Second Life Ranker

19. Voodoo Saddle (4)

No rhythm.

Yeon-woo lets out a sigh.

As much as I loved my brother, I thought I'd be better off if I showed him my work. It seemed the same as before, without any rhythm.

However, Yeon-woo kept talking to Ananta.

From time to time, when I looked for Abraham, Yeon-woo would talk to her this way. Even if she doesn't show any appreciation, she'll still be listening to this voice, somewhere unconscious.

And then one day when she wakes up, Looking at his work, there was a desperate wind that wanted to pluck out all the knots that were piled up.

I really wanted Anatta to regain consciousness because she was the biggest. Anyone who disobeyed his brother wanted to be happy.

Then Yeon-woo turned around wearing a mask on her face again. Abraham stands smiling bitterly.

“Thank you. Always,“ I say. ”“ You're going straight? ”“ There's no reason to delay. ”“ You think Cesar's gonna tell me he didn't see you? I thought I'd die quietly because I didn't even say hello the last time.

Bleeding. You hear a light laugh beneath your masked face.

“Before Abraham could finish convincing Joo-yeon, he suddenly heard the sound of 'Waida' at the end of the hall, and the door opened wide.

“Three choo-on!” Cesar sprints into the embrace of the kitten, making a swift mockery of the short leg. Yeon-woo quickly reached out her arms to hold her.

“Uncle! You tried to leave me again, didn't you?” Cesar looks up and down at the color of the kite, and lays her hands on her waist and puffs her cheeks. The one with the complaint. It meant that Yeon-woo was wearing a mask and was about to leave.

“That's how Yeon-woo excuses. One by one, he sweats.

“You left me behind the other day! Really?" “Yes, Cesar.” "Are you going to play? Huh? Otherwise, the tax collector uncovers his puffy cheeks and looks down at the ground with a frowny face.

“You don't want to be with me?" Yeon-woo sighed.

How many people can be so cold-hearted when their cute niece is like this? After all, Yeon-woo takes off her road mask.

“Ana. Grilli. So, what do you want to play?” Do it! I want to do what my uncle taught me last time! Eating dirt! That was fun! ”Cesar bursts out a smile like when. Then he got down on the ground and grabbed hold of one hand so that Yeon-woo wouldn't run away at all and dragged it to the yard.

Yeon-woo had to follow her shaking her head. I heard that if there are boys with one-horned tribes, Caesar will die. I thought I knew why. Maybe that little ass has a fox's tail on it. In that sense, it looked like my argan 1 .

Abraham gladly smiled at the back of his friendship with Cesar.

“My nephew's a fool.” It was a warm sight unlike anything else in the world of this tower.


Ananda's blurred gaze was still looking at her. The focus shifts slightly and then splits again.

Groitz put his tongue to rest.

"Tartarus, after the one-horned tribe, the bloodline? When did we meet again? 'I only observed Yeon Woo, but I agreed not to interfere, so I followed her quietly. However, it was only surprising to him who did not expect to visit the blood country.

And I wondered, what the hell is the relationship between Yeouido and the Bureau of Blood?

'If it's a good relationship, the Alliance will need to re-examine the relationship with the bloodline.

The assessment of Groitz and his fantasy blood coalition was very simple.

Crazy people.

Better than a horseman who didn't know what he was thinking when he was full of Cultists.

And there were quite a few rational people among the blood countrymen. There were people in the phantom regiment who interacted privately with them. And such a person, O, usually had the pride and honor of a one-year, strong willingness to keep his beliefs.

Nevertheless, the reason for the persecution of blood countries was very simple.

'I don't know what the Food and Drug Emperor is thinking. As the' blood kingdom 'takes on the form of an' empire ', it has a Middle Eastern power system. And the members were armed with loyalty to the Empire and the Emperor, if we take them for granted.

Therefore, the operating direction of the organization was determined by the propensity of the emperor sitting at the top of the power system.

Especially the Food and Drug Administration has the most solid authenticity and power among the heads of the heathen nations.

His intention was fine, considering it was an event of blood country.

In that sense, the appetizer was an unreliable man.

He's always impulsive.

I found that no matter what cooperation issues were going on between organizations, it was resolved by his volatility, and even though I was doing well in combat, many people suddenly hid their tracks because of the strange excuse that I was hungry.

And yet, his power is so great that he is regarded as the King of the Nine. No one could stop him.

If I were to name him the man who could defeat him, would I be able to say nothing? At least I couldn't move in front of my friends.

To put it simply, the appetizer was like a child. A child with a whimsical temper and a whirlwind if he doesn't pay for it because it's fun.

'I still get creepy sometimes. You're really pushing it.

However, Yeon-woo walks into such a place on her own feet. I was worried, but I had to go back in my head quickly.

The regimental commander's affection for Yeongwoo is very deep. You said you had to hold a lone wolf in your arms when you had the chance. And sometimes, my place is his place, 'he said without hesitation.

In other words, if Yeon Woo joins the phantom regiment, it means that she is likely to sit at a higher rank.

Of course, depending on his relationship, the policy direction of the phantom coalition will be determined to some extent.

It might take a bit of directionality of the alliance that has distanced it from the Eight Clans, including the bloodlines. So I was going to look closely at the relationship between Yeongwoo and blood country.

'Speaking of which, didn't you say something about that person?' Groitz remembered what they said when he played well with the crowd and kept many friends.

I thought the ratings weren't enough. It's totally cheap. Enter the portal along the '[Outer Space' Red Sunset Land ' The first pink sunset filled Kreutz's eyes.


PATCHI, PATCHI-1311 0 0! Following the red carpet on the ground, the armies begin to blow their trumpets and beat the drums together.

“Pick up, Chang!” The procedure - and the ceremonial troops standing in front of it - held the bowels high.

Armed with pink armor. It was hard to recognize the look on his face because he was pressing his helmet deeply, but he could see that theft and strength were corrected in the 1-light that leaked from time to time.

She opened her eyes slightly at a glamorous welcome event that she had never thought of. Not because I was surprised, but because it was ridiculous + I don't know when I had all this stuff ready.

The spectacular ceremony of the bloodline was known to be graded according to the visibility of the poor who originally searched for Hwang Sung.

This was the highest grade room, the fourth of the four stages of crimson • white • blue • hump.

when the heads of the same eight clans visit, or when their peers visit.

"You see it in me? So it was no wonder Yeon-woo was so ridiculous. I used to treat them well, but I didn't expect to think of myself this deeply.

No, no matter how good an investigator is at looking at himself, if there's a scale to the organization, he should look the part. None of that happened.

Of course, this hospitality was not at all bad for Yeongwoo. It would have been that much worse if you had treated yourself favorably.

“Oh! Isn't this someone, my dear friend, the one and only!” At that moment, the door of Hwang Sung opened wide and a bright kiln appeared. A furnace that looks like a hundred people are moaning and moaning.

The Duke, Duke Mogley, and 36 lords have been following him since then.

A fierce mix of flower-fish rushes in.

Also, he was getting up on a chair full of jewels, making it look like it was too much to move around in.

He smiles as if it were a legitimate enemy, but Fiji shimmers in how many ways.

No matter who saw it, it was annoying.

“Nice to meet you.” I bowed my head without dreaming of a single eyebrow. No, I tried to duck.

Suddenly, the appetizer jumped out of the kiln. Bang, the ground was shaking, and the fat skin was born. He jumped up and lifted Yeon-woo's waist straight up.

“What the hell is this?! I can't believe you're saying this to my best friend.

The face of a friend is the face of a burden! Are you going to insult me or Jim? ”The appetizer grabs his hand, pounding the shoulder of the kite.

“Let's not be like this, let's go inside the eunuch! There are so many babies to share. Do you know how long Jim has been waiting for you to die?” The Food and Drug Enforcement emperor suddenly scoured the area by forcibly burning lotus on a kiln on the floor. He distorted his impression and stared at the army and medical battalion.

“What are you doing! You have a valued guest here. Aren't you glad you're here?” Pa-pa-pa-chan, following behind Yeon-woo, the emperor walking to Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-hwang, the army and the battalion marched vigorously as it played a note.

“Hahaha! It's nothing, but the High Septon urged me to sit at a large dining table, filled with spectacular halls as it bursts into laughter.

"It's no big deal? 'Yeon-woo was a little helpless.

Fruit wine on the table, grapes soaked in honey, and precious delicacies were placed on fancy utensils, even in the appearance of a drake steak.

The golden candlestick on the high ground said a red light gave it a splendid dance. It was so much that I couldn't eat it all.

There was not a spectacular Ged near zero, just as Yeongwoo had seen all the way here: the Pentecostal ministers, lined up from the gates of Hwang to the palace, greeted each other politely with the rain, and the soldiers celebrated a grander ceremony.

But the banquet hall was much worse. Yeongwoo sat in common sense, arranged alongside the position of the emperor.

Groitz was eating quietly in one corner as a servant of Yeon Woo, not receiving anyone's attention.

The emperor urged me to eat with his eyes. The eyes curled up in the shape of the crescent moon were just overwhelming.

You can't refuse to eat. She was just on her way out, so Yeon-woo slowly took the spoon to the front of her eyes.

In fact, even though the poison was mixed, there was no great worry. After passing through the Gateway of Tartarus, I believed that Cruel Blood Thrill would defeat the poison. And the moment I took a bite, the snow pupils slightly widened.

"This?" The food court bursts into flames.

“Pahaha! How are you? Isn't it delicious? The Duke of Tontongyen, our great foodie and chef, has suffered greatly. Come and say hello.” “Thank you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do for Guest 7.” The duc smiles brightly in a brown leather rat-tailed beard.

Yeon-woo was bewitched by a vain laugh without even knowing it.

Crazy bastards. Soul shark caviar soup for appetizers? 'Soul sharks were rare monsters who often come and go from 68th floor to the spiritual world. I had only one or two eggs over the decades, so it was very hard to get. So, before it was classified as a delicacy, it was famous for its hard to obtain ingredients.

But the real reason caviar of the soul shark was famous was because he had the power to run on his own.

Normal players gained more control over their spiritual power by just eating.

But I smashed it to pieces, turning it into a soup. Moreover, the 'milk of the Taranian Goat', which seems to have been poured here, was also famous for elixirs that increase the limit of energy in the body.

Wherever the soup itself was, everyone turned on the lights and ran to the elixir.

This soup may contain the yearly budget of a small and medium-sized clan.

Moreover, it was clear that there would be little loss of nutrients if the Duke himself had made the best chef in the bloodline.

Yeongwoo carefully drank the fruit liquor next to her, just in case. The taste was sweet on my tongue. Immediately, the magical circuits begin to return quickly.

Despite swallowing only one bite, the amount of magical power increased dramatically.

[Magic Power +8.] [Magic Strength has increased by 6.171 It was clear that it was mixed with the fruit of God, Ambrosia, which only grows in some areas on the 71st floor.

I studied other foods with a wide fever inside the dragon.

[Beacon Sulfur System's Sugar] [Triple-Head Troll's Custard] [Golden Apple's Honey Milk] [Mermaid Tail Meat Steak] [Silkworm Liquor] Salmon was no more, so there was no more laughter.


Groitz looks at the kith and heavily nods.

"What an amazing treat. Talent."