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10. Tartarus (10)

Brontes glances at the swap of sweets and clocks. And I kicked my tongue.

You didn't bring this to Hades. “This is my personal property.” Hmm. Yes. "Brontes glanced along the edge of his eyes. If it had been this far, it would have been a great strength to Hades, in addition to the Pure Stone. I can't believe it wasn't.

May I have a quick look? Even if I hold hands, I can't help you.

Brontes reaches out.

Yeon-woo nods and gives him the watch. My fingertips were slightly trembling with tension.

Brontes looks at the clock in great detail. Though I fell to the ridiculous depths of grief, I didn't lose any knowledge in my head.

No, in the beginning he was a blacksmith god, so there was no reason to hang on to his power like the other gods.

Brontes returns the watch.

Yeon-woo carefully looked at him. I couldn't speak well because my voice was a little blocked.

“What do you think?” You said it was broken, the watch? “Yes. Yes." No. You were mistaken. It's not broken. Yeon-woo's eyes widened. Your watch wasn't actually broken? You must be right to say it's sealed. All other functions have been shut down, except for some functions, by a magical barrier. I think he did it on purpose. Yeon-woo's eyes were firmly fixed.

The question that had been piled up in my head seemed to be solved.

He was wrapped around his head because there was no way he could fix the clock even with dragon horses.

I took part in completing the Wise Man's Stone, but now I'm proud to know a lot about Alchemy and Madodology.

But I still don't see a way to fix the woman's watch, and I was thinking, "Actually, it wasn't? 'The initial approach was wrong.

Not broken, if it was sealed.

Then I understood why there was no solution. Repairing the fault and unsealing were different things to know.

I felt like my goal was ringing.

But on the other hand, I opened my eyes.

If you knew why, you'd find a solution in no time. My body flew up.

“Then can you unseal it?” No. It's hard. But unlike the breeze of the Nile,

Brontes shakes his head.

“Is there anything you can't touch?” Because it's not universal because it's me.

And I don't know what I did, but it means I'm already competent enough to compare it with the adra used as a mediator. Amazing. It's obvious that mortals are skilled, but knowledge is transcendent. Whoever made this thing, do you know where it is? Brontes seemed to be on a tight leash. Apart from the vengeance, he seemed curious about wanting to meet an excellent leader.

Yeon-woo smiled bitterly. Although I felt sorry for the fact that my brother was highly regarded as my older brother, on the other hand, I felt sorry for him.

I could see that some of the functions Brontes mentioned were diaries. Then, what are the other functions that are sealed? And what did he have in mind to hide? I wonder if the sad heart of such a pitiful alliance has become a part of it.

Brontes glances at Yeongwoo, again looking closely at the crowd watch: Then he said.

"Of course, not being able to unseal will be a story until Edie and I are alone. Yeon-woo turned around and looked at Brontes.

Brontes' eyes sank deeper.

Make a deal. Nothing's gonna change. Didn't you receive a quest from Azafi Percellé? Just like that, help Hades to calm Dardardaroth down. In return, I'll gather the brothers and cooperate in breaking the seal. "In the end, the Bible tells us to move quickly to Tartarus."

Even Yeon-woo had no reason to refuse.

“I accept.” Yeon-woo grabbed the clock tightly.

My heart started beating fast.

[Sudden Quest/Persephone's Longevity Hope] Content: (omitted) You were asked by Persephone to pass through ten gates and first visited Hades to locate the trail of the three missing Giflops.

However, you have only succeeded in finding the eldest of the Cyclops Brontes, and you have yet to find your way to the other two.

On the other hand, the faction across the street has begun to perceive you.

Hurry up and find the other two cyclops. The later you find it, the more detrimental it will be to you.

"Opposite factions are beginning to recognize me?" 'While checking the updated quest contents, Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes by noticeable phrases.

If it's the other side, is it Titan and Gas? Apparently, the ghost giant was discovered over there.

An outside scourge who is communicating with Tartarus, to be exact. "Brontes," he read Yeon Woo's thoughts and said.

Yeon Woo's gaze is towards you.

“Do you know who they are?” Brontes smiles bitterly and shakes his head.

I don't know the exact thing. It's the only place we've been chased. However, one thing was certain, "His eyes sank deeper & '97;

They are very close. Brontes gripped it.

There must be a traitor.

Otherwise, none of this would have happened. Hence, the careful underbelly nodded. If Titan and Gas had left, it would have been no fun. No, leaving such a thing, intervening in the war of the gods had to be a great burden for him to be mortal.

Brontes just said that and quietly disappeared into the soul collection. He was only ashamed of the situation. Moreover, I was tired after losing my temper for a long time, so I thought I'd take a break for a while.

Yeongwoo once again began to move, spreading the wings of fire. As time passed, the wings of fire quickly passed through the gates, as it was now an awkward skill with continuous addition of magical schematics.

[I entered Gateway 7, the 'Great Sea'.] [Eighth Gateway, 'I entered the statue.] The seventh gate is violent with a whirlwind, and the eighth has to pass through the boiling metal floor.

Since then, the stage has had difficulties so high that even the breeze is hard to imagine.

It was a dangerous place for high-ranking rangers to look for training.


Pufferfeng_The attack on our enemies to catch Yeon has also become more blatant.

Like the quest's warning phrase, Titan and Gas began to make different moves.

Monsters of all sorts of strange shapes begin to appear.

These monsters are so strong that they can't even compare to the Ghost Giants who were about to hit at Gate 6.

It was clearly composed of various ghosts, but it was hard to cope with the strange shadows.

Some individuals were very small, but some were divine.

'Even if I was locked up, I could not hide. • • The more I did, the more I gripped my teeth.

Titan and Gigas were strong 41 who fought with the gods of Olympus, even though they had been trapped in Ettar a long time ago. I had no choice but to be strong and difficult to deal with, because I was under the control of those creatures.

Guire-then, a huge shadow tentacle flew in front of my eyes.

The gray fog that followed the lotus for as long as the tail of a woman, converged forward and acted as Barry. A group of ghosts of tens of thousands. The remains of the Ghostly Giants Nemesis forced to overthrow were now loyal to the Sioux.

Overshining! The Shadow Tentacle cannot pierce the gray mist, and it bounces up. In the process, more than a thousand ghosts disappeared, but the soul collection automatically filled up the shortages.

And in the process. Some time later, more than fifty monsters ran and began to gnaw on tentacles connected to the deep darkness.

Sanon and Han grabbed their swords and burst their signature four-way street. The 'Volcano' and 'Blade Whirlwind' together with the spectacular effects were small, cutting through the Shadow Tentacles, leaving them separate from the body and splashing into the air.

As Rebecca ran, she shot a magical steel warfare, and in the sky, a silver crystal sphere lifted high and burst with magic.

Grrrrrrrrrrr! Nemesis became darkness, and Nike was torn to pieces by fire.

Kuang! "Cain, now!” Through the origins of Julpicar's axial gate, Kreutz, who was tying the monster's ankle to form a sacred barrier, screamed.

Yeon-woo nods and turns her back. Sail to the man in agony.

There are already four powers attached to it that have maximized the beef effect.

[Hero - Fortitude] [Evil - Construction] Beagrid cried out loud enough that it might break soon. It exploded with a dazzling glow.

[72nd arrondissement - heat, digging, charging] The creature remains a firewood, and it burns up as if it were nothing but a fever high enough to be considered.

I turn my back to put out the fire. Every time I draw, it flutters as if the gate were about to break apart, but the flame burns even louder.


Once Niche melts, the flower bites the monster and never misses.

In addition, there was all kinds of power that was contained in the lotus.

Errors, waves of fire, dragon power, mysticism, magi, 72 surges, and residual venom.

Naturally, there were various properties that could never be mixed, but there was no problem thanks to the nature of the drinking dragon that was going on with Yeongwoo and the title effect of 'Blessed by Magical Power'.

Eventually, the creature falls down, unable to hold on any longer.

Bang_how big he boasted, and even though he simply fell down, the entire gate was full of them.

As you descend this Nebbigrid, it sighs. My body was as hot as a fever. It was caused by overloading the magical circuits. His stamina also withered rapidly.

At that moment, the creature rises above the flame path, and immediately flies toward Yeongwoo in the shape of a bird.

Did I do good? “Yes. Good job.” Hae Hae. I knew you were strong on the river! "Niche climbs up onto the forearm of the kite and folds his wings in half to show a bulging egg.

She strokes Niche's pretty face, then turns her head toward Nemesis, who can hear her.

• • • The voice of Enemies was filled with concern.

How was that monster just now? “You were strong.” Is that all? “It would be hard to catch them if they weren't attributes.” That's right. He never would have caught him as an owner if he had been the same. Even if we work together. "Nemesis' heavy voice followed.

His name is Medusa.

And there are many such monsters in Dardardardaros. Do we really have to go there now? The former owner knows he didn't have any more of this. Yeon-woo heavily nodded.

Perhaps our harshness here, the bloom/gate hatch, % 2, began to appear/and the waters corrupted/corrupted our minds.

7h # ö/Lh Going Through/Öh Just the difficulty of the gateway Law/Confidence, I think I'm going to hurt myself.

Ultimately, Ura is 7; if E is 7, then 5//Ö, then tE/LhöhZh.

On the other hand, I was 0% lucky.

Dardardaroth, on the verge of the Ten Gates, is unable to enter, but will see.

In a place called Joe/'s Prosperity that is not in the Summer.

I know the master's idea of getting the power of the King of Questions. And the promise of fixing Brontemoa's pocket watch. But it's dangerous now. After a little more strength, Onemesis tries to stop the alliance somehow. Tartarus is a place that mortals can never reach. You would challenge me to a place like that without any preparation? He also longed for power like a kite, and wanted to fix the clock. But it wasn't now. Compared to the gods, Yeouido was too weak. A minimum of 50 floors was a challenge after exceeding. This place.

He ended up on the eighth Gateway with a team called Artiya behind his back. What should we do about allies who don't have enough power to call themselves a team? And now titanium and gas have found condensate? Even Shannon who did not know fatigue was already getting tired.


No, I'm going. ”Yeon shakes her head. It was a perfect opportunity to find clues about my brother that I wanted to see so much.

No, if we lose, we might be able to have a reunion.

What if we postpone the next one, and we miss it? Moreover, once I started postponing it, I could continue postponing it. I didn't want to.

I didn't want to miss it.


Yeon-woo wanted to say something to her brother. Until then, I couldn't stop.


Yeongwoo draws Medusa and all the other monsters' power with Battery's Vampire Sword and moves on again.

Nemesis had to look at such a pitiful view.

Yeongwoo's eyes brightened.

'Meet her. You must.