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14. The King of Commandments (4)

Yeon woo meets Hades' eyes.

Deep two spheres:. It was hard to guess what I was thinking.

The new gods and demons that Yeon-woo had faced have all been honest with their feelings.

It was because their identity and status occupied their actions. So it's usually smiling, or getting angry. Or a smile you don't know. I saw a pattern like that.

Hades' eyes were different, though he was cynical to his mouth. It was too deep. I feel like my soul will be sucked into me just by watching. It looks like it contains Margie Tartaros.

Yeonwoo pondered briefly, wondering why Hades was asking such a question.

By the way.

“Question. You'd better choose well.” “I value fair dealing the most in the world. Trust? Caring? What's the point of that?

It's all nonsense. As much as I give you. As much as I come. It is a matter of exchanging and receiving transactions as much as each other wants. I have something to ask you, too, so let's make a deal. ”Yeon nods. Hades wondered what his beliefs were and what his personality was:“ Where I first appeared, what was it? ”The corpse of the giant mountain, which was only a few kilometers long. Perseus boasted a lot, but he was still small compared to the corpse.

It was a mountain range.

“That's what I'm asking you.” Hades lets out a faint sigh and rolls one lip.

“Kronos.” Yeon looks back at Hades, her eyes wide open.

“Do you know Kronos?” Isn't that the king of Titan? "” “Yes. And he's the father that me, Poseidon, and Zeus kicked out together. The evil Abiolimpius myth that tried to eat his son began with the king of the gods, Gronos, devouring his children. When he heard the prophecy that one of his children was going to take his place, he swallowed up his older family.

However, his wife Leah could no longer see this horror, so she stole the youngest Zeus, and Zeus grew up in a remote place and eventually challenged the command of Cruf ❯.

At this time, the children who were swallowed by Gunnos regained their vomit and became Zeus' trusted allies. They were Barohades, Poseidon, Hastia, Hara, Demeter. And after a long war, the Zeus brothers succeeded in imprisoning Kgurs and his follower, Didan, in Tartarus.

Chronos is the beginning of the myth of Olympus and the greatest vice.

By the way.

"He died?" Could God die in the arms of the Seven, who are immortal and transcendent? "And on the one hand,

Wasn't the King of Questions Kronos? 'Until now, the gods have not called on the Black King by his name. I just call it a peck. Harmesh said it was because he was tied to the' Treaty of Stix '.

But Hades was calling Greenrs by his name.

Yeonwoo saw the despair of the Black King and the violent trembling when she met Poseidon or Hades, and the King of Questions was dragging the strands towards Kronos.

But this way, I might have overheard his expectations.

“A face like that could die.” It's like this. ““ It has to be. We plundered time from him. ”“ Everything he had was taken from him. To be a complete god, he needed immortality, and immortality needed time. You have to change your time to be a real god, don't you think? And then you do that, and that's how you scrub in. 'Dead base. ”The God of Time and Death. If we take time away from such a person, does it mean that only death remains?

“And because of that, I was able to receive some of that death.” Hades doesn't want to say anything- * * * * * * * However, in 2012, only Yeonsei was not released. For a moment Hades is looking up and down at him. Like you're trying to open something.

From me? 'But Hades said again, whether he thought he could not find anything else out from Yeon Woo.

“Then let me ask you.” Have you heard anything else from the Percellés? ”Yeon reminds me for a moment of leaving Persephone's Sanctuary.

“All I had to do was find out where you were.” “Is that so? Yes. Hades smiled slightly.

It was the first emotion I had seen of him with a cynical face since I met him.

I don't know about Yeon-woo, but I thought he looked so lonely. “Then ask me the next question.” “Did you just finish that question?” “But?” Is there a problem? Hades seemed to say so.

Yeon-woo stopped moaning. I just told you that with the mouth of an e-mailer, we value fair trade. Does that mean the Percells' message is that much heavier? “No.” That's a long line of nonsense. Quickly ask the question. ”“ So, are you having a hard time with the • • • • • • situation? ”Question number two. Yeongwoo has already seen the battlefield, but I still wanted to hear Hades' perspective.

“What's happening? Hehe." But Hades suddenly began to entice the parlor laughter.

“Yes. If there's anything left to call it.” Laughter soon became a laughingstock.

To be precise, he laughed at himself.

“Tartarus is about to be destroyed.” That's how Hades' explanation began.

Hundreds of years ago, when I first discovered and came across the anomaly of Tartarus, It has already been said that things have not been very good since then.

“Titan Perses, you've seen the bass, don't you think it's too big? God, no matter how big and spiritual you are, it's not worth it.” Yeon remembers the goose rising high enough to reach the sky, and nods heavily.

1It is because he absorbed the power of Gronos. "The death of North did not mean that his power disappeared. Titan and Gigas, who were seeking revenge, tried to learn how to deal with Kronos' legacy, and eventually learned how to absorb its power. An abnormal stigma is just a side effect of that." So you saw that and the smoke was the power of Kronos? 'Hades drove the giant away, reminding me of the smoke that leaked out along the wound.

“With the power of the old king, the stone-armed prisoners were not easy to deal with. And they kept stealing the territory, and they kept saying," It's been taken, and now there's only one place left.

Guards occupied by prisoners. That's funny. Hades mutters.

'So • • • Yeongwoo recalled the face of Nifluto with a lightened color. Tired faces together. Soon, the Tartaros were defeated by Titans and Gigases.

So, what happens when Tartarus is occupied by Titan and Gigas? 'By the time Yeon-woo had such a question.

It was Hades' turn this time.

“Humans, then. Why are you here?” Yeon pauses for a moment, staring at Hades and answering.

“I'm here for Guinness.” Hades' temple was very different from Fercelle's sanctuary.

Persephone's sanctuary was a beautiful garden with all sorts of flowers and fields, but Hades' temple had a sharp, dark image that mattered even more to the image of the wonder of death.

Hades wipes his face with the towel handed to him and sits on his throne: It was a magnificent throne, but it was scorched everywhere, so it seemed to be a relief for the master's fatigue.

“You want to get it in your ear?” “Yes. Yes.” Hades smiles again. It was a smile that there was no teeth.

“That's funny. Do you know what that means, bitch?” Yeon looked at Hades.

“It means to join all of my being. It means to be my incarnation and to be the apostle who leads the followers at the front. And you think you can do that?” Hades narrows his eyes.

“Just as I couldn't accept you for the first time today, you seem to have no intention of serving anyone. Isn't it?” Yeon-woo doesn't say anything.

I just stare at Hades. If it was him, he'd try to find another way.

Hades was talking about rejection, but something was subtly different.

“You're not funny. I don't see any reaction.

He lays his arms on the bracelet of the throne and looks down arrogantly at Yeon-woo as he croaks.

“You said you wanted the ear, right? Then I'll start with the conclusion. It's impossible, not because I don't want to give it to you, but because you don't have it in your ear.” Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

“That said." “It's broken. When fighting Nippon, the old king of Gigas • If there were still Guinness left. I don't know. I wonder if we've been fooled like this.” Just as Astrafe symbolizes Zeus as lightning strikes, and Triana symbolizes Poseidon as the tide strikes.

Slowly plunges enemies to their deaths, releasing a deep darkness in their ears. Sometimes it was the messenger's hand that killed the owner's posture and took the enemy's life without a whisper.

I'm currently using a steam bag instead of an earring, but it was a reality that I couldn't unravel my powers properly.

So Hades always felt sorry for not being bored by himself. If only there had been that helm the three Cyclops evolved to avenge when they defeated Kronos. The current situation would not have been like this.

“No. Even if Giggles had all gathered, he opened his eyes slightly.

“What do you mean?” “If the three Cyclops who gave me the Guinea could all be reunited, I would be able to refine the Guinea.” “But as long as there's only one, that's something you can't even dream about.” The despair of the Dark Lord trembles.

Brontes, who was listening through the kite, pressed down on her bracelet and asked.

“There's only one? Didn't Steropes and Arges make it here safely?” Hades was the one who was surprised this time.

“How do you know that? But it's like you said. Brontes, one, went missing on my orders, and the second, he was attacked by Titan and killed in a garrison. It is true that even though only the youngest Arges is left to help us, he has a limit.

It was made by their brothers on their heads.

You're not as good as you used to be. ”Kim started trembling like a crazy bracelet. Brontes cried that even his second brother was dead.


'If you use it well.' Yeon-woo thought that maybe things would go easier than I thought.

“Hades. And if the three Cyclops are reunited, you can restore Guinness?" And the situation can be beneficial to you. ”Hades frowns slightly, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Yes. We can't completely turn the tide. At least there's a better way to do this. I didn't want to use it as much. But what is the meaning of • • •“ If so. If you solve that, will you give Guinea to me in return after the war? ”“ What are you talking about? ”“ Just be sure. Even if you are not an apostle, can you give it to Guinea? ”Hades' day is full of twists.

“Fine. I'll give it to you if you want. By the name of Hades! But if you don't keep that promise, you'll never have a good one."

Then let Arges come here now. Take the second dead artifact. ”Hades dared to look at the corners of his ponytail with an unpleasant glance, but he assumed that there was a circle in the glare of the ponytail.

What the hell is he doing? He could not even imagine the depths of Yeon Woo. I could have guessed that he was going to use the power of the King of Questions to get the cost price, but the number of targets had not been read.

He is also the God of Death, but that means punishing the dead all the time.

It was hard to think of anything else to do with them.

But it was only under control, and if Yeon-woo had humiliated herself, it would be okay to go and punish her.

So Hades applauded the acolyte to bring Giggles Arges. With the second piece of steropés.

And I watched Yeon-woo quietly. 'Players with goods of the arc. Hades had no intention of unilaterally meeting like Poseidon.

He was mistaken and mistaken about what happened back then. But even if he went back to that time, he had no intention of changing his mind at all.

Because of what happened that day, I was able to be confident today. All the power that he possessed came from him. Just like today's Titan and Gas.

At that time, as the door opens, shortsighted Cyclops slowly enters and bows his head to Hades. A face that has been ravaged by war as long as any Nifluto. In each hand was an old anvil.

“Did you call for me?” Arges. Put the artifact down in front of that player there. ”Argess quietly stood in front of the kith and carefully lowered the anvil.

“From now on, I'll do it for your brothers.” Meet Yeon-woo, who looks into Arges' dead eyes and reaches for the anvil. Arges is about to be furious and greeted.

Whoa! Suddenly, a flash of light spreads, and a soul appears in front of Arges.

The liver, the only one of Arges, grew on its own. The face I wanted to see was right in front of my eyes.

“Tongue, sir?” Why are you being so condescending? What the hell is going on? “Me, me, are you really your brother?” In 200 years, the eyes of Guarges grew on their own.


['The lion's retreat has been triggered. Steropes. ”And the herd's coiled anvil vomited a shimmering glow.