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8.Tartarose (8)

'0 0 trillion 0 = 1 has flowed.

Yeongwoo glares at the Apostle Giggles, Aldun. Is it because he had a strong uprising right before he died? Or maybe it's because of the characteristics of being an apostle. After all, the year had passed quite a long time, but the soul remained relatively in good shape.

Of course, even though the middle part of the spirit was lost, it seemed numb. Still, I didn't think it was hard to communicate at all.

'Maybe Brontes did it, and there's some mythology left.' Yeon said, shining her eyes.

“Just a moment. I have a message for you.” Aldon was aware that he wanted to say the cost price, but Yeon-woo deliberately ignored it and got up and looked at the gate quickly.

Nemesis and Niche are unleashing all their skills while sleeping on the stones of the sage.

With Bushwick and Acid liquids rapidly purifying, the ghost giant, who had initially been so devastated, continued to be pushed.

Wealth casts a spell, and underneath it, Ghost Rebecca is speeding towards the Ghostly Giants. Suddenly, the monsters showed up and started running around.

The Ghost Ghost's head, which appeared at the beginning, falls down, cracked.

Due to a fairly violent explosion, the hot heat has spread to this far. All the skills of Yeouido have been shot.

On the one hand, Groitz was fighting hard. Like a spiritual player, the Ghost Giant appeared to be overwhelmingly pushed by him who didn't fit the stature.


'This is not enough.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

We're taking down a Ghost Giant and dealing with the rest of them somehow.

The origins were not entirely lacking in ability to learn. I was peering at the opportunity for a slight counterattack. I was familiar with the pattern of attacks.

Above all, the surface is being breached, and the ghostly giants continue to appear on the inside. Besides, there are more Ghost Giants in the basement trying to climb back and forth. I had no idea how many of them there were.

Is there anything we can do? 'If I wanted to fight, there was nothing I couldn't fight. I know it's a lot to take in. Even though each Ghost Giant had a clash with Yeon-woo, Yeon-woo was' someone who knew the fight. I was confident that I could somehow make Vinny pay, or escape from here.

'The problem is after that.

But what happens when we get to the next gate? You have to go to an exhausted opponent to win. There was no guarantee that there were no ghostly giants there. No, there's a better chance they're swarming with stronger ones.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo had to find a new solution.


Whoops, whoops - suddenly my right wrist and left ankle are slashed. The despair of the Black King and silk seemed to murmur with one month.

At that moment, Yeon-woo was able to realize the cost price: whether she had been lying down. Why was I so determined to fight? The gateways to Tartarus, in fact, would be a favorable stage for him.

[Neptune Stone - Tannin Pier] Yeon begins to mix a peer into her veil. Tannin Pier. The threat that any monster would have spread.

The hand reaches forward, and the peer presses firmly against the shoulders of the ghost gangsters, designated as enemies, in the form of a presser, along the distributed area.

It's like you're forcibly hanging a heavy weight. As gravity intensifies, they begin to imprison vigorously.

Queahhhhhhhhhh! The ghosts that were forming the Ghost Giants noticed something strange and started rampaging.

Tannin Pier breaks the opposing Pokémon's mental strength and has the character of a forced restraint. A giant cluster of Ghost Giants was not at all difficult to deal with individually small ghosts. Mental restraints made them suffer.

And with it, the ghost giant's movements continue to slow. They recognize Yeon Woo and turn their heads slowly, but they're already becoming like broken robots.

What? Why are you suddenly like this? "He and Hanoi turned their gaze toward Yeongwoo. However, in case things go wrong, I am not negligent +.


Yeongwoo was under intense pressure as a station.

'I don't know.' It would be very trivial, but it was too much for me to put together like this. At Gate 6, I thought that the ghost of the players who had died at Gate 10 were all tied up in strong stuff.

A lot of emotions and sinews were read out in a complicated way, as if they were actually connected to the fingertips.

There was a stupor here that seemed to be swept away if even one foot was pinched. Too many thoughts echoed through the murat.

There was some concern that the spirit of compassion might be invaded by causing self-inflicted reflux.

[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] Capturing the spirit based on its properties, it triggered the power of the king of vagrancy. despair deals with the soul, and silk deals with death. The absolute power of these two seemed to be able to do it.

[Spirit of 2,000] Strongly grips his fist.

It's like you're forcibly twisting the thread at your fingertips. The threads twist and twist, forcibly emptying the connected ghosts.

Queek! Queek! Tsk! The ghosts roam around in agony. And this group of ghostly giants, they just started going crazy.

Pump! The purple-fucking-fireworks are all over the place. Not only were the Ghost Giants standing upright on the ground, but also the ones that came up to the ground.

Immediately, the entire sixth gate was filled with ghosts. An enormous number that looks more than tens of thousands of spines. No, it seemed to be 100,000 units.

The gray mist spreads out, drawing a massive vortex and starting to move.

Groitz was surprised by it, and it just popped out. Ghosts scatter their earrings right in front of you. The cries and mourning echoed.

[Soul harvester] Yeon tugs her fist inward, and the group of twisted ghosts continue to rush toward her.

At that time, a new moat opened in front of Yeon-woo's eyes.

Soul collection (S1 Collection).

He forced the ghosts to be arrested, stamped the mark of slavery and made them into ownership of the lotus grass.

Starving spirits realized that the moat was about to go monthly, and struggled to get out somehow.

The inertia that had already begun couldn't resist.

Eventually, a large group of ghosts got sucked into the soul collection: The narrow life expectancy made it possible, but the Abyss ate it all up. And I kept my mouth shut.

Boom, boom, boom - of course, it couldn't have ended that easily.

The space shakes. The doubts about the soul collection unravel and disappear again. The ghosts struggle to escape somehow.

If Yeonwoo's soul had been killed, the mark of slavery would have been stamped from the beginning, but not the ones here.

One by one, it was a strong spirit of a hundred-year-old circle, and it had a collective intelligence.

As long as the Dark Lord exercised his power, compulsory submission was not yet easy.

Moreover, there are 20,000 drawings of collections currently distributed to Yeonwoo. It was well above the acceptance limit.


“Nemilysis!” Got it. I never thought I'd be able to use "dream" with a touch like this. "Nemesis began to weave his dream into a collection of souls.

Emptiness is the power to devour everything. Ghosts were no exception. Soul collectors, they're all hollow.

It began to be subordinated under Nemyrosis.

Deliberation, delusion-self-awareness, compulsory dependence. As the stigma set in, the seizures subsided. And then the last reaction.

Yeongwoo could barely lift her fist. The dragon's scales were turned upside down and the blood was pouring out.

My fingertips were still trembling.

The clothes were already drenched in cold sweat.

But looking at the black bracelet, crying like it felt good.

Bleeding. You smile unknowingly.

And he stared at her with a blank gaze.

Bullshit. "Groitz looked the same.

'It's going to take time to digest them all.

Yeongwoo was able to straighten out the situation only after she regained some strength. The first thing she checked was the soul collection. Even though I was just scouting with righteousness, I was getting too many phantom muscles to be distracted.

De0-Degree 0 [Number of harvested ghosts: 121,334] • • • Insane. 'Yeon saw the counted numbers and kicked her tongue. It was an unbelievably large number of people who did what they did. You really think this is possible? No, maybe it's natural.

It swept through everything that had been concentrated at the Gateway. Moreover, each and every one of them had a strong and fierce source. The quality was too good.

The Dark Lord is revered by all the gods and demons who rule death. Azrael called himself a servant. An artifact with such objectionable power. I didn't even know it was natural.

No, rather, Yeon-woo is not qualified yet, so she was right to say that she is not using it properly.

'After digesting them all, they evolve first. I need to get a deeper look at the power of the Black King.

Yeon-woo is having a good idea.

You sound cozy. I'm the one who's struggling. Nemesis grumbles. In fact, it was entirely because of him that the ghosts were able to end their reign without causing a commotion.

"Thank you. But you've been stuck in the stone of the sage and have had a good night's sleep. Don't you think you should do this?" 'Then Nike! Did you call me? Niche suddenly returned to the shape of a bird and mounted on the left shoulder of Yeongwoo. It seemed like a nice place to fly around.

Yeonwoo patted Niege and told Nemesis.

'Child abuse.

What you do to me is abuse! "Do you want me to do that? 'Niche smiled with furious eyes. I feel like I don't know what you're talking about." Shit! "Unlike his usual caring nature, Nemesis blasphemed without even knowing it.

You were only a big boy, but still mentally young.

It was never possible for Nemesis, who regarded him as his brother, to put Niche through all the hard work. Yeon-woo pointed out that.

Nevertheless, Nemesis turned his back on Yeongwoo once because it was unfair that only he should suffer.

The former owner never had anything like this. Twins were too different. There were no evil entrepreneurs.

Yeongwoo smiled lightly.

Do me a favor on the left. 'Nemesis was secretly narrow in nature. Thinking that after this is over, I'll have to charge you a price.

Yeongwoo turned around and looked at him.

Aldin is still staring at Yeon-woo dazed: Then, when his eyes meet again, he straightens his waist.

"C, you substitute • • • • • • •." Aldin was considered to be quite strong in his lifetime. At that time, I was confident that I would not be left behind to fight Yeon Woo.

But he struggled with his brothers, being chased by a ghost giant, and eventually died.

On the other hand, it was not enough to suppress the breeders, but to subordinate them. It was unbelievable even when I saw it in person.

Above all, the power of Yeon Woo was the power How the player was not allowed to die mortals.

However, Yeon-woo had no obligation to answer that. Rather, it was urgent.

'The spirits are trying to scatter.

I wonder if it's been a while.

The spirit of Alden was shattering. Aside from being overwhelmed by spirits like Rebecca, Anin soon lost Sanum and became a ghost. We lose our identity as Aldan.

“Are you still connected to Cyclops Brontes? I'd like to share that with you. I want to know where Hades is.” Alden is conscious.

Who are you? I know God who I am, and Hades says, "I was asked by Persephone to be a lion on my way to Dardardardardardaroth. I'd tell you more, but I don't think you have much time left.” Known to know what Yeon-woo meant, he nods heavily. When the self disappears, the channel breaks. Your mission must be kept secret, but any man who received a mission from Persephone deserves to hear the truth.

Brontes slept deeply here with me. Waiting for the Lion to come for Jan 1 Gahades • •. Depending on the prophecy, it seems that you are the subject of the prophecy. "The prophecy?"

Aldin soon closes his eyes and disappears.

As the last remaining mystical power was consumed, the radiance of New Haan reached the ceiling.

And the pillar of light sank.

The gigantic gigantic gigolo, who seemed to be 10 meters tall, opened his eyes and looked down at the kite.

"Was it you who called me?" The eldest of the three Cyclops was the strength of Brontes.

Yeon-woo nods.

“Yes. I took Buda from Persephone; I found you here on my way to Tardaros to fuck Hades." ”Brontes didn't seem to have much time on his hands. Jan-young was getting upset. Besides, the soul was already crushed, or wounded all over the body. I was ashamed to call myself a god.

That's why Yeon-woo briefly explained her mission.

Brontes nods.

As you know, our brother was taking goods to Tartarus in secret, taking Hades' orders. But I picked up the slack by mistake, and I had to run. "What is an item?” It must have been something I saw in my mind. The object Hades asked me to bring. Dardardaroth's secret must be there.

Blow. Fire? I don't know what that sounds like.

Tartaros and Erebos, the commandments, and the five rivers that surround them, Ageron and Cougatos, Plegetone, Rette, and Stix. "In retrospect, Brontes drew a remnant. As we hit 2012; a little humidity appeared.

It was the chest the three apostles took with them. And when the lid is opened and the identity of fire is revealed.

“The eyes of Yeongwoo grew unwittingly.

“Adra?” It was Luciel's adra.