Second Life Ranker

7. Tartarus (7)

Groitz was going crazy because of the way he flew out of his mouth.

He was troubled to chase after Yeon-woo with heavy heavy heavy armor and temperament.

As planned, I had to follow Yeon-woo around beautifully. This place didn't strangely summon a non-dragon. So I ran, and I could barely catch up with Yeouido.

I thought I'd get rid of it all and wait for Yeon-woo outside Hidden Stage.

Now I was curious whether he was becoming more and more exclusive, so I couldn't stop watching Yeon-woo with my personal curiosity and kindness.

Luckily, Yeon-woo was calling Rich, who was always with her, to work on her cost, whether she would take a break here.

'By the way, I haven't gotten used to this place in years.' Groitz looked around and slightly frowned.

A land full of shredded flesh. The land that must have been in human form until a moment ago was scattered with all sorts of smells and bush poison, and maggots were everywhere.

How many people have died over the years? I could not stand with my feet locked deep like a swamp every time I walked.

Just a little carelessness will get you down to your ankles. In addition, it was a bloodbath that spilled upside down and acidic poison was terrible.

A place where you get nauseous just by looking at it, and you get emotional panic. It was one of the most horrifying gates Kreutz had ever faced.

That's why Kreutz has been chanting his prayers ever since. To defeat the fresh energy and prevent the Bush Dog from getting infected in the body.

But this! I didn't think it was enough. I didn't think Yeon Woo's work would be over soon.

'I have to make a decision;' even though Julpicar said he hated it.

“I'm sorry,” Groitz says, "I'm sorry." I grabbed Julpicar and shoved him upside down. And as I knelt on one knee, I began to memorize the longer axial gate.

Zhulpicar was shaking and released his sexual strength in a hemispherical shape. Toxicity and acidity began to build a fairly broad boundary.

Kyahhhhhh! Each one! There were all kinds of noble noises.

I feel dizzy in my ears. "The rain creaks at the pain. Too much information came in at once.

Seeing that each and every one of them was left behind by the players who died in a great deal of pain, Sa Nem had to be sharp.

However, the spirit of Yeouido, who was Awakened by the dinosaur and trained by the stalagmite, was briefly dizzy and did not pose any threat at all. It was not just the spirit's will that was already done by the allies.

'But it's too noisy.

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue looking at the people crying loudly to see each other.

Obviously, there were too many dead in the last 200 years. There seemed to be tens of thousands of them. Among them, it seemed that it was not easy to remove the information related to the three Giggles.

But there was no other sharp way.

'There's nothing I can do.' [Parallax Distortion] As quickly as possible, the conscious world began to slow down outside time and check on Sanum.

I was bored to death of repetition. However, I didn't worry much because I only had to choose a strong idea.

'If you are related to the Cyclops, you must be that tall.

However, it was not an easy task. The fact that we reached the sixth Gateway in the first place meant that we had reached a high point in our lives. Moreover, the dead noticed a lot of things they wanted to say to the person they had just met.

After all that time.

'Found it.

Yeongwoo was able to find the spirit of the poisonous intense light. Harmesh and Athena's gaze grows stronger: the spirit associated with Olympus.

I poured my heart out toward the spirit. And then when the synchronization started, LY went through all sorts of scenes like a trailer. - Run! Never show them this! In the spirit of being chased by the cost. There were three people running in a hurry.

Following them, Yeonwoo could see that the senses were hot and strange, and that the three of them were apostles of the three Cyclops who headed to Tartarus according to Hades' call.

They hold the cost price in their arms and look back relentlessly.

A shadowy figure blindly pursues their group.

The ominous senses that started from Gate 2 became reality from Gate 4, and now they are chasing them too blatantly. When I reached the sixth gate, I was ready to swallow them, revealing myself.

- I can't do this. I'm gonna do this on a monthly basis. So it's dangerous. Hades, Tartaros, the stage up there. Second, youngest. I'll try to stop you here. Take this and go to Hades.

In the end, I took off the robe that the first one was wearing and gave it to the second one who was holding her in his arms. The second and third expressions became urgent.

- But, brother! - Don't talk to me. Are you going to make everything go wrong? Hee-hee-hee, no matter what happens, you can't just take that stuff! Be sure to pass it on to Hades. And tell me the truth about what's going on. That way, we can live. Finally, the second and third ran to the next gate, drawing tears.

The first few moments greet them with sad eyes, then quickly turn to the shadow and smile ferociously.

- Titan, gas. Gas? 'Mild brown eyes were thin. Both Titan and Gigas were currently at war with the Olympus gods, and were simplified in Tartaros in their downfall.

So why is this story about them coming out of here? And one more thing.

"that the other two who escaped had to be protected, what was that? 'Leaving behind such a pitiful question.

Fat! Suddenly, you hold your hands together politely and start chanting.

A radiant pillar of light descends over your head as a splendid effect erupts beneath your feet.

A short-sighted gigolo sits behind my back for a moment.

Strength. The Cyclops he serves, Brontes, descended. The king of the blacksmiths who want to make Astrafer for Zeus in mythology. He roars.

Goooo! Soon, I rushed into the shadows with a great thunder.

Yeonwoo wanted to borrow his gaze and see the identity of the monster that was chasing them.

At that moment.

Fruit, potpourri - Suddenly the spirit surrounding the lotus was broken: I'm going to look around the wealth and ask what happened.

[I saw a glimpse of the truth.] [Hidden condition achieved.

A burst event occurs.] 'Event?' Guguku-ku! The sixth gate flutters up and down. When the rich man woke up the dead, he ran into an earthquake.

'Cost is rising.

Yeonwoo looked down at the ground she was walking on. The earth is boiling with flesh points. A fierce stench comes up that cannot compare with the stench that plagued the female alliance.

The flesh splattered upward and the Bush poison acidic liquid spilled out like rain. It was not enough to stop her with the blood liquor she was biting.

Suddenly, I felt like the difficulty of the gate was more than doubling.

[You're more than just an opponent!] ["Poison" became the opponent "[" Poison "became the opponent.] [You've become 'extremely addicted'.] [Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Stun status has been canceled.

Addiction Resistant.] Deep underground, a poison that had been buried and buried for thousands of years, was about to rise to the ground with something.

That's about seven meters, if you think it's supersensory. And it was as lively as a big one.

'Coming!' Yeon-woo stretched the wings of fire as much as she could.

Then, more of it burst out with the sound of a fluttering ground. A flesh point rises upward, like a volcano erupts, and a huge hand suddenly rises from underneath.

Giant appears to be larger than Yeongwoo sensed.

Giant monsters were hideous, disgusted by the sight of them.

It looks like thousands of ghosts were stuffed into pieces and made by Giant's brother. Following the flesh, people scream in agony, trying to get out somehow.

-Why should I? Why should I? Me, however, the ghosts had to spit out a mixture of curses without escaping the shape of the monster. A fierce circle spreads out and the poison spreads everywhere.

'I saw in my mind that the monster that was chasing the Cyclops instinctively was that disgusting ghost giant.

The problem was the way he felt.

Compared to the left, it doesn't fall behind.

Some kind of Tartary-related monster. The strength was unusual. No, in a way, it was more threatening than a kitten.

Not only the feeling of intimidation, but the fierce poison and the one who approached the other produced more than the fierce opponent.

The bigger question is, "He's not the only one.

More ghost giants were struggling to get to the ground upside down.

Yeon-woo had to feel strongly that this fight would never be easy.

Maybe the Tardaros anomaly Hades told us about has something to do with this. Then.

A nether-prey giant reaches out to Yeongwoo with an evil hand. Yeongwoo quickly pulled the beagrid out of the subspace and lifted it as it was + Yeongwoo plummeted greatly without overcoming the shock.

The power of the Ghost Giant was much stronger than I expected.

It was a terrible pain like a broken body. Moreover, the stench of the impact caused the poison to rush to a state of extreme condition. There was also a limit to cold-blooded properties.

However, he quickly rolled to his side without birds. The Ghost Giant's fist rests in his place. The ground is piercing, and the flesh is behind it.

“Declare a Realm.” Yeon-woo unleashed her power, raising her torso close. Following the flesh, the dragon's scale rises, and his veil begins to fester.

Then, the goddess's marriage, malignant malignancy, and Neptune Stone opened up one after the other, raising their strength as much as possible. Thoracic (20982; thumbs up) came out.

Guang! Once more the fist of the Ghost Giant flies. Yeongwoo raises the beagrid.

This time, the power was similar, so it did not bounce off. Rather, the duck explodes and the phantom giant's fist is crushed and protrudes everywhere.

The Guo-Ghost Giant either got furious or roared, but this time he rolled his left hand and slapped it over her head.

Mr. Hee! "Immediately before the collision with the pond again, wealth appeared as the space was divided.

His Infinito site was raging with fury. He had been so busy controlling the mindset of the dead, he couldn't bear the fact that a ghost attacked his master.

Die. Ra! "Overshining! The auxiliary air reached my hand. As the palm of my left hand widens, suddenly there is a violent explosion next to the Ghost Giant's forehead and half of my head flies away.

The Ghost Giant retreated as he struggled with the pain, and continued to pour his vomit and cast his magic.

The magical faction erupts into the air with spectacular effects: It is never outmatched by the zero-chang margin used by Dr. Doom.

Too much light! Too much bang! Ghost Giants are constantly being pushed away by continuous explosions. Obviously, there was a high level of demonic giants, but it was far superior to the fanatical ones.

And, as the shadow of Yeongwoo grows longer, Sanon and Ahn sprint forward. Suddenly, other spiritual giants appeared inside the ground.

"Hahaha! Fight! Fight!" Let's get rid of it quickly. "Either the two Death Nobles were delighted at the fact that they could fly in a moment, or they were floating." Rebecca has recently returned to her human form to join the fight.

Also, in the air.

Dream is a doorway. "Nemesis suddenly appeared and was plunged into a deep darkness. As the mottled air settled, it strengthened the characteristics of the area declared by Yeongwoo.

Then, when there was a storm from everywhere, the Ghosts who were coming up to the ground tightly held together and slowed down their movements.

Me too! Me too! Between. Niche flaps his wings in glamour.

Nike started sprinting along the sloping wall and the ground, turning into a blue flame.

The ghosts roar in the flames.

The two transfers were watering the entire gate in their colors, as if to show you exactly how strong they had become during their deep slumber in the stones of the sage.

Fruit Fruit_Spirits began to blur open their eyes. Neither Dr. Kiklops Brontes nor Alden understood his situation, but he was sure he was killed by monsters. How is he conscious? Then.

“Are you awake?” A black mask stands before the eyes of Alden.

Aldon frowns without even knowing it. The black eyes that illuminate him approach him like an invisible chain.