be horrible, it will be painful. Also, if you're going to die here, you're going to have to be stuck in a gateway forever, repeating your pain.

But if you can pass through here, great glory and blessing will follow you. In the future, you will have an indomitable will to overcome any adversity or adversity, and you will deserve to be feared by the dead.] The heat rises so fiercely that you feel like you're on fire. Since Percellnega had just been in a crisp environment, the difference was even more extreme, and Groitz, who was following after the storm, frowned slightly. The second time, he got used to it, but he never got used to it.

This heat and humidity, it was all unpleasant.

Like the Judgment Area of the Afterlife, the sky was black and a raging sulfur fire was flowing on the floor like a river to condemn the karma committed in life. Moreover, the moist spirits of the dead were eating away at their health. I've just been getting a message from someone informing me of a condition condition.

It was a place I didn't want to stay in many ways.

Kreutz thought Yeon Wo might suffer here, too. When he first visited Hidden Stage, the battalion commander he served was exhausted.

But, "Wow! I'm so excited! Hi-he-hee! You'll be able to enjoy a hot spring bath in no time. Ugh. Cool. Following the sky, Niche was flying around happily spreading his wings. Nemesis has already slipped for a long time, dipping himself in sulfur and making a sound like you.

Kreutz opens his mouth and is surprised.

“Pleasant.” Yeon smiles joyfully.

[The energy of fire warms you. Temporarily, the whole staff has increased by 20 [Dark Energy brings peace to you. The overall E "rate has temporarily increased by 25. The energy of poison invigorates you. Temporarily, the overall price has risen by 10.