Second Life Ranker

1. After the King (1)

I haven't seen the ruins associated with them since King Shamihu's palace in honor of the Frozen Demon King. Yeongwoo's eyes became big as well.

Anadassa and Frezia also look around the pond to see if they felt anything.

Hee Frezia's eyes sank deep. Just like the person who accidentally discovered the cost price.

However, Yeon could not care less about the gaze of the two of them.

All kinds of thoughts surrounding the shrine began to be engraved upon my eyes, following the magic of wealth [I see. I share the vision of wealth (voodoo master's soul)].

That's all you've done for me.

-Fuck you, you ran all the way out here? I will avenge my colleagues.

The first thing I saw in my mind was the appearance of the liver.

However, it was different from what Yeon-woo usually knew. He was always relaxed and had a smile on his mouth. Inside the mind was a chilly look and a fierce feeling of grandeur.

I was covered in blood, clothes, and even the sword in my hand. I was drenched in red blood.

Blood Blade.

The nickname "blood-soaked sword" did not fit so well.

And the eyes of the players surrounding the liver were filled with vigilance along with the enemy.

What the hell is going on? 'Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

His liver has been moved in a very secret way. So Yeon-woo thought he was being ordered to do so by the horsemen who detained him.

However, the hostility of other players in the situation that was in front of me was unusual. The look of an enemy. It was a murder that could never come out of a collision.

And those relationships -- they're so close. The liver laughed again while watching the players 0.

- That's funny.

- What? But what, payback? Zari, why don't you be honest? The liver twists the tip of one lip and extends the hand forward. Suddenly, a golden piece of iron gleams from the palm of his hand.

- You guys want to have this.

At that moment, the hearts of the players surrounding the liver trembled. There is a golden and swarm flowing through the collar.

The golden pieces of iron resonate at the same time, wanting to merge together.

'Lady's Wand pieces!' Yeon-woo's liver and players saw a piece of iron and swallowed the immersion.

"Was he hunting down the descendants of the late king? 'The relatively small pieces of female staff were much bigger than those of other players. He couldn't have picked it up in a lump, so he was dealing with the other descendants of Wong Lan and said," I've taken pieces together.

Yeon Woo also had a piece of the Woman's staff, but she had never seen a successor like this. So far, I thought the reason was one of the two.

There are not many progeny yet, or there are already unknown societies among the offspring.

Apparently, it was both.

- Then let's get started.

The liver plunges hard into the ground as it retrieves pieces of the female staff. The red aura followed a violent roar as it happened, like the tide.

Overlight_until '72.

Apparently, the liver was made for itself by mastering 72 skills in the palace of the future King.

And then the scene changed again.

A place where rough fights have passed. On top of that, Victoria appears late.

Holding Adamantine Nova in your arms. With sad eyes, you look around, then open the portal again and disappear.

The spirit ended there.

Yeon-woo wiped her head with her hands. Deep sunken eyes. I had a lot of thoughts in my head.

“Did you see anything?” Anastasia bites the bear stand in her mouth: Yeon-woo gives a silent nod as she sees the smoke spreading.

“Mt. Five.

“Chase!” “He's in a big chop right now.

They couldn't have gotten far! Don't let go! "“ We mustn't give in to others! He must be taken by our steed! ”Along dense forests and steep mountain ranges. Multiple players and clans have been chasing one person as they form different sieges.

A mountain of good fortune. With many senses closed, it was a difficult stage to reveal your true skills. It was nothing like that at all.

And the man who showed up in their pursuit.

It was a liver.

Immense, imminent-- how much blood you've drawn, how much you've captivated. As he passed by, the ground was drenched in blood.

'Just a little more. Just a little.' The liver gripped it.

'Just a little more. Then we can get Doyle back.

[This is the 20th floor, the coffin of Mount Sinai.] As soon as Yeongwoo arrived on the 20th floor, I could intuitively feel something different in the air.

Moist, but boiling air. Just by smelling it, it gives me goosebumps that follow my skin.

It felt the same as when she was in Africa, so she doubted for a moment that she had arrived at the correct stairwell.

Along the wide open mountains and mountainous ridges, there were many players everywhere.

Hundreds, thousands of people who can hold the ice. They were also quite skillful + scenery that could never be seen on the 20th floor that Yeongwoo remembered. So I looked back at Presia to see what would happen.

But she was quiet. Silent eyes. I couldn't tell what he looked like when he was wearing a mask, but I saw a glare too bold.

Yeon could instinctively feel that something unusual was happening at the cost.

It turned out that Frezia had a nuance about the letter that seemed to have a cost price.

“Preliminary Cat.” With Yeon's gaze, Fretia suddenly speaks a vivid word: she narrows her eyes.

“What is it?” “The discipline of witchcraft is by far the best peculiar variety of abilities, including magic, magic, magic, and magic. The road to freshness. So after the narrative, we usually call it" mythology, "which means" mythology. "And in fact, a lot of players are after magic.” Yeon opened her eyes when she realized what she was going to say.

Fretia nods quietly.

“That's right. The preliterature has emerged. Founder's blood liver. And there's a lot of rumors going around that a lot of groups are fighting over it.” Yeongwoo turns her head toward the mountain.

Tactical. Definitely speaking 72Tactical. And I already knew that breeding livers use the 72nd technique. And you find out that you're being chased by other players? But the cost was strange: After quite a while? 'What could have gone wrong while fighting with the successors of the future kings? The people here could not all be regarded as the successors of the late king.

“And the reason for each group was the blood-sword massacre.” The massacre? ”“ Yes. Recently, a blood sword liver raided a group called the Krasianga (family) and massacred them. not only for the elders of the family, but also for the children and the livestock of the members. The tragedy is terrible. A lot of players are angry. ”The Krasians know Yeonwoo well. 1. The family holds a place in the 41st, which is quite prestigious. Originally from his ancestors, he was now a native with a huge impact on other players.

You slaughtered a place like that? According to Frezia, a chase party was formed around those who witnessed the Krecian disaster.

Allies who have long been intimate with deeply intersected groups in the Grecian family have joined the pursuit, shouting for revenge.

In addition, a successor of the Grecian family who was fortunate to survive here robbed the rest of the estate and put a BOLO out on the liver.

Several players have started chasing their livers like clouds.

- But what, revenge? Yeongwoo raised her mind at the shrine of Childhood Castle. Players who were indignant when they looked at the liver. And then I blew a joke on them.

“Of course, the Krecians weren't the only ones seeking revenge.

And in the process of escaping, the liver showed a number of wonders that had been hidden. Of course, what stood out was the description. There are 72 lines.

"Good deal for players who want growth to stop or want more power." because there's a legitimate reason. ”Frezia pauses and says,

“Like.” The eyes pierce the mask of the kith.

“The bloodstream is now public.” Her gaze was asking Yeon-woo how to do this.

Liver in crisis.

However, Yeon-woo is in a hurry because of Tartaros.

Will you care about crafting your ears or will you help me find the liver I've been looking for for so long?

If he helped his own liver, he could become talented in everything by being publicly thrown out together.

“Did you know • • • - right away?” But before she made a hasty decision, she glanced at him with a furious gaze.

“Since you delivered the letter?” Frezia gives a bold nod.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. In the end, it meant that she knew everything and was hands-on. Even though you may have noticed Victoria's disappearance for some reason, you don't say much.

But Anastasia asked the bear bear stand mouth with an annoying claw that she already knew the way of such a presbyterian.

“Bitch.” In the end, he was a merchant in the bone.

Yeon-woo raised her hand high without saying anything else.

The blue murmur rises, and you flap your wings as you go.

“Please.” Ugh_1Niche flies his wings as high as he can. Yeongwoo shared her vision with Nike through a link. When exploring something, Nike's senses were much better than his own.

“Are you going to save the liver and Victoria?” Fretia looks at the kith with a strange look. I asked if I would choose a liver instead of a ear.

“There's been a similar situation before. But there was only one decision I made at that time.” Yeon reminds me of when her liver and Doyle were detained in Arang Dan. The conclusion I reached at that time was one.

Brother says he was a hero to himself. I didn't want to be ashamed of it.

As long as you pick your liver here and choose your ears. That way, you can save your brother quickly.

Will he be happy when he finds out what happened ahead? I didn't think it was Yeon-woo.

Friends are friends.

He had to be saved according to his brother.

“I see. That's your answer.” For a moment, it seemed like Fretia had a strange laugh.

Yeon-woo had no time to care about such things. The vast mountain range was overlooked by Nike's shared vision.

And at the second mountain range, a landslide appeared with a violent explosion and the cliff collapsed.

Blah! '“There he is!” Anastasia started running toward you again, turning back to Gumiho to see what she felt the same way: the lily bee whipped its wings of fire and quickly flew to you.