Second Life Ranker

2. After the King (2)

Second mountain with limited vision and hearing.

Red Shroud. Why don't you stop right here? I think I've defended my loyalty to the Blood Sword enough. Players surrounding Victoria shouted as they held up their robes.

This is a stage where the senses close in sequence. Players with the right skills were the only ones who could make a difference.

So there were fewer numbers. Each one of them was exceptional.

But Victoria stares at them and winces at them.

Protect the Faith? Don't be ridiculous. There was only one sound I could make here.

Do you want to die here? Or do you want to step back? "The powerful magical wavelength that follows Pazzic-Victoria bounces up and down like a spark. The magical wavelength gradually intensifies with every twist that floats on the palm of her hand.

Adamantine Elder • Players who recognized its identity were stiff expressions.

That was the problem. That was the heart that tied their ankles all along.

Adamantine Nova itself is an important magical nucleus, but it is also an amplifier. Solid strength with adamantium, the raw material of adamantinova, compressed to the extreme and seeded properties on a molecular basis.

It can be held by a monster. It also harnesses the power of a Heavy Horse when held in the Wizard's hands.

Victoria was also a brilliant wizard, called the Red Bride, and also a producer of the master's quarrel. What if she had Adamantine Nova in her hands? Exaggeration- Damn! Magical storms again! Get down! Stretching around Victoria, the magnetic field, which is full of magical energy, spreads out.

With a gradual siege, the players try to squeeze Victoria back down, or tear the scroll, as they swiftly and colourlessly memorize the boundary warrant.

The magical storm swept everything away.

Not just the trees and weeds around you, but also the players who haven't avoided it.

Seeing nonsense like that, everyone swallowed their tears. They're all masters who say they're good at what they do, but they're too humble in front of Victoria's overwhelming firepower.

But, unlike them, there were people who considered this an opportunity.

After a massive horsepower storm, a constant bend is required to calm the boiling magic.

That's when I decided it was a good time to catch Victoria, so I countered her.

However, Victoria looks at them, smiling slightly, and spills her magic on the agamandatin Nova + and suddenly a rune text rises over Victoria's head and splits apart. All sorts of magic spilled from where the string disappeared.

Magic permanent organs.

Meanwhile, Victoria has sought to create artifacts that can be freely manipulated and instantly replenished with rune magic.

And it was Adamantine Nova who inspired that idea.

A tool that compresses to extremes and emits almost infinite thermal energy.

There was nothing to be afraid of if I could magically harness this energy.

Anastasia, who had been a teacher for no reason, did not use it as a nucleus to trap precious objects and soldiers.

Overwham- Players feel overwhelmed by overwhelming firepower as they are swept away.

A person suddenly appeared as I was digging through the smoke with a really fun tool. A middle-aged to elderly adult. He was smiling nicely, but his energy was sharp.

Around him, the cold, contrary to Victoria's magic, shifts.

Ice King. A mercenary king who recently broke Eun-gi who had been around for a long time and started making a name for himself.

He claps loudly and turns around. Then, as the chunk of ground is turned upside down, an ice thorn pops up and stabs Victoria to death.

A barrier surrounded by flames was automatically created to block the splinters.

Every time the thorns are broken, the barrier is broken, and the ice king can reach Victoria in a heartbeat.

"Hey, it's okay now. Why don't you stop here? You, too, are tired of us chasing you. In fact, there's no reason for us to fight like this. King Bing said in a humble tone, beating Victoria's magic aside.

In fact, it's not a good situation to be hanging out with Victoria on a quest.

It was a tremendous loss to him before time and mind consumption.

It was mathematically appropriate to clean up Victoria quickly and pursue the whereabouts of the clerk.

No, not in that computational sense. In fact, he had a deep understanding of Victoria's feelings.

To lose a precious companion from a herd of sniveling jackals.

Even if he did, he would have done the same thing.

Self-inflicted about what the liver has done wrong before.

But the problem is, 'the Ice King's hands vomited a shimmering glow.

'I've become a villain now.

Victoria flicks her fingers as if she didn't have anything to say. A rune letter flashed over the back of my hand and scattered, and a swarm of Haran lights filled the sensation area. A faint flame swept through my work or red tongue.

Flow Exploration. Luxurious magic when it explodes by forcing high solar heat. Suddenly, it exploded, so I was blinded and couldn't help but get used to it: But the Ice King did not just stand there. Eventually, I fell asleep with my tongue thinking that I would have to defeat Victoria, and I let go of my united hand and put it forward.

From the ground to the sky, a seething pillar will rise. No, it looked like a pillar, but it was a landscape, actually.

Ice vaccine. The Ice King's Signature Skill, which is hard to predict the height of every palm tree attack.

The ice column that popped up with the Ice King's right hand was broken with the Floor Exploration.

Between the scattered ice particles, a new tidal wave covers the sky as your left hand narrows. Immediately, his right hand was fierce behind him.

With the continuous eruptions of Perperform-One Tide, Victoria's vicinity has become a prison. It was the King of Ice's ruse to force her hand.


The Ice Storm didn't do Victoria any harm.

This makes you a chicken hound. He used Adamantine Nova and fled into the sky with a blink attached to him.

But not the way he talks. The ice king had a furious smile on his mouth.

"Still, why didn't I just get caught up here? Well, at least it didn't harden. At that moment, several strands of light shot down like a river, as if waiting.

A player famous for his "Silver Hunter", "Strige + Bounty Hunter" predicted the tournament and drew a protest.

Moonlight Silver Cloak. It was a skill that separates enemies from space at once.

Pavat! Then, behind Victoria, a masked god appears, opening the room. He was a better known ranker by the nickname 'Wicker' than his real name.

Several magicians appeared around Victoria at the same time to form a large-scale barrier: no, they were trying to form.

Just before the magical particles converged, Silver Daggers of the Moonlight, shot by Streetji, dug up all the magicians.

Adamantine Nova's reflexes temporarily shut her down, and the door walker slammed Victoria in the head.

A sword wielded by a moon walker sweeps past Victoria's neck. The bracelet that was sleeping on the wrist worked, creating a new seal and then slipping away.

However, the bracelet was still shattered and excellent debris poured down without being able to completely offset the shock.

And that was the number of targets that Moon Wicker and others wanted.

The broken bracelet was a link between Victoria and Adamantine Nova. Now that it's broken, Adamantine Nova has stopped functioning because it's no longer powered by an ideal force.

Victoria reached out to Adamantine Nova with her dying heart.

The commander who was watching the situation down there made a jaw. Like a string of strings that are classified as the best mercenaries, over a dozen players move quickly.

He uncovers the harpoon he was wearing around his dog, and fires a gun at Victoria's location in protest.

Perfume overload! Another five masters, a specialty Marv made for his pupils, exploded in midair every time he fired a magic enhancement warfare.

And as the black smoke spreads, Victoria falls in scorched black.

Victoria tries to restrain Adamantine Nova, who falls ahead of her.

- Sister, please.

That should be it. The pursuers are still pursuing Liver's whereabouts. To avoid exposing the position of the liver, we had to delay as much time as possible.

- I want to save him.

I know you're too proud to sacrifice your sister like this. But I'm asking you.

I met the liver in person for only a few minutes. For a short time. Eda takes her hand in her gaze, saying.

- Help me, please.

Please buy some time. I couldn't forget how I was crying as I looked at myself.

I had no idea what he was moving about, what he was after, or what he was doing.

Now that I think about it, the liver has always been that guy.

When I was on Mt. Five, I could see that I usually had a lot of playfulness, but sometimes I didn't know the metals.

I feel like I'm looking at an article.

But her gaze was not towards Victoria, and she smiled bitterly every time she asked why.

It's always been that way. People who don't show their insides.

The one who hated him the most. I used to love the liver.

Strangely, I was drawn to it. You can mock me every time.

The liver was her precious sister.

No, come and think about it.

I'm not thinking of my brother, I'm thinking of him more or less.

So I wanted to help. I wanted to buy more time somehow.

It didn't matter if he used himself.

It's just...

I just wanted to.

When I was angry, I thought of the teacher who was looking for me. I just had to say 'I'm sorry.'

I don't think I'll be able to deliver it.


The spatula-fingered fingers try to reach Adamantine Nova, but the door walker pops up and swings again.

Just a moment. Vytoria only said that. The wrist splits apart with a fountain of blood and splits into the air. I didn't feel sick.

I just have one thought. Adamantine Nova is right around the corner.

We have to hold on to that. You shouldn't be doing this. That was it.

Kung-Victoria plunges to the ground as it is. The target's body crumbles as it falls from too high without any shield.

Even her spine crumbles, but the magic that remains is barely holding her back.

Players, including the Iron Brigade, will cover Victoria like that.

Before the last breath, she was interrogating the whereabouts of her hidden liver.

You must handle it with care! He must be the only one who knows the whereabouts of the Blood Sword hiding somewhere. Moreover, he may be hiding another cost under the supervision of Thorga, director of the Iron Brigade "Beware." The mercenaries tear Nisfeld Scroll to see if Victoria can work her magic, while they bring the Magical Restraints and fill their hands and feet.

Chug, chug, chug. Torca looks closely at Victoria in a heavy tone. By his side, the ice king smiled bitterly.

Don't be too harsh Are you still saying that? He is not a bad person.

And to protect your little master. Farewell, little master. "Torca's eyes shake slightly, but his expression remains.

You are very heavy. Is it true? Yes. You weren't the one who said that before, were you? "In Torca's memory, the King of Ice has always been focused on achieving an effective goal. Cold-blooded, no matter how many casualties there are in the process.

I'm getting older too. King Griving smiles unknowingly.

I don't want to lose to him. Torca frowned and said, "Is that another story? Haha. You'll see why I'm saying that when you see him. That doesn't change anything. Torca smiled softly.

How many times have I heard the name? He was always at the center of a big case. Though I was briefly told that there was a deep connection with the liver. But Torca thought it was over.

They say he single-handedly defeated Ventige and Triton.

They say he may be the closest to the Nine Kings.

But Torca thought it was funny: Emerging Clean? Others said they were great, but they were just rookies who rose to prominence.

Triton proves it, who couldn't take down just one.

On the other hand, the Iron Brigade was different. It had a long history, and based on the amount of power it had, it was no more than a giant clan.

No matter how great the sole proprietor is, it means it's not a place you can deal with alone.

A warning from the Ice King? That too. As you are aware, the King of Ice is old. When you get older, you become childish and have a lot of worries.

'When this is over, I'll have to take it upstairs and cut off all deals with the Ice King. It seems you still have skills, but you can only lose intention with bad judgment, so with that thought.

You're done with Victoria.

The news has also been transferred that the work to collect Adamantine Nova is also completed.

Then, everyone return to the headquarters • • When Torca tried to issue a withdrawal order.

Nose! Suddenly, there was a tremendous flutter of meteorites from the sky.

Dozens of mercenaries protrude up into the air as a single piece of shredded flesh.

In the middle of it.

Yeongwoo stands holding Victoria in her arms, flapping the wings of fire.


"Oh, my God. I think you're angry. Ice King scratched his temples as if it were embarrassing, and said awkwardly to Torca.

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