Second Life Ranker

4. After the King (4)

The battle between Yeongwoo and mercenaries quickly spread to players on the 20th floor.

“The dictator? Hoho. So, you have a prodigal son here?” Faithless, a full-bodied gangster, bursts into laughter with a bitter voice. She looks like a noblewoman. Then, when I spoke again, I quarantined him like a warrior before a fight.

“Yes. Where there's an accident, there's no way the pigeon always shows up here." ”The voice has changed again. Bright voice like a child with delicious food in front of him.

Uheehee! Let's make him a friend, too! I wonder what kind of soul he has. Come on, come on. I hope it tastes good. "Then Faith turned her head to the men standing next to her.

The Chest of the Dead. The organization that follows Faith. It was one of four big emerging Glens.

“I stopped searching for blood clots. From now on, find the Monkey King.

He must have some kind of key. ”The henchmen head down and leave quietly.

The glare of Faith shines sharply through the bandages. Now he was as calm as a researcher.

Other groups moved quickly.

“Victoria is a rare clue as to where the Blood Sword is! Cast a search spell! Hurry!" At Dr. Doom's behest, Necropolis has been busy springing magic all over the stage-- “Torca dies. He's our enemy now.

Don't come back until you've got his head. ”The Iron Brigades sharpened their teeth and incinerated their anger at Yeongwoo.

That's how all the mercenaries and players on the stage rush in.

“Proprietary?” “Right. Word on the street is he might have some kind of preliminary depiction.” That means you might have a piece of the Woman's Rod.

“We'll see.” A handful of shadows also began to move in secret.

The group leaves the battlefield immediately and arrives at a remote location. The stage is not limited by the distance from the mountain.

“The fight that's going on right now is nothing but apparent. There's something else to the truth.

He started talking about what was happening on the stage with Yeon Woo alone. I didn't seem to have any intention of hiding the cost.

“In a hurry?” “Like this.” As if there's anything else he's hiding, he turns his back and pulls out the cost price. A golden splinter. It was a fragment of a woman's staff.


0 ÖYeon Woo's arms naturally trembled and came out.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

“Was King Bing also a descendant of King Mihu?” “Yes. Half.” “Half?" Even though having a sculpture earned me the title 'progeny of the future King' • • • • • • That is not enough to be proud of as a progeny. ”The king smiles bitterly.

Yeon-woo didn't even ask about it.

“But how?” How could you hide it like that? ”Yeon-woo nods. The Fragment of the Woman's Wand resonates only nearby. So that the descendants of the future kings could easily recognize each other.

However, Yeon-woo has never met any other descendants. Likewise, the Ice King couldn't feel anything from the Ice King even during the night workshop in Valpurgis.

The Ice King smiles at you with a slightly mischievous laugh.

“Do you remember that? The next time I met Yeon-woo, who wanted to see her, said goodbye to the king, and looked at God and thought of the King smiling lightly. At the time, I thought it was just a passing word. What if it wasn't?“ Then? ”“ Yes. I knew you were a descendant of a future king like me. Thanks to this one. ”The Ice King still points to a piece of the staff that trembles.

“But." “Yes. I knew it, but you didn't feel it. In fact, we normally keep this thing sealed shut so it won't resonate. Of course, you can't hide it completely.

Yeon slept with her tongue. I thought I knew why I couldn't find any other future descendants.

If there's a way to hide resonance, it's hard to use your hands.

But that's just it.

'Some of them may have recognized me after they were released.

It was an obvious mistake.

“I know what you're thinking. Drink up, though. In fact, the people with these sculptures are absolutely devoid of chi in the stairwell below.” “Are the highways assembled?” “It's been over a thousand years since King Xerxes' simple whimsy scattered the pieces of the staff. Of course, most of the pieces are found, and they're in the hands of the Ramkers, right?” Yeon-woo nods as if she knows. In other words, it meant that we would be careful from now on.

“Whatever. Back to business. The fight that's going on right now is," Capture. ”The ice king nods heavily.

“It was a sculpture battle. And a lot of the players who have gathered here to take away the seventh pieces from each other. The bloodsucker summoned us here, and we gathered here knowing we were going to hell. Like fireflies." Fireflies.

That's what the king said about himself.

“Did I say 'half' myself?” “Yes.

“In fact, most of the progeny are half like me. You have the pieces? So what do you want me to do? I don't know how to handle it, and I can't use it as an artifact. It's just a precious trinket.” King Bing strokes the piece of the staff with his precious hands.

“We need a 72-stroke technique to be able to use this. To elevate the future king.” Yeon-woo seemed to be in sync only then.

“Rumor has it you've discovered the Tactical Cat: • • • Liver.

“Yes.” The descendants with the pieces need another. But you don't just need a piece. Other conditions to become a true progeny, 72 preconditions are also required.

The liver pierced this point.

I purposely spread rumors about the art of the arts and gathered the descendants of future kings. Even the Ramkers are hard to transport, but they're an even better place to live.

It's only on the 20th floor.

Living in Sadu for a long time on Mt. Five. There's no better place than here.


"Are they being chased by other progeny, not livers? 'I am not in danger.

It's about putting yourself at risk.

The difference was so dramatic.

“The problem is that not only progeny, but other people who are interested in the 72nd Precinct have also appeared.

Small horses that need a new magic system, starting with the Alchemist League.

A wire tycoon trying to force a small owner out of the house.

Faithless and Deadly Behind the Scenes.

“You've seen dozens of mercenaries like Twice and Meltdown, bounty hunters looking for a fight. It's a complete mess.” You wouldn't be surprised what happens in this mess.

“After all, we're not the hunters here.” The eyes of the Ice King sank deep.

“Bloodshed.” Ranker, Sarnia scowls at her enemies with faint eyes. The enemy who killed his brothers. I didn't want to see weakness, even if I died.

If you try to harm others. On the contrary, you should have known you might get hurt. Sword swings left and right, and Sardia's head pops into the air. Blood gushes out.

The liver steals blood from his face with the back of his hand. Fighting against people, killing them, was now a daily thing he was too accustomed to.

And the last harvest.

As the liver reaches forward, pieces of the staff rise from the dead. The pieces blend together with what the liver had and form little by little.

The finely angled, well-angled pieces became beaded pieces. He also grew up quite a bit, so he only palmed his hands.

If you collect that much, you'll be proud.

The corpse of a mere woman's staff was cold.

You've gathered quite a bit. At that time, a shadow flashed up behind the liver, and it had the shape of a frog child.

Kindred. The Second Apostle grins greedily and strokes the pieces with his hands.

"Over 200 pieces are now collected. The liver looked back at Kindred and said: But Kindred didn't even look back.

The liver bit my lower lip.

If that's the case, it should not be stiffness • • • • • • •. Kindred hung up his liver constantly.

"Toughness? Do you think that toughness is that easy? From the Great Horse 7 to the 98th floor, you think you're just a bunch of scumbags stuck in a cell?" Busted. If there were many gods and demons, I would glorify them. "

However, the horsemen who followed Thousand Horses were not impressed at all.

Rather, it was a reasonable expression.

For them, everything except the only Heavenly Horse was just a bird trapped in a cage, and it was just a feast to be eaten on the day the Heavenly Horse wakes up.

It is possible for the Jews to descend into the stream through the apostles, through the churches, or with the spirit and spirit.

Why? Because that's all the bowl was.

But Thousand Horses was different.

To be empowered, she needed a wide bowl, and what she needed was one of the women's rods.

So the more fragments you have, the better.

That's why Kindred kept collecting pieces through his liver.

The liver wiggles its fingertips, looking at the back of Kindred's lustfully touching pieces.

I don't know how many times a day I want to get my back kicked.

But Doyle's recruits were in their hands, and he had no power to save Doyle now.

So there's only one thing you can do right now.

Being a horse puppet.

Why didn't you lose? Must have been the moment you wanted. Kindred glances at the liver, smiling coldly as if his insides were clear.

The liver bows.

I have no such blasphemous intention. If you feel that way, I'm sorry. " Funny bastard. But it was pretty fun when I was a sandman, you. Kindred strokes the pieces with a smile.

Anyway. After all the pieces you said, I think I can function as a poser if I collect just a few more here cE. His liver tightly clenched his fist. The moment I had hoped for had finally come.

Raise. A bowl for collecting pieces from Woman's Rod.

At this rate, Thousand Horses' other face will be satisfied with Thousand Horses' friend. "Kindred has been struggling to find the future king's faults for over a decade, keeping all his senses shut.

If only you could take him to stay here in the palace of the next queen.

It was a difficult time when Heavenly Horse fell into a deep sleep. On his behalf, you will be able to serve a great being who will lead the horsemen.

This was a horse's old familiarity.

For those who were also members of the Church, it was a great blow to God to fall into a deep sleep.

But Kindred couldn't take him to the horse army, even if he found King Minhu's faults after all his troubles.

An opponent whose fault is already one with the palace. There was no way to get him out.

So Kindred came up with a plan after being hit in the head with several bishops.

If you can't take your faults outside, don't forget if you have a bowl to hold your faults in.

So he thought of a piece of the female staff.

If you collect the pieces of water instead and make an appeal, it could be a new object that would accommodate the offense, but the pieces that the Horseman has have have a place to use them.

I had to collect other pieces.

From then on, it was the liver that moved.

Currently Doyle is an opponent whose recruits have been arrested by the Horsemen for some reason.

Liver made a deal with the Horseman to save Doyle. It was a deal to hand over Doyle at the end of all missions, as I would be loyal.

So to be more agitated, the .1 Kindred retrieved all the pieces and quietly disappeared again. I could almost see where he went.

Maybe he went to the palace. To reclaim the fallout.

Wherever he disappeared, fatigued footprints remained deep. There's blood all over the place.

I'm sorry. The small muttering soliloquy soon disappeared quietly because of the blowing wind.