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15. The King of Commandments (5)

Steropes did not understand where he was 1- 0 tE.

I was just getting the feeling that I was wandering around in some dark cave indefinitely. Suddenly, he was unconscious and came to me with a low self-esteem.


“Ridiculous, Hades rises from his seat in shock for the first time.

Treating the soul that way was beyond his common sense.

He was a Shinigami, but not a Shinigami.

Handling the soul however you want is against providence and the law.

God was a creature of reason, not defiance. And yet we did this.

Hades sighs as he sits facedown on the throne again: There are many conflicts between the slightly frowned glances.

At the same time, for only a short while, a lot of emotions passed by along his eyes. Jealousy or timing. My greed was brief.

[Harmesh laughs bitterly at his uncle.] [Athena looks at her uncle with calm eyes.] • • • Don't look at it with those eyes. Comparing me to Poseidon, the stone head, is an insult to me; ”Hades knew that his nieces were silently watching him through channeling with the kite.

And that's just the eye on the boundary in case you want to do any harm to Yeon-woo.

But he smiled softly. He was a man who had no regrets, even though he admitted to being a mistake and a mistake about his past life.

And 'even if someone else had his power, I had no intention of stopping him. Already' he is not in this world. There was no need to get involved in the past at all.

And the children of the Harmesh generation know what they're thinking about him. I did not feel or feel unwelcome about those eyes and fields.

Rather, if it is not solved in my castle, it is only unpleasant for him to be treated like a simple, ignorant Poseidon who destroys everything.

[Harmes looks at his uncle and smiles unknowingly.] [Athena nods quietly to her uncle.] “Still, Hades narrows his eyes.

This is how you use the power of the "he"? Remarkable. ”The power of the King of the Seven Hundreds goes against providence.

That alone is already God's miracle ideals. Instead, the power of Phenomenon far beyond Phenomenon, or Phenomenon. Maybe we should rate it that way.

Hades watches Yeon Woo with quiet eyes.


Yeonwoo was between Hades and his nephews, focusing on the conversation with the three Giggles.

Brontes ran quickly and hugged Steropes without listening to him. Steropes is a hazy, blurry manhole that soon became a startled one with a Braille focus.

Boss! Yes! Second, how did you end up like this? Why even you • • "Ahh!” Up to the youngest! "The three brothers burst into tears, embracing each other.

It was the aftermath of the car that I thought I'd never see again, since it happened 200 years ago. I sat in the Good 0 position for a long time, just pinging out 1-tears. Brontes and Steropes do not shed tears of dead souls, but they feel sadness.

“Steropes +” At that time, Yeon Woo left. He was echoing strongly in the corners of his heart.

The aftermath of the dead brothers. Isn't that what you wanted so badly? I wanted to have myself and my brother there. And I thought it was almost over.

So I felt sorry for interrupting their aftermath. But there was something I had to do first.

Steropes turns his head. He recognized Yeong-woo calling himself here at once. My eyes sank deeper.

"It's you, the human who summoned me. " Yes. ” The power to resist providence, to renew providence • You are his descendant. Steropes, a theologian among the three brothers: He was also called a wise man, and his words were so eloquent that he could understand them together.

But this is also bad luck. It must have been a cause and effect to meet the brothers like this.

Yes, why did you bring me here? “As you may have already noticed, Steropes doesn't have much time to stay here. So I'll tell you briefly, + Yeonwoo started to briefly explain the position of the tartarus.

The story of the desperate Nice Pluto needing a guinea pig to turn the tide. In order to do that, the three Cyclops had to come together.

Steropes listened to Yeon-woo's explanation for a long time, then closed his eyes for a moment and cleared his mind. Then I slowly opened my eyes and said.

It means that I need to stay here. "” And in order to do that, I need to be your servant. Yeon-woo nodded.

There was a brief conflict on Steropes' face. It was impossible to be tied to a single human being with confidence.

Especially, it was not fitting that the Black King who inherited Yeon-woo should follow even though he was an arch-enemy, even though he was their brother.

At that time, Brontes, the eldest, stood on the shoulders of the conflicting steropyrinth.

What is past is past: and that child is not that person, but why he is already dead and trying to get into the past. Brother. And. Brontes' eyes sank deeper as he cut off his waist.

I don't want our brothers falling apart again. next to you, Arges nods forcefully. There was a strong will in his face that he had taken: a will that I didn't want to lose any more of my brothers.

They had to live with various abuses and reprimands just because they looked strange from birth. It was illuminated by the world. So for them, since they were very young, brothers have been everything in the world. There can be no more falling.

In the end, Steropes had to accept the persuasion of two brothers. I looked at Yeongwoo with deep eyes.

Good, human. I'll accept your submission, though it's a mouth-watering sound. Yeon-woo nodded. But Steropes nailed it, as if not to like it too much.

However, there are conditions. I'm not like a good brother: I swear on the Stix River, if you're going to ignore these conditions, I'm going to reject you by eliminating your soul. “.” The moment of submission, I will obey you. But it's all about justice and order, including your ears. If they want to satisfy their self-interest, "that's not going to happen.” Yeon said decisively.

Steropes glances at the kite. But hard eyes are hard to fathom.

I understand. Let the contract begin. Finally, Steropes nodded.

Yeon-woo slowly reaches out to him. Steropes told me not to use himself in a sari bath for a few and a half times. Actually, it was none of Yeon-woo's business.

They had no idea.

The constraints of a soul collection can never be broken by their will.

Once a dependent relationship is established, it's over. "In one corner of the collection." Another one. It sounded like he was talking to himself, saying, "Splash, splash."

Yeon-woo deliberately ignored.

After the contract is concluded.

Just a creep from the dead.

You're a lot less than you look. Still, this shouldn't be too bad. Steropes looks at his opponent and thinks he's small. Arges was so moved by the fact that his two brothers were here against his soul.


[You have succeeded in subjugating your superior personality. I made an incredible achievement. Additional Public Areas are available.] [You have gained 10,000 Public Values.] [You have gained 15,000 additional Public Lands.] [Subquest (Dark Helmet) has been created.] Yeongwoo was checking out a new quest that was classified as an item in Persephone's desperate wish.

[Subquest/Hemlock Helmet] Content: After a long study, Niphon, King of Gigas, has mastered a way to harvest the dead Kronos power of Correction, which greatly increases the power of Titanium and Gigas.

The homeless Titan, Braille Tartaros' 1-Gigas, produced its clans and began to plunder the earth little by little, leaving Tartaros in control.

In the last hundred years, Hades and Dis Pluto have been defeated again and again to the last garrison, the King's Shrine.

And even the Temple of the King appeared while he was surrounded by his enemies and in a crisis that he didn't know when he would be captured.

With your success in gathering the three scattered Cyclops, Jaydis Fluto has been able to find ways to augment his power.

First and foremost, we must reclaim Hades' power.

Help the three Cyclops create the old one, "The Eagle." If you complete your spirit, you will receive profound praise from Hades.

Requirements for achievement: 1. Collect 'ear' constituents - Scale of Apodys (30/45) - Cartran Fluid (0/5) (Silent Conch (12/300) 2. Craft 'On Ear' - Refining 0% - Refining 0% Forging 0% - Ground 0% Total Processing Rate 0% Reward.

1. Hades' Licence +1502. Title Master 'Obtained 3. The privilege of use for Queens has also emerged.

You have to pay a lot of money for something you're tired of. Of course, even attempting to make it itself provided tremendous public values and contributions.

In particular, the smoking focused on the title 'Master.

A title that only five people could get, such as Hanova, Abraham, Victoria, and more. If you can get this.

And the power to see the Congressional clock will be even higher.

The title provided in the tower does not have an absolute low meaning.

It would only be given to those who were working in one area, and the power that would be made possible as artisans would also be increased.

However, there was a catch.

'It was an ominous thought for Yeon-woo, who lacked abundantly stockpiled materials. Turning to Hades, you see a strange look in his eyes. A mouth full of self-help smiles turned into cynicism.

“There is one problem before manufacturing Guinea.” At that moment, Arges became a face of discovery, of what Hades was about to say. Yeon-woo guessed what it meant and kicked her tongue.

“Earrings are as good as new, and require a great deal of precious materials. But as you know, we are now soldiers, soldiers, and everything is lacking.

Of course there's no way in hell such materials are possible. Even if it is, it is difficult to give up. ”Yeon-woo nods as if she knows. Obviously, in a situation where all the supplies were lacking, no matter how much work it took to make a Gwyne, it could not be used to attract resources for immediate combat.

So that means, “I'm going to have to airlift the materials myself.” Hades nods during the day as he builds his cynics.


If anyone could see me, I could say I was arrogant enough to ask.

Yeongwoo looks like she's seen a lot on Earth. People who have suffered fatigue from a long war and have been mentally exhausted to the fullest extent. So, there were those who were half desperate and always had pessimistic tone and cynicism in their mouths, but still couldn't let go of the last strap.

That's exactly what Hades looked like.

It would be nice if an earring were made. But even if it didn't work, it didn't seem to be disappointing.

“For the record, we don't have a lot of time. Titanium and gases are always preparing to dump, and the correction in Ggurnos is almost at the bottom. Somehow in there.” “I will.” Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled.

“No, I have to.” One of Hades' mouths dries up. In a way unlike the cynicism that has ever been seen. It depicts a warrior burning with determination. That's what he looked like when he was working with Grires.

“Good. Wish me luck. Heir to the King of the Seven Hawks." And.

As a dark swarm of light erupted, the world surrounding the pond changed.

[By the authority of Hades, the trial of 'Tartarus' is suspended.] [Title 'Representative has been acquired from Hades.] [Go to level 31.]