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25. Voodoo Saddle (10)

I was stunned as if I had been hit on the back of my head.

"Gone"? Victoria? What the hell for? I thought of that first. I'm sure he was happy until I just met him and wanted to deliver the cost price.

“Answer," "Answer," but the mindset was quickly broken. The gumiho overlapped with Anastasia was growling as well. If I didn't answer correctly, I would have eaten it soon.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's annoyance is intense. I became suspicious of the man who was in the boil because he couldn't save Adamantine Nova in a hurry, and I had no choice but to explode.

Suddenly, the cost price came out with a feeling of stiffness from my heart. It was part of the Magic Castle that was subconsciously hidden.

“Let go. Here.” A voice as low as the beast warns. The air surrounding the pond changed at times.

Anastasia notices something strange and narrows her eyes.

“Let go, I told you.” The orb-orb grabs Anadassa's arm with a distorted look and starts pulling it from her neck. Then, as the magical power of the lake collides with the magical power of the magical star, the atmosphere rises and rises.

Anastasia's expression is hard. Suddenly, the man who used to be a mere mortal turned into a woman.

It was completely different from when I was fighting in the Red Lighthouse. Why were you beaten up when you had this power? But the question is,

There were murders in Anastasia's eyes. Dare to rebel against the human subject. It was offensive.

Moreover, I didn't like the shadow of Yeon-woo that was trembling like crazy just now.

The monsters in it, the Dead Lord, the Ridges. It was only one and slim.

Wouldn't it be better to tear it apart? Thinking about that, I'm going to slap Yeon-woo's mask with my fingernail blades up.

Creepy! At that moment, Anastasia was terrified that she didn't even know it.

2012; There was something in Yeon Woo's eyes beyond the nearest 00.

It's sticky and so deep that once it's submerged, it's like a deep abyss that your soul will be eaten. And something that sits there staring at itself.

The moment I met it, Anasdasa was terrified for the first time in hundreds of years.

After staying for a thousand years, 'Gumiho, who was looking at desertion, was a giant being thought of as being eaten.

Don't talk about it. Leah's pet. That's it. With a voice stuck in my head, Anastasia became completely stiff and hollow.

At that time, Yeon-woo got up from her seat while moving Anastasia's arms to her side.

“Don't waste your time. Victoria's disappearance has nothing to do with me.” At all, Taanas Dassa stares at Yeon for a moment at the horse that just rang. Yeon-woo suddenly narrows her eyes to see why she wanted to.

But she was the one who wanted to look at me with those eyes. Yeon-woo had no idea: about the voice. How could you not know that? But Anastasia soon shaved her head. Whatever was lurking in Yeongwoo's eyes, the only thing that was dangerous was sure. Especially 'it' clearly said that: it's Leah's pet.

It was a secret I had never told anyone, especially to Frezia. Knowing it meant that 'it' recognized who it was.

Eventually Anastasia thought she had to take a step back. When he got up from his seat, he straightaway changed his clothes.

“Really, it's irrelevant?” Still. Victoria was a crucial apprentice to her, so I had to double check.

Yeongwoo shakes her head. Anastasia frowns slightly.

“Then where did this wretched pupil go? A slight shadow flashes over Anadassa's annoying face.

“That's what all is now.” Yeon followed Anastasia back to her home.

The commander is very different from his previous counterpart. The gray mist was rising and erasing the courtyard and building by half. Above that comes the black smoke of the liver.

The entire cabinet had black smoke tightly bound, but I didn't know when the collision would take place.

No, there were already a bunch of monsters and witches snagging at each other in the gray mist.

The malice that has leaked from the nobles and soldiers and Anasdasa's family are fighting. Adamantine Nova was a result of disappearance.

Some of them look pretty strong. I don't think you need to compare with me. There seems to be something stronger. "As Shaphan said, the malicious intent of the nobles and soldiers should not be ignored.

“It's not hard to tie them up. You just have to lock it in a cage. But then I wouldn't have any freedom. We could sneak out one or two by mistake.” Anastasia asked the bear squad. How hard I asked, and the indentation in front of the main part remained clear.

“So let me know if you think of anything. Besides, Victoria's still out there. If you deal with Adamantine Nova as such, the risk is:" The last voice is full of worries about her disciples like her, but there is no clue as to where Victoria might have gone.

Then I suddenly had an idea.

What Victoria said.

Let's finish later. I just wanted to ask you something.

And then there was a very small quote.

- You got the letter, right? I didn't answer properly at the time. If there's a secret there.

“Didn't Victoria get the letter?” “Letter?” Anastasia looks at it with a look on her face as to what it sounds like.

I wonder if it's Yeon Woo.

“If I had a letter from your son, I'd pass it on to Victoria.” Anastasia turns her head toward Frezia.

“What are you talking about?” “I sent Cain and Victoria a blood letter.

“Is he alive?” We know that the disciple is guilty of something so broken. Anastasia had no choice but to make an impression: “That letter, can I see it too?” Yeon gave the letter of liver to Anastasia.

Anastasia looked at the letter while biting the bear stand.

“Regular greetings. There doesn't seem to be any magical devices or magical devices on the letterhead.” Fretia comes up and sprinkles fine gold powder on the letter. It was a trick to find out if there was a hidden anomaly, but there was no reaction either. She shakes her head as well.

“It's just a regular letter.” “And didn't you just watch this? He simply said he had gone to find the son of the Iron Man, but he had no reason to carry Adamantine Nova.” Something urgent has come up. He must have taken Adamantine Nova without telling the Jester. "

Yeongwoo took the letter back from Anastasia, who burst her fury, and quietly opened her mouth and looked into it. But Anadassa and Frezia couldn't find what they were looking for.


'There must be. Cost.

Yeon-woo instinctively thought there might be some secrets in the letter. Otherwise, Victoria couldn't have moved so quickly. He must have found something in the letter.

'By any chance?' Yeon-woo suddenly bursts into flames and burns the letter: “What are you doing!” Anastasia is screaming in shock. Suddenly, the charred letterhead shook and settled quietly on the ground. It was writing down letters.

Whooping Pugh/.

Completely different from what was written in the letter.

That was enough.

“Yeshua!” Anastasia wields her grip roughly. Then, as the smoke spread, I landed softly on the letters made by Black Ash.

And all sorts of information poured into her head. The ashes, the truth, the sentiments. And where it's being filed.

“Come with me.” Anastasia then bends the scroll and wraps it around her. Then, where she was, a giant gumiho appeared instead of a human. The red Yomayan glows faintly.

Dadak-Gumiho started skipping somewhere without looking at Yeongwoo and Fregia.

“Backpacker!” Frezia quickly summons the backpacker and chases behind him, whilst the bee flaps its wings of fire.

Gumiho was at a very fast speed, unlike a large body. Every step of the way, the space folds up and speeds up faster.

It seemed to see the footprint, one of the three signature skills that Allfoone possessed.

The speed that ordinary people would never be able to chase.

The swan was chasing behind such a gumiho. Yeongwoo suddenly climbed on the back of a Swan Ship 7.

“How the hell did you find out?” I mean what's hidden in the letter.

I wonder how I was able to find out so quickly how Anadassa's magic and the secrets that the artifacts of Presia couldn't find.

“It's a technique." “If it's a technique, the fresh • • • • • •?” The Frezia wanted to ask how the kith was learning it, but she didn't ask any more questions. It was also supposed to be information. The calculation did not stand.

On the other hand, Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

What the hell is going on? You want my help? It can be used to slow down the contents of letters that said they were doing well. To deliver a message to avoid the eyes of those who are restraining their livers. The content I asked for was real.

Then what is it that they want help from? "Horseman?" That's all I could think about.

If that's not it.

Is it related to Doyle? 'I didn't even know it was related to Doyle, who had not been able to find his whereabouts for a long time.

'Or both.' Yeon took a nuclear look at Fregia.

“Frezia, where did the letter come from?” The Frezia stands boldly across her head.

“I can't tell you. You have no choice but to count" • • • "for a price. You won't be able to reach the absolute balance, even if you have to make some kind of a deal with Kain.” Frezia's answer was very firm. No matter what happens, we can't talk. Unlike when Anadassa was identified, there was something enormous that this time could not be compared to.

Rather, I thought it was an implicit message from Presia.

“Then I will change the contents of the transaction. Yes No. Please only say one of two things.” She didn't say anything.

“Are you from the horse army?” “I can't tell you.” “Will the liver be there?” “I can't tell you. Does the" yes “by the table do business with the Horsemen?” “I can't tell you. It's like” “” I can't reveal the deal, but I felt much more confident about it.

'Yes: it's the horsemen.

If not, he would have said no. That's all there is to it. However, what he did not reveal was a sign of something positive.

Yeongwoo clenched her fist tightly.

I have been in constant conflict with the Horsemen. From the time he collided with Kindred on Mt. Five, even at Cesar, even during the workshops at Valpurgis Night, he would continue to face them and sometimes even put up swords.

What I couldn't figure out in all those processes was, "Why? Did the horsemen intervene here? '.

Each of their actions was almost meaningless, and there was no unity between the events.

Even if he had undergone such humiliation, he would try to retaliate separately or look for other opportunities, but there was no sign of him at all.

Suddenly, they came out of nowhere again. I had no idea what I was planning.

But one thing was clear:

Liver was a friend of Yeon-woo's.

I couldn't help but notice the crisis.

Even if the production is a little slow in your ears.

Wedge-they 've been running for a long time. Among other things, a few barriers appeared and blocked the way ahead, but each time a number of times was broken by Gumiho's spell:

Tak! Gumiho, who was running ahead of him, suddenly stopped running. A giant head looks up at the hillside.

Yeonwoo and Frezia's gaze also set in.

Far away, there lies a small shrine at the waist of the mountain. Surrounded by forests, it's hard to see, and not too many visitors.

The gumiho and the backpacker quickly stepped into the shrine, teasing a few more times: seven statues, strewn from the front door to the temple, hit them in turn.

They were all much larger than the gumiho or the swan. Things that don't mix well with small shrines.

The statues of humanized dinosaurs, roof, and lions stood on their feet, each with a majestic look on their faces, and two monkey statues looking down at each other with their eyes wide open.


At the top, the statue of the ox stood tall boasting its biggest swing and looked at them as they bent over.

Anyone can see who the shrine is honored here.

I turned my head to the other side of the statue of the cow without knowing the anxiety I felt at the moment of brewing.

There was also a giant monkey statue. In some ways, it looked like a visitor entering the shrine, in other words, as a friend of other statues, or as a challenge to the ceremony of the king's cow.

And the statue looked very ripe for Yeon-woo too. Mt. Five, just like you saw in King Mihu's palace. There's the statue of King Mihu! And then Yeon realized what the other statues had carved.

The other two monkey statues were the statue of King Wu Jung and King Wu Mi Hu (King Wu 29564;} f ⁄ 30691;), the Monkey King and King Wu Wu Ming (Monkey King Wu Ming Ming).

And the top prize was King Bull, the eldest of the brothers here.


Also known as the Monarch of the East and West, the Seven Saints who once rose blue with King Xerxes.

The great presence of apostasy and separation related to them, as well as of the various gods of the heavens, is in the midst of the shrine, or the temple's muscles.

There was a lotus stand.


The pieces of Woman's staff on Yeongwoo's chest began to tremble together. Along with it were the lights of the temple.

It's like welcoming a visit from Yeon Woo.