Second Life Ranker

6. Tartarus (6)

'I didn't even think about it.

Yeongwoo's smile was actually a vain laugh.

It's so hard that sometimes even hardworking people come to Hidden Stages to train themselves. It's not enough to have this much beef effect. They even brought me a title for it.

But in a certain way, it was natural.

If it is a place that imitates the afterlife, it is certain that the power of death will be maximized.

It is the perfect place for Yeonwoo to get deeper cancer attributes by obtaining King of the Seulocks silk. Moreover, he had already approached the player's limit in the flower attribute. It wasn't that hard.

Groitz ignored the gaze of the retarded man who stared at him like a monster, ignoring how he could. He said he would follow me to the end. It was none of your business.

Or do you want me to just get rid of it? 'Tartaros is located at the far end of the ten gates. Groitz is a runaway player, but he doesn't fit the imaginary Hidden Stage very well. The land of the dead for those who deal with the Holy Grail will be a harsh place where everything is suppressed.

“What's the matter?” Groitz was a little shaky, even though the way Yeon-woo looked at him was a bit overwhelming. It seemed to have read the distressing color of Yeongwoo.

Instead of answering another question, Yeon pointed to the back of Groitz with her finger.

“That sword, like it's crying all the time, Kreutz shifts his hand behind his back, reflexively, realizing what the moon says and smiling bitterly. Sunggim Julpicar continued to cry. The target continues after entering the Hidden Stage.

“This sword is also the source of its own power.

I'm afraid I have no choice but to burden this place. I keep whining about how painful it is; I've been thinking about how to calm down. ”I was young at the edge of Yeongwoo's eyes.

“Are you even talking?” Kreutz smiles softly.

“Not Ego Sword, who awakened himself with his soul. Mmm-hmm.

I mean, can you hear the meaning of the sword? ”Yes. It's called Kim Nam.

Just in case. Guess Cain knew, too. In fact, when I talk about it around here, it looks like the underlings are staring at a strange person. ”Yeon-woo nods quietly.

Kim Myeong-nim. In the one-horned horn, it was beyond the master class, and it was a virtue that they had to understand when they entered the class of 'famous people'.

Listen to the sword.

It meant that we could intuitively understand the state of the sword and what the likelihood with ourselves was.

No matter how much steam was intact, if my body didn't follow me, I could break it, and if I could handle it well, even if my sword was severely damaged, I could cut rocks.

Yeonwoo was just beginning to realize that. But DeGroitz was already on his way.

Amazing. "It's hard to find a player who trains soldiers until he reaches the proper level, unless he has a one-horned shortage. Yun could see how far Groitz had gone with the sword.

“Oh, I understood as much as the commander of the regiment." ”Yes.” 'Fantasy Faction Leader means at least a class of people. Who is he?' There was no big clue.

“By the way, do you intend to keep chasing after such a person?” Groitz smiles bitterly.

“I know what you're rating.

You're worried they'll grab your ankle, aren't you? ”“ You know my personality. ”“ If a suspicious person becomes a burden who does not know, but does not explain his identity properly, will you not remove it, or will you stare at him in time? ”Yeon-woo did not answer.

But it was also wide enough. Groitz has also learned a lot from observing Yeongwoo over the past few days.

“Cain, do as Cain says. We don't know the details, but what quest did you personally receive from Lord Memepone? I'll make sure I'm not interrupting. You won't even ask what it is. I swear on my name and the honor of the Knights.” Groitz firmly said, beating his left chest with his fist.

Yeon-woo nods and turns back. The answer was enough. Woman, the Kreutz he saw was a real knight. I will not break my oath.

'It's okay to break it. There's no escaping the Dragon Eye.' And that was the only time I could bear it.

Huaa! Yeon stretches the wings of fire. And I hit the ground hard.

[I entered the first gate, 'Dosan' "Groitz whistled in his mouth to catch up to the rapidly disappearing pond.

Summon Non-Dragon. I was going to follow him on the Wyvern as comfortably as before. It was crazy to catch up with such heavy armor and such a big temper.

By the way.

[Summon failed.] [Summon failed. "Strangely, the message kept failing to summon.

[For some unknown reason, you cannot summon (Non-Dragon) here. Please go to a different location.] Kreutz looks at the place where the frozen face disappeared. On the ground, the hot river boils. I wonder what it would be like to run around up there in this kind of armor. Wouldn't it be cooked like a well-cooked egg: Groitz 'pitchfork fades.

The Gateway to Heat was a place that made Hell of Heat a Motive.

The electric/'Dojo t' 21247; ) was a generous zoom, as the main law/was full of challenging Ö,//up.

Ten kings condemn the dead in the afterlife. Each of them controls a different hell and decides whether to punish the dead for their sins and send them to the next or give them a new life for their lubrication.

The first of these was Hell, where the blade made up the ground and the forest.

We have to go as fast as we can. 'At the end of the ridge, Yeongwoo swiftly searched the gate with the dragon's mouth.

The black abyss lies ahead. I tried, but I couldn't feel the end. It meant the end if I was afraid.

The only places to set foot are handrails that defy the laws of gravity and float in the air.

But the handrails were less than a few meters long, and the width was very narrow. When I dropped the cost price, I was showing a sharp day as if it were slit open, so I felt like my body would be cut off if I went wrong.

'No matter how you stand, if you lose your balance even a little bit, you're right. It's brutal from the start.' Following the wide gate, you can see the players moving carefully.

All of them were of the same rank, or equivalent. No player seemed to have just passed through the 30th floor.

'Maybe we should do a little one-sided.' Yeon-woo gradually knew the position of the child support on each handrail, and threw herself without hesitation. Dragon Eye showed me more as it opened.

The parchment - [Wind Gust] rapidly steps onto the ledge, following the path that the soft grain draws.

Whenever the blade touched, the gangsters suddenly climbed over the shadow, acting as dimples, and the wind path gently moved the kite to the next place.

It was a feather-like movement, weightless.

In fact, since the first gate was so dangerous, it was a place where Galilee would be devastated if she didn't make it through as a kitten.

“What, did you just pass by?” “Degree, dictator?" “What's so fast? Players who were focused on playing a rare game of Miiil • • • • • • • were amazed. And I had to draw a soft curve and look at the falling lotus with a glaring gaze.

“Indeed, the divine."

Their work is overwhelmed with resilience.

And follow them.

“Hyuk, Hyuk-groitz excelled with great effort.

Enter [Second Gateway, & Portal].] 'The second gate, which was much easier than before, was a convenient place for Yeonwoo in many ways. A boiling river flows along the floor.

It was damp and ugly.

There were two ways to get through here.

One is to take the resources around the gateway as much as possible and build boats spontaneously and float them in the river.

'Or just swim across.' Of course, resources are limited. So, there was a limit to the number of boats that could be made at random, and most boats boiled straight into boiling water before floating.

The easiest thing was just swimming.

Lost in the process, drowned, or all his organs cooked and suffocated.

No matter how good the fire is, he dies from burns, and even if he has excellent resistance to burns, he dies when his physical strength is discharged while swimming.

Very few people usually have this contradictory attribute, so most of the players were on their way back from the second gate.

Likewise for Yeonwoo, he was specialized only in flower attributes. The length of the gate was too long, even if it was dismissed, and there was no railing, so there was a limit to the time of flight.

'Course, I don't plan on doing both.' But Yeon-woo had another weapon.

Gato. 'Isn't that what Lana gave me? The necklace around my neck. "

[Getto's Might (Neptune Stone) is activated.] [Nathaniel] Grade: Power Skill: 0.0% Description: Goddess of Olympo 49856; Getocastic power.

Getto inherits you as the descendant of the deceased Apostle Lana and gives you back the power she possessed.

Getto is the forerunner of all seafood and seafood. While exercising power, all sensory organs and muscle tissues exert force beyond the limit.

In addition, instinctive sensory sensitivity is as sensitive as anaerobic currents, resulting in a large increase in intuitive power. Be able to deal with accidental situations with agility.

The user unleashes a fierce peer that forcefully deflects the monster's instinct. At this time, a strong nibiff effect is applied to the subject, and the steel species can be made by consuming life only on the target with complete deflection.

If there are abundant water resources such as rivers or oceans nearby, some will be different.

The power of Getto, rebuilt on the spot where Azrael's Third Heaven Spirit escaped, Neptune Stone.

In fact, this also gave Yeon-woo a boosting effect while being in harmony with solvent Awakening. The hexagon was super-sensitive, and the monster king had a synergistic effect on the dragon peer, but the biggest effect it had on the lily was the water guide.

It gives advantage to the fight by the river, which has served as a weakness for Yeongwoo.

As soon as Yeon-woo's power was triggered, she slowly set her foot over the river.

I painted a quiet ripple when my toes touched the surface. The heat dissipated as the bubbles bubbled. No, it just made me feel good.

'Yes.' Yeon-woo smiled quietly as she stood on the surface.

At that moment.

Ewa Yang_Suddenly, a giant monster pops out of the bubbling surface. Just like the sea currents we met in the Dead River, there is a creature that reminds us of the deadly galactic ocean currents.

The creature opened its jaws to swallow the kite; however, the moment it met the snow, the body stiffened.

Fear, which flows along the stream of the rainbow, condemned his heart strongly.

Then, over Yeongwoo's head, two solid lines were drawn and her eyes widened. The blue infrenocyte stares at the creature with a lot of distortion.

"Dare. Beauty. Shit. Go." The monster was a predator that sometimes eats players in the mouth while eating the sea urchins. "

It was never enough to defy the pressure of the Inferno site.

"Sarah. Lose." The head of the monster exploded like a firecracker. The flesh is thick and the river is red.

'That shouldn't be too hard.' In fact, this gateway was clear enough for the rich to just conjure up flying magic.

However, there was no other action, so the public domain was upward- 11B Then I suddenly had a good idea when I saw the predatory body submerged under the surface of the water.

'I think this is okay.' Yeongwoo closed her eyes quietly and spread a lot along the river.

Inside the Gorge_Cognitive Zone, several monsters are being captured below the river.

I sent them a whole bunch of peers. Then, their bodies tightened, and they struggled to escape the pressure.

Yeon-woo felt surprisingly funny in that way. The monsters are still trying to break the laws of immature power.

The process of forcibly holding onto it and planting the peers gradually became a good practice.

I've done things like this before in the fight with Ben EIke. It was a matter of reliance on faith.

Here are the richer minds, and the monsters can't hold out much longer. I can feel Izzie disappearing from the monsters' eyes.

Yeon-woo gradually pulled them up to the surface, following the senses connected with her fingertips.

“Yi, yi? What is it?" “Why is Neptune suddenly surprised that players were already trying to do so?

Yeongwoo started running on the surface of the water without any awe. You use the monsters' heads as long as you can. Each time, the heads of the shattered monsters wash the river dry.

Fababat-thanks to the currents, the swimmers had to huff and puff around. Some people had to accidentally step on Yeon-woo and drink water.

'It reminds me of Super Mario.

Thinking back to the arcade games we used to play on Earth when they broke. Yeongwoo quickly passed through the second gate.

Of course, I ignored what Sanaan said.

“Aaaah! No!" And. Where the kite disappeared, Kreutz, who was followed, bowed his head to the ground.

[We have entered Gate Three, 'Hanbing'.] [Gateway number four, 'I have entered the inspection.] [The sixth Gateway,' Enter the Serpent '] As Yeon rushed through the gates with all her might, she was able to finally reach the Gateway that the three Giggles had disappeared.

A place where everything is covered with wet swamps.

Every time I tread the ground, blood spills over the roof with a wet feel that is crushed by something.

How many people have to die here to see this horrible scene?

The problem was that such blood was laced with bloody bush poison and acidic liquid. The Adifacts were serious enough to melt, and breathing was not easy.

'Cruelty isn't easy either.' From here, it was not easy for Yeon-woo either. Even though the use of residual blood greatly increased his immunity, it was still cruel enough to be ignored and influenced.

'I think we need to get through here as soon as possible.' Yeon took a bite of the blood liquor she bought from Artran and quickly searched her surroundings.

'But how do you find traces of the Cyclops here?' It was the sixth Gateway where the last traces of the three Cyclops were found, but they may have followed Hades all the way to Dardardardardardardaroth.

Or maybe it didn't get through the gate and became part of a fleshy area on the floor.

After nearly 200 years, it was strange that there were actually traces of them left.


'It's annoying, but it's not the only way.' Yeon lifted her head up.

The 74 7-74 space opened up and brought out a strange feeling to Rich. He raises the black orb in his hand and starts chattering with the unknown.

Old fashioned! As the spell continued, the fleshy spots where the rains were moving fluttered up and down. At the same time, as the smoke rose, horrific earringtones spread to all sides.

An immeasurable number of ghosts begin to gather and roam. Those who had just woken up from a long sleep couldn't help but scream.

It awakens the spirits and spirits of all the players who have died at Gate 6 for the last 200 years.

There were so many of them. If you check them manually, you will be able to find the cost price.

"Give. the answer. Ara." Lots of thought waves rushed into Yeongwoo's head.