Second Life Ranker eye shadow (6)

“Do I have to leave in such a hurry? You must have said a lot of things. Without taking any more time off.” The Food and Drugs Emperor sent a pity party to leave the pond. Usually, a person who hated to walk on his own feet and also hated to walk, could see the truth from walking to the outside of the castle.

“No. Rather, I am grateful to be treated with the surplus of.

I took a moment to come here.

I'll take more time next time I see you. ”“ The busiest, most eager life to dig out would be the kind of life a loner could have. We cheer from afar.

The emperor beat Yeon Woo's hand several times. Once again, I tasted a little bit like a person who put out delicious food.

At that time, Duke Duane, who was standing behind him, brought his chest and quietly gave it to Yeon-woo.

“It's a servant from the top seven to a friend.” I looked at O Ne 2 • `-Zen and asked the emperor.

“What is this?” “Open it.” The appetizer smiled with a full face full of sebum.

Yeongwoo opened the lid carefully, being instructed by the duc.

Inside the open box was a unity with the length of a human forearm.

The blade is bent, and a jewel embedded in the steam noose and handle is more of an ornamental jewel than a practical one.

[Festive Moonlight] Classification: Dagger, Amulet Grade: S Description: The moon is always in the sky, shining beautifully at the moon's length. The path you walk will always be so bright and full of blessings.

Gives high 'luck' to the actions of the owner. Increases the success rate for what the owner is doing or focusing on, to the extent that it is not detrimental to providence and law.

Increases Attack Power when attacking, and Defense when focused on Defense.

If you make something, you'll bless it.

'Silver is actually an ambiguous expression in the tower. There are always variables in what people do.

But just by directly raising the chances of success, the food emperor's gift was worth it.

“You're desperate for something, aren't you? I don't know what's going on, but good luck with that. I used to love this stuff. Make it into a necklace and wear it around. It's going to work. Pahaha!” Yeon-woo looks at the appetizer smiling and closes its lid, thanking him.

'There is no generous tree. Did he ask you to be nice to him?' An alliance line against the white dragons, a little drink, all kinds of elixirs, and the festival's moonlight. Yeongwoo even felt sorry for the appetizer.

'But that doesn't change anything.' You should know what the owner is thinking. "Shut up.

Yeongwoo ignored Sanon, leaving the outer space of the bloodline.

Groitz carefully approached and asked Yeon-woo.

“Are you thinking of joining the alliance front with the food emperor?” An ally of the Blood Country and the Black Dragon. This was a blue event that could have happened if it leaked out.

It was like the wire of a great white dragon was forming. Besides, he wasn't in the chaos that happened in the Dead River.

And depending on the choice of kite, the aspect of the front line could have changed a lot.

Not to mention the one-horned tribe that had a distinct relationship with Yeongwoo, and he boasted an outstanding quality that was equal to the emerging Glenn Tribone, even if it was just a genus. The phantom regiment here was also close to Yeon-woo.

Even if it's just the two of them. The Alliance Front will be blown with enormous power.

It was the eye of a hurricane that could cause big blue even with a small march inside a tower that was already underwater.

So Groitz has no choice but to make a tactile move. He also needed to understand how close Yeongwoo and the appetizer were to each other. It was also natural that I felt urgent.


Yeon-woo stared at Groitz without any answer. I was indifferent.

Groitz suddenly regained his senses. He finally sighed lightly.

“I'm sorry. That's out of line.” In fact, it is only the position of him and the phantom alliance that we are close to.

It wasn't Yeon-woo.

Rather, it was a big concession just to expose his gait that he might be sensitive to.

But if you have nuances that seem to interfere like this, Of course, you don't have to keep the distance close.

Groitz just realized that his actions were not what he had promised, then bowed his head and apologized, then summoned the dragon and left: I was going to cool off and come back.

Yeongwoo looked behind Groitz like that, and saw the quest window.

[Ingredients for 'Guinea'] • Apodys Scale (45/45) • Magenta Core (2/2) • Miscellaneous Cup (12/5) • Adamantine Nova (0/1) 'Is it just Adamantine Nova now?' Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

'But I gathered them sooner than I expected.

In fact, it would have taken at least a few months if they tried to save each other.

It might take more time, but it might not work. Time is of the essence, but many of the materials were in the upper staircase.

But with the help of the Buy More table, we were able to make progress so quickly.

Adamantine Nova also said that Artran is negotiating, so it should be easy to fill soon.

Isn't it time to close the deal? 'Yeongwoo took out the palanquin of Fregia and breathed it into him.


The hologram overlaps over the bead.

Atran looks back this way, his eyes furious.

Turning sideways, the tunnel doesn't look right. He seemed to have been caught hiding the cost price: Go, why all of a sudden? You're doing a month, right? Yeongwoo looked at him with a slightly suspicious face.

He always seemed to be speechless and speechless.

“I wonder what happened to Adamantine Nova. You said the deal was almost over.” Oh, don't worry, it's going well. We're busy now, so I'll get back to you. "Atran urgently shut down his communication. I know you hid it somewhere else. A sharp sledge of snow was inevitable.

'It looked like one of my eyes was bruised.

Where'd they hit him? Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

It was around evening that Atran reflected again. He came through the portal, not the comms.

But for some reason, seven of them sank like rainy dogs.

What's the matter with you? ”I have an eye patch in one eye.

“Ugh, yeah? Oh, I got hurt walking in this.

Atran turns his head slightly away from Yeongwoo.

Yeon-woo looked up and down and asked, "Did you get hit by someone?” “Get hit by someone! I'm Artran! The Buy The Table's flower ratings are endless! Who's giving me a hand?” That's right. Very practical. " It must be difficult to sneak up on a mystery merchant. The approximation of the tree and the young man nodded, looking at Atran, who was leaping in place.

I was still a little surprised. Mystery merchants who handle a lot of goods always live in danger. It was because there were many robbers who wanted to hit them and take their share tightly.

So the mystery merchant was famous for forming a combination of self-defense measures to ensure safety, while also having close relations with the Bureau and various groups of mercenaries to inflict retaliation when harmed.

However, Artran was only treated as favored by Yeon Woo, but he was quite knowledgeable on the ground.

And yet you touched it. It meant confident or a high-ranking greeting.

Yeon-woo lets out a sigh.

“I guess you got beat up for sticking to the deal.” • • • Are you interested in anything? ”Artran looks at Yeongwoo with a slightly bored face.

My master is full of horseshoes. As expected, the transaction must have gone bad 1. "Yeon-woo lived as a snorer and ignored the soliloquy.

In fact, it was easy to deduce just a little.

Anyone who has Adamantine Nova will not be around for long.

Even though he had stated his intention to refuse, Atran, who could not use his money, was likely to be relentlessly attached to the remaining fees when the deal closed.

And after that? It was like a fire. Players were usually either short or urgent. Hoyne was rare.

Artran sighs and says, "Get out of the ground, if you don't think you can hide it anymore."

Yeah, you're right. The deal failed. "“ What did they say? ”“ He said he'd never sell it. ”Artran frowns deeply.

“At first, I thought it was a bounce to raise the price. So I raise the price, but I keep saying no, and then I know the old lady!” Why is it so violent to just say what you have to say? So you can't get married until you're that age. Artran mutters. It was an unfair fight.

The bear stand, the old lady? 'Yeon-woo smiled and asked.

“Who was the owner?” It was Bai The Tapul's rule to keep personal information about traders secret for now.

“Adamantine Nova, do you really need that? If you have time, collect a bunch of Adamanteium and ask for production." No. I need it now. ”Adamantine Nova was not an easy thing to make.

First, collecting adamantium as a material took a long time, and it also took years to build by condensing it. Even a master class greeting had to be caught for at least a year.

But Tartarus has absolutely no room to paint.

“What kind of quest does that require? • • Artran didn't hear what he was going to make from Yeon Woo, so he sighed on his own.

“Do you have any intention of selling personal information about the owner? I'll try to convince him.” “No.” “Why? Information about people, transactions that could have been handled?” “Yes, but • •. It's complicated.

Artran frowns a lot.

“First of all, the owner is the biggest hand in our union. And I'm placing a ban on the sale of information about myself, and I'm making the same deal every year. Such diligence among our traders is rare.” The world of the tower, as well as the place of influence across the entire universe, was the Buy The Table. If you're a big shot in a place like that.

Nine kings? 'Or so it seems. I had no choice but to wonder: “And above all,” There was a big reason.

“The owner is a desperate acquaintance of our master.” It meant job organics.

Yeon-woo nodded and kicked her tongue. I didn't think Adamantine Nova would be the easiest to get an ankle like this.

“Then I have no choice but to speak with the Frezia.” Artran yelled in horror as he was putting himself at risk of meeting the biggest boss at work because he couldn't do his job properly.

Huaiak-Yun had already contacted the master, Presia, through the Jade Palace of Presia. It was the first call I received after receiving Okgyeong.

Around the time Atran's face became a reflection.

How about you, Cain? What brings you here all of a sudden? Wooden wool on your face. Burnished red-brown hair. Frezia turns her head this way, rather than passing the meat on to the swan.

“Ji, I really contacted him. With this, his incompetence was consistent with his boss at work.

On the other hand, I wondered how many traders would be connected to the Presia and Hotline. Maybe Yeon Woo is the same grade as the owner of Adamantine Nova.

In fact, even though Artran was dedicated to the Union, he did not know exactly how he was evaluated within the Union.

“I'm sure you know why we contacted you.” If it's about the owner of Adamantine Nova, I can't tell you. I think I also knew.

That was her condition. Leaving being my acquaintance, I can't let go of my big hand. “Yes, but there are also words like this. There is no deal that cannot be made.” There is no deal that cannot be made. Prezia smiled as she said the same thing. It was more relaxing to show the stuff than to have fun.

You're right. What can Grumkein offer you? For your information, the vast amount of backing we're currently offering Kain is the largest amount of backing we're making. You do realize you can't count on items, right? "Construction of outer space, and many of Abraham's experiments. Obviously, it was a hippo that ate the money to make love from the position of the Vider Table.

“The reason Hades is missing, what's going on in Dardardardaros, the Titan and Gas situation, what I'm trying to make. This should be pretty good, right?” Fregia's eyes widen slightly.

The video was not clear because of the hologram, but I was interested.

Tell me-young started talking about what she saw and experienced in Tartarus.

According to Yeongwoo, the rebellion between Titan and Gas was valuable information that could be traded for a very expensive price. The gods and demons of the 98th floor, including Olympus, were not aware of this.

You may think that many of the square charter players in the celestial world will not be affected much.

But God and Satan were the ones that made up the law, and they were never without a system of answers.

Of course, depending on where they were headed, players had many advantages and losses.

If this information had been handled well, the bidder table could have generated more sales. Above all, military stature was the last form that all merchants wanted.

Atran's eyes widen as he listens quietly next to him: What is this man, a lunar seed, who can't even shake a red dragon enough to interfere in the world of the gods? "Hmm. That's what happened." Frederica nods, patting his chin with his hands. There is definitely valuable information, as Yeon-woo believes.


It's still a little short. Anything else? I never thought it would be this expensive. He put the last thing he put on his tongue while he slept softly, “If I make a Guinness, I'll get the title of a master's note. Master's goods, don't you want to receive them first?” Even though I am hungry, we have a trader like that. And Cain hasn't become a master yet. • • • “What if, in addition to the friendship of other masters, Abraham and Henova, they also made water 7nin?” Yeon lightly flicked her fingers.

Gigglops Brontes and Steropes appear behind him. The dumpling frowned as if I didn't like it, but I had to follow the situation.

After recognizing the two Cyclops, she opened her eyes wide. I was seduced by the laughter as if I could not help it.

I can't help it. If you have two blacksmiths in Hafistos -- two of his teachers -- added to God's hand -- you have no choice but to fence. So what about proprietary supply? “That doesn't count. Instead, I'm going to make you a priority deal.” This time, Yeon-woo fell behind.

Frezia took back what she had said and slept with her tongue: But a deal this big wasn't so bad.

Owner of Adamantine Nova. And the name I heard was a name that was familiar to Yeon-woo.

"This is Anadassa.