Second Life Ranker

12. The King of Commandments (2)

Yeongwoo instinctively flew the wings of fire high above the sky.

Powers followed, and a group of ghosts twisted around Yeongwoo.


Obviously, the beggar who seemed to be on the move soon did nothing.

Yeon-woo could only slowly realize that her eyes were not focused on her. I didn't feel the energy of life.

The creature he was walking on was a dead body.

'What was this size • The corpse was clearly lying long. Nevertheless, it was high enough to be mistaken for a mountainous ridge, and it seemed to be a kilometer long.

Her eyes gleam brightly like the sun and the moon, and the fur on her trumpet legs is like a forest.

Yeonwoo knew that Giants weren't that big.

An individual with massive kidneys, 20 meters or less? If you think about the last Giant King, who was the largest giant, who was 30 meters tall, you could almost call him a Giant.

The corpses of Titan? Is that all Dardardaroth has? 'The rumors about Titan and gas were not well known in the towers.

There were not many players who could pass through the ten gates in the first place, nor was there anyone else who could cross the gate.

My brother also promised that Tartaro would see me next time. I've never actually been to 11B. Titan and gasoline look like they can't hear or see, but it's not strange. Either way, they were marvelous' cause they didn't understand it.

Yeongwoo flew to the upper atmosphere with a need to take a closer look at the corpse of the giant. There was also a purpose to find Kreutz, who missed the trail as he crossed the portal.

'It's too big. I kicked my tongue the more I climbed up to the air, which was not so good. It looks like the only thing that looks like it's going right up there is dark darkness. He could barely get his sight, thanks to the floating nature and clear senses behind him.

The Tartarus was described as the Underworld Gang, and all it saw was darkness.

At a point that seems to have risen somewhat, I'm releasing you as far as I can.

Thump, thump! Suddenly, the earth is in chaos. And there's a tremendous amount of pressure going on.

Yeongwoo picked it up as quickly as she tried to sprinkle it. My chest starts to bat.

An instinctive bell ringing in my mind that if I reveal my intentions here, it becomes dangerous.

Instead, the user turns to the other side, killing the target as much as possible.

Once again, the world shook up and down.

Something is coming this way as you cleave through the darkness. The closer it gets, the deeper the grief it must feel. Compared to the Agarass you encountered directly on the 23rd floor, there is an ever-growing presence in the mass.

[Athena looks at people like you with quiet eyes.] [Hermes remains silent and watches the target like a saccharide. Agarez grips his tongue. [Chaos is silent.] Even the eyes of the gods and demons who use Yeongwoo as a terminal have calmed down.

Even the chaos that usually doesn't reveal the message. It meant that the target's pressure was great.

The cow swallowed a dry saliva. Somehow, a god came near him.

It was smaller than the corpse of a dead giant below; it still boasted enormously. Height is one kilometer in and one kilometer out. It was about the size of a swallow fly.

Around Earthy • • • • • He looked around like he was looking for something. I turned my head a lot slower to see if I was moving slow enough, but every time I drew, the atmosphere shivered briefly, and the heat along the thick skin choked me on its own.

I could see that Yeon-woo was looking for me.

The day was ripe, no matter how his eyes looked. It was one of several gazes that had been watching him the whole way through the gate.

Perhaps he knew he was here and revealed himself.

But he only looked around for a long time, but he couldn't find her: it's because she's very weak compared to him. Moreover, it was easy for him to hide his existence since we dealt with tlcl %, hiding Yeon as far as possible.

But that didn't make it any easier.

The moment he makes a move here, he's likely to discover himself immediately. But we can't stay here forever. It was only a matter of time before the one with more eyes on himself found him.

What do I do? Should I hit him first? 'Yeongwoo took it to the beagrid that hung on her waist and repeated the one-stop position.

You know very well that your attack will not do any harm. But I was proud that it would buy me some time.

To stay like this and just get beaten up. I thought it might be better to attack and run.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo opened her eyes wide while using dry saliva. The grains appear gradually. However, there were very few places where there were clumps as if they were ordinary objects in size.

The closer it gets to perfection, the greater the severity of existence. I wonder if it's because of God. It's not easy to find a gap at all: However, with a burst of magical power in the dragon horse, it is found that the grain is mainly clustered along the right side of the chest.

Yeon grips the beagrid tightly.

Once and for all, the opportunity had to express and concentrate all of its power and strike. Otherwise, it was all over.

My eyes became red with tension. At that moment, I could feel him turning his eyes in the opposite direction.

Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

'Right now.

You fool! Suddenly, the reverberation of Yeon-woo's ears rang out. And my body swept to the ground with the feeling of being swept by the rapids.

It was around that time that the nether-guy turned his head toward the swamp. He shudders around and shakes his head small.

Giant Mountain narrows its eyes and soon moves again.

Did you run away? Finally, the beggar judged that there was no alliance, and turned his gaze again and began to move.

It was around the time the footsteps of the beast grew smaller that Kung Woong and Yun Yu stood up. It took a long time for the footsteps to disappear because they boasted so much.

“Are you going to attack Titan? That's not Perses, is it? You fucking cunt.

Also, the rescuer who rescued Yeon-woo decided there was no more danger and frowned.

“Do you have any idea how complicated you almost made things?” Yeon-woo remained silent.

Those who rescued themselves were a group of ten.

Bronze armor and spears glowing in blue, and soldiers wearing a Dower shield. Their aura was excellent together.

Especially for someone who seemed to be a commander.

The Nis Flute was a soldier of the order to follow Hades and control Titan and Gas to break down the Bronze Gate of Tartarus.

Although they appeared to be ordinary soldiers, each one of them was a warrior with a high reputation for low self-esteem.

Yeon-woo was able to see that she was saved by their help.

Especially the one the commander mentioned, Perses, symbolizes destruction among Titans. If we were going to hit it, something must have happened.

“Still, I'm glad you're okay. Are you hurt anywhere else?” At that time, Groitz approaches behind Nice Pluto and looks over Yeouido. Anu nods, and Groitz sighs in relief.

Apparently, he was found and rescued by those before the kith.

Commander-in-chief, it's that poor Persian, Sarazo! I checked and turned back to Yeouido 48423; I couldn't recognize the look of a cavern because I was wearing armor, but my eyes were as strong as mine.

“Still, I don't know how you got the spirit's guidance the king had handed over to Giggles Brontes, but it must have something to do with him, right?” “That's right.” Yeon nods.

“The king has ordered me to bring you back safely. But this is Titan's domain. If they catch us, we're done. Watch out for me.” At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened.

“If you're a king, do you mean Hades?” Hades, known to be missing, was still in Tartarus, though.

The commander's day is slightly distorted.

“Don't let his dignity get in your mouth, player. He says he's been taking his hands off the tower for a long time; but he's not a fool to call you. • •“ I bring you the message from Persephone. Please let me meet Hades. ”• • • Persephone?” The commander had to stop speaking while he was angry. A messenger with the queen's message. Then I had to treat him with the utmost respect.

It was an unsolicited look in the eyes of the cost, but there was nothing I could do. The commander turns away sharply.

“Anyway, come with me.” Fortunately, things seemed to be going well.

Yeonwoo and Kreutz began following Commander and Disc Pluto.

The commander calls himself Ray, the 19th of the DIS Fluto division of the 24.

It was a brother-in-law who knew the Devil's genealogy through his brother's journal, but he had a name he had never heard of.

'Well, it's no wonder that most of the major representatives who lead each society of gods and demons are known, but Olympus, Asgard and Le Infernal have had so much manpower as to be called' Saab. '

It is not only the gods of their own, but the god of their own gods, and the soldiers under their command. It boasts enormous scale.

However, their names were largely unknown or unknown. It was not enough to be perceived by the players of the game.

Ray was one of them. But he also has a certain personality because he belongs to the heavenly world. He was so clumsy that he couldn't reach it as a kitten.


Is it higher than yours? 'Divine status means you have already gained transcendence. As mortals, it means we're on the verge of something we can't all hope for. Despite the power that no one had gained except for the player midsole pavilion, Ray had difficulty feeling' high 'when compared to the King.

Of course, you can draw because Ray hasn't released his proper personality yet.

The same was true of the baloney who did not show proper strength. He didn't do everything he could to fight the Summer Queen.

What are the standards of self-esteem? Isn't that what you get when you get taller? 'Yeon-woo's eyes became deeper.

Is that or is the cost getting in the way? 'I think so.

“Isn't that how you look at the moon?” Ray feels the gaze staring at him rather than quietly opening the road at the front, and looks back at Yeongwoo.

“No, nothing.” Yeon-woo's face is shrunk boldly.

Ray looks forward with a smile on his face.

“Just so you know, I am the longest in 2012.” Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

“May I ask why?” “Reason? There are a lot of reasons.We have a battlefield full of beliefs and lifetimes of battle.This place is nothing but a playground or a private training ground for you.” Yeon-woo clammed her mouth. Occasionally, it seemed to be moving beyond the ten gateways and into a different multilevel assessment.

Raise your skills further Challengers who work hard for the player.

But that's just the way the players look at it. How does it shine on those who make it their home? “You're the only ones who can see this place. This is a place where even Olympus in the sky can't see. They're too weak for such topics, but sometimes they die. If they think they can be used and taught some skill, they run away. So, do you think I'll like it?” “And now there's a problem with one of our troops. And yet, because of you, I've come to this dangerous place by charging my troops like this.

But since you know the whereabouts of Cyclops Brontes, the messenger of Persephone, don't say anything. ”It was a warning. Don't just run off and die. It also meant knowing the subject.

If anyone sees it, you can call it a gardening.

Yeon-woo could feel the bitterness and urgency in Ray's speech.

"Does that mean the situation is not good enough? 'When the eyes of Yeon Woo sank deep.

Ray suddenly stops walking and reaches out to the group and flies the castle. Whenever I want something to happen.

Suddenly, the ground under their feet explodes, and the giant protrudes out of nowhere.

You found it • • • • • • •! Just now, there was Titan Perses who was trying to find Yeon Woo. He smiles viciously and reaches out his right hand to the spot with Yeongwoo's back.

“Running away, the hyperphoto-rey screams urgently and reaches the bowel forward. The spectacular effect of the mystical openness erupted. Smoke hovered.

Meanwhile, Dis Fluto wanted to catch Yeonwu Groitz and take him somewhere else. We're trying to get out of here while Ray keeps us busy.

But Fermenton-Titan Perses is a man who can mate with Hades to some degree. A lowly figure like Ray could not be stopped. Ray can't help but bleed out and disappear.

The giant does not stop there, but swings his arm to catch the target, the Nile, and the wind thunders like a tidal wave. Disc Fluto urgently stands in front of the moat. Their faces were firmly lined with the will of opposition.

Yeon-woo gripped it and opened its powers. No, I was jealous.

However, channels were blocked as though they were blocked by the cost.

[Weak channel forests with Athena.

"The Trace of the Goddess" becomes invisible "[The channel with Getto has weakened. The 'Neptune Stone' has broken down 1 [The channel with Agares is weak. The aphrodisiac is ineffective.] [Agares is angry!] Successful power is the Awakening of Solvent. Yeon thought she had no choice but to grip it and maximize her dragon strength against the Giants. With vague expectations, the waves of 72 skills and fire might hold out for some time.

One day, a huge shadow of his was pouring over his head.

At that moment.

Knng! Suddenly, a blue glow forms over the dark sky, and it becomes a thunderbolt and cuts through the creature's face.

Grunt_The beggar shrieks and pulls back cowardly. My hands were on my face. Blood spills like a waterfall from a cracked hole.

And in front of it.

A god in bronze armor, full of scorching light, appears and starts swinging his sword.

A dark darkness blazes in his arms, protecting him like a flame, and spreads out into all directions like webs.

Even though it was ridiculously small compared to the giant, the aura was overwhelming. Every time I swing my sword, I wield more power than Poseidon.

Yeon-woo knew who he was at once.

Born the firstborn of Zeus and six other brothers, instead of going down to the commandments below to avenge Olympus' guilt for his brothers.

Hades! 'The king of the commandments came.