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16. Voodoo Saddle (1)

“Today. There was a commotion in town over Caesar.” Abraham sat down on the chair next to the bed and burst out a light smile.

At this time of the day, he used to sit by his daughter and talk about things. I haven't been with you for a long time, and now I want you to stay by my side.

“A fist fight between the three little kids, wanting to be boyfriend friends with each other. Haha. It's so popular for building someone like you." Abraham chisels the fruit and puts it on a tray and then sneaks a peek at his daughter. Ananda stares outside the window dazed by Izzie's disappearing eyes.

At that moment, Abraham's 1-color facial S. muscles were young. He soon continued to speak boldly without showing any discomfort.

“Usually when that happens, parents tear each other apart. I heard you cheered for 1k here.Even though you've been close for over a year, you must have a lot of really weird friends around here. There was a lot of commotion. What happened after that was unfortunate.

Abraham finished chopping the cut fruit post-slash and handed it over to Ananta.

However, the fork leans forward and falls onto the blanket. Not this time, either. Thinking that, I brought another fruit to my daughter's mouth.

Anantara just opened her mouth and began to eat the fruit very little.

But it was too slow. I thought I could swallow it properly.

“I don't know. One guy barely won, confessed to Cesar, and he kicked it. Ugly.

The same thing happened to the other two. So there were three dowels in place and it wasn't a mess.

They didn't cry even after the fight. Well, love is great, isn't it? Our tax collector is a real prize. I thought you were popular.

Oh, you think this is going to be a bad idea? ”Despite talking about Cesar, Anatta is still dazed, just staring out the window. After loving and caring for Caesar so much. I can't say anything. I thought I saw a doll.

It made Abraham's heart burn.

Abraham reached out and hugged Ananda.

A lean, thin body.

I could no longer see my rebellious daughter screaming at herself all the time.

If only Zarri had done it back then. At this time, he blamed his body for not beating his heart.

What's troubling her so much? I wish you would at least tell me what's inside.

It was once a god, but it didn't help at all. This was also why he despised God.

I think I've become a incompetent father. Abraham is just sorry and sorry again.

Then Abraham remembered the snake that Yeon-woo accidentally saved.

You said there was a little diluted nectar. I remember eating quite well when I was in heaven. He said it was mostly a gift for acquaintances.

“I don't know if it'll go well with coffee, but that's what he thinks. I started organizing a new menu to feed my daughter.

That's all he could do for me right now.

“Huh? Huh! Hehe. Caesar didn't want to be here. He followed the ball to the flower garden. Hitting the wall accidentally bounces off the leaves.

Her pretty face became sad by itself.

This is grandfather's favorite flower garden. Usually it was a kind Abraham, but it was too scary when he used to be so fierce just to set foot here.

But I made a mistake playing around again. We're gonna get our asses kicked again. I wandered around, trying to get rid of him before he saw me.

However, the ball was buried between the flowers, where it had gone. Eventually, Cesar had to find the ball and go deep into the flower garden.

I can't. I can't. Every time I drew, the flowers were constantly injured, and tears welled up around the eyes of the priest.

Then Caesar suddenly found the longest door. Until the first time I came here, the window above my head suddenly grew helpless and was at eye level, allowing me to sneak a peek inside.

This room had a • • • mother.

I wanted to talk to her, so I went to say hello every morning, and lay down in Murpak at night asking her to read a fairy tale book. However, my mother still did not smile at him.

Abraham said that he hadn't met Cesar yet because his mother had a deep dream.

He will love her as much as he can't when he comes back, as long as he has a dream.

So, instead of crying, Caesar told me to grow up to be happy when my mom opened her eyes.

But Cesar was no longer a child. She knew that she wasn't dreaming deep, she was in a lot of pain.

But Cesar said that when she opened her eyes, she could smile without sorrow. My friends were working hard and studying constantly.

I'll make medicine for her someday. In Cesar's little humidity, such dreams were growing tremendously.

What's your mother doing? 'Caesar came all the way here, so I wondered if my mom would do it. So I just lifted my heel slightly and pulled out one hole above the long door.

My mom was staring at the wall as usual with a blank gaze.

It was an awkward impression, but a pretty face. Every time she saw her mother, she had a lot of ideas about how beautiful she was. I want to look like that when I grow up.

Abraham said that Cesar certainly looked just like when he was a child. Cesar was firmly believing that.

"Mom, come on! 'Sacrifice looked at my mom and looked like a clenched fist in a fighting posture.


“Cesar! How many times have I told you not to go into the flower garden!” You hear Abraham's cry from behind. Sacrifice begins to flee from the furious feeling of servitude. Luckily, there was a ball nearby.

After the noisy sights in the middle of the nephew.


Ananda's right index was a little shaky. There was no sign of him yet.

[This is the 34th floor Mirror Side.] [The 34th floor of the trial begins. "Trial: For a very long time, many civilizations have examined themselves through mirrors, and mirrors have been illuminated as objects that sometimes contain a great world.

Only the statue of the left and right was regarded as a passageway to another world. So mirrors were sometimes thought to be the Devil's true predator.

There are hundreds and thousands of those mirrors here. Each mirror is making it hard to see what's real and what's fake as it shines at each other.

And now it's you they're shining on.

1 ⁰ 11 'Find the real one, get through the Musashi trials.] It was a rapidly breaking storm from the 31st floor to the 33rd floor. The mirrors were so dizzy that I could barely see them.

The world was full of mirrors.

On the floor, in the air, in the air.

Each time I turn my head, I see statues that look exactly like me, and they are again reflected in another mirror, creating more statues inside.

Yeongwoo had to feel trapped among so many doppelgangers that she could not fathom.

I couldn't see the path properly, so I wanted to close my eyes and move on.

I'm getting dizzy. 'This stairwell knew that walking around could become dangerous, so Yeongwoo sat still on the floor.

'Kreutz must be around here somewhere.' I wanted to spread the veil and try to find the whereabouts, but soon I stopped. He was following me anyway, because I wasn't sure.

I could have gone to the 35th floor first. He passed through here a long time ago anyway. It would have been better to go upstairs and wait than this staircase that was so dizzy.

Yeonwoo did not intend to stay here for long.

Time is still running out.

But first, there's something I need to check out before I go on a stage mission.


You feel a slight shake in the ground, and the portal opens and Atran leaps forward.

“Did you call, dear guest • • • • • • • No, sir!” Artran's mouth is stuck in his ears. He said he was going to die enjoying saving the day. The items that Yeon-woo asked him to do were all of great value. Items that can't be bought easily even if they give money to the market.

'Gwyne's ingredients opened her mouth.

“What about the seven nines you got?” “First things first; sir. Take a look,” Yeon-woo quickly checked the quest field.

[Ingredients for Cinnamon '] • Apodys Scale (45/45) • Cartran Fluid (5/5) • Magenta Core (1/2) • Miscellaneous Cup (2/5) • Adamantine Nova (0/1) Under • • • • • • •! Nonsense. "You've saved this much in such a short time? One day, Gichlops Brontes, who appeared next to the pond, opened his mouth to the list that had already been secured. His eyes were trembling with steropes, the most rational of the three siblings.

The materials for making ears like that were definitely difficult to obtain. Things Hades said were too short to do.

In just a few days, Artran saved most of them, as if to see.

However, it was not surprising for the pond that the Buy The Table knew about the power. Rather, it was a sign that this was natural.

“We're short on one marble core, three pints, and Adamantine Nova. There are other things that are outnumbered.” “Others, as long as we have more time, we can spare. But you know better than most that the last three are just this great.” Yeon-woo kicked his tongue. Because he knew he was being pushy. In fact, the only other materials on the list are the shapes of the ears or the auxiliary functions.

But the last three materials that became the most central were different in dimensions from the others.

Marathuke, Jobsid's Cup, Adamantine Nova.

In fact, these things were so great that they were hard to find in the summer.

Especially when it comes to a few drinks or Adamantine Nova.

A total of seven items belonging to the new rank fit together: beyond the value of an ear.

'Even though we have already gotten this far, we have lost a lot of debt to the Buy The Table and most of the Summer Queen's treasures have been spent repairing outer space. I had a contract with the Buy The Table under the name of sponsorship, but Yeon-woo still thought it was a debt. However, the sheep were called ten times the size of the sheep.

As Artran, which leaves a margin in the middle, it was already about to look like a lump of money.

“Do I get the rest myself?” We will do our best to enquire about the owners who have the goods, and we will do our best to make this happen. But luckily, we can find Adamantine Nova's whereabouts, so she's bargaining for the best price, so we should expect good results soon. "Adamantine Nova?” Yeongwoo's eyes became slightly startled.

The same was true of Cyclops Brontes and Steropes.

Did anyone still have it in the stream? What a surprise. "Adamantine Nova is a mysterious ore that has been subjected to extreme heat by compressing Adamantium, one of the legendary materials, through various magical devices, and was named after it because it looks like a shining star.

It is said to be more difficult to handle than adamantium and hard to obtain, so it is classified as almost the best ore, so even the gods were able to recover only a few Azumante and make it obsolete.

You have someone with it? “We apologize for not being able to disclose the unknown to the tax collectors.” Yeon nods and kicks her tongue.

'As expected, the tower is wide.

A tower filled with countless players. Inside, there were many secret masters who wanted to hide their identity.

“Fortunately, you can find the missing Marathi Core in this stairwell.” According to Artran, Yeon-woo laughed deeply. It was a cynical smile.

“You didn't leave me one to check on my skills this time?” “Ha, ha! Wait, no way. Is there any way to draw?” Artran takes a step back. Checking for a way out of here.

Yeon-woo smiled lightly.

Second of all, it was natural for the Buy More table.

From a sponsored standpoint, if the target doesn't even grow properly, it's just a waste of money. And as long as Yeongwoo needed a public place, she had no intention of just going through this stairwell.

“Oh, and on your way to Tartarus, there was a letter in front of Cain.” As Atran, who was still afraid of how Yeon-woo would come out, I applauded the fact that the cost was good while rolling his eyes.

“Letter?” By the table? “Yes, we were surprised at first; he was also the son of the man who dealt with us by Sender 7.” It's LL? “He's the son of a wire lion. Now, it's been a long time since he's been a religious man, but he was once famous for his blood." Yeongwoo slightly opened her eyes wide. Liver suddenly sent you a letter? I want to check the cost.

“However, this letter is given after the trial as though • • • • • • •. I have a lot of eyes on Wina.

Artran takes another step back, instead of putting his hand inside his chest. You scour the area quickly. Like Kreutz, he is uncomfortable on this 34th floor.

Through the Mirror Forest.

The same shape as Yeongwoo appeared one-by-one two and it was 0 Degrees Small.

Several pitfalls. Atran looks like a nuclear bomb in his eyes.

• • • I need to know who's real so I can write to them. ”