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22.00: Voodoo Saddle (7)

“Anastasia?” Did she feel the strangely fluffy fluffy color: Presia surprisingly had 1- B-1-- 46572;

Are you familiar with Anadassa? Fox. It seemed that there was nothing more to it than hinting at Anastasia, the spirit of Gumiho.

Anastasia, Victoria's teacher.

When I first met Victoria at the place she was worried about, she said something fiercely, using yogi and magic. Don't even think about coming forward.

The feeling of intimidation at the time. It was definitely hard to predict the depth.

"Oh, by the way, Anastasia's apprentice was once a widow. There was discipline in the wire. Then? The Frezia bursts into laughter as if it were funny.

"No matter how small the world may be, no one's as exposed to it as she is. I can't believe you were in a relationship with her.

This is great for players who are just about to enter the 30th floor. “It is not until we express our destiny.” Not at all. Her vigilance is impetuous. And then we do all kinds of crazy things behind the scenes. Frederica narrows his eyes.

"Anyway, the deal ended with this. Now that we've actually closed the deal with Anadassa, you'll have to deal with this later. “ Thank You. ” What. It all counts right." Presia tried to close the hologram by leaving a note, and looked at the lotus to see if she recalled the cost price.

"Oh dear, and. “ Are there any more? "” The rate wants to see you a lot. I'll make room for you soon, so I'll see you then. Of course, we must return from Dardardardaroth in one piece. Yul. It was a good name.

No. You'll have to go through it first. • • • I hope you make it. Frederica hurls an unknown horse and disappears.

Yeon-woo is also quietly grabbing the Jade Glass.

“I • • • • • • You're not getting cut, are you?” With news that the Master's apprentice is coming soon, Artran was greatly encouraged to hold back his client.

Yeon-woo found an entertainment destination outside the answer.

'I don't know if I'm still there.' He also said that he didn't know the exact location where Anastasia was staying.

They appear like the wind and disappear, so it's hard to tell.

He said he always moves carefully even when he makes a deal.

So Yeon-woo unexpectedly found the place where she first met Anastasia.

Though the rooftops were blown away by the battle. I thought that if I went through the hydrogen gate around it, I might be able to find the pirates.

“Him?” Uh. Almost no one sticks to the rain like before, such as that mask. There are few people in the world of the tower who do not know about the traveller who has already been opened.

Six of the divines, or now five of the divines, are at the forefront of Luigi.

Wherever he passed by, he was treated as a walking disaster because there was always a big storm.

Yeongwoo arrived at the destination, ignoring such gazes.

The building is made up of several prostitutes and those who want to buy them, whether the new restoration has been completed.

But the moment they came out of the pits, they all went out like a lie.

When I lost all my customers at once, I heard the news from the general manager in the building.

I was about to buy all kinds of things from the child I usually had in mind, and I was finally ready to play bossy. He was the one who came out to hear the voice of the urgent henchmen. I couldn't even wear my clothes properly because of how fast I jumped out, so my pants were half hanging down.

And as soon as I saw the kite, I took a whirlwind. It was because of the commotion that occurred a long time ago. I was still trembling at the thought of the damage I had suffered. But I never thought I'd see you again.

“Anadassa, are you there?” Yeongwoo draws the sword of the arena and draws it to its side. Then the roof burst as the space was cut off.

While watching the night out in slumber (?), the customers and prostitutes who went up to the high floor had to hide their bodies in a panic.


Yeongwoo looks inside with her eyes and turns away.

As the roof flew away again, the leader who had halfway his soul escaped grabbed Yeon-woo urgently.

He knew that Yeon-woo would never end up on this line.

The word "walking disaster" was not followed by the nickname "Personality Breaker" because it was "the Second Coming of the King in the younger days."

“W-what are you going to do?” Instead, Yeon-woo's voice is questionable.

“You're the one walling, aren't you?” “Don't look up.” “Otherwise, it'll be hard to do business.” That's all Yeon-woo said, and swung to the brothel next door.

Overlight! With the sound of the explosion, the roof again flew.

When the building was shaken up, the guests were not properly dressed, and the prostitutes and servants were busy exchanging.

It's not here either. " Car! What you're doing is just like your teacher. Completely!" If you can't find the exact location, you may want to shake the whole thing. "Yeon-woo moved back to the next building.


"Why?" “There seems to be a lot more frequent flirting these days.” Hazardous. There's no way to draw. It's the master's mistake. "Yeon-woo's grill shakes her head as she looks at Sanon. It was light when we first met, but it was still serious. Why does it keep changing so dramatically? But it meant I was getting that emotionally attached to myself, so it didn't have to explode. When the building collapsed one by one.

The leaders, the owners of each building, and the officials of the dark clan were able to follow Yeon-woo around, rolling their feet in the east, and realizing later whether Yeon-woo was going to be a month away.

Yeongwoo was about to destroy all the buildings in the entertainment area.

Anastasia was also a very famous big hand among the inhabitants of the entertainment community, and most of the time she stayed here mid-year when things didn't happen.

If you smashed the buildings like this one by one and caused a commotion, you'd think Anastasia would come out.

And to warn the people of entertainment. If you don't want to see the streets fall apart, find Anastasia immediately.

Guako6b says, "Aah!” “I'm doing things! Hurry up and look for Anadassa!” Anastasia was a lifesaver, but she was forced to surrender in front of life-threatening forces at 1-1- 0-.

As the buildings quickly crumbled, the junkies regained their senses, and the prostitutes rushed forward.

"What the hell is all this noise?” Suddenly, a loud voice echoes from above, and massive pressure falls over your head.

The screaming crowd growls bluishly, sniffing and hiccupping. The noisy runners stop long and bow their heads.

It felt as if a wild beast was lying in front of them. full of yoga. Ordinary players were hard to cope with.

Yeongwoo stops knitting and turns her head to you.

On the roof of a five-story cafe. Anastasia stood there looking for something annoying. Whether he woke up or half-closed his eyes, his clothes were all over his robe, exposing his downward body.

An urgently followed labyrinth quickly covered the bottom with a cloth. Anastasia looks around, either uncomfortable or more squinting. Then I found Yeon-woo.

“Kid, did you do this?” Anastasia became expressive that she did not pray.

She hated being interrupted by her pleasant nap time the most in the world. Having fun with the maze and falling asleep drunk on drugs was the only energizing station that gave her joy.

However, I am angry that I woke up my monogamous sleep with such nonsense.

“Anastasia." “Me, you know? And you did this?” Yeon-woo frowns. What the hell are you talking about? She doesn't know herself at all. I'm gonna ask you what it is.

“Anadassa.” The maze that brought the cloth carefully calls Anastasia, whispering something small in her ear.

Then Anastasia realized who Yeongwoo was, and turned her strength around and restored her half-drunk mind.

“You're the one who came to see Victoria at the time. It's really good to have low human distinction.” Anastasia grumbles in an annoying voice and stirs up the day.

“But what brings you here? I warned you never to show your face again.” I'm not here to see Victoria this time. ”“ Then? ”Adamantine Nova. You have it?" Yeon-woo's eyes widen, and her lips open so that only she can hear.

“How did you get that?" So you were the one who was annoying. ”Anastasia reminds me of Artran, who kept sticking around and making more impressions.

“No, but how did you know I had it? It was definitely a secret, that bitch!” Then I realized the situation later and was filled with anger.

“That's why we have such humble businesses. I thought you were supposed to wear trust teeth.” Anastasia has decided to take matters into her own hands the next time she sees Fregia. Nothing was more unpleasant than having my information provided externally.

She folds her arms tightly. I could see the inside of the scroll without the knot, but I didn't even think about it.

“Go back. I've told you so many times, you won't have to sell it.” “This is absolutely necessary.” “So? What do you think?” Anastasia snorts blatantly, her arrogant eyes glaring at Yeongwoo. Adamantine Nova was something that could never be changed, even if she was given a thousand gold pieces.

Yeon gazes up at her without saying a word.

You stab the arena into the belt and slowly pull the beagrid out of the subspace. The fierce spectators following him begin to whirl.

"What is it? Are you telling me that if I don't, I'll be powerless?” Anastasia twists the tip of one lip.

Yeon-woo said coldly.

“If necessary.” “Draft!” Anastasia opened her eyes for a moment.

Whoa! The power that was sprayed on your left begins to boil. Saehaan's smoke is thick as fog, and there are blue foxes everywhere and he turns dizzily.

Then, behind Anastasia, a vision of a giant fox appeared. A giant fox that looks over six metres in weight. I stretched my nine tails so wide that I could not express the feeling of pressure in words.

Here, Yeon-woo responded by releasing a huge speculation.

The powers loosen one by one, and the dragon scales all the way to the bottom of the jaw as the solvent awakens. As the wings of fire and dragons' wings mingled, the sky soared and the dragon's tail thundered the floor.

Especially when Vigrid designated Anadassa as the enemy, massive speculation and life raged like a storm.

Two high-lampers caused a violent earthquake.

As the sphere, over-arch, and wind surged, all the relatively intact entertainment buildings began to collapse.

The residents and the players of the Dark Side Clan had their faces darkened, but they had to be messed up without a word.

That's how all the entertainers get swept away.

“I tried to forgive you for being the only stupid student friend. Come on. If you want to die, kill Juanas Dassa. He splattered his fingers. Then the fox fires that were wandering around became strange and monstrous, rushing towards Yeongwoo as one.

Fitting here, the shadows of Yeongwoo grew elongated, and the monsters protruded together. The ones with their blood on their long fingernails slashed the magical objects and monsters with their bare hands, and the life and spirit that followed them moved quickly.

And then, as the solid lines were drawn over Yeon Woo's head, a wealthy Infinito site appeared and began to repel Anastasia's temptation.

In the midst of an enormous conflict.

Yeongwoo rushes to Anasdasah, trampling on the ground.

If we can't make a deal, we have to take it by force.

I had no choice. Only with Adamantine Nova can I craft a Guinness and get a clue to unseal the Crown Clock.

If we retreat here, we don't know how long we'll have to wait. It is not a situation where we can buy ourselves enough time to reclaim the soul of our sister who will be trapped in the dungeon.

You swing the beagrid.

The waves of fire erupt. Several lightning strikes the spot where Anadassa used to be, causing the smoke to erupt.