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5. After the King (5)

• • • Crazy year. ”Anastasia spits out insults while treating her disciple's severed arms and broken eyes. Victoria is already a sleeping opponent with full mental strength.

Looking at her face like that. Anastasia sighs, saying, "Get lost."

In fact, he knew best what his disciple had been thinking.

I couldn't do anything because of my guilt, and sometimes I felt depressed even when I was only able to live a normal life.

For Anadassa, who had lived for over a hundred years and had only seen how shameless she had become. It was the old look of a disciple I had never seen in decades: So, even when Victoria was about to go into a seizure, she said she had to go for a liver, she was locked up in solitary without any help.

If we keep this up, we're gonna lose our minds.

Anastasia did not want to see her only disciple go crazy.

But this is how it turned out.

All Anastasia could do now was bite the bear squad in the mouth.

• • • Victoria. At that time, a whiff of wind gathered to form a human being. Rebecca sits quietly and hugs Victoria in her arms. It was comforting for an old friend.

After a while, Victoria slowly opens her eyes.

“Are you sober now? This?" “S, Seung-sik • • + Bitch.

• • • Sorry. ”You did such a sweet thing to Adamantine Nova.” Victoria lowers her head without making eye contact with Jama Anastasia.

“I just don't want to be moonlighted by other people." Yeah. It was really bad back then. Maybe we could draw it. But the problem is that even I am in trouble because of it. ”Anastasia saw the collected Adamantine Nova and was in disarray.

It was imprinted on Adamantine Nova.

Contract to bind the item. If Adamantine Nova is more than a certain distance away from Anastasia, it is made to explode immediately. Moreover, it took me a long time to unlock it because the clue of 'attribution' was stuck.

And that means one thing.

'Now that you've become a crook, you're going to help me keep going or keep going.

Anastasia tries to yell at her, sighing again and asking the bear squad to bite.

The smoke of Saehaan has spread.

The two priests said nothing to each other for a long time. Victoria lowers her head, and Anastasia only silences the bearbearbears for a long time. Then Anastasia asked.

“So.” Victoria's dissonance. Anastasia's voice must have been mixed up.

That's why I feel so relieved when I'm being forced to do so! ”Victoria smiles bitterly.


“Ha. What a bitch.” The smoke envelops Anastasia and spreads.

“But if it makes you feel any better, that's it. But no more.” “But, Master.” "I know I shouldn't have.” Anastasia just cut it and said,

I don't think I'll allow any more rebellion. It seemed that if I didn't listen, I would be forced to restrain myself.

Victoria grips her teeth. I took the time I wanted, but that was all.

Still not getting the liver right. He was definitely fighting with someone else, even now, somewhere.

Victoria's gaze reaches Adamantine Nova, a natural distance away.

Anasdasha says it hurts because the imprint is bound. That meant he was the only one who could make a difference. Even Anastasia won't be able to stop herself from doing that.

'Wait. So how did Cain handle that? At first, I thought, "Was the seal not made properly?" Despite the strong questions, Victoria pauses and decides how to trigger it.

• • • • • • • If you can make a temporary UE after first pulling out of the body Anasdasha tried to open her axe's eyes, looking at the disciple who was still not foolish.


“That's enough, Victorian Yun came out of nowhere as she opened her visit. The Ice King followed with a slightly awkward smile.

“Why didn't you kill him? I thought I told you to cut his head off and send it to the wire.” Heenan in Anadassa.

The Ice King's expression shivered.

However, whether he was unhappy or not, Anastasia was furious when she saw the snow conquering king.

In fact, it was the Ice King who hurt Victoria the most. For her, she has no choice but to split her teeth.

But Yeon is resolutely across her head.

“I can't do that. He promised to cooperate with us from now on.” Believe what? ”“ We made a pact. ”I mean a vow of spirituality in the name of the devil. A vow of allegiance that the soul is sold to the devil in the event of a breach of its terms.

The king sighs softly.

If I didn't do this, I would really be strangled. I had no choice.

Anastasia bites the bear squad. There was still a lot of unyielding color on his face.

“Anyway. So?” We know the story of the incident. ”Anastasia looked at what that meant.

He said the same thing. One of them sighed lightly at the thought, but soon he stepped forward and began to talk about the backs of the battle of capturing the prevailing arts.

As soon as the word 'Lady Rod' and 'Heir of King Mihu' appeared, Anastasia's eyes grew on their own.

Since I've lived a year ago, she once heard of a sculpture of the Woman's Club that knows many secrets of the tower. At that time, I thought it was a strange star Yoohee left by King Mi-Hu.

It was right in front of me when all the explaining was over.

Anasdasa looks back at Frezia, who has been standing in one corner for some time. That's a question that's all true.

Frezia nods quietly. And I stood still as if I had nothing more to say. Anastasia's expression hardens.

“So you've only been beaten by this mean bitch?” Victoria kept her mouth shut.

Instead, the answer was Yeon-woo.

“I don't think so.” “You said the Blood Sword set a trap to collect pieces or origins? That's where she's been playing.” The liver is being used. ”After hearing all the news of the incident from the Ice King, Yeon was able to solve all the riddles surrounding her liver.

The first clue is the writing that remains of the ashes after the letter was burned.

I still can't forget that shape.

In the tutorial work, I was headed to the Silent Arang Bandit, knowing that I was going to be in crisis.

That's what he said. Help me.

In fact, now that I think about it, the liver has been sending him steady messages since the palace of the Minhu.

When I saw the stone stone with the 72 lines on it, The liver stares at it. Like a man who craves something. Like someone who's looking for something.

And I tried to say something to Yeon-woo several times, but I turned around every time.

Yeon-woo knew that and left it alone. Maybe not yet. I thought that someday the liver would tell my heart.

By the way.

If I didn't, if I couldn't say what I wanted to say. If only his good intentions were too uncomfortable.

Then he's not the one the liver's asking for help from.

- I've been separated from him for a long time.

A girl like my older sister.

Maybe he's asking for help: [Athena looks at the moment with sad eyes.] After leaving Dardardardardaroth, a message came to my mind.


'Do not be sympathetic.

Yeon-woo refused to look like that.

[Athena looks at you with sad eyes.] Yeon ignores Athena's message and speaks her mind.

“No evidence?” “No evidence.” “But you don't have to believe • • •“ ”One of Anadassa's eyebrows dries up. That's absurd.

“I didn't ask you to understand. I'm just here to convince Victoria.” Yeon found Victoria staring at herself, not caring whether Anastasia was staring at her or not, but instructing her.

“My inference is merely an inference. But I don't think I heard it. What does Victoria think?” I think.

“And it's probably the horse army that's threatening the liver.” Victoria nods quietly and clenches her fists. The liver only asked for help when he met her, but he didn't talk about the details.

However, I feel an open mind as soon as I hear the end of Yeon-woo. The liver you know, there are those who can disgust themselves for the precious.

“So not only do we have to deal with the people here to help the liver, but we also have to fight the horsemen. Maybe we should keep pretending to be behind the rankers here.” Warfare with a giant clan of Horsemen is never easy, except for the nine kings. And yet he insists on standing up.

Victoria quickly examines the remaining magical powers on her. Thankfully, this opponent has recovered quite a lot thanks to Anastasia's stamina.

It was difficult to fight again, but I was able to assist.

She thought Yeon-woo would definitely ask for help.


Maybe Anastasia was thinking the same thing. She's trying to get her lips off the bear stand.

“Victoria, stay here.” What a surprise.

“If Victoria, the body she's chopping up now, becomes even more dangerous.” It was meant to stay here because it was easy to say: It was also simple why Yeon-woo mentioned this. If Yeon Woo disappears quietly, I'm sure the Soviets will try to catch up with her.

Victoria bites her lower lip. The fact that it won't help, it'll only get in the way. It reminds me of what happened on Mt. Five, which was powerless.

However, Yeon-woo turned around and hid his tracks. With a message that I'll bring him back soon.

“Stupid bitch.

The refuge of Yeon Woo.

Victoria grips her teeth and considers it for a long time, then calls Anastasia. Anastasia, however, asked the bearbearbearbears silently.

He was the only apprentice. Victoria knew very well what that meant.

“Thank you.” Victoria gets up from her seat, her head bowing. Adamantine Nova follows her as she leaps forward, floating in the air and catching up with her tail. It looked like I saw a shivering meteor while drawing a trajectory.

“Can I send it like that? You're the first kid I've ever met.” Fretia, who stood there without a word, asked. You don't recognize the look on your face because you're wearing a wooden mask, but your eyes are curved. His voice was filled with laughter.

Anastasia nervously sucked deep the bear spine while making an impression, whether she was irritated by such a presbyopian school.

“It's my job to take care of him. How long do I have to stay behind?” “Things have changed, Anastasia.” “He's just as dumb as a nugget. Tsk! I should have stopped Sadini when she said she was doing something weird." But, unlike her harsh tone, worries rose from her voice.

“There is no master to defeat a disciple.

Through the smoke spreading.

Anastasia's eyes stare into the air with nothing.

“And there's nothing scarier than a woman who's blind to affection. ”