Second Life Ranker

17. Bonanus (2)

After just saying that, Artran leaps back into the portal and disappears. He must have guessed what was going to happen, and then he ran off in a line.

Yeongwoo turned her head and saw another 'self' looking at this place.

“What is this?” “I didn't think so. Quite a lot." “That shouldn't bother you.

They muttered together in the image and voice of Yeon-woo. And most of them were watching the situation without saying anything.

When I put it in a crisis situation, it became absurd, but instead it was the same reaction as Yeongwoo, who was deepening his mind.

How would you describe the topic on the 34th floor as' Extreme 7/'? Finding the' real 'with the self-help of the destruction 7. It's a second hand LPh.

Mirrors are the only tools to shine a different light. And anyone could have the vague imagination that another 'Naga' beyond that mirror might eat me up, and pose instead.

They see themselves as real, and they say, "I'm going to be a fake.

The 34th floor was built on that.

He brings countless mirrors and grants free passage to countless busier merchants. Then countless copies would be able to move around. On stage on the 34th floor, in this complex situation, the main purpose was to find the truth.

Of course, replicas claim that they are real, and actually think and speak as they are.

There are few ways to hide the truth in this situation.

Kill each other until there's one left, or talk rationally.

Of course, in the former case, the real leather is more likely. And then other copies disappear together.

So most people try to have a rational conversation and insist that everyone is genuine. It's not easy, but the stage ends as soon as the copies make sense.

The way he chose was also the latter.

Since he was logical on Wina, he was able to continue to have rational conversations with the clones and see the agreement and accept submission in turn.

So he went through Estate for a very short time.

Bierra Dunne, on the other hand, told me she was manipulating fake minds, and that Baldebeech and Bakk were fighting for their lives until there was one left.

Live and fight. It means they fought to kill each other until the last one was left.

Baldevich fought logically that a warrior should be able to prove himself like a descendant of the Giants, and Bakok fights against the expectation that if another self solves the poison together, he may be able to break through the existing limits quickly.

The other members of Artiya were similar, so there were only two ways to break through the stage.

However, the 'soldiers' did not try to persuade or make a living.

[Liza Ghost] In a world where everything is infinitely slow, we begin to quickly understand the situation.

The first question they asked was:

Am I a fake? 'Each lotus left only a part of the surplus that was released to the outside, and most began to turn inward, through its own observation, trying to determine whether it was a replica or an original.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo had an easy reason to judge.


There may be many of them, but the god associated with them is a single entity throughout the universe.

Harmesh, Athena, Agares, Keto, Chaos, and even Persephone and Hades. Channeling to the heavens, tartartarus, and corners around the lotus was already a complex twisted web.

Of course, the unstable connections had to be fake.

And those allies who think their channeling is weak.

Without hesitation, you reverse the magical circuits and break the Wise Man's Stone. A lot of blood pours down their mouths, leaving behind a blurry glass.

He chose suicide.

The dead fellows did not have foolishness at all. I didn't see any resentment until it disappeared.

Judgment is as cold as it gets, and it's quick. The beliefs that have been held ever since Africa are not different because they are now. Consider your own life as a tool.

Crafting a Gwyne to complete the Black King's mold. Finding the whereabouts of your brother's soul. For both of these purposes, we should never have shown such an uncomfortable leap.

Hanoi and Janon swallowed their depression while looking at the pond. They had passed through 34 floors a long time ago, but they had never seen 0-1 when they decided to kill themselves.

Every player who climbed that level was proud of themselves, and it was hard to make cold decisions. No, that was beyond cold, inhumane.

Who in the world could choose suicide that easily? Even people who make extreme choices because they don't have Meereen left in their lives, they struggle a little at the end.

But she didn't have a single eyebrow. Half the people disappeared in an instant.

Then came the next question.

'Do you have the right factors?' The dragon, god, and horse's factors are as unique as avoiding transcendence. No matter how data-driven, there was no limit. The head of the family falls first, lacking the Dragon's Factor. Then, the Son of Man sowed blood, and then those who wanted to be the Son of God's weak.

The other half of the survivors collapse.

I filtered out the information that I had on my own as a protégé to those who were lacking.

Suddenly, only those with the same physical foundation remained.

People who can say it's really sweet wherever they put it. They were the ones who had the flesh of a complete dictator. There was no way to approach this anomaly.

In that case.

'The next question is an intrinsic approach.' Yeon-woo dug deeper into the coffin. From the body to the mind, and then along the spirit to the unconscious world.

"Am I real? 'Since I began to study the thinking power of polyps, the thinking of Yeongwoo was already as deep as it was difficult to catch up with the human category.

They're making sure their thinking is right. Is there anything wrong or missing?

Yeon who was confident without doubting herself.

I quickly pulled out the machete and severed the carotid artery.

Table 0 His body lay flat on the floor with the water in a commotion.

C • • • • • Does not question yourself because it is a lack to be arrogant in the future. "Perhaps it is not necessary that such personality is genuine. Endlessly doubtful and relentless effort. That's what's driving the alliance right now. There was never any arrogance.

Then, 'Did you doubt me by my side?' The corresponding allies put their doubts in the arena. The other half is gone.

Phew - People who do not judge themselves properly this time • • • and then only doubt themselves.

Hrrrgh! Those who thought for even a moment.

Those who were shaken when the puff-access was slightly distracted.

Yeon-woo doubted herself several times, asking questions, being sure and finding the right answer. The sharp blades of the arena were always at their necks. To stab you if you have any late or hesitant responses.

Every time I ask that question, about half the people left are lined up dead.

The floor was bursting with the blood of countless swarms of lily, turning into a red pool.

Nessen, the forest of the mirrors that glowed brightly, splashes red.

Many of Sanon and Han, who were watching the scene, were bored and couldn't say anything more.

Rebecca turns her head, and Nemesis blindfolds Niche and looks confused.

How long will that last? "I thought I was still looking for a human side. There were still many inhuman figures for Yeon-woo. Someone who knows how to discount my life for a cause.

A moth on fire. In Nemesis's eyes, a glare flashes like that.

After so many questions, the other person opened his eyes at the same time. Strange glare flows through the masked eyes. Every move, every blink, was the same. As if I had brought a mirror between the two.

For only a short while, they remembered encountering their sister's visions on the floor. I used to look at the mirror the same way. Strangely, the feelings I felt were completely different.

If you missed it then, now.

"I'm annoyed.

Each of them considered themselves to be real. Asking more questions was pointless. It's the same conclusion and the same idea.

Then there's only one way left.

The two pools plunged into each other while simultaneously rushing towards each other.

Left-haak - eventually the head of the defeated millennium fell apart. There was no conversation between the two. Winning lotus, winning lotus. This was as if it were totally natural.

Whew! The dead lily sprinkles a pool of blood and soon becomes light and disappears. Atran reappears as the portal opens. His face was filled with grief.

A pile of blood to catch your ankles. I wonder how many Yeon-woo killed out here. And knowing that they were usually the result of suicide, my insides were just rattled. It was always a feeling, but sometimes Yeon-woo didn't seem too human.

"You know, a really pharyngeal monster or something? Apparently, there are places where machines act like humans. Ugh." Either Artran thinks so or he doesn't. Yeon sees a message that comes to her mind.

[All trials have ended.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public areas will be provided "[I have achieved a great record.

Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [However, even if it is not public, your achievements will be engraved deeply into the tower, allowing you to toggle registration whenever you want.] Ranked 1st again. Except for the 10th floor, you have reached 1st place across the entire stage.


On the spot where the last moat died and disappeared, there were strange black glass fragments left. cE It was not that big, so it was easy to think of it as nothing if you looked closely. Even if you actually check the contents.

[Piece of Statue] Classification: General Goods Class: D Description: The statues on the 34th floor were broken, leaving traces. It appears to be a piece of glass or mirror. It has some magical power, but it doesn't show any particular characteristics.

It was easy to pay with a miscellaneous item.


“Rise.” She spreads her robe wide and tries to feel each of the other pieces of the statue immersed in blood, raising her hand above the crowbar as resonance rises.

Luckily, the statues all contain magical powers of the same nature as Yeongwoo, making them easy to find.

The statues of Wheeling-statues coalesce as you draw a whirlwind. Reflection. Reflection. With the sound of the engagement, a black orb is formed and carefully falls onto the palm of her hand.

[Magic Core] Archetype: General Goods, Material Grade: S Description: Opponent with hundreds of pieces of shirts coming together. When you create an artifact containing that player's data, if the owner is the same person as the owner of the data, an artifact with tremendous sensitivity is created.

On the other hand, if the owner and owner of the data differ, a random skill or condition in the data can be assigned through rewriting and hacking.

The machete is relatively well known, so it is now a somewhat unfamiliar hidden-piece.

However, there were very few sheep on the market because the player could only get them in the first trial and there were difficult conditions that the pieces of the broken statue must be collected.

And as long as it contained the owner's data, it was usually used as a material to create new anifacts, as it was a way of showing his weaknesses in the marketplace.

A fascinating artifact of basing your data. Of course, everyone hoped that the running sensitivity and proficiency would be able to extract more than the original artifact's stats.

Based on the Marathi Core, he was able to refine the dragon slayer and enhance it to EX grade from Class S.

The fact that the dragonslayer was still interspersed with the players was that it was equally formidable armor.

Yeonwoo wanted to use this Marathon Core to strengthen the arena. However, I threw it in the sub-space because it was no less than Vigri do dragon slayer, and I had to use it to make the ears first ['mahjong core (2/2)' was successful in collecting them all.] 'Now all that's left is three little sips and Adamantine 1 Nova.' Adamantine Nova was not furious that Bai The Taebul could soon be saved, and all that was left was the crucifix of the Jobsid.

But here's the thing.

'Jobsid is on the 70th floor.

He was a monarch who ruled the 70th floor for exactly a short time and then closed his eyes. The alias is Mann Insulfur. He was also a widely reported figure more than a thousand years ago because the aftermath of the tower was so greedy and cruel.

He occasionally liked to brew liquor with bottled grass, and every time he drew, a small handful of liquor secretly appeared on the market was traded for a very expensive price.

I've never drank Yeonwoo before, but I'm treated as an excellent elixir among the Ezuguese.

'I don't know how it can make ears.

What was important was that we still had to get it.

Of course, the following may be available on the 70th floor.

However, no matter how fast we ran from now on, it was ridiculous to reach the 70th floor in a given amount of time.

Even if it were, every staircase would have to pass through without properly obtaining the necessary public or hidden pieces, so it would have been an unwarranted act. Buying Glenn's eight borders would be random.

Eventually, we have to find a way.

No, there's no way around it.

Yeongwoo knew very well who liked to keep these precious items. A greedy, bitter man is not in the tower as he died a long time ago. And fortunately, he had a good impression of Yeon-woo.

"The Food and Drugs Emperor." It seemed like it was time to visit the Demon Forest on the 23rd floor or visit the blood country after being invited to the night workshop in Valpurgis.

'That's not surprising anymore.' Up high. Groitz looks at the signs of a struggle with copies of Yeouido. The muscle's eyes sink deeper under the helmet.

Unlike Yeon Woo's expectations of not going upstairs, Groitz summoned a non-dragon and was in the sky. It was to prevent replicas from appearing, and to closely observe the pond.

And what I felt was history.

Broken mirrors and wet blood on the floor. Especially when the line tried to kill until there were two others, it was creepy. Then, on the other hand, it made sense. Woman, the Yeon-gu he watched could be the same person from time to time.

'Never meet the enemy.

But Tartarus is in a hurry. He still didn't know how to guide Yeon Woo to the location of the battalion commander.

You got a Jeanie, buddy? A letter from Artran. The letter that Gan sent was starting so quickly.