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Victoria closes her eyes quietly with a letter in her hand.

How are you doing, Sister Urahu? A letter that starts with a playful rush. I hated it when I was on Mt. Five, but now I miss it. It was a letter sent by Gan via the Taebul.

For more than a year at 71_E. She had to live a life of deprivation thinking about Rebecca and the liver she had sacrificed for herself.

However, with the help of the master, he felt that he could finally start his daily life. This is how the letter of the liver arrived.

At first, I was happy. It also said that I was doing well and that I was preparing to climb the stairs again. Greetings were mixed together.

But the more I read about it,

Victoria had to feel something was wrong. The tone in the letter was no different from the usual one: However. I felt a sense of security.

I couldn't explain why properly. I had a feeling that there was a cost to sending this letter. It's like...

'It's like saying goodbye to your friends as if they are going on a long journey. There was a lot of talk like that. Above all.

At some point, I didn't even say that I was going to go back in time.

Victoria touches the paper with her fingertips, wondering if there's anything in the letter. But nothing was caught. There was no reaction to walking around with magic.

'By any chance?' I started kindling a fire and burning the letter bit by bit. When the black ash flew, Victoria opened her eyes. My eyelids trembled with shock.

It was then that the magical wavelength of the space was told that Anastasia had come.

Victoria quickly removes the ashes from her hands and leaves the room, opening the door. Her face suddenly returns to a smiling day.

Seung-si, come • • • • • • volume ”But Victoria did not have a long speech. The guests were coming out behind Anastasia. They were not the ones he used to take with him. Victoria knows a lot of things. No, I'm wearing a mask, so I wouldn't call it a face.

One is a Frezia.


“Cain!” Victoria runs unnoticed and hugs the kith.

“How have you been?” “I'm glad you're comfortable now.” Yeongwoo lightly hugged Victoria and patted her back.

Victoria bursts into tears.

When Yeon-woo came to me for help earlier. I was so sorry for just returning it.

Though he did send his own agenda. However, I was still thinking that I should go someday and apologize because it was a heavy burden on my mind.

But before that, you came here. I was so thankful and sorry: “Bitch. Can't you see your teacher is hurt like this? A man can't use his clan.

Victoria pressed down on the phrase, "That's not what the teacher said." Then she turned to Anastasia.

Then I realized that all the late teachers' scrolls were clearly scorched or torn.

“What happened, did you have a problem?” “You're catching on fast. What are you doing? Don't bring anything new from the room. Get some bears and some tobacco leaves. Come to the other side.” Victoria lowers her head slightly, then says to Yeon-woo.

“Let's finish later. I just wanted to ask you something.

Talking about the water ball? I was a little doubtful about Yeongwoo's eyes, but soon, I gave her a bold nod.

“Monthly! Don't bring it up!” As Victoria hurriedly walks into the other room, Anastasia grins. I didn't like the visit between the frezia and the moat in the back.

“You two come with me.” Since the presence of the Prezia.

Anasdasha eventually takes the reinforcements and guides Yeon and Frezia to her home.

Her residence runs from the architectural styles commonly seen in the tower.

Unlike the palatial castles which usually boast high advice, there were many large and small buildings gathered around the vast wall and site. It was near the longevity form.

Anastasia changes into the scroll Victoria brought. She sits at the table and twists her legs. Thanks to this, the slender crust was revealed to a close extent, but not at all beautiful.

Yeon-woo also did not look at you. Despite the delightful fragrance of the corners on the table. I didn't even lay a hand on it.

“I knew it, I didn't like her.” At that moment, Anastasia speaks indistinctly.

Yeon-woo glanced at Anasdasa in the light of what it meant.

“I don't like that look.” “You, on the bottom, are you functioning properly?” Yeonwoo only realized what Anastasia meant and smiled lightly.

“It's not my style.” “You have no taste. A man says," He's very proud. ”One eyebrow twitches in Nganas Dasa, and she says as she sleeps with her tongue closed.

“Why don't you stop with the weird talk?” “Those two fellows who came as guests suck.” Anastasia frowns slightly and asks the bear stand in her mouth.

Whew, as I breathed out softly, the smoke covered me.

Frederica looks back at the kite and says,

“Don't worry, I'll explain it to you just like that.

“Thank you for your help.” “Something. I was paid for it, too, but I had an old friendship with the trader, so I just thought it would be good to explain it.” In fact, the deal with Yeouido seemed to be a ploy to keep the deal with Anasdasha, while plowing the deal.

Whatever the purpose, he expressed his gratitude because it was true that he had been assisted by Presia as a compatriot.

“By the way, frezia,” What's wrong with you? ”“ Looks like you've been friends with Anadassa for a long time. ”“ We just happened to see each other when we were kids. ”Nemesis said, Anastasia is clearly a thousand years old Gumiho. If only you had a relationship with her.

"Could it be that the more I ask the woman, the more I ask, the more I ask, the more I ask the woman?" ”Frederica laughs softly. She's wearing a wooden hood, too. I can't look at her face. Suddenly, I felt a chill in my back as I looked into her eyes.

Then Anastasia casually lowered the bear stand she was biting: “Enough chitchat. As I said, I can never give it to you whether I pay you a month or not. The hunger to take my neck to take it.” Anasdasha tried to shoot the kitten.

I felt like I wanted to tear him apart right away. It felt like the fox fire was back on.

“I want to know why.” “I don't know why the owner doesn't want to sell it, but • • • • Come. As I was curious, Juanas Dassa got up from her seat and cleared the bottleneck behind the room to the side: Haran's wall was exposed with nothing. But there are all sorts of things - the door of the wall begins to open with the sound of modern, serrated teeth.

Bark, bark, and a staircase headed downward.

“Come with me.” Anastasia goes down the stairs first without listening to Yeongwoo and Frezia's reply. The bear guard bit my mouth again.

Yeon follows behind her down to the basement with Frezia. The spiral passageway has been blocked several times by a massive iron gate, and each time Anasdasar opens the gateway by temptation.

Beyond the magical devices and traps Victoria has set, there are all kinds of monsters and monsters in deep slumber.

As if they were separate from Anadassa. It seems that if an unauthorized intruder appears, he is instructed to stay awake and attack from hibernation. But there were too many of them.

'If I had collected all of these, it would have been really dangerous.

Yeonwoo thought that maybe running to Anastasia was a really fearless act.

Even the monsters or magic here will eventually be part of Anadas, so if you collect them all, you won't feel much power.

The first thing that came to mind was the summer queen.

You seem to be able to see some battles with her.

Even with this kind of power, you were still choosing Lady Eun-gi. What is Anastasia's purpose?

“This is the real thing. Don't get carried away. If that's the case, let's go without killing him.” Anastasia opens the final gate with a cold warning to the kith.

A stunning musical instrument. Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. The spirit rises up and stops the instrument from its front, shaking with despair and grief.

“Not bad.” Anastasia ponders the kith while biting her mouth: I felt it in battle, but the art of kith dealing with ghosts was also astonishing to her who had seen all sorts of techniques in her long life.

But Yeon-woo couldn't concentrate on her eyes like that: “What is this?” “Evil.” Yeon looked around Anasdasa.

“Malicious?” “For a long time, the mindset of those who devoured this damn tower.” The space that followed Anadassa again was full of various armor.

Sword, Figure, Spear, Ticket, Armor, Helmet, Guns •. Your armor and weapon are strung against the wall without a proper distinction.

No, the term "stuffed" seemed to be correct, to be exact. The armor is tied together with all kinds of magical jewels. It is written in 1, and it is tied tightly.

And the black smoke rising above the armor occasionally took on the shape of a person, then repeatedly disappearing again.

“A strong spirit possesses a seven-letter spirit in a young armor. It is commonly referred to as a genitals or urinary illness. These things nodded at a very expensive price to the tower. Because that's what Vigrid had, and the small one was closer to a treasure.

“But do you know what happens when those things go on and on and on and on?” "Becomes a monster.” I remembered something I heard on Earth a long time ago. Legend has it that old things turn into shrews.

“These monsters want to eat my master and find freedom. But what happens when the right minds and rationalities are given freedom to the right kind of monster?” “It will call for blood.” “That's right. That's how crazy I am, too.

Anastasia continues to venture deeper. The more malicious you are, the more precious and powerful you are.

“I didn't want to see that. So I grabbed everything I could see, and I threw it in here.

The smoke of Saehaan spread again. The smoke immediately mixes with the black malice and turns cloudy grey.

“But there's a limit to how many genies you can put in to get out at any time. So I had to tie him up. Being the center of it.

Anastasia stops. A dead end has emerged. The space was not as wide as I thought.

That's across. ”You see the black bead on the last wall. A bead that spews bright light like a shining star. Everything I thought was the thread of the female seal was coming from the bead.

Adamantine Nova gazes at it, half stunned, even to the point that she feels powerful.

“Adamantine Nova serves as the central axis of the Almighty.

You want me to give you that? No way. Otherwise, everything in here is gonna go crazy. In the meantime, I've got a lot of stuff stacked up, so one lip twisted on the other side of Goanas Dasa, who will try to bite me first. A cynical smile: “Still, you wouldn't give me that nonsense, would you? That is my life's work. Now if you know why, get lost.” “Anastasia is never so righteous, nor so favorable, nor so fox. Nevertheless, when we meet, we collect the nobles and the reinforcements because of what happened a long time ago. because at that time she was very modest and very obedient.” After being banished to Anadassa, Frezia grabs hold of the kith for a moment and adds an explanation.

Why Anastasia couldn't put Adamantine Nova down like that. The Almighty Heaven said it was all her.

I can't tell you that “what happened back then“ isn't part of the deal. I just wanted to reassure you that I've told you so far. ”Yeon-woo dares to nod.

Everyone lives with a story.

I wonder if Gumiho, who has stayed for over a thousand years, will be happy if he draws it.

Maybe it's hard for the layman to even imagine.

“Of course, she doesn't get very little either. The precious and lumberjack themselves are high-powered monsters that periodically draw out their energy. But let's face it, Cain wants Adamantine Nova.” “You mean dangerous.” “That's right.” Yeon-woo Joe swept his head up. It was complicated to stay here. Even if we tried to take Adamantine Nova, there's nowhere to take it, as long as Anastasia's like that.

However, if there was someone else in the tower who had it, the expression would be correct. If there was, she would have told you.

You have no choice but to make it yourself.

How much time and capital do we have to spend? I don't know when Tartarus will collapse, but he's in a hurry. Even if two Cyclops help, how much time can you save?

I should ask Hanova and Braham and the Elder for help and • • - I should ask Victoria.

If we study it head-to-head, like when we made the Wise Man's Stone, we might be able to see the results faster.

Yeongwoo began rolling in her head as quickly as possible, how to shorten the production time.

Then why isn't Victoria coming? 'Then I'm curious because Victoria, who asked me to see her face later outside, didn't show up until the appointment time.

At that time, the portal opened in front of Yeon Woo. She turns to look at Victoria, and suddenly Anastasia appears on fire: doing a bunch of crooked work. The violent force shifts.


Anastasia snatches the necklace of fake friendship and drops it to the ground. Yeon-woo had no way of resisting.

All nine of the nine tails were lit up behind Anastasia one day.

You feel a tremendous amount of pressure pressing against the lungs of the mildew as the atmosphere shifts.

“Where did you hide it?” Anadassa! ”Shut up, wolf. I'm talking about this motherfucker!” Anastasia yells at the Frezia, trying to stop herself, and looks back at Yeongwoo.

“Tell me. Where did you hide it?" “ 어 고“ Do not be discouraged. ”Anastasia's eyes glint brightly.

“Victoria. Adamantine Nova/Crab is gone. Who else could it be?"