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13Th. king of the commandments (3)

Hades • • • • Hades • • • • • • •! Nega and Hades swing their steam roughly.

It was just a few swings in the air, but every time I drew it, the sky burst with enormous force.

The tightly compressed darkness clumps like lightning, and the heat from which it derives becomes a storm, slashing the living creature barefully: blood splattered. One arm jumps up, forcibly torn apart. The goose that had been releasing a feeling of overwhelming pressure had been pushed to the front of the greater pressure.

Yeon-woo stared at him dazed.

Perfection. The grain that was seen in Hermes or Athena was not found in Hades.

Is that really the power of being?

Moreover, every time I swing my sword, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind just by shaking the tartarus a few times.

Nor would it have survived if it had not been for the cold-blooded nature.


It was only after Hades that Yeon-woo knew exactly what the word meant. Borden providence and law were flowing around Hades.

[A message has arrived from Harmes. It's been a long time, hasn't it? [Message from Harmesh] [Message: Not only me, but Ares and Hercules were completely engrossed when they first saw it. Especially when Athena was the most enthusiastic.] [A message has arrived from Athena.] [Message: Will you shut up?] The Goddess of War and Wisdom, a creature that makes Athena wet. Hades was clearly showing why he was the firstborn of the gods of Olympus.

“How dare you?” Hades smiles as he reaches out to grab him somehow and relaxes away from the shivering shadow of the giant attack.

“Perseus, you're finally crazy. You've been eating Chronos' correction lately and it's been blowing up abnormally large chunks, so is the liver also swollen? You really think you're Chronos, don't you?” I gripped the sword tightly.

The darkness that runs through his arms darkens his sword.

“Maybe we should get rid of that headache first.” Shhh! Hades lowers himself. The forceps fell from the right shoulder to the groin, drawing oblique lines.

The giant's body flashes into darkness. And something started pouring back and forth along the wound.

Every time black smoke leaks out, the unusually small size gets smaller. Like a balloon blowing out the wind.

He struggled to catch the leaking smoke somehow. You try to regenerate the wound by raising your power, but Hades won't even give you a chance to draw.

Every time the sword flashes, the amount of black smoke spills out.

Suddenly, the area was full of them: What is it, Loser? 'Yeon looked at the black smoke quietly. Under the circumstances, you can see that that's what caused Titan to grow abnormally, and that's what caused the anomaly in Tartarus.

By the way.

Why is the day so early? 'When the day of Yeongwoo got a little stiff.

Suddenly, the Black King's despair and grief burst into tears.

Why would Yeon-woo want to check it out?

Guaoang! Hades will take the final blow with all his might. Then, the giant's head was cut off and went into the air. It was so scary that it floated into the sky.

The giant's head and body split into small particles. Blood splashes like waterfalls and vanishes.

Where he was, there was something like a black orb.

“You look like a rat. He runs away again, smiling softly. He flicks his fingers lightly, crushing the black marbles completely, and turns to the place where the pits are.

Despite the distance, Zhades suddenly arrived in front of Yeon Woo's eyes when he wanted to make eye contact. He was much more grumpy than he had seen from afar.

Yeongwoo was stunned to step back and tried to take over 20129; to Beagrid, but her body could not move properly.

I felt my soul tightened, even though I didn't release much energy.

Poseidon and many other gods would face each other, but each time I drew a picture, I was able to regain some freedom by using my traits.

But Hades was never like that.

Characteristics did not work. I can't move my body. I can't even allow the freedom of speech. Hades seems to be in a better position than any god or demon I've ever met.


'I don't like it.

Yeon-woo frowned. Being overwhelmed by someone else was truly unpleasant. So I turned the magical circuits in a world that had never been slower, and quickly awakened the cells.

Then Hades opened his mouth and time was restored and Yeon-woo was free.

I was able to confidently make eye contact.

[Harmesh nods satisfactorily.] [Athena looks at you warmly. [Agares giggles] The chaos is overwhelming.] At that moment, Hades' eyes closed.

“I miss a lot of things. Was he beloved by his nephews? Agares.Long time no see, neither has the Demon King. In addition, Hades slightly blurred his horse tail and looked up and down on Yeongwoo.

Liver and Yeon-woo felt like everything was falling apart. I feel like I can feel it all inside.

Then Hades' gaze pauses on the black bracelets and shackles. The despair and silk of the Dark King resonate with it. But the feeling was very different than usual. He was shaking violently, as if he were feeling anger.

“His legacies?” Hades empties the tip of one lip. In a way, it seemed like a laugh, and in a certain way it looked like a bitter laugh.

“I thought you were just bringing a message from the Percellés, but you're more fun than I thought.” Hades smiles hotly.

“That human over there is holding some pretty funny toys.” I looked back at Groitz, who was staring at me. Groitz's eyes tremble steadily underneath his helmet.

Then Hades suddenly sees Dis Fluto lying on the ground screaming.

“Back to the temple!” We have successfully completed the year-round quest (Persephone's long-standing wish).

Additional public values will be provided.] [Earned 10,000 Public Lands.] [Received 15,000 additional Public Text 1.] [I received the Ring of Life (New Moon of Persephone), Spring Blessing (Persephone's Festival), and the Declaration (Persephone's Power) as a reward.] The quest given by Persephone was to meet Harness and confirm his death, and news of him should have been passed on to the Physicians naturally. This reminds me of the message that I achieved the ark.

A ring wrapped in light settles on the palm of the wide-open kite's hand.

A flower ring made of rounded flowers. It was the Ring of Life, the new personification of Persephone.

Yeongwoo identified the reward: [Ring of Life] Classification: Ring Grade: Fortune Teller: Spring and Seed, A gift in return for Fercelle finding Hades' husband on her behalf.

Wearing it will help ease fatigue and energize you just by wearing it because it is always full of vital energy.

It also has various effects on the soul of the user.

A strong human spirit can paint the soul in various colors. Purifies these colors to clear the mind and alleviates bad irritation from the outside, and has the effect of lowering the fatigue accumulated in the body from at least 20% to up to 40%.

For a mortal who is determined to die, the soul is originally the realm of the golden age where it is hard to hold hands. It has the effect of giving a constant stimulus to the soul to realize the meaning gradually.

Grant the right to use for power and zero pressure.

The moment she wore the ring of life, she could feel the pressure that had been given to her body all this time without knowing.

Tartarus is a prison for holding gods. Of course, environmentally, it was a very difficult place for one person to wander around carelessly.

Groitz was going through a relatively free period of time resolving it with the power of the sword Julpicar.

But Yeon-woo was different.

He had the despair and grief of the King of the Seulks, but he had no authority to deal with the Tartarus. Rather, the pressure received while holding various factors of the dragon • horse • god was 53432;

However, the ring of life stimulated the soul and energized the body, thereby relieving the pressure received by the body.

To put it simply, it gives you the right to come and go as a Tartarus.

It was also shown that Percellene was very considerate, as it had the effect of reducing fatigue even on other stairs. It was an excellent reward, not lacking in return from the goddess.


Insufficient authority over the Blessings of Spring (Grace of Persephone) and the Declaration (Power of Fürzelner). You have to meet the new Jo7nin to see it.] The two rewards given along with the Ring of Life were named only in the skill window, and the word 'inaccessible' was written on it.

Before entering the gate, there was a message from the Percellés.

- In fact, the quest window will say there will be 3 prizes, but perhaps there is only one Soul Ring that can be used freely after # # meets her husband.

_The Ring of Life is a gift of my divine power, so I can make it work. But the other two are different. because of the environmental Zaire that Tartaros has.

Pycelles' explanation was simple.

The tartarus is actually severed from the outside. It was the only place on the 98th floor that was inaccessible. That's why even in Olympus, Hades had disappeared and could not help it.

However, the blessing of spring and the manifest can only be directly connected to Persephone. However, since it is cut off from the outside, it cannot be pushed back by Fercelle's power.

'It must be because of my inability to awaken other powers besides the solvents.

Even though Athena, Agares, chaos and channeling continued, power returned to failure for the same reason.

- So what do we do to get the other two rewards right? - You'll need Hades' authority. Tartarus is like his sanctuary.

It would mean getting Hades' approval or getting out of Tartarus and onto another stairwell.

The piring- [Association] quest is being created, but I remembered the message again.

Yeongwoo has checked the quest.

[Connection quest/Persephone's desperate wish] Content: You were successful in finding Hades with Persephone's desperate request.

But the situation in Hades is not so green. As the war against Titan and Gigas continued for a long time, the Tartarus became a ruin with many ruins.

Help Hades here, gain his recognition and help him return to his original temple in one piece.

It is the only way to gain access to the blessings and powers obtained from Persephone (Spring Blessing).

Achievement Group 7: Hades' Recognition, Hades' Return Limit: Unlimited Rewards: 1. Eligibility for use (Spring Blessing) 2. Fellowship in the use of power (manifest) kicked out the tongue.

'I knew you wouldn't give it away so easily.' Persephone assumed Hades would be caught up in something unusual, hid the matching quest, so she could help Hades if she wanted protection and power.

Once we find Hades, we act like we'll give him all the rewards, and we've solved the last condition.

Yeon-woo smiled softly.

In fact, I coveted Persephone's blessing and power, but it was not so desperate. Even though the connection is broken now, the list of powers still contains countless gods and demons who would like to make a treaty with him.

Among them, there were many things that were similar or superior to what Fercelle suggested.

However, Yeon-woo was not too angry about this. If I was so worried about my husband, I would have done this.

Even though this player's hand is not very helpful to God. Maybe he wanted to borrow a cat's hand. I didn't want to argue because I knew such an itchy heart better than anyone else.

'And I have to stay here anyway.' Unless we had found the whereabouts of the other two Cyclops, Yeon continued to stay in Tartarus and help Hades.

That way we can unseal the clock.


'It won't be easy.' Yeon saw the ruins that she had seen all along Hades and Dis Fluto and kicked her tongue lightly.

Tartarus is a place where life is scarce, but it's a place where darkness falls. However, there were traces of battle and the remains of many monsters lying around.

In particular, the garrisons that appeared to be Hades' territory were mostly broken or not properly renovated, even though people were staying.


Far away, you see Hades' temple.

But not one of the three great shrines of Olympus. It was so desolate that it was too desolate.

I wonder if I've read the look in her eyes.

“You're not asking me anything. You must have a lot of questions.” Hades smiles faintly at the sight of such an alliance.

A silly laugh. I felt it the whole time, but he was quite cynical.