Second Life Ranker

23. Voodoo Saddle (8)

Anastasia reaches out into the air. A new fox fires as the smoke circulated along her and dispersed.

The waves of fire erupt from the air in succession before reaching Anastasia. The building where Anasdasha was, however, was not able to overcome the shock and warred.

The fireworks burst out and the fire blazed out in all directions, followed by a heat storm and then went out into all directions.

Guar_says, "Fuck! Reboot!" “Anastasia and her monopoly have begun to fight!” The residents on the streets began to flee as one. The place where the high-powered started to fight was a disaster for the common people. It was because no one knew how far they were willing to go in battle.

Some will lose their place of life; some people are half amazed by the collapse of the store that brought all their wealth into existence.

It was not the nature of caring about Yeonwoo or Anastasia or anything like that.

“Speak:” A green flame flashed from the nine tails of the giant gumiho behind Anasdasa on the far left. The concentration of force surrounding Anastasia became even more intense.

Anastasia breathes her soft lips with her index finger and stop. The strong force that flowed like a flowing river made a 'thump, thump, thump' sound, and vomited over the airstrip that was just scratching people's heads: The fox fire had spread for a long time. There were all sorts of phenomena going on where the fox had gone off. Spaces twisted, electric shock, or cold winds - a range of attacks swept through 20129; Zero Storms.

While pulling the accidental waves that were about to be released, Yeongwoo compressed the steam into an error, swinging it in front of Yeongpu, crowding it with Anadassa.

Every time the left-beagrid swings, the air panel snaps apart. Then, the leaking force became a fox fire, resulting in a peculiar shape that attacks Jaja Yeongwoo; however, they did not advance against the wall of the ghost surrounding her.

[Spirit of 2,000] Puppet-Giaaaah! Now, the wall of the ghost, which has almost become one body, has been alternated in its vital centers and shields from time to time as it travels in and out of the body of Yeouido.

Self-strengthening machine. This is a new interpretation of the technique that can be learned from the knowledge of chi in the one-horned tribe.

Hahaha! And then, one day, through the rough smoke, we get to where Anasdasa is.

Yeon-woo draws a line of beagrid without delay. The objective is Anastasia's arm. Or a gumiho's tail that would be in the body. I thought that would be enough for a scare.

But Anastasia smiled softly as if she were petty, avoiding Keke. At the same time, I swing the bear squad in my right hand across from the light on my second tail.

Boom! Beagrid and the bear squad will collide.

The sound was not iron. You hear an explosion. The ground sinks, another heat storm strikes and pushes away the surrounding buildings.

The two of them did not stop there but handed out successively.

Whenever I over-drawn it, strange characters vomited bright light along the surface of the elongated bear colony.

Yeon noticed at once that it was an artifact that Victoria had specially crafted for her teacher.

However, even his eyes could not understand the meaning of the runic characters written on the bear stand.

It was definitely in the shape of a rune, but not a root zero. Is it a biphasic letter? 1-Dragon Eye doesn't even tell you what you don't know because it interprets the world as much as that of perception.

However, it was clear that the characters passed the distinctive power of Anastasia.

The brighter the flame the bearbearbears shed.

A green light appeared on Anastasia's tail in turn.

Number three, number four. Anastasia said, "Hmph! 'I smiled softly and lowered the bear squad down hard.

At that moment, Gumiho, who had been sitting behind Anastasia like a blurry glass, moved.

I took a big step forward. The place where Anastasia's bear squad was slapped was as big as the one you saw on Tartarus.


Just before the front foot of the gumiho overlaps with the bear barge. Yeon-woo felt completely different from what she had been dealing with Anastasia.

Feels like everything around him is going to break apart. I felt like something invisible was ripping through the space, like a paper crumple.

Screaming - and the sound of Margie's mirror breaking. Suddenly, the world surrounding Yeongwoo was shaken, and it completely shattered.

The beeswax quickly flaps the wings of fire, triggering a link to the hilt.

Like a bear throwing up a shimmering glow. He was also engraving magic on his ribs in the way Victoria had taught him, and was now turning independently like an artifact or skill of the wings of fire.

Pod, pod, pod! The place where Yun Wu stopped Bling was quite a distance from where Anadassa had been. And as soon as I saw where I was, my eyes opened.

“Nice touch, kid.” Anastasia smiled softly at such a pond. Everything around her was shattered.

Like a mosaic with several pieces of glass, there was no room left standing.

Anadassa is the only one who is completely opposed to her.

Only the force leaking through the cracks in the room would tell us what caused the anomaly.

That • • • • At least a thousand years old is a monster. Then Nemesis' voice rang in his head.

A person who becomes one with the player and becomes new to himself after staying a thousand years longer. But now that I've awakened my strength, I think it's time to say "monstrosity." "It was a warning.

Don't play hardball with Anadassa.

In cold terms, at least the ninth grade. Even if the former owner returns, he cannot guarantee the battle. If not King or Queen of Summer? • As the forces surrounding Anastasia became more and more unbearable, the visions that appeared behind her became clearer. Just as there were two separate glass spaces overlapping, there was a Gumiho with Anadassa.

As the number of fox fires attached to the tail became thinner, Gumiho's vision and strength seemed to become clearer.

You got the wrong number. I think it's a good idea to get out like this. Although the lotus tree is getting stronger at a rapid rate, it is still not enough to compete with the nine kings.

At the level close to the King and Queen of Summer, Yeon-woo was too much.


Guanni, there is a way. 'Under the mask. One end of her lip twists.

“Are you always so chatty?” Anastasia flinches her fingers once again as she reads the Nemesis embedded in the sage's stone. The fifth tail is on fire.

There was a lot of overlight and a lot of air.

And Gumiho wagged his tail big once, and the wind came out like a tidal wave.

How many times was the ground pushed out. Fox fires become rough flowerpots that scorch the earth. And depending on it.

It's crumbling with scraping-space. It was like hammering around a smooth slab.

I pierced the ground and struck with tentacles. Yoga is a force that borrows power from a giant being and forces it to feed itself.

Freaky things that are hard to imagine are spreading out around Yeon Woo: fighting in front of her is crazy.

'If so,' Yeon-woo's eyes flashed coldly.

'Step by step. Following [Dragon Eye 1 [Super Sense] righteousness as if drenched in a crotch, the two skills were mixed into one, and many grains of grains were carefully sewn into the field of view.

[Wind Gust - Sunrise Wind] And the beeswax forcefully put wheat into it. In the fireworks of the stormy air corps and the fierce fox fires, Yeon Yuan flocked back to Anastasia.

With a high level of skill, the open solar flare maximizes the attack speed and power of the breeze.

Every time I swing my sword, the waves of fire erupt more widely due to the storm and collide with my strength.

Everything else was hard to deal with, and I avoided it. There was already a belief in maneuverability that no player could keep up with him.

"What are you going to do?" Nevertheless, Nemesis only seemed so bold.

Anastasia's strength is not something that Yeon Yu can handle.

And there are still four taillights left. It meant more power to open in turn.

Even if Anastasia is lurking around avoiding them right now, she won't be seen except as a flies howling around annoyingly.

"When the tail of Gumiho is on fire, you see it?" What • • • • • •? Ah! "Nemesis looked around because he wanted to know what Yeon-woo was talking about.

I focused only on Anastasia, so I couldn't look away elsewhere.

You've decreased the number of titles; 'Yes.' There was a noticeable decrease in the number of all kinds of magical objects and monsters that were as numerous as if they were going to be pushed immediately.

At that time, the sixth tail light grew. Then Sanon's magic suddenly melts away, absorbing it towards Anastasia.

You usually release your strength. "It must have been hard to keep all that strength in one body, since you didn't have any personality or divinity." So it's not the main body, it's the player. 'Apparently, Anastasia has spent the last thousand years with great strength.

But it's hard for her to handle because she has so much stamina, she usually releases a lot of her stamina.

Secondly, even if the force was released differently from the magical power, it did not dissipate and disappear. Because it was crowded, there was no need to be strong enough to let go.

Fibs that have always been following her around. They were originally supplements of Anadassa.

And when it was time to fight, we chose a way to reclaim our strength. When the taillight is on, you will need more force as you return to the Gumiho shape that you used to hide.

Yeon-woo worked on this.

If we go to Earth War, Yeon-woo is much more advantageous. It was because the Wise Man's Stone was relentless in supplying magic.

Anastasia, on the other hand, was different.

The more force you draw, the greater the pressure your body receives.

It must be a burden for a creature to release its usual force away from the pressure. The longer the time.

Therefore, it was Yeon-woo's judgment that if we go to a continuous consumption war, there might be a chance that we will win this way as well.

'The Gumiho power you read about was when all the tail lights were on. But not before. His strength and strength are all weaker than that while he's not fully awake.

Still stronger than the owner, 'so we change our minds and use this strategy.

Nemesis nods as if accepting. Still, the difficulty wasn't completely eliminated.

But even so, there's a grid, so you can't pull out the complete consumption. Are you trying to get through? "" Yes. "

You will die if you bump into them from the front. It was almost acrobatic to try to lure the attack from side to side while avoiding and using overwhelming firepower.

Yeonwoo soon reached the place of Anastasia again. Blingh followed by a blow. It was a rift made of a combination of 72 spells.

'Like this.

Grrrgh! “Grrrgh! How dare you!” There is a deep wound on the right front leg of Gumiho. The blood rises into the air and vanishes into a trance. Instead, Anastasia's right wrist had a very thin breath of fresh air, and as she watched the blood flow, she distorted her impression.

I hurt a mortal who had not slept for a hundred years. I could not have been so humiliated. You flip the left hand blade and bend the space completely.

However, Yeon-woo knew that there would already be some reaction and avoided the position by triggering the Blink, and this time it appeared around the back left leg of the Gumiho, cutting through the thigh flesh.

And then he triggered Blingh again.

Bang! His tail lands firmly on the ground where he disappeared.

Gumiho looks up at the sky and cries out. Though it's only a small wound compared to its size. However, the fact that I was attacked by humans made me more angry by my pride.

Anastasia, the incarnate and the main personality of Gumiho, tried to catch Yeon-woo. Whenever I did, I ran away like a rat.

Fababat- "You!” Anastasia bursts her anger again as she sees the pits leaving the space she was trying to coalesce with. I felt like I was going to get caught soon and get out of here for a thousand dollars.

Eventually, the seventh tail had to light up.

It would never have been revealed if it were the way it was. I felt like I had to open up this much to be overwhelmed. You begin to turn some of the force that has been released externally back this way.

At that moment.

'Now!' Yeon-woo does not miss a gap, but triggers a rebound. Wiji is right next to Anadassa. Usually, the invisible shield is sagging, but as long as it absorbs external force, it looks for a while and aims for timing.

But it was a very short moment.

Anastasia doesn't know how to get in. It opens her eyes.

It happened because I didn't know the parallax. Yeouido, who lives in accelerated mental time, is never one to miss a given opportunity: the Black Error has exploded again. Anastasia's left arm is severely severed.

I couldn't cut it off completely differently than I'd hoped; but one tail of the gumiho was almost cut off as opposed to the other.

Yeon-woo triggered Blingh again. Hit and run. I was going to leave soon. But then, the seventh tail lit up.

Gunpowder! I felt like my body was stiffened as soon as I warmed it. The magic that had to lead him to another place was unbelievable.

No, it definitely starts, but it's forced to stop. The space around him felt tightly cohesive.


Guangyang! Gumiho's giant forefoot presses down on the honeycomb as it is.

I spilled blood all over my mouth and landed on the ground. The bones of the hard dinosaurs crumble, even if they are shockingly strong.

I tried to get my body repaired while my regenerative skills were active, but Anastasia was already on top of me.

“Ne7, how dare you! Make me look like this?” How dare you! Make me look like this? Is Anastasia choking Yeon Woo, or is the gumiho choking Yeon with his front foot?

The two creatures stare at Yeongwoo with a bunch of crooked claws, stacked on top of one space. Every time I spoke, my voice was overlapping and ringing.

(Yomaan). The red-eyed eyes tightly bind Yeongwoo's body and soul.

“This is as far as jaw-dropping goes. Even as a disciple's friend, this is the end of the conversation. Even as a disciple's friend. Yeon-woo decided that she could target any gap in Anastasia. Actually, there was something he missed.

Anastasia is Victoria's teacher. Has Anasdasha not been able to penetrate the magic system of the moat that she learned from Victoria? It was a mistake, "I said.” So. It was clear that Nashin had been exposed through the loosened scroll. It was strange to see a lot of bloodshed.

“Now, die.” Now, Killing Anastasia stood up the death penalty and handed down the sword to Yeon-woo's mask. I tried to resist Yeon-woo Doi one last time + Beauty. Hah. Foxes. "The clans rushed in, and the rich man who helped Yeon-woo opened his eyes.

“That's enough, right? Suddenly, a giant wolf's head drops in front of Gumiho. At the same time, someone grabbed Anastasia's hand.

Anastasia raises her head in anger. A masked frezia shakes her head. Anastasia narrows her eyes.

Wolves, do not interfere. And stay there. After that, I'll hold you responsible. ”Wolves, don't interrupt. And stay there. After that, I'll hold you responsible. “ That's why I came, too. I'm sorry, and... Even if I don't sell it, can I at least listen to what you have to say? I beg you so earnestly. Doesn't it feel like I saw you a thousand years ago? ”Anastasia kept her mouth shut like a lie. Then I turned my head and looked at the lotus on my left arm.

The eyes in the mask. It was a fiercely burning, eager look. Someday • It was the same as its own eyes when it was too old to remember.

Eventually, Anastasia had to take her hand off the insult.

“Bitch.” Fucking bitch. Frederica smiled calmly.

“Foxes are dogs, too. ”