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9. Tartarus (9)

Luciel's adra.

'Isn't that taken by Viera Dunne?' A long time ago. Now, while it was still history, Luciel, who was neither a god nor a demon, eventually received a joint of two factions, broke his wings and fell into the stream.

It was the adra that was created when his soul collapsed.

He accidentally got it, but his lover, Viera Dun, intercepted it in the middle of the summer and hid it completely.

No, it was known to be hidden.

But here is another 91 adra.

Is it the same thing? 'It was not strange that the three Cyclops, more than 200 years ago, eventually failed Hades' command, lost adra, and flowed and fell into his hands.

'However • • • • • • cost varies.

Yeongwoo's eyes narrowed.

The adra I saw in the diary and the brontes' implementation were different in many different shapes and feelings.

The adra in the diary is an angled hexagon, and the ambiguous energy surrounded it.

The adra stones of Brontes are radiant in the Omentese Brotherhood.

It really fits the expression "fire."

It felt lively.

Adra Stone. Yes. That's what he used to call it. But we call this "fire" or "light." And by the way, Lucifer, another name for Lucifer, he means "the bringer of light." It's also called Cannabis Fire for your convenience. Luciel, given that he was originally a lighthouse keeper of fire, Having captured all those mythical stories, Hades was in desperate need of this. "Brontes wanted to talk about Hades and the original fire.

But there was something more important to Yeon-woo.

“No. Tell me about the original fire, first.” Brontes is frowning a whole bunch of one-on-one. There's not much time left for him to make up his body like this. In the meantime, there were too many things to tell me, things to be careful about, etc.

However, Yeon Woo's gaze that shone beyond the mask was too strong. If you don't solve your questions first, I'll throw everything away.

Yeon-woo was more urgent about adra than she is now. There was something that he was missing.

After all, Brontes had to sigh and lift the breeze.

"I see. But I don't have much time, so I can't tell you in detail. The fire of the first century has become a very old tradition in each of God's societies, and matters related to Luciel are bound by a treaty and cannot be overturned. Yeon-woo nodded and urged me to say it quickly.

There was a fire in the beginning, and Luciel was the keeper of it. Then he fell in love with something he should never have followed, and eventually fought his way through the Great Fire to gain power. This is Lucifer. "Luciel, who was a humble lighthouse keeper, became Lucifer with dozens of pairs of wings in pursuit of comparison.

But this was not the power allowed to him. The original fire is something that every god and every demon in the world cherishes. It is the firework of all myths and traditions, so the gods and demons cannot see it as one man's exclusive, so everyone gathered to break Lucifer's wings. Brontes' words kept getting faster and faster.

And Luciel? Even when Lucifer died, he wasn't as good.

He didn't want to return fire to the gods and demons, but as he fell into the stream, he split his soul into several pieces. That's adra. A soul fragment of a creature sealed with the fire of the Great Canyon. Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened.

"The gods and demons were frightened and tried to recover the majority, but all but a few remained completely hidden. " This is one of the stones that was lost at the time, Castltas. " Yeon Woo's mind quickly returned, but there isn't a single adra? 'This meant a great deal.

“Then how many stones did you drop?” A total of 14: 7 Virtues and 7 Sins. The price of Luciel embracing both light and darkness. A total of nine in the double heavens, five floating in the summer. This was one of those five. 'If so, what Viera Dun had was the feeling that one of the four remaining things • • • Salmon was somewhat organized in his head. Why did I think there was only one adra left? There could be enough of them.

On the other hand, there was a surprising feeling.

'I could eat Vieragimosin and go up to heaven with just one. Then, if you can collect the remaining items, you can get unwanted strength with your • • • • • liver.

It's weird that you're curious about something like this. When Brontes suddenly said that, Yeon-woo woke up again from thought.

“What does that mean?” Literally. From the point of view of saving adra like me, I never thought you'd be so ignorant about adra at all.

Yeongwoo's eyes opened wide.

Isn't there adra in your left breast? At the moment of making love, he unknowingly pulled out the clock from his left chest.

I felt the sting tremble through the wide open lid.

Brontes nods loudly.

Yes, that's it. This object is made by processing spiritual material very well. I don't think it's possible to create something that sophisticated with my skill. Was there a master with that skill in the summer? It's too bad I didn't stay to study that skill. Yeon-woo's hands trembled. Just for a moment, I had no idea. I was confused.

Though for some unknown reason, the function seems to have almost stopped. Thank goodness that would be of great help to Hades, though. "Brontes seemed to think that the collective watch owned by the kite was obtained for Hades, just as he did.

So Yeon-woo tried to ask a few more questions since she bought the misunderstanding.

However, Brontes reaches out and blocks Yeon Woo's words.

No. That's all the little questions I have. Now I have to say it. There's no time left. If I do, I will also disappear: "Brontes was unable to concentrate any further - his only eyes lit up.

Yeongwoo bit her lower lip slightly. As desperate as he was, so was Brontes.

Finally, Yeon-woo nods and takes a step back. First you listen to Brontes, then you ask your own questions.

Anyway, Brontes nodded his head and went into the script.

I was traveling to Tartarus with this' Pure Stone ', a fire on the ground at Hades' command with my brothers.

According to Hades, darkness is coming from Tardaros. “What is that darkness?” I don't know either. I'm just an artisan following orders. But one thing's for sure. The criminals who raped Tartarus, Titan and Gas, were trying to get their powers back and come out for a reason.

Hades tried to stop it somehow. "Titan and Gigas are criminals who quarrel with the gods of Olympus and are imprisoned in Tartarus.

It was a big deal for them to comply in many ways.

Eventually, Hades sensed an anomaly in the Tartaros, a plot to break out of the prison and riot of the sinners.

"That's why Hades needed the Pure Stone to stop Titan and Giga, while also needing the touch of our three brothers. Yeon-woo nodded. Obviously, if the three Cyclops were good enough to stop Titan and Gas from making excellent armor, such as Astrafe.

But only after work is done. How the hell did you find out? The trackers were following you, even though we were moving as carefully as we could. "There must be someone connected to Tartarus outside." That was Brontes' idea.

“Those were the Ghost Giants.” Yes. Tartarus was just grabbed by an ankle at Gate Six. So all I had left was to buy time, and Brontes narrowed it down to one-01.

Someday, I wondered if someone would come and give it to me.

I needed someone to guide me when the supporters came. But it was worth it to lose your virtue. The shape of Brontes began to fade slowly. It meant that the mindset that was composing him was beginning to blur.

In fact, he remained like this for a long time, and lost a lot of his identity. If they were to disperse, they would fall into the ordinary spirits, into the Leaden Circle, but they were likely to be trapped here at the Gateway.

Losing immortality that God fears the most. Brontes doesn't seem afraid of anything like that at all.

Anyway, I know it's a hard road, but I want you to watch your back. It seems that the darkness has not yet retreated for quite some time. • • • • - Brothers will also desperately need help. If there's just one thing I regret. Noise began to enter the soul of the orphan-brontes.

Sudan quest (Persephone's long-awaited wish) is being renewed, as I, the eldest, regret not being able to help beside it.] [Check the quest window.] Brontes' soul fades rapidly. I've been beating him, actually, because of his stubbornness.

I felt the urgency to see Brontes like that. I haven't heard the answer yet about the clock.

I wanted to ask you a lot. Where did the adra come from? Where did the original fire come from? I know that. I know about the clock. I know how to fix it.

Moreover, I had to ask about the armor of the King of Questions. Why you swallowed Astraphy1 and Triana. If he knew that, he could also be the identity of the King of Questions.

Then I suddenly remembered something.

And a soul.

It's his power.

And didn't he already claim the god Brahma? • • "Brontes!” Yeon-woo now watches Brontes, who is left with only his head.

"Why? Are you going to say goodbye? “ You said you wanted to help your brothers. You still want to help Hades defeat Titan and Gigas, don't you? ”Because they are enemies to me." When Titan took Olympus. They once locked the three Cyclops up in Tartaros because they didn't want to see them. It was Zeus who saved this.

At this point, the three Cyclops gathered their strength to produce three substitutes ( ) for Zeus et al. Astrafe, Triana and Guinea.

But they try to escape Titan and Gigastartarus again.

The reason the three Cyclops helped Hades was because of an old grudge.

“Then return to me." The stage? “I will help you unravel your stupidity.” Yeon tried to catch Brontes by throwing a guild called 'Miron'.

Unlike Ghost Giants, it is impossible to force a soul of that size to be bound. Then I had to make an excuse to make his will a dream.

Brontes frowns, unable to understand the meaning of the kith. What do you mean, God is bound to man? It was profane, and I didn't know what it would do differently.

However, the moment Yeon-woo reached out and turned to herself.

Brontes opens his eyes. The black bracelets and shackles that had been regarded as ordinary artifacts were trembling with no reaction. And Brontes' eyelids trembled as he recognized it.

I finally realized whose heir was Yeon-woo. Read the Szub's Covenant and attribute it to the one who can only be described as "Hor." ”The world surrounding Brontes, which in that moment was a blur of existence. I stopped.

• • • This is ridiculous. "Brontes, unlike the last time, looked down at his arm and said that it was ridiculous.

And so was Groitz.

• • • Even when you were constrained by more than 100,000 phantom muscles, but now you're constricting the spirit of God.

I've never heard of mortals being able to do that. Groitz's eyes were full of mistrust.

He was shocked to learn more about divinity than any other player, especially while dealing with anger.

It didn't make sense that even though he lost his temper, he still had a transcendent soul. Maybe this is natural reconstruction. "Brontes looked at the kite with his eyes deepened. He was the one who hated Titan more than anything in the world, but there was no one there to see the situation.

However, the opponent is now his master and heir. There was nowhere for him to escape.

So I realized I'd been bitten by that pillar.

'But if I could meet my brothers and help them stop them, • • who wouldn't: And maybe this is really something.' Did he see the look in Brontes' eyes? “I have one more question that I couldn't ask you before.” Yeon-woo nods and puts the clock out in front of him.

Tell me, master. “Can you fix this watch? ”