Second Life Ranker

3. After the King (3)

Torca glances at the king with her face, "Does that make any sense?"

However, he takes a few steps back, as if making any face. I really didn't want to get involved in this.

'This is why I felt that even the last of the respect that Torca had for the King of Ice disappeared. I was scared. Too many of them.

What a piece of shit.

Torca jabs at the underlings who have fallen behind. The elite members of the Iron Brigade slowly surrounded Yeon with their weapons drawn.

Srnung, Srung-Torca also slowly picks out a pair of symbolic coins and steps forward, holding them in both hands.

I didn't want to look like this, but Victoria looked at Yeongwoo with a bitter smile. The eyes that looked between the hair that sank in the blood were looking at the place where the face of Yeongwoo slightly shifted. It meant my vision was ruined.


Her eyes harden as she looks at Victoria in her arms. Victoria's reform was rigorous.

One hand is cut off, and the whole body is crushed by the burn. Plus, he forced his magic to turn and injured his insides. It was dangerous this way.

Healing and liquorice. This seemed to lack a chin. Life was consuming too quickly.

'Adamantine Nova.

At that moment, I saw Adamantine Nova laying the floor in the snow of Yeongwoo.

Despite the loss of light, it looks like an ordinary bead, but there are still intense magical wavelengths spreading around.

As Yeongwoo reaches forward, Adamantine Nova rises above Victoria's hand, floating into the dusky air.

0 ÖÖgi-Go-, he-Govitoria touched it by hand. I wanted to catch it so badly that I couldn't. It's barely in my hands. But an empty gaze was still hanging in the air with nothing.

This time I wanted to help. Yeon-woo thought what Victoria was seeing was her having to leave her liver on Mount pentang the other day.

The hahn that had been piled up at that time still remained in my heart.

So Yeon couldn't say anything to Victoria.

Holding him still was the best he could do.

Following the call, two Inferno sites form like a torch behind the pond.

Yes, save. Somehow.. Depends. "Then, Adamantine Nova began to shake like crazy again, sprinkling intense light. Seogwang spread along Braille Victoria 47 *.

At that moment, Victoria's eyes widen slightly. Adamantine Nova was as difficult to handle as she was capable of.

So Anadassa used only as a seal core to seal the earrings and reinforcements, and Victoria pulled out her magic through a specially crafted handset. And when the handset broke, Adamantine Nova also stopped functioning.

However, Rich, who appeared to be a member of the Yeongwoo family, was too adept at handling Adamantine Nova without being completely affected by such constraints.

Moreover, the 'Healing Possession Line' corresponds to the Magic Higher Rank currently used. Rich could never be different from life by dealing with death.

However, Boo did not relish Victoria's curiosity, only following orders from Yeongwoo to stop her.

When Yeon-woo also focused on supplying the magical power needed here.

Surrender the red bride, the deadly death squad, and other players were closing in.

With two eyes full of greedy fire.

Delayed Woo's expression did not appear to be masked, and was cooler than ever.

Instead of answering, he turned his wings to the side of the fire that was wrapping around him.

Then the fierce wind blew and the unsightly things in front of my eyes became empty.

Over-exertion - After that, the players' expressions were stiff.

All the players in the range of the attack have disappeared.

Not a single one left. All of them.

Even those who built the boundaries. There are no exceptions to those who use their defensive skills. Where they were, only birds were scorched, red flares, and ashes were scattered.

The problem was that such a glorious hot wind was still rotating around the rainy season.

Goooo! Evade everyone! The first person to realize the danger came forward and shouted: Followed by the other leaders and deputies of the Iron Brigade, the most skilled bounty hunters came forward with door wickers or street maps.

Every time the wings of the pufferflat-fire flare, a massive high wind sweeps across the ground and heats up the atmosphere.

The dust rises roughly and scatters the view.

Yeon Woo suddenly appears in front of the door wicker. Margie's miraculous movements. No matter how agile he was, the Moon Wicker could not read his miracles.

So I tried to build a defensive posture with my eyes wide open. Before that, Yeon-woo arrived right before my eyes.

Boom! Yeon throws her fist forward.

Simple regime stabbing. But power was never simple.

The door walker bounces back as hard as it can. The armor crumbles, and the blood spills out of the mouth mixed with pieces of a ruptured visor.

He held Victoria in one arm and showed unreasonable strength in an uncomfortable position.

However, Yeongwoo tilts the wings of fire as if it were not the end, chasing the bouncing door walker away. Like Victoria's hand, his head was about to shatter.

Stop right there! The mercenaries of the Iron Brigade rushed forward. Behind them was a street guard. I was going to shoot her with a silver platter in the moonlight and tie her ankles.

But the alliance did not clash directly with them. Suddenly, while in a daze, you step on the brake, stopping in the air, and then turn around.

The wings of fire spread as far as they could, drawing a huge whirlpool.

When the players who have already experienced the power of the storm do not move quickly, other things protrude as they cut through the whirlpool of flames: the eyes of mercenaries who knew the rainfall was coming. What appeared was not an alliance. It was a bunch of goons with bloodshed.

Following that, the gray ghosts appeared in droves and confused the area.

[Spirit of 2,000] Kyahhhhhhhhh! Wha, wha, what! Grrrgh! By increasing the number of cracks, some 50 monsters suddenly dug among the mercenaries.

Every time I wield my fingernails, blood settles on the floor, and poisonous mercenaries settle on their faces.

Where, where? in such a confusing situation.

- Li- = I hesitated for a moment instead of 741-

'None?' The alliance that we had to target was completely invisible. Where did it go? My back feels creepy and I instinctively try to turn around.

Too Late Spoon-She appeared behind the man who was already making love and was strangled by the arena.

Fibona rises up, her throat popping up into the air. The corpse of the missing streetcar settles on the ground. Next to him lies another corpse.

It was the body of a doorway wicker that had already been hunted.

In an instant, two rankers fell with their blood on them.

Torca protrudes out with a red face. No, I was trying to get out. If it weren't for the sudden force that appeared just before I blew myself to Yeon-woo.

Bang! Suddenly, this time there's a huge bang from the back.

Torca instinctively turns her head to you, then hardens her impression.

The gumiho, who boasted only the size of a gathering, was right on top of them.

While keeping the nine tails taut, the fangs are clearly bared and howling.) The silver platinum is painful.

How dare a human be my disciple? How dare he! Torca was unable to speak.

The moment the gumiho firmly rolled one foot, a fox swirled around her, spreading out in an instant.

After all, the remaining insulators, carpenters and players were swept away.

Ah, ah! Torca stabbed him in the butt without even knowing it. Half mesmerized. The tremendous force of Gumiho will overwhelm him, and his determination will be completely broken.

"Die." That was enough to confirm Torca's death. The moment I gave the order to look at Torca in Yomaan, I was completely cut off from the will I had left.

It was a slaughter.

Where everything's been swept away. Now I saw the only one left.

What will you do? Will you fight? Please remove me. You've been going backwards since you showed up. King Bing smiled bitterly and looked at his colleagues, & '93; colleagues, &' 94; who had just laughed and talked together.

It's mostly just crumbling and disappearing, or birds being charcoal, making it hard to see what they look like alive. One misjudgement will only result in death.

Yeongwoo nodded quietly.

I was going to clean up after myself, but I didn't use my hands because I had a past relationship and didn't seem willing to fight with myself.

At least let me recover the remaining corpses. Yes. Thank you. The Ice King bowed his head, thanking him sincerely, and began to gather only the remains.

This is going to be quite a commotion again. -Always, there is a commotion where the monopoly appears.

Even though rumors like that are already spreading. This time, I didn't think it would sink at any limit.

The Iron Brigade, the strongest clan in the mercenary system, won't stand a chance against this kind of damage, and even the death of two rankers would be a huge shock to the pursuers.

The Ice King had already begun to question the people who were about to be poured out.

It's all because of you. Anastasia returned to human form one day, holding Victoria in her arms and making her do it to Yeon-woo.

If you hadn't shown up and provoked this child, this would not have happened. Anastasia fainted, leaving a note like that.

"What, that old lady? Fuck you.

Why do you blame the owner? "Life was annoyingly muttering.

Wouldn't Victoria have gone to find the liver because Yeon-woo didn't come? I thought I wasn't living. Yeongwoo was just in the middle. Anastasia just needed someone to blame.


Yeon-woo said nothing for a moment. I've been through something like this before. It wasn't Anastasia. Her gaze was fixed on Victoria.

Moving to save the liver, Victoria. Self to reclaim his brother's soul. The two forms became a natural overlap.

Owner? Huh? "What's wrong with you all of a sudden?" Ana. Nothing. "Yeon-woo haired her head. Sanon was a little worried about the owner, but he turned away without showing any discomfort.

What are you going to do now? That old lady is a real piece of shit. First, we need to understand the situation here. However, Vrattoria took Anasdasha to explain the situation. Then who do we check with? An ice king who was looking around meaninglessly suddenly sees all the corpses and wants to leave quietly.

I told him to go and catch the crab again, but I couldn't help it.

'It's a little annoying.' Moreover, Anastasia's compulsion was a bit stifled. In fact, he blamed himself for what the Ice Lord did.

Just a moment. The King glanced at Yeongwoo, looking up at his spine, wondering if he had made a mistake. My back was covered with cold sweat.

Why not? I changed my mind. Perhaps you should stay with us. He smiled awkwardly.

Suddenly, why • • • • • •? I thought I needed someone to explain the situation, so Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

"Don't you like it?" Yeon-woo shakes her head. The black flame rises roughly over the palm of your hand, then disappears.

At the moment of the fire, I remembered the face of Torca and others who had been swept away by the fire into the mind of the Ice King. Moreover, the fire was the opposite of its own attributes.

He smiles awkwardly.

No way! I'm no one else, and I'm asking you to let me in. I have a relationship with your teacher. King Juicy gladly said with a good smile.

"Yes, what can I do first?