Second Life Ranker

11. The King of Commandments (1)

[I entered Gateway 10, "Lump Cancer."] The way to the last gate was very difficult, especially the lions of Minodarous and Nemea, who began to meet from Gate 9, pushing the group of mobs into extinction.

Sanon and Ghost, who fought on the front line, had to go to the brink of extinction before repeating their vengeance.

You're like the goddamned vice president. It seems like it's been a long time since I've been this crazy. "Sanon and Han have already been mentally corrupted a lot. In theory, they could fight forever without rest if the ghosts were supplied.

As long as I have a self and I still have a strong identity as a human, I can't let the accumulated mental fatigue disappear while continuing the battle.

It's hard to fight titanium and gas bills that keep pouring in like that.

Gateway to Gateway. Belonging to family. It was more than one or two things to care about.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo quietly advanced forward.

Only Nemesis here is occasionally dangerous, and the other members of the alliance have not said a word, but have quietly followed the opinions of the alliance.

It is because I know the eager heart of Yeonwoo through the connections.

Determined to get the power of the king to somehow find a clue about his brother.

I was desperate for all of it.

It was also the driving force behind Yeongwoo, who pushed herself so harshly that no matter when it collapsed, she was able to continue her path without any color.

I wanted to listen to the master's wishes. Even if it turns out to be a failure.

In the end, Nemesis knew the wishes of the clans and no longer held back.

In fact, his longing for power and clues was as desperate as Yeon-woo's.

The longing for the former owner was so cruel that it sometimes appeared in my dreams.

“May the blessing of the Holy Spirit shine upon the darkness that settles here. • • Groitz was opening his mouth, memorizing the prayers of Jupiter, and triggering the connection.

Sungkyung Construction. It was a final spell that prevented the malicious enemy from accessing and avoiding the curse.

However, there were disadvantages of not being able to move the boundaries and having to memorize the prayers for maintenance.

While this was there, I was still able to rest a little.

Groitz has been doing his part quietly by Yeon-woo's side.

Despite many questions, I did not ask anything as promised. Yeon-woo knew his sincerity and was gradually respecting him as a colleague.

You can never allow • • • and so on. ”Under the bright light barrier, I looked down at the dark depths along the basin.

The tenth Gateway, humid rock, has a task of reaching its destination through a basin where darkness flows like fog.

Actually, it was not that difficult for Yeon-woo.

Even though his vision was obscured by darkness, he was confident that he would be able to pass easily by realizing the truth on the 20th floor.

But the problem was the monsters that seemed to be moving through the darkness.

Didanese and gas bonds. From HYDRA to the Lion of Nemea, monsters have been plaguing the group all along. It seemed like there could be dozens of them if I only counted them roughly.

There's no need to say anything about violence. The mass reaches about ten meters, and the strength of the century is like letting those monsters through so many places that they can't beat the whole group.

Luckily, Getto's multi-year Pier and his wealth of Infernosite can help control the monsters.

I wish none of this had happened.

It could have been dangerous.

'By the way.

Yeon-woo turned her gaze.

"Do I have to keep going through this? 'Since Yeon-woo came here, she was shivering with additional gazes.

The eyes of the gods and demons that he had been exposed to were from above.

However, the closer I got to Tartarus, the more clinging my gaze came from "below." It also felt ominous and cruel.

Titan and gas. Their gaze is clear. The contents of the quest window were correct.

'I can barely feel the upper gaze now, except for Harmesh or Athena.' Of course, the stronger Tartarus gets. The gaze in the sky was almost weakening. With the exception of those directly connected to 1-0 by Kwon mediation, there were very few new and devils able to observe the alliance properly.

[Agares ridicules other gods and demons who cannot see you.] [Agares approaches other gods and demons to discuss Tartarus face-to-face and teases them directly.] A steaming society, 'Olympus ignores Agarass.] [God's society, Asgard, bothers to visit Agares.] Agares still seems to be running wild. I just lowered the message window because I was listening.

Just as I was turning the magic circuits around and focusing on regeneration.

A rich woman strokes the crystal ball gently, raising her head slowly.

Tremors. You hear a thumping of the hip.

“Did you find something?” Here. Ghosts. Eggs.

Interrogate them all. Result. "Yeouido wiped out all the scattered ghosts through each gate. Otherwise, all the family members would have perished immediately.

Other. Cyclops. Passed. As done. Infusion. "Is that so?” Yeon got up from her seat slowly, hairing her ass. Wealth has been pursuing the whereabouts of other Cyclops. And I just found out that they passed through all the gates and went to Tartarus.

If so, we didn't have to wait any longer.

“Again, is it moving?” Groitz reads the miracle of the kith, stops praying and exhales to tell the land to go away. The fact that he has to move again makes him die out of his sight.

As soon as I left the Grr-Strong Barrier, the gaze of all the monsters began to stream this way.

Other players who were already passing through the gate have been eaten and are inside their ships.

The hungry stomach that was not satisfied was desperately looking for the next meal.

Yeongwoo was in a state of collecting all the family lines. It's impossible to deal with that many monsters. If so, we had to evade as quickly as possible to get to the destination.


The group starts running in a straight line with all their might.

Above Yeongwoo's head, the wealth's inferno site began to cover as it opened wide.

Nose overload! We're through a chattering stage, the Ten Gates.] [You've accomplished an incredible feat. The title, 'Ten Trials' was created.] [Additional public values will be provided.] [Accuracy +20,000.] [You have gained 30,000 additional Public Values.] [Would you like to try the second Hidden Stage? Really, I didn't expect to come this far as a player. Carlos Brontes looks at the huge bronze gate in front of his eyes and says in a sympathetic voice.

I finally arrived at the entrance of Dartharos, who wanted to get there even after I died.

Yeongwoo reached out her hand and stroked the gate. Here in Olympos, Mundo had a similar pattern to the iron gate he saw at the temple of Poseidon. A majestic door with all sorts of stunning paintings.

However, this painting was filled with much more detail than I had seen before.

Titan and gases tremble from the Haan cloud to the black abyss as Zeus is struck by lightning.

Specifically, what was placed in the center was noticeable.

Those who do not look away from Zeus, Poseidon and the Hades brothers as they fall.

'Ggoonos.' who was the god of time and death, the king of Titan, had a realistic look on his face compared to other gods.

In a way, it seemed to be resentful, and in a way, it seemed to approximate the deep-school 0 1-near-minded in their betrayal.

The gods of Olympus faced two major wars, represented by Titan Macaca and Giga, and drove Titan and Gigas against them into Tartaros.

Maybe beyond this, there's darkness and Kronos and the rest of them.

A prison full of priests that no mortal can ever approach.

Apart from the sanctuary, it was also a few places where the gods and demons could wander freely in the summer, so I couldn't help but get nervous.

And so was Kreutz.

The tenth Gateway was a terrible place, not enough to combine all the difficulties of really other Gateways.

However, after passing through like this, Nannis was regarded as magnificent.

I've had to fail several times in my previous attempts.

As expected, if you squeeze your energy to its limit, does anything impossible disappear? I remembered what the commander said, and his smile spread without knowing it.

You look around at the Jeongdong Gate in Yongmao, and you look around Brontes.

“But how do we get beyond this?” No matter how much I touch it, the bronze gate doesn't budge. I received a Persephone quest, and I thought it might open by itself, but I couldn't see any signs of grinding.

Well, the gods of Olympus built this door to hold prisoners, but it can't be opened that easily. If I had, Titan and Gas would have come through the door.

There is a path. Only Hades knows. Exactly where only he and his people can pass. “Can you tell me what it is?” Wait a moment. Brontes closes his eyes and suddenly casts an unknown spell.

Pod! A swarm of light follows him. As Brontes reaches forward, something like the Dandelion Hall floats back and forth. The gray sensitivity above the radiance of Ji-ha 'an was a scepter.

Luckily, it still works. "What is this?” It is the Spirit of the Commandment. "In other words, it is a guide by Hades' power to lead us where he is. It was originally given to our brothers. It can be summoned over time. He believed that his body would come back someday. Brontes tightened his eyes with a single wet claw.

Tears welled up around my eyes.

Then he opened his eyes again and said.

Don't just stand there. Follow me. We don't know when they'll be gone.

Yeongwoo and Groitz began to walk sideways, following the spirit. The Jeongdong Gate continued indefinitely.

Where only darkness and silence lay.

Yeongwoo continued to observe only the sacred painting on the bronze gate. The paintings were different.

Then the spirit stops at one point. Then Pot disappears and opens a small red portal along the frontal gate.

Yeonwoo and Kreutz will gaze at each other silently. Then you nod and cross the portal.

After the light went out, the honeycomb stood alone on a massive ridge under the dark sky.

At that moment.

[You have entered the second Hidden Stage, Tartarus. "] [Warning! This is a prison with prisoners of Olympus Titan and Gas, a special administrative site for the Bureau of Administration. Players are advised to escape quickly as this is a difficult stage to reach.] [Ominous gaze flashes.] [An ominous curse is coming.] [Surden Quest (Persephone's long-standing wish) is being renewed.] [Check out the quest window +] Huaiak-Yun had to feel a feeling of horror that could not be expressed in words.

But outside the Jung Dong Gate, the somewhat controlled gaze of titanium and gases has now become blatant.

I could feel some of the emotion in my eyes.

Curiosity, surprise, yearning, jealousy.

There were all sorts of inconsistencies, but there were 91 commonalities underneath.


What did they see that made them feel disbelief in Yeon Woo? As soon as I fell, I later realized that the place where my eyes were looking exactly was not myself, but the despair and silk of the king of queries that was working.

• • • • • Why. Here. • • • • • • Traces of him. Why. "Asrai, I heard that voice from a distant place. Like a tiny echo.


It was later to realize that Yeonwoo was not standing on a mountainside, but actually on a massive pilgrimage ahead of her.

A massive black eye that seemed to be tens of meters was staring at him.