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“The emperor's stomach was pounded when he saw that he had eaten well and had almost emptied his own dish. What could be happier if the other person invited you to dinner?

Of course, Yeon-woo pointed here, 'Lies are fairly laughable.

You're full just looking at it? To be honest, the many dinners were almost completely erased by the appetizer. There's twice as much evidence.

Of course, Yeon-woo ate as much as he did.

Even if the emperor was one of the enemies to kill one day, there was no reason to refuse to give him something good.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to taste a lot of elixir that she had not thought of.

The party that boiled the legendary Beacon Sulfur, the golden apple that grows life with a single bite, the mermaid meat that changes the body, and the magic spirit that repels demons.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to see the huge stats window at once.

“Now, for the last time, drink this. It would be perfect for a mouthful of joy because it's so sweet.” The last thing the acolytes brought me was a little golden magic. It was like watching the water of the sea sunny in the morning.

A luscious aroma filled the hall just by placing it on the dining table.

Among the foods she enjoyed, Yeon-woo was surprised when she looked at the food in Dragon Horse without even knowing it.

The paladin glamoured at me.

“Uh-huh. I knew it right away. That's right. This.” 'A quick drink!' “The monarch, who was in league with the Vampire Monarch, is a drink soaked with Mankind sulfur. I only enjoy it when precious guests come.” Yeon-woo had nothing else to say. You're going to pour me a crucible? Of course, he would give it up because he thought he was such a precious guest. I was devastated by the pond that tried to save it.

“What are you doing? Don't pick it up.

That's good.

The appetizer handed the cup to his mouth and smiled happily. A few layers of jaw fluttered.

Yeongwoo glanced at the glass and poured it into her mouth. As I felt the energy rushing around my body, I could feel a lot of factors trying to rotate fiercely.

I will follow. "However, Yeon instructed the wealthy to be taken out separately before being absorbed into a brief residual transfer.

[Obtained 1 Jobsid's Nectar.]] [Current Inventory: 3/5] Luckily, I remembered the message that the glassware of the crucible was kept separately and stored in subspace.

Yeongwoo sighed quietly, but looked at the emperor with a slightly calm gaze. He was still trembling with drunkenness as the arithmetic gave him. It was like a drug addict had been drugged.

Yeonwoo took a short time to assess her distance from him. There are gaps between the open dragon eyes. The grains were read everywhere. There are holes.

What if we were to pull a beagrid out of here and start racing like a baby? Suddenly, I thought that.

He was also full of holes and must have been careless because he would give himself full of this elixir.

A few moves. I wonder what will happen.

The obsession with dragon meat of the food emperor began a long time ago. Starting to repress my brother, in fact, comes from that ridiculous desire.

That's why I sent Baron Lao to seek sacrifice.

Just like the Summer Queen, he had to be caught someday. So it was natural for me to feel such impulsiveness when I showed such magnitude.


Yeon-woo slowly controlled her feelings.

It wasn't even a pleasant greeting for the food court, but how to get rid of it was a problem afterwards.

Outside, there were still two ducs and a number of nobles, including Earl 36 and Earl 108. They were stationed with tens of thousands of troops.

I couldn't run away from them all. It was not the time yet.


The emperor slowly opened his eyes.

As he didn't know what Yeon-woo was thinking, he smiled bitterly with happy eyes.

“It's so much fun to be able to have such a pleasant meal with my friends in the gin.” “I thank you. And this is a gift from me to His Majesty.” Yeon gave the box to the acolyte next to it.

Eating paper 1 tasted thick, rubbing its thick hands.

“Oh, my God. How could you do this?

You don't have to worry about it, but it doesn't knock you out. ”What did Yeon-woo bring? The appetizer opened the box with an anticipated face. Soon, his eyes twisted by themselves. I'm trembling.


As you can see, it belongs to the Summer Queen. "“ Zero. "The emperor stood up at the table beating. His cheeks were filled with anticipation.

I had hoped so much for flesh and blood before my eyes. It belongs to the Last Dragon, the Summer Queen! “On the tourniquet! Go! Come on!" Light! Bang! Due to the emperor's continued urgency, Duane begins to run busy.

“Hahaha. This is the happiest day of my life. The Tensik Emperor, who could experience this day again, placed the plate of the golden curd to the sauce on the table and drenched himself in the taste of cats. The steamed flesh was a big opponent of happiness.

Yeon-woo smiled softly as she watched it. I hate to see him so happy, but the things he ate were actually the least needed.

The beef is nothing but scraping debris from the rib cage, and the hemolysis is the debris left after almost all of the serum has been removed.

Eating food garbage and being satisfied like that. It was humourless: how much more likely he was to eat the precious foods like the Caviar of the Imperial Court of Soul Sharks. Whatever you say to him is relative, but you can't help but smile.


A glowing glow followed the eye of the Food and Drug Administration, and then I slept. The giant belly growls in disgust. Just like Margaery was trying to digest the whole thing.


The clock was shaking nicely.

Yeon-woo pierced her hand into her chest and looked at the clock. It was a kind of vibration that was completely different from the sound of his voice 'It was resonance similar to that of King Chilhok when he met Silk.

In that case.

Does the Food and Drug Administration have a price similar to a public watch? 'At that time, in Yeongwoo's head, the voice of two polite Giggles was echoing in the female soul collection.

Owner, that's. The adra. Ha! Is this so common? What? 'Yeon-woo opened her eyes. Why does it suddenly come out of this adra? At that moment, Yeon-woo was able to share their vision by assimilating with two cyclops.

The cost price was clumped along the breastplate of the emperor who had been wet.

The meat eaten by the palate emperor was being thoroughly decomposed and absorbed into the chest and then slowly sprayed throughout the body.

Looks like 'Diet V (Suga)' to me. But you can't even use 5% of the adra limit properly. Is it enough to take away Luciel's power? Huh! That is literally the pearl necklace of a pig! "Kiklops Brontes and Steropes did not stop healing the food emperor.

However, Yeon-woo was able to get a hint from their conversation.

There were more than one or two advantages to turning against 47 grams of sulfur.

The power to refrain from doing things his way; it was never/was impossible to track down the pits.

But if that's what you've been pushing,

Don't you think there's a way to defeat the 47th Premier? The Food and Drug Administration has the power to break down the factors of what it swallows and change some with its own power. I didn't mean to scare off the Dragon Meat.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not intend to give great power to the Food and Drug Administration, so it did not have to worry about it.

However, the power of the appetizer was a bit of a problem.

So everyone wanted to face him, unless he was a player with overwhelming power like no king.

The more difficult problem was that it was not only the power and the ability of the bloodline that descended among the leaders of the bloodline, but only the Food and Drug Administration.

'Then, he was originally treated as the most reckless and reckless of all the descendants of his predecessors. Suddenly, he was badly injured.' As was the case with all empires, the bloodline's succession competition was very hot.

The only survivor of the fiery crucible was the emperor. It would have made sense if they had borrowed power from Luciel's adra, as both of them said.

And if that's true. Depending on the attempt, there could be a retardation method that could reverse the dietary emperor.

Yeongwoo hides her sharp eyes.

The weaker the enemy, the better.

Especially if it's a coincidence that it's so rare.

"The Food and Drugs Emperor. What should we do to defeat interest?" 'Yeongwoo was the next batsman of the summer queen. Of course, to do that, you have to have that kind of clearance.

I don't know if you know that.

The paladin finished all the digestion with adra and opened his eyes again. And he spoke with a majestic voice.

“I promise you in the name of Jim. In the future, Cain, if you ever need anything, speak freely.

You will remain a friend to the Empire and a burden forever, and always be with the Empire on your way. ”'You look like a drugged man.' Yeon-woo nodded, thinking like that. The atmosphere was good, so it seemed okay to get to the point.

“Then, may I make a request to His Majesty with respect?" “Speak without marvel. I thought Jim was your friend.” Does he know? That's a dangerous thing to say.

“Do you think you could have a few drinks?” “Hmm? Drinking? Do you like it that much?” Actually, there is a private place to write, "added Yeon-woo, who explained that she needed a few glasses of armor to make her own personal needs. Without that armor, it's hard to climb the stairs.

All you need is, “Yang?” Two should be enough. Two, to be exact. At least I was going to reap almost everything the appetizer had.

Immediately, the emperor rolled his eyes full of flesh without saying a word.

I said I'd give you anything you want, but it was a matter of other resources to offer you the crucible of the Jobsid. It was because he had to go through a lot to get a drink.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration felt bad when he drank a few glasses, so his hands were kind of dry. I'm going to have to squeak my insides when I ask you to give it all away.

• • • What happens if it isn't there? "Yeon-woo replied with a slightly crooked gaze.

“It might be dangerous. It may be difficult to help His Majesty because of the increasing number of stairs in the future. Of course, it's always a request, but you can decline if you're uncomfortable. How can we force him to take his place?” Yeon told me in a way that I couldn't help but refuse Yeon.

I still have the face of an emperor, but I can't pick up the words I spit.

The banquet hall here had a lot of views of the congregation. Loyal gazes who firmly believe that if they were their monarch, they would give it to them.

No matter how impulsive the appetizer 1 was, he was not a fool to ignore the expectations of his subordinates.

The deeper I worry, the less I can answer. The short neck of the emperor also deepened, and Doug folded heavily.

At that time, the duc carefully approached Tontonguen, who whispered something small in the ear of the appetizer.

Then, the short barrel of the emperor came out of the pile of flesh. Yeongwoo's eyes lit up slightly. I wondered what I would counteroffer.

“Haha! I thought you said you needed a little refreshment?” The appetizer clears his throat and narrows his eyes.

“But in fact, you know, for us, the merchandise is a very precious treasure, and we can't give it away without the consent of the Cabinet.

“Is that so? I can't help it.” “But there's no way around it. Let's make a deal." “Deal?" “27th floor, 28th floor, or the River of the Dead. You were favored by the Spring Queen, the woman who was about to be torn to pieces?” Yeongwoo guessed what the paladin was going to say, and quietly opened her eyes.

“Indeed?” “Then join us. We are also allied with the Black Dragon who sought revenge on Duke Ardbard for her death. Join me there.” Yeon-woo's eyes widen slightly.

You hold hands with a black dragon? To catch a white dragon? 'Yeon-woo was blurry.

“I don't need much on my own.” “Don't say that between us. Don't you know we took out Triton by ourselves?

And the secret friends you have with you. ”'I know life, etc.' The emperor said it was nothing, but Yeon-woo did not miss the nuance of his words.

In fact, I've been working very hard so far.

As long as all the attention was focused on him, his power began to be slightly exposed. And maybe the bloodlines themselves have done their own research on the lotus.

“There will be a fantasy regiment.” The appetizer glances at Groitz, then looks back at Yeongwoo.

“And then there's the king.” At this moment, he was not a greedy, fickle pawn, but a king who ruled a country.

“With your master, the one-horned tribe suddenly seizes control of the hall with fierce vigor.

- Master and master.

'Under the mask that was easily obtained, Yeon-woo was clearly smiling.

Enemies fight for their own sake. If I could get a few glasses just by getting a spoon there, I'd have a much better deal.

It took the conditions of the one-horned tribe to join us. The King would listen to it by himself, so it was enough to excuse him.


'No matter what happens during the wedding, it's not weird.

This is how to handle adra. Don't you want to learn from the 3 Cyclops while making Guineas? At that time, we might be able to address the Emperor's weaknesses.

Inside Yeongwoo's head = I've already started rolling quickly on the confused battlefield to see if I can target the appetizer's neck.

Sanon looks at such a pond and lets out a small snort.

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