Second Life Ranker

18. Voodoo Saddle (3)

Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously because she didn't have anyone. I have to say, it's reverse time. I've been trying so hard to find her, and I can't even see her. That's all I'm saying.

The letter was very long, and the first part was mostly a greeting.

After that, I started to come out a little bit about what I had experienced.

• • • • In fact, that day I did 7//and Wall/I did Jean/.

The horse was raised and the deal was % done/was a little hard to impress.

My eyes brightened. Dealing with the Horsemen didn't mean much.

'Victoria also said that when she regained consciousness, the tracker and liver disappeared.' The liver did not write down in detail what the deal was.

However, there was no need for such a big rating and the fact that he was doing well was all.

Anyway, I went out/a lot/to meet Asa/<UNK> %. Sunset 7//Everywhere/Found me 7 and 20982;/? So/by listening to your ancestors and winning/by writing letters

- Granda. - I hear you're in business here, too? I see. I'm 470/So be it, Jinny.

Dunham Eh # ö/öh. Right? I looked up at Artran in the letter of Yeon. He says nothing, but Artran shakes his head as if he knew what he was talking about.

“You know what? We treat your information as highly confidential. However, information classification restrictions are lifted depending on the target.

Gan is of royal rank, and I was just telling you he was okay with making deals with Cain. The whereabouts of Gan are confidential. I don't really know. ”If you weren't such an idiot, you wouldn't have easily exposed yourself when you came into contact with the Buy More Tapestry in your backyard.

Crying and planting. Lots of it, but here we go. The year was at/was at/was at the age of 7. Even though it is so,/Chu/.

But don't be so hard on yourself. V/Torian/7//Blueprint Charge/Q. I'm going to see what happens to the heretics as soon as I can.

Okay? Then it didn't go well./Eventually, that's how the letters ended.

Where he's doing a month now. What kind of deal do you have with the Horsemen? Why we don't know anything about Doyle apart from him.

I don't know what else happened between them.

Yeon-woo lets out a sigh as she folds the letter.

Whether it was because he was doing really well or because he was poking around, how much pressure he felt to calm down. I never really knew what it was like.

'But I'm glad you're doing well somewhere.

And if there's one more thing you get,

You're the son of a wire.

A group of giant mercenaries, like the one you saw during the night workshops in Valpurgis. I didn't know the owner of that place was the father of the liver. Yeon-woo was also missing out on this.

It was not a secret, but I knew later because I did not read Yeon-woo's personal history in detail.

'If something happens, we'll find it through the wire.' Thinking that way, I prayed for safe passage while I was at zero or so.

And Doyle was worried about what he was doing.

“Aaaah! Save me! Please! Uh-huh. Gentauros.That's the weirdest snack I've ever wanted to try.

I heard the liver is so delicious. What do you think it tastes like? ”In the human upper body, half a man has the burden of a horse. Kendaurus was a creature classified as native on the 32nd floor. But people who are too small and closed to come into contact easily.

But he was born strong, and when he stepped out of the world, it would shake his name.

I was like that too. During puberty, I came out because I hated too narrow a racial society, and I was able to climb up to 81 eyes while entering Le - Rae C de -Go.

'The nickname Red-Eyed Gunner was so famous that few people even knew the answer. Sometimes when I went back to my hometown, my shoulders hardened more than once, thanks to the gaze of my old friends and adults who looked up to me.

But only my mother told me about him. Can we stop now? I made a lot of money, so I'm free. This anomaly will be dangerous. Kendaurus is not a precious battlefield, but he is happy when he runs through a vast field, but when Nadahan painted it, he went back to puberty and only roared, knowing what his mother knew. I didn't want to hear that nagging. You're doing great. I've succeeded this much, but what was she so worried about? I was sick and tired of it.


Filling Nadahan's head with this moment of death.

It was Mother's eyes that looked at her with worrying eyes. My home was open, so I could hear the words, "Come back anytime."

The day of the imperial palace approaches with a smile, he looks like a demon to him.

Mother, I'm sorry. 'Phew! The emperor's touch pierces through the left lower abdomen as it appears. There was no resistance. It was because the predators who were seduced by the appetizer broke his whole body.

The appetizer pushes the head in while opening the wound wide. I could see the liver running fervently. I had a tough heating tube, but I swallowed it joyfully as I cut it off with my fangs. It was even a delicious delicacy for the Food and Drug Administration.


Seeing them being torn apart by living ashes caused me to hate myself.

The ducs guard the perimeter with nothing. No, I even hid the spleen in their faces.

Duke of Guy and Duke of Mogley did not miss a single moment when his life was lost.

In the meantime, the other two dukes, Duke Ardbad of Power and Duke of God Robera of Spring, suffered a great loss to power.

In the end, the bloodline entered a full-scale war with the white dragon, and the appetizer and the two ducs first became obsessed with hunting down 81 old eyes that followed the Spring Queen.

And now Nadhahan, the Queen of Spring's left arm, is dead.

Now we can see that some of the power damage has been balanced.

Of course, I had no intention of ending this pleasantly. I wouldn't have started a war if I was planning on drawing in the first place. The appetizer was about to hold hands with the Black Dragon and bring down the White Dragon.

There was only one thing the emperor wanted.

'Eating the heart of the Queen of Spring.' The appetite of the emperor to eat dragon meat was still unceasing. And a long time ago, I tried to swallow the one-horned tribe, but since I was beaten by the king, there has been a little bit of naivety left.

But what if she eats the Queen of Spring? You can reduce such desires and stupidity all at once. What could be more exciting than this?

¯ T ¯ —ZT, a foodie dietitian raised his head slowly after finishing all the meals. From my face to the clothes I was wearing, I was covered in blood.

He gracefully steals his face with the handkerchief handed to him by the duc, smiling. I was satisfied that it was delicious. A searing aura echoes through my eyes and vanishes.

Predation and digestion. A skill possessed by the Food and Drug Administration. It was the power to accumulate everything in the body by using magical powers or factors. A skill that rests at the top of the energy drain system, along with the Vampire Vacuum.

“Usually Centauri are too trapped in a ranch, so it's not good just because it's full of oil. He was definitely running around, so it was great because he was resilient without oil.” I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. "But I'm still thinking dragon meat. Beef jerky! I want a steak made of beef jerky! How delightful would a drink made of hemolysis be! I'll eat someday!” The appetizer sprays a strong nostril, his eyes wide open. The more I ate this delicious delicacy, my obsession with dragon meat grew like a snowball.

“Looks like you won't have much of a chance.” The duc gives you a new handkerchief and gives you a glimpse into his eyes.

“Oh. What's the good news?” It is said that the Black Dragon is about to invade the White Dragon against him. The Green Dragon will attack from behind, so he said he wanted us to help him. ”“ Another all-out war. That would be interesting, too. ”The 76th floor was still a confused opponent due to the feud over the forces of the former Red Dragon, divided into three factions.

Thanks to this, the Blood Kingdom, Eloheim and other clans were looking for a chance to explore the city in order to somehow put a spoon on the table.

Emerging forces could continue to grow in the stairwell below, because the gaze of the giant clans was drawn upward.

Several times a day, a full-blown battle broke out, and as confusion between forces shifted, confusing situations continued to unfold that did not know who were friends and enemies.

Even now, the bloodline has teamed up with the Black Dragon, but we don't know when it will end.

However, at least the appetizer had no intention of betraying him immediately. My beloved avenger and obsession with dragon meat have finally begun. If I saw an opportunity, I had to run somehow.

“Very well. Focus on the fight ahead, Gogh. I'm going to enjoy the feast this time. Understood?” In fact, Duc Duc Tontong, who is serving as a leader in the bloodline, has already left quietly thinking about the instructions to the cabinet.

And Duke Mogley will take his place.

“Your Majesty; and the news you've been looking forward to has just arrived.” “News?” Has HYDRA's surface arrived yet? I think about it and look back.

“He was a good friend of our country, but he only apologized because he was too busy. I've finally sent word that I would like to meet His Majesty.” “What? Hey! Why are you saying that now?” The food emperor's face turned pale. The cheeks rose red. He got up from his seat with a gust of nostrils.

“One month, without preparing to return to Hwang Sung immediately! A rare guest is coming. Then have mercy accordingly! Dinner! Prepare the banquet hall with delicacies!” After communicating through Artran that she wants to visit the bloodline, she found a village of the Onehorn Tribe.

“No outsiders allowed here, so I'll wait for you,” Kreutz sends a kite, and then begins to relax with a light barrier. I haven't had a good rest since I got back from Tartarus.

Yeon-woo said she would be back soon, and immediately went to see Brahms.

“Do you have any dragon blood left?” Abraham looked at him as if he had no teeth.

“If you're referring to the summer queen's hemolysis, I'm almost done. How many are left?” There were plenty of places to use dragon blood.

It wasn't uncommon to have such a rich magical treasure. As I've been ruling the tower for so long, I wonder if it's the blood of a midsummer queen.

It was not only used to purify beagrids, but it also required significant amounts of expenditure to construct various magical enchantments and outer space.

In fact, Abraham was not that excited. It was a precious treasure, but I was going to spare it.

“You said so yourself. Don't spare it, don't spare it. There should be nothing left to invest in.” But after staying, I suddenly came and asked, I was embarrassed. Abraham felt uneasy about being examined.

However, Yeon-woo seemed fine.

It means you have a little bit left. "

“That's fine. You can dilute it if you have room to use it. No, in fact, it's fine if you use almost all the leftovers.” Abraham also felt that Yeon-woo was planning another cost job.

Instead of unpleasantness, there was something interesting about it.

“What are you going to use it for?” “I'm going to give it to the Food and Drug Administration.” Abraham frowned a little. The appetizer was one of the touches that sought to seduce Caesar. And you're giving him a month? However, Yeon said her thoughts calmly before the misunderstanding, and Abraham's expression became somewhat absurd. Then I laughed.

“So, you're going to give me the dragon's blood left over and get me the Cup of Miscellaneous Wine?" ”“ That's right. ”“ Do you know what a quick drink is? As expensive as dragon blood among maniacs, no.

A quick drink is not just a drink. It contained the magical powers of Mankind. The value of the elixir ran also.

“But it's not really purified serum, and it's hard to get what's left over. • •“ Value is relative, isn't it? ”“ So is he. ”Abraham slept quietly thinking of the emperor's obsession with carnage and hemolysis.

“Wait here for a moment, then.

Abraham got up from his seat and entered Marlene's lab on the inside. And a long time later, I took the sealed reagent with a stopper and threw it to Yeong-woo.

Yeon-woo took it lightly and checked the contents. Red blood bubbles.

“I mixed diluted things and stuff. Rather, I've made the blood taste better, so that idiot would prefer it." The component of the hemolysis meant that it made me taste blood stronger, even if it didn't wear off. The Food and Drugs Emperor must have had a blast.

“And this is beef jerky. Just in case, I was stripping it off and keeping it, so take whatever you want.” Abraham put a bag full of bread on the table. Yeon-woo quietly crushed it.

“Thank you." “It's all yours. Rather,” Abraham pauses and glows.

“Is it true that you think you can find the soul of Jungwoo?” “I'm not sure. But it's obvious that he's being held in a dungeon, not in the afterlife. So I said," We're going to build your ears as soon as we can, right? ”Brahab nods heavily.

“Hades, I've never met much of him since he didn't show up at Olympus. Needless to say, he was a friend who had a strong sense of pride and responsibility for his work. Maybe that's why Dardardaroth has been beating for so long.” Then Abraham narrowed his eyes a little.

“But it's a little weird. If the situation would have been that dire, we could have asked Ulmphos for backup. Why not? • I don't understand. No matter how responsible Hades was, he couldn't have been foolish until things got this bad.

Is there a veil that's hard to know?

Yeonwoo nodded in agreement because she had an idea that she had done before.

“That's what they say on my Earth. White.

A hundred people have a hundred different kinds of stories and traits. Hades must have a reason for that.

without having to intervene in a divine event. Instead, I'm just going to focus on making ears. ”“ But that's the lecture for me that once paid attention to causality. That's too much. "Yeon-woo and Abraham had a nice conversation. Then Yeon-woo turned her gaze to the other room.

After a wide open visit, Anatta sits quietly in a rocking chair.

His eyes were still dazed.

“Is Anantara still the same?” Abraham nods, smiling bitterly. He was always being selfish, and always seemed to be a bit thin when talking about his daughter.

“Do you mind if I talk to Ananda for a moment?” “I'd appreciate it if you did.

Anatta won't be bored. ”Yeon-woo left work speechlessly and went into the room.

She's got a blanket over her knee. I saw a cute bear pattern.

A blanket that Cesar used to use a lot. Apparently, my mom gave it to me in case it got cold.

Yeon-woo smiled, kneeling on one knee, and staring at Ananta.


Taking off his mask, he looks just like Jungwoo and looks directly into her eyes.